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Please cancel my two remaining subscriptions.


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Rysky the Dark Solarion wrote:
Deadmanwalking wrote:
It isn't used in ship-to-ship combat it's true...but why in the name of all that's holy would it be? How would you justify that?
You push the big red button really, really hard.

If you don't like how the dogfight is going you can get out and push.

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It looks like I left the link off of my last post sorry.

FORGE Warhorn Schedule link

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The multi posting thing happens sometimes.

For games in Memphis here is the link for FORGE a local group that does PFS and some other games almost every other weekend. They also run a significant portion of the games at the local cons.

I think 901 comics also has a 5ed D&D group.

What kind of game are you interested in?

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draugr_hrafn wrote:

I know I'm late to the party but I have some plausible input as to why Paizo made the decision to rule that the Halfling sling staff does not benefit from the Warslinger alternative racial trait, Ammo Drop and Juggle Load feats in PFS games. The answer to this quandary resides in the way that the sling staff operates.

The sling is a pouch that has 2 trailing ends. When attached to a staff, one end is permanently affixed to the staff while the other end of the sling has a loop that goes over the end of the staff. When a bullet is launched from the weapon the looped end slides off of the end of the staff.

A standard sling, on the other hand, has one end looped around the wrist and the other end is held in the hand. After releasing the bullet, via letting go, the trailing end can be retrieved, theoretically, with a flick of the wrist.

You can verify this by watching a video of some guy using one.

PS. I have a GMPC that is a Halfling Ranger with a sling staff for flavor, and I'll admit that it seems that Halflings did get the short end of the stick where racial weapons are concerned.

I know it is moot now but due to language in the double sling (AKA a sling staff with another sling on the other end) you actually could use the sling free reload methods on it. Which made the whole thing more ridiculous. This was mentioned during the FAQ discussion to no avail.

My PFS staffslinger spent multiple sessions retraining talking about if only there were another long piece of leather on the other end and both my hands were full at opposite ends I'm sure I would remember how to do it again. Then I would probably forget how to hit them with the stick though.

That charecter just finished the rebuild fest to switch to sling sling then I took a break with it for a couple of years and now I will add one more to be able to get back to where I was before. YAY!

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Herolab files for this have been released

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Take a look at the Shifter from Spheres of Power

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Dervish Dancing Magi have been the most common builds (frequently using Shocking grasp intensified with metamagic reducers)that I hear of online and see at the tables for as long as I can remember them being discussed.

The only conpetitor for most common build would probably be a debuff stacking build, whip, prehensile hair, enforcer etc.and this one is a distant second in popularity at best.

They may change the leagilty (and probably will based on the other feats) but the combo is now legal and always has been.

Disclaimer: There are infinite ways to build and play your character and I am not implying that these builds are better and certainly not the true way to play. I am just stating that from my experiences it appears that most players have thought that Dervin Dance worked with spellcombat for quite a long time.

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Wraithguard wrote:
This is the moment where I want to mention the Shifter from Spheres of Power, but presume that no 3PP stuff is allowed.

That is what it was designed for. Seriously if 3PP is allowed give it a look.

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Just check publisher is Little Red Goblin Games

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I know it is not a answer to your specific question, but I think the Gonzo 2 book (3rd party really good can't remember publisher) has a weapons chart for butler and maid accoutrements to go with their Battlebutler class.

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graywulfe wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
Xaimum Mafire wrote:

So, as Magus, I can declare Spell Combat, swing with my sword at -2, cast Corrosive Touch, declare Spellstrike, then swing with my sword again at -2?

Yes, save that you forgot step 2.... concentration roll to cast your spell.
Step 2 is get a level in swashbuckler so they WILL take an AOO at you... :)
Just to be clear, Spell Combat requires a concentration roll regardless of whether you are threatened or not.


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BretI wrote:

Point out that it is worse than two weapon fighting. Same penalties, but in many cases you have to make a concentration check in order to get the second attack. If the touch spell doesn't go off, no second attack.

I agree that you aren't going to get anything more clear than what KingOfAnything linked to or Johnico said above in terms of rules.

The only other thing you might try is to find a scenario or module where the opponent is a Magus and look at their tactics. I'm sure there must be at least one where the tactics calls for them doing this.

If you do this

PFS scenario name:
The Dalsine Affair
has a very famous magus
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Also Scarred Lands is in the process of being updated to Pathfinder. Wise and the Wicked and the new player's guide should be on sale in Aug.

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Looks interesting. Dot

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Scarred Lands has just began an update for Pathfinder and 5e.

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Possible altered state choices. Basic ideas will need details

Extend change:All change shape durations are doubled

Aerial adaptation: Add a fly speed to a form

Subterranean adaptation: Add a burrow speed to a form

Aquatic adaptation: Add water breathing and swim speed to a form

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I snagged a Wise and Wicked spot to immortalize my wife's CN Vangal worshiping Charduni Inquisitor of Catastrophe.

That's a good Valentine's day gift right?

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We got mythic now only 10,000 till the true rituals section.

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Much love for Lodos Wars

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DominusMegadeus wrote:
Headfirst wrote:
Now, I'm not trying to open up new debates on either of these topics...
But that's exactly what's going to happen. I don't really know how you could expect anything else.

He walked Head first right into that one.

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Please cancel my Pathfinder Battle miniatures and Pathfinder Maps subscriptions.

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Use spheres of power.

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Take 10

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TarkXT wrote:
I will say if nothing else this thread has encouraged me to pick up sphere's of power.

It is worth it especially if you want to do a shapeshifter character that doesn't feel like a caster, which is a commonly requested concept.

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Helcack wrote:
You should combine your guides because with the new double-barreled weapon errata I'm actually thinking long live the conductive double-barreled shotgun/vital strike kineticists(though I'm not sure if it would work, but if it did this would be the best way to shoot lightning out of your gun like a badass)

Even better if the shotgun bit works you now have a Ghost Rider archetype in the same book as the ability to gain a hellfire shotgun. This book is occult.

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Ciaran Barnes wrote:
Why does he need untyped bonuses to to hit and damage, and a natural armor bonus to AC, all at 1st level? Is there a duration on this ability? It seems to me that gaining just natural attacks and spellcasting at 1st level is already pretty good.

Yeah I meant to bring up the attack thing in my post.

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Comments and possible filler powers

Scaling bonus to save vs effects that target the summoner's type ( humanoid).

An ability to burn evolution points as an immediate action to reduce/prevent damage. Have the points either gone for the day or return at 1 a minute after the character is fully healed.

Maybe an alignment detection power based on patron alignment.

I agree on the temp familiar feeling odd I would move the improved down or make the starting an improved with no sp, su, or ex abilities beyond what being a familiar adds.

Make share essence more simple and preferably break it up into smaller bits that you gain over levels.

At high level give plane shift as a sp limited to the patron's plane.

Maybe once daily free transmogrify that lasts until you regain spells at first when you get it you have less evolution points after the change then it upgrades to full.

Other odd ball ideas give it reduced spell casting by 1 a level so you can boost and or balance the class abilities since that is what is really unique about this.

Add a cost to some of the abilities that you pay by spending evolution points that return in the morning. Kind of like the playtest Occultist this could overcomplicate the class if you want simple, but could be an interesting more advanced archetype.

Look at the spiritualist for ideas.

Forgive spelling sent from my phone.

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When you said it's a cultural thing I saw a tribe of gnomes geokenetics chipping away on boulders just "getting rid of everything that wasn't a rock I could lift"

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A fast homebrew fix or option if Paizo wanted to add it later would be to make a feat or feats that allowed other lists of spells to be undercast. You could have one for SM I-IX and others for Beast Shape or Cure spells. The feats would list the specific spells and how the undercasting would work. I also imagine with a line in special allowing spontaneous casters to sawp a known spell covered by it for free when learning a higher level one that is also on the list.

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Arestides wrote:

Clunky Attack Modifier- I'm not sure I understand what you mean.

Locks- An interesting prospect, but I feel that the current set up is more straight forward, and still balanced.

From the document wrote:

The white-haired witch may use her hair as a primary natural attack with a reach of 5 feet. Add half her Witch levels and her Intelligence modifier in place of her Strength modifier to attacks. The hair deals 1d4 points of bludgeoning damage (1d3 for a Small witch) plus the witch’s Intelligence modifier.

With a successful attack the witch may also initiate a grapple as a free action, per the Grab ability, with her hair using her class level as her base attack bonus and her Intelligence modifier in place of her Strength modifier when making the combat maneuver check.

The hair’s CMD for the purposes of escaping the grapple, is equal to 10 + her CMB + Dex.

I'll try to show what I mean by clunky

So an attack at 4th level with a 20 INT would be
3 BAB +2 (1/2) Level) +5INT +various modifiers= 10+various modifiers
Grapple 4 BAB +5 INT +various modifiers= 9+various modifiers

So an attack at 8th level with a 22 INT would be
6 BAB +4 (1/2) Level) +6INT +various modifiers= 16+various modifiers
Grapple 8 BAB +6 INT +various modifiers= 14+various modifiers

So an attack at 12th level with a 26 INT would be
9 BAB +6 (1/2) Level) +8 INT +various modifiers= 23+various modifiers
Grapple 12 BAB +8 INT +various modifiers= 20+various modifiers

So an attack at 16th level with a 30 INT would be
12 BAB +8 (1/2) Level) +10 INT +various modifiers= 30+various modifiers
Grapple 16 BAB +10 INT +various modifiers= 26+various modifiers

You have two methods of calculating attack that over time make you worse at grappling compared to your attack which I did not think was the intent. For total difference between the two of 5 points it almost seems like it would be easier to list you use your Level as BAB and INT as STR whenever you use your hair. With a caveat to also include the same substitution for calculating your CMD for the purposes of your grapples.

Strictly speaking right some of the combat prehensile ticks make a witch worse at combat maneuvers by forcing them into that second form of calculating attack since maneuvers are attacks rolls they get the first method by default.

Since you want to force the selection of prehensile tricks to be able to use combat maneuvers and flanking add some verbiage about the wild state of the hair limits it to basic attacks and prevents manipulations or combat maneuvers except as gained through tricks.

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thejeff wrote:
Mad Alchemist wrote:
Bandw2 wrote:
thejeff wrote:
The other trope I still want, which was mentioned early on, is the martial shapeshifter. Actual wild shape like different forms, for both combat and utility, not just claws for a few rounds/day or something.

not gona lie, spheres of power does this wonderfully and is 90% of teh reason i bought it after reading the demo booklet

it also does your size increasing martial well, the book has a few martial half casters

I always suggest SoP shifter for a martial shapeshifter if you keep all of your magic personal then it seems more like a supernatural shift than a spell caster.
I don't have the Spheres of Power book. Is it actually a martial class that can shift? Or is it a caster that can shift and self-buff enough to play a gish role?

The Shifter is a mid BAB 4 skill point class with good fort and ref saves class which uses wis based spheres casting but that is focused on shape shifting.

It gains selectable discovery like abilities that give extra themed powers as it levels that can cover: senses (lowlight, darkvision, blind sense), combat (claws, gore, diehard, wolf style trip), movement (flight, swim speed with amphibious, burrow speed, sprint) and utility (permanent size changes, woodland stride, quick healing and tract).

The base features gained through leveling include: wild empathy, endurance, enhanced natural attacks(silver, magic. etc) immunity to disease and poison, inherent boosts to con, communication abilities, and faster/longer shape shifts.

All of this supports the Shifter's focus on the alteration sphere shapeshifting. The way SoP casting is set up is very flexible by default alteration like most spheres allows you to change your own form or that of someone else, you can take a drawback that limits your alteration sphere to yourself which gives you another talent (form or upgrade) to use with your alteration sphere. So from the outside it doesn't resemble a "caster" so much as someone who has a natural wildshape power.

To show you the versatility SoP alteration/Shifter can cover everything from 4 armed tiny flying pixies to two headed huge undead dragons either of these ideas can be done at 5th level if you that's want you build towards.

Fulfilling a primary shape shifter role was the whole point of the class and choices and ideas made during the Shifter development helped shape the alteration sphere that it draws it powers from. This does not make the Shifter the only option if you have to have a full BaB you can use one of the other classes in the book (Mageknight would be good)and still focus on alteration. Your shifting will not be as powerful and you won't have as much class feature support enhancing it but you can sill make a great character in theme.

Product page includes a free preview PDF which may have an earlier version of alteration and the Shifter on it. It has been for ever since I looked at the preview.

Full Disclosure: I was a backer for the SoP kickstarter and the Shifter is the class concept I chose and helped design, but other than that I don't have any ties to Drop Dead Studios. In fact when I submitted the idea I mentioned that this concept is brought up EVERY TIME there is a thread for missing tropes, classes, or archetypes.

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Bandw2 wrote:
thejeff wrote:
The other trope I still want, which was mentioned early on, is the martial shapeshifter. Actual wild shape like different forms, for both combat and utility, not just claws for a few rounds/day or something.

not gona lie, spheres of power does this wonderfully and is 90% of teh reason i bought it after reading the demo booklet

it also does your size increasing martial well, the book has a few martial half casters

I always suggest SoP shifter for a martial shapeshifter if you keep all of your magic personal then it seems more like a supernatural shift than a spell caster.

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A couple of ideas how about in the flavor of the class describing the witch's hair itself being the connection/manifestation of the witch's patron. Drop the framiler and comune with your patron by gromming in the morning. Think of the strands as pages and a braid here or extra curl there is a perpard slot.

Add a trick to gain the familer back that the patron can form from or dismiss into your hair.

The 1/2 level+Int unnamed bonus is clunky if you want to give another bonus give a constant automstic scaling enhancement bonus. Or give it something similar to the magus or other white witch base class idea.

Another idea could be to incorporate "virtual hands" that the hair provides. You could call them locks. Have it start at 1 scale throughout the class with a level gated and limited trick to add more. Then instead of having everything stop when you do something else have all of the tricks take a certain number of locks to perform.

I do like the big hair idea from above. Have it increase both your size for CMB/CMD and what size creature you can affect.

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Looking forward to checking this out.

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Hargert wrote:
I am finding that once you have the basics down if I had any complaint at least in the first 7 levels is how little choice I have. The low level list is fairly short for each element and I am hoping the future will see them expand some to give more options. I will see how it will play out in my new game that is starting this weekend.

Same feeling here, if you don't want to use the blast for melee the first few inufusion choices are pretty limited.

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Aeric Blackberry wrote:

OMG! You have broken the book in a record time!

How long till they publish a FAQ correcting this imbalance?

It's been on the boards for a few days now. I think this is actually the third thread I've seen on it.

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You could enchant dye arrows to regain touch attack status.

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Matthias wrote:
Correct me if I'm wrong, but i thought burn was 1 point of non-lethal per HD. so wouldn't that would actually make force ward -18 HP for +15 HP?

You're right 3 burn at 6 lvl is 18 hp.

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RJGrady wrote:
Sepherum wrote:
DM_Blake wrote:
By "APG" did you really mean "ACG"?
Oh, yeah. Too much coffee.
Or maybe your production schedule is too tight. *rimshot*

I admit that joke took longer to appear than I thought it would.

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My hardback from the Kickstarter arrived yesterday the book looks great.

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Alric Rahl wrote:

IM starting this thread to explain that Skinsend does not work with Touch Injection.

Touch Injection: The held substance drains from its container into a magical sac in your body.

Your BODY not your skin... your body.

Skinsend peels your skin OFF your body. since the magical sac is inside your body, touching someone with the peeled off skin would not discharge the potion/elixir.

This isn't the combo people have been talking about over a year is done. The point is to put the infused skin send extract in your sack then make the dragons skin vacate his body along with half his hit points with no saving throw.

Edit changed infusion to extract

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If you are using halfling take risky striker since it should trigger frequently.

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Kalindlara wrote:
Lanitril wrote:
Can Kineticists gather energy while holding stuffed owlbears?
I can't imagine she hasn't lit that thing on fire. At least, once or twice...

I don't know about that Mr. Snuffles XI looks perfectly fine to me.

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Take a look at Goliath Druid, maybe with a one level dip in Ranger to grab shape shifting hunter. For mythic you can dual path Guardian and Heriophant at 1st tier to increase survivability.

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John Kretzer wrote:
107: Calling the cops on a player for a harmless prank. Sure you might not find it funny but be a grown up and use those words to express yourself.

No cops. My Toyota's honor may only be restored through blood.

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96: "You gotta putty mouth DM"

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