Why is the Traits Web Enhancement incomplete?

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Brigg wrote:
How about they update; create a new document. Perhaps create a "PFS Core Campaign Traits Document"

Or they could just replace the Traits Web Enhancement with a cut & paste of the APG Traits section (and a line in Additional Resources saying the Campaign Traits are not legal.

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@GM Lamplighter: Mechanics informing role play and role play feeding into which mechanics you choose to use and take is a core function of the Pathfinder system. If we didn't want mechanics to inform role play we would be playing a more rules lite, free form game. So I have to say I don't understand your comment on how it affects role play. You want your mechanics to affect and inform your role play, that is a goal of the system.

I have to say without the options for religion traits I am seriously less likely to play Core. There are other reasons, but I enjoy religion traits to help inform my role play for my devoted PCs. It's a tool I use to help create their persona in my mind. And missing such an integral part of the game as categories of basic traits is very odd in my mind. I'm all for expanding it to the APG traits section.

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Andrew Christian wrote:
Adopted gnome etymologist doesn't work, because both adopted and etymologyst are social traits.

My point with the Ultimate Campaign is that Race Traits, as it is cauterized in this newer source, is no longer both categories. The newer source removes that restriction.

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It's been a month. Figured I'd bring this back to the forefront. We've also had more time to gauge the success of the Core Campaign. FWIW, the current tally is:

26 Yes
9 No

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Chris Mortika wrote:
Mosaic, if we do that, then the set of "characters legal in Core Mode" would stop being a subset of "characters legal in Standard Mode," because Core characters wouldn't have traits, which standard PFS characters are required to have.

Forgive the mild necromancy, but I needed to correct myself.

According to the Beginner Box PFS Conversion Document, Standard PCs do not, in fact, need to have traits.

(Nobody else cares. But I had made a mistake and thought it right and proper to fix it.)

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I care, Chris. I care. Thank you.

And, since it's back up anyways, anyone else wish to add to the poll?


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Adding updated link to the much discussed web enhancement:
Basic Traits Web Enhancement

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