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Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
My biggest gripe with it is some people just have to keep angrily re-re-re-re-posting their same points. We got it the first couple times you said it, so save your energy and shut up already. Zealously trying and re-trying to talk the rest of us into submission just convinces people to either ignore you completely or to angrily poke back. Spawning off new CORE! GOBLINS! WILL DESTROY TEH GAME! threads to rehash your position just pushes other potentially useful and/or informative threads further down the page where they won't be seen or participated in.

But surely upon the seventh posting using the exact same arguments everyone will concede defeat and recognize my cosmic truths! ;)

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Hymn of Entropic Electrons wrote:
The Swarm wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
They're more akin to things like chaos beasts or valkyries or hunduns or salamanders—a single creature that has a lot of flavor.

The question is, what flavor?

Personally, my guess is mint. But there's only one way to find out.

I assure you that they all taste bad.

Even with lots of ketchup?

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Ah, truly the most wonderful time of the year!

*waxes nostalgic for tortured screams and insane gibbering*

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Freehold DM wrote:
Please be safe, dear Slaad. We need you whole. And unspoiled.

Yeah, because otherwise the sacrifice just won't go off.


...and by that I mean stay safe Amby!

::Uses archaic and obsolete definitions of words used by some posters to try and undermine their arguments by pointing out that they do not mean what they are saying::

::Disagrees with I'm Hiding In Your Closet's base point by constructing a flawed logic train rather than simply stating the obvious::

Captain Killjoy wrote:
No one expects the Paizonian Inquisition!

Actually, I regularly expect the Paizonian Inquisition!

...but just like the so-called "End of the World" in 2012, I am frequently disappointed.

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Patrick Curtin wrote:
aeglos wrote:
ups, thats sport, sorry Patrick
No worries. Stating you watch the Olympics is fine. Getting into a rambling discussion with several other people about the finer points of curling or ribbon dancing? Not so much.

But what if we are discussing the unmistakeable fact that ribbon dancing produces patterns designed to open an eldritch portal allowing an ancient evil to destroy the world? Would that be OK?

*complains that Sissyl is lowering the level of conversation and is just baiting people*

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*Deliberately ignores the central premise of the thread and explains why attacks on the OP are completely acceptable*

Flamewar wrote:
Starts out post with "I know this can be touchy subject"...
Bumps thread every 20 minutes using a different alias.

That tactic is SO obvious...

Assassin of Gor wrote:
*non-sequitor misogynistic comment*

*points out strawman argument in misogynistic comment*

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*Accuses I'm Hiding In Your Closet of BEING a straw man argument!*

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Realizes that the Flame War has died down needlessly and insults all other participants for their lack of spine and dedication to proving their worthless opinions correct!

Muad'Dib wrote:

Disparages some cultural icon like Dr. Who, Joss Whedon or Angry Cat.

Try's to interpret comments to locate the Doctor for vengeance over the whole 2012 apocalypse debacle.

Makes vague threats to human civilization and a reference to the use of humus in an impending apocalypse.

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Nope, not getting my hopes up again. Sorry but that whole "the world ends in 2012" debacle has made this eldritch horror far too cynical. The timing on this could be anywhere from this year to the next few thousand years. Far too random.

Now if a nuke were to be dropped on Yellowstone...


Some decorations for the traditional Saturnalia sacrifice could really cheer up the old slime cave.

Dragon78 wrote:
I thought the spawn of Yog-sothoth was one of lovecraftian creatures they can't reprint because of legal reasons.

Nope. It's from The Dunwich Horror, written by Lovecraft himself. All of his material in the Mythos is open AFAIK.

James Jacobs wrote:

There'll be several Lovecraftian monsters statted up in the upcoming Bestiary 4 as well, including Cthulhu and (Spoiler!) the Spawn of Yog-Sothoth.

Woohoo! James, will there be different levels of spawn—The Dunwich Horror had two very different types described—or just one base form similar to the Horror itself?

Generic Villain wrote:
Spawn of Yog-Sothoth! From the "Ask JJ everything" thread.

It's about time we had some monsters with refinement and taste! ;)


Nope, no calls for an eldritch abomination. Just as there have been no calls for a Spanish Inquisition...

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Yep, it is on Earth. Right near this spot.


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I blame Cosmo for the world not ending in 2012 like it was supposed to!

...and those guys in the blue boxes. I blame him for them to!

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MissingNo wrote:
The Stars have Come Right!!!

So it's 2013 and not 2012! I KNEW outsourcing our astronomical calculations to the Maya was a mistake! But did anyone listen to me? NO!

Huh. Well, am I the last to know? I thought it was this past December, but that turned into a bust. Who is starting this apocalypse up?

Cosmic Horror #332 wrote:
My taco dip got cold.

The horror!

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Totally Mikaze, Fo Shizzle wrote:

Man ^ that guy's a jerk. Don't listen to him least spawn. You should feel good about yourself.

Also sexy.

EDIT: Always remember, just believe in yourself! And one day, if you work hard, you can be chaotic good!

EDIT 2: to make it more like what Mikaz- er, I mean myself would say.

Thank you! I do feel good about myself! Having a purpose can make an unspeakable horror feel truly confident about itself.

We may not have wiped out the human race this time around, but that doesn't mean we won't keep trying! We don't let little set-backs like utter and complete failure get us down! :)

Now if we can just find out who these guys in those blue boxes were that thwarted all our plans...

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I wonder if Cthulhu would like a neck tie...made with real necks.

Kthulhu wrote:

Damn, my brother is still feeling sleepy. I was certain the stars would be coming right.

I should get him an alarm clock for Christmas.

We have got to get him gifts for Christmas?!?

I didn't even know we Eldritch Horrors even celebrate Christmas.

Why does no one tell me these things?!?!

Great Young One wrote:
Wait...we were suppossed to have a plan? I knew I forgot something.

Let me guess...

You were in charge of raising R'lyeh, right?


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This is what we get for outsourcing our astronomical calculations to the Maya...

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Lord Deathface wrote:
My ritual was almost complete, when we heard an odd roaring noise, and a blue box materialized. Two meddlers stepped out of the box, attempting to distract me with witty banter: a man with a long scarf and a young woman! This man used some kind of handheld artifact to stop the ritual, and he was resistant to my mind-control powers. Before I could kill them, they got away.

Hey, that sounds a lot like the guy who was messing about with my ritual texts! He replaced the Necronomicon with Peter Pan (just changed the dust jacket) and all the cultists were clapping their hands and chanting "I believe in faeries!" Only he was tall, with glasses, dressed in a pin stripe suit an wearing trainers.

What's going on here?!?!?

MissingNo wrote:
Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be a mind-shattering kaboom!

Or at the very least a kaboof!

Um...Hello? The Solstice is here. Why isn't anything happening? Did someone not raise R'lyeh? Who was on that anyway?

Cosmic Horror #332 wrote:
I brought taco dip!

Spicy, Mild, or Eldritch?

Somebody had better make sure the shoggoths keep out of the punch! You know what they are like when they have had a few!