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Same issue here - shipping notice July 3rd, no authorization notice, final subscription pending. Order 7922213, email to CS sent Aug 9th. I can understand backlog being that far back - posting here in case others are in the same situation.


Right - a ground-based mount can 'turn on a dime' and do ride-by attacks each round in whichever direction they are able to get enough space to charge. A flying mount has to expend movement to turn, and I don't think can turn at all and still do a ride-by, but I'd have to check. One reason for the existence of the Wingover feat.


Congratulations John! Your time at the developer reins was incredibly rewarding, thank you!

Dracovar wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
HollowTempest wrote:
Favored Weapon: Dagger. Not again paizo, my poor Nocticula.
Not every cleric needs to be the best at combat.
Ya, but he's got a point. Dagger is a pretty vanilla choice for a demon lord/goddess like Nocticula when something like a hand-crossbow or perhaps a Rapier might have brought a tad more flavour to the table (something more exotic than these might even be better...).

A bit necro, but thought it worth mentioning that dagger is pretty nice if you use Guided Hand feat, since it applies to both melee and ranged. And daggers are pretty appropriate for Nocticula's aesthetic.

James Jacobs, Jan 2009 wrote:
Pathfinder #121 is about the crabmen who steal a space freighter and start lasering the Eye of Abendigo to move it inland to kill the LandLubbers.

I am very disappointed this plot point was removed from the adventure.

That is all.

Most sadly, I'm out of the race for 'last charter subscriber', with the passage to P2E out of 3.5/D20. You gentlefolk who are still in the race are better persons than I! *salute*

If anyone is interested, of the 68 Charter subscribers who have posted to this thread, 52 remain charter now - only 16 dropped in four years!

Green Giant: Agreed, unless you've had a gap, your post Here proves you subscribed before the Aug 13th deadline.

What PossibleCabbage said, with the addendum for #2 that if you lift them in the air, the hazardous area gives them a free check to escape.

The telekinesis spell itself can either manuever to grapple, then manuever to move the grapple, or it can use the violent thrust (granting a saving throw) to move the target(s).

This thread is actually pretty interesting for history. Several of the spells mentioned (notably *not* the spike spells or snare) now explicitly say they can be detected with Perception, and trapfinding is only required to disable. For instance, glyph of warding (which two versions are quoted above), now says:

Current PRD wrote:
Note: Magic traps such as glyph of warding are hard to detect and disable. While any character can use Perception to find a glyph, only a character with the trapfinding class feature can use Disable Device to disarm it.

{emphasis mine}

They're simply not ammunition. Relying on d20pfsrd is not for the best.

For Deadly Dealer you can have your deck in hand, so no drawing of ammo required. Or Quick Draw if you insist on 'holstering' your deck.

I'm pretty sure most people don't know that this package exists - I know so many people (including myself owning them already) who are upset that the spell radius package is sold out.

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You're very welcome!

Apologies to Emmett, Jonesy, Gwen, Chris, and Derek for not finding you!

Unfortunately, the votes are in and with the passage of Referendum I-977, we will be unable to harvest additional brains. Initial indications from the Washington Department of Health indicate we will be able to disburse our remaining stock at next year's PaizoCon. They'll be getting a nice long soak in the Hazu fermentation pools, so should be extra ripe for everyone next year!

GeraintElberion wrote:
Any PF1 news from Paizocon?

The primary PF1 news from the PaizoCon Banquet was "we support our 3rd party publishers."

Cori Marie wrote:
And that's fair. We're pointing out that buying the 1E bestiary alone isn't going to be worth it, and trying to prevent him from spending hours complaining about being ripped off in the future because it's not what he wanted.

Fixed that for polite conversation.

I'm well aware a Bestiary won't include encounters, but it will include new monsters, maybe NPCs, and I presume a consolidation of the individual AP monsters. That's quite useful. More useful alone than needing to pick through a P2E campaign to locate the added encounters.

So I still say count me in for a 1E KM Bestiary.

Had to move to Cascade 5

Evergreen 1 until 7pm. Last chance for brains (some extras too).

As I said, I already own the campaign from nine years ago.

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Bellona wrote:
... But I already have the KM PDFs. :(

Similar here - count me in for a 1e Bestiary after the campaign. Might have considered more, but definitely don't need even the lowest reward level.

At the bar/restaurant until about 2:30. Look for the Goblin table decoration.

Ended up in a Harsk shirt today. Look for that, the backpack, and plastic bags.

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Just a reminder to all - REPORT the games! I can do so if you give me the sheets (which I also have available), but definitely get everything recorded.

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FYI - there was some mixup with my table of 10-08 on Monday (I think it was deleted). The table was full, and people are still resigning up.

DM Livgin wrote:
Merisal The Risen wrote:

I am offering a run of pathfinder society scenario 6-07 Valley of veiled flame on the Thursday evening

Merisiel aka Jeff Cook

I know no one has asked for it but would fill a story hole on my characters chronicles

Hope that helps

I'd play in that.

Added, and added you both to it:


Excellent question! On at least one day (probably Thursday and/or Friday) you can find me by looking for the lovely mug you see to the left on my shirt. In the sign-in line, banquet line, and special line, I'll be walking the line calling out for the reservations.

Also a magenta backpack will usually be on my back.

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Done, Done, and Done.

Also added a session of 10-08 on Monday I can run. Would be very nice to have another table my spouse could play at (hint, hint).

FYI: email is the best way to get me to add games at this late point. LFG is nice, but a game offering is much more likely to happen!

I added "Looking for Game" to Thursday night. Numbat, if you just pick one to run, I can add it.

Thursday LINK

Barb Wilkins wrote:
We have never had a chance to play PFS 1-56: The Jester’s Fraud

Consider yourselves fortunate :)

Let me know if this time doesn't work for Tower: LINK

8-20 Torrent's Last Will
Added the slot for you Wei Ji. I *can* GM it - if anyone else wants to, please add yourself as GM. Of course you also need players.

I'll probably back out as GM if there's not 4 by Monday the 20th.

Honestly I'd recommend the shuttle for anyone making their first trip to the hotel, just for confidence to know what you're looking for helps.

It is a very simple route (straight south of the airport, a bit less than 1 km). As for safety, it is a main thoroughfare, right next to an airport. Total of 19 violent crimes in the last 6 months along that route. That's 1 per 9 days, or 50/50 that there will be one during PaizoCon. Not hugely high, but middle of the night alone probably not the best way to min/max your risks. (For comparison a similar stretch of my nearest large street had 3 violent crimes in the past 6 months).

As noted above, Reservations are closed!

Best times to receive your brain are the registration, banquet, and PFS special lines. You can also look for me at the times here:

Friday, May 24
08:00 AM – 01:00 PM Grand Ballroom
Pathfinder Society Scenario #10-13: Fragments of Antiquity (for levels 7-11)

02:45 PM – 03:45 PM Cascade 13
Worldbuilding with Liane Merciel

04:00 PM – 05:00 PM Cascade 8
Solving Puzzles

07:00 PM – 11:59 PM Grand Ballroom
Pathfinder Society Scenario #10-15: Tapestry's Trial (for levels 7-11)

Saturday, May 25

12:00 PM – 04:00 PM Evergreen 2
Incident at the Institute for Higher Leaning

05:00 PM – 06:00 PM Cascade 8
Organized Play Q&A: Pathfinder

07:00 PM – 10:00 PM Grand Ballroom
PaizoCon 2019 Preview Banquet

Sunday, May 26

08:00 AM – 12:00 PM Olympic 1
When Comes the Moon

01:00 PM – 02:00 PM Cascade 12
Medieval Armour & Weapons - Reality vs. Fantasy

02:45 PM – 03:45 PM Cascade 13
The Philosophy Behind Pathfinder Second Edition

07:00 PM – 11:59 PM Grand Ballroom
Pathfinder Society Scenario #10-98: Siege of Gallowspire (for levels 15-16, SOLDIER)

So pregens, but flavor as we like?

Anything else we should know Scott? This sounds great!

Well this is exciting! All my favorite peeps!

I remember it vividly - glad you do too! Looking forward to seeing you again!

Just ONE left!

Painlord wrote:
You’ll find me, I have every confidence.

No doubt at all.

Last 2 remaining!

Zagig wrote:
Can I play a Tier 10 even though all I have is a Level 1 or 2 character?

You could play a Tier 7-11 table playing in sub-tier 10-11, with a L.7 pregen. Not usually the most positive experience for anyone at the table honestly.

Hey Hmm, let me know if you're not able to add a game - pretty sure you're an admin from previous years.

Crud... I saw this but forgot and it wasn't fixed and I planned on a 7-11. Ah well, no big.

FYI - "View Printable Schedule" sends me to the forums at the moment (but copying/pasting the sidebar works pretty well). This is working now.

Darn smooth again this year - thanks!

ISSUE: dropped 12-13 Soldier, added 15-16 Soldier. Event (in the list) shows I'm added, event schedule shows 12-13 again (it was gone, pretty sure).
Fixed - either a timing thing on it's own, or big thank you to web team.

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LukeM wrote:
Normally a warhorn pops up to help organize this.


Here you go! LINK

I can add sessions by request (as can a few others). Request here, by PM, or email (in profile).

TetsujinOni wrote:
Back to the PaizoCon....


4 left!

A mere 7 remaining!

Excellent! Just 15 Left!

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Luisila wrote:
Thank-you, Majuba! You GM'd Fury of the Final Blade for Luisila last Paizocon.

Oh that was a fun table!

27 Left! {Thanks for including real names all! The AKAs are so small!}

It'll be an honor! 33 Left!

Wow... blast from the past.

I just came to say I've been very sad that the Forum posts/links are no longer part of the main website experience. It feels like that change has really drained the life out of the forum community.

Still love you guys.

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Greetings Paizoians! This may be your final opportunity to secure the most succulent, gooey treasure of gobliny haute cousine! Our rich harvest last year was aided by the tribe of Goblin 'Heroes' we employed, but unfortunately the contractors have mysteriously disappeared (and we cannot comment on ongoing investigations). Fortunately each contractor managed to collect a single hearty organ for this year’s batch! Claim your Goblin Brain now!

If you are attending PaizoCon 2019 and wish to delight your palette with the scrumdidilliumptiousness of the candied pondering organs of Golarion's own minute menaces champions, simply list here a name which will be on your PaizoCon Badge.

This can be your real name {preferred due to font size} or board alias, as long as you make sure you set that under customize my badge on the E-Tickets page.) If known, include your day/time of arrival (Late Wednesday, Early Friday, etc.) Posting or private messaging your Room # when known will also increase speed (and likelihood) of delivery.

The first 36 PaizoCon attendees to post to this thread will be guaranteed a goblin brain.
Don't miss out on the best Golarion Goblins have to offer! - their sinister heroic, pyromaniacal minds!

PaizoCon PSA: The Lottery is Here and is running until Monday 5/6 (11am PST).

Warning: Goblins have a diet notoriously high in peanuts, wheat, and sugar. Do not consume if allergic.

Be sure to Vote No on Referendum I-977, banning the consumption of high-quality ingredients* in confections. Stand up for Humanity!

*: harvested from demi-humans

I'm rather concerned this will result in empty seats and even failed high-tier tables (especially Sunday/Monday mornings), if only 4 are signed up and 1 or 2 fail to show, and walk-ins don't feel like playing in a 10-11 tier.

But I suppose we'll see how it goes - innovation takes risk.

Many slots have 4 or 10, or 20 or 32 max attendees, instead of multiple's of 6. While I enjoy less-filled out tables, this seems pretty odd.

All good now Sara!

Majuba wrote:
Paizo has *got* to give a weekend for sign-ups AFTER an email goes out or it will be a rerun of 20..12? when the lottery time was completely reset since most folks didn't know it was open.

Hey Khel - the special has been lottery for about three years now. The only difference is that they've broken up the tiers this year (and maybe last - I didn't play that one), as preassigned.

Also - you can assign a value to *all* the tiers - you'll only get one.

So is it Pathfinder or P2E?

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