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Utah Raptor: Parry 11, Ranged TN 6, Toughness 18(6)| Wounds: 2; Fatigue: 0; Bennies: 3/5

Enkidu, in his real pasty-white and rather emaciated teenage form, piped up from where he has been lounging on a couch in the background. A bag of Cool-Ranch doritos is open on his stomach, with the usual amount of teenage crumbs and detritus surrounding him.

"It's going to take anyone investigating this crime about 0.3 seconds to figure out that supers are to blame. I agree stealing the whole vault has a bit of flair to it, but unless the mustache twirling, nafarious laughter kind of caper is what we're going for, why don't we just keep it simple and take the valuables. If you want to get your machinations on, we should be stealing the Hoover Dam, or the letter 'W'. If we want cash and resources, I say we just steal cash and resources."

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D-Bee Mystic: Size: 0, Parry 8, Pace 6, Toughness 14 (7), Charisma -2, Bennies: 5, PPE: 10/20, Staff PPE: 0/10, ISP: 10/10

The player says 'No Problem.' The character will probably tear a strip off ya...

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Personally, I am not sure why you are looking at a new character at all. I read through the story as it exist up till now over the weekend, and I thought it was great! Rosa has a bunch of great previously established relationships, and the dynamics are really interesting and well roleplayed on all fronts. I can't imagine why you'd want to toss that away to start something different.

Reading the thread from the perspective of an outsider, yes the attack on Olivira was totally unprovoked, and rather jarring because of it, but rather than make me think Rosa is just crazy, it made me wonder what was going inside to motivate something like that. It made me imagine that Rosa is nursing some deep psychological trauma that is being provoked by the mere presence of someone with demon blood, and intensely curious as to what that trauma might be, and how the revelation might unfold. I for one would be very disappointed if we never got to find out.

Hope you decide to stick with her.

Reading the story with all the characters so far made me want to go back and add to my backstory in order to have more of the fascinating hooks and history the other characters seem to have.

GM Wolf wrote:
I think if I took her and Niche they could easily kill the rest of the group.

You can always say no to any of my requests. Like I said when I was offering to help rebuild the half-orc guy, I love a good optimization, but being way above the rest of the party in power isn't fun either. My aim was to be on par with Rosa, Lidra, or Aden in overall strength, of perhaps a touch better in melee given my lack of other expertise compared to those characters. If I overshot, let me know.

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D-Bee Mystic: Size: 0, Parry 8, Pace 6, Toughness 14 (7), Charisma -2, Bennies: 5, PPE: 10/20, Staff PPE: 0/10, ISP: 10/10

"Attention Assault Mech 21-12, this is Special Expeditionary Team... Do we have a unit number or something? Anyway, we are receiving your signal. Is it just you, or have you really been decimated? I get confused by the changes in vernacular some times; are you aware that decimated is a term that means having lost one in every ten of your fighting force? If you have been decimated, how many warriors remain in your band? If it is just you, describe your location, perhaps give us some landmarks, and we will pass your report on to Castle Refuge." She stops talking for a moment at a funny look from her colleagues in the APC.

"Um, no, we won't pass on your message, because you are likely injured and not worth the resources necessary to retrieve you. No, that doesn't seem to be what you want either... Um, what should I tell him? Do you want me to tell him to sacrifice himself for the greater good? That seems to be a Tomorrow Legiony kind of thing to do. Help me out here, this is confusing. Oh damn it, this thing is still transmi..."

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Id have rhoekk as well, but i think that would be a stretch, given the timeframe.

That depends entirely on when he emerges from the realm of the Aelfinn, does it not? Say he asked to know how the last battle could be won, and they say, "Fine, let's kick him out a few hundred years after it's finished, and he can learn it from history." Classic double-cross. Alternatively, depending on what he asked for, they could give him an ter-angreal that causes regeneration/stops aging, activate an undetected spark for channeling he didn't know about, or so on and so on.

Don't know if this idea would work for you, but I too am wondering what would happen to the male Aiel that could channel. They would not be wise ones, and would likely not fit in with the other societies due to their abilities and stigma. I wonder what would happen if one were to join the Asha-man, which I think could be really interesting twist, though he might need to get dispensation to change the usual sword pin to a spear when he reached Dedicated. (That might actually become a standard provision for Aiel wishing to join, if there was any significant number of them). However, what I think might be most likely would be that such men might seek to congregate together; particularly as they need to be taught how to use their abilities. What I think would happen would be the formation of a new warrior society - a small one, but one comprised entirely of men that can channel to one degree or another. Joining would not be voluntary, but rather required of every man with the Spark, much as every female channeler is required to train as an apprentice to the Wise Ones.

Given the appearance of the red-veiled Samma N'Sei, the Eye-Blinders in the last battle, I think the perfect title might be Rah a Samma, or The Unblinded (literally 'Freedom from blinding').

Given their role as peacekeepers in the world, I could also see a need for soldiers that specialized in dealing with rogue channelers, like the False Dragons of the third era. The Unblinded would likely excel in that role.


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A killer GM with a killer smile.

I was unable to get to the update before now, and today I start a three day road trip. I'll have WiFi where I'm going, but I'm unsure how much time I'll have. In other words, please hang in there, things will move soon.

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A killer GM with a killer smile.

Been a long day, so the last two stragglers may have a touch more time to use their Actions before I move us to the next round.

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Savage Rifts
A Savage Worlds Game

Hello all, I’ve been playing this game with my in-person group, and been having a craving to include it in my online repertoire as well. As a result, I’m opening this up as a general recruitment. I have a few spots reserved for folks from another game that have expressed interest, but I will definitely need more to make a solid go of this. I am not sure how much interest there will be, so the timeframe of this recruitment may vary depending on the response. If it turns out that this game is pretty niche, recruitment may need to be open a while to gather enough players. If it is very popular however, things might get going a tad more swiftly. I like to aim for 6-8 players, in order to allow room for a couple of the inevitable drop-outs that occur in the first few months.
Rifts is an over the top, power intensive game of larger than life characters, so don’t be afraid to think big. Characters in this game tend to be more like Super Heroes than country bumpkins, even when starting out, so don’t be too shocked if your character bears little resemblance to the typical novice character.

The quick version of the setting is this: Basically it is a sort of Post-Apocalyptic, inter-dimensional, everything and the kitchen sink sort of setting. Kind of like Shadowrun meets Mech-warrior, meets D&D, meets... whatever else you want to toss in.
When World War III broke out and the earth got nuked, so many sentient beings all dying at once unleashed a psychic blast that awakened all the dormant magic in the world, and shattered the borders between dimensions. The humans that survived used their advanced technology, including giant robots and power armour, to survive, or turned to unlocked magic or psychic abilities to survive. The world was overrun by every kind of extradimensional race and terror, making survival pretty tough.
A few groups banded together to survive, including the Nazi-like Coalition of Humanity, the Federation of Magic, and others. Our heroes belong to a small group of like-minded survivors called the Tomorrow Legion, operating out of a mysterious castle located in Northern Arkansas of all places. Unlike the exclusionary and xenophobic groups that exist elsewhere in North America, the Tomorrow Legion will accept anybody that just wants to work together to survive.

Books you’ll need:

Savage Worlds: Deluxe Core Rulebook: From the Publisher | DriveThroughRPG

Tomorrow Legion Player’s Guide: From the Publisher | DriveThroughRPG

There are many other sources out there for these books of course. As a word of warning, for those that track them down utilizing more alternative ingenuity, for the Tomorrow Legion book particularly, be aware that there are several versions floating around out there, and that some are early versions of the book that lack all sorts of errata included in later versions. The paid version will of course be the most recent, up to date version, and therefore always the best option.

Rifts: The History of the World as we know it:
When the war that had long been feared finally happened, it altered not only the world, but the very nature of reality on Earth. The untold number of deaths, so many billions of sentient beings, dying within mere moments of each other, was something that had barely been imagined, let alone experienced. It had unpredicted results. The psychic trauma unleashed on reality by the waves of energy released by all those simultaneous deaths served not only to reawaken and recharge every element of long forgotten magic still hidden and contained within the modern world, but it served to fracture its borders, thinning the walls between worlds, and blending elements of this world with portions of those in the surrounding plane of existence.

For the humans that survived the initial destruction, the world that they awoke to bore only general similarity to the one they knew. Most of the land and seas were the same, or more or less in the same place at least, but the terrain was changed, the ecosystems altered, traded, or replaced. Beings and monsters of every description walked the earth or few through the sky, or burrowed through the ground. Ancient evils awoke, and new inconceivable beings were drawn in by the immense surge of psychic and magic power sent out from the Earth like an interdimensional signal flare. Lines of energy now crisscrossed the globe, the legendary ‘Ley-Lines’ long theorized, but now humming with such power they made the very air glow with their presence.

Humanity was shattered. Every recognisable government and country had been wiped out in the final moments of the war. Radiation, nuclear winter, contamination and poison, lack of resources and even starvation became the nature of existence almost instantly. Those that survived were shaped by new pressures; predation from supernatural beings and monsters, mutation, newly realized potential in awakened psychic abilities and even magic, and even interbreeding with some of the alien races similar enough to humans to manage it.

No one is entirely sure how long it took before mankind even started recording history again. Most assume at least a hundred years, but it is in fact very hard to say; it may have been much longer. The survivors started to carve out new communities, and even new nations. In North America, the principle power that emerged was a group called the Coalition of Humanity, or just the Coalition for short. They found several large reserves of technology, and in some cases even preserved facilities capable of producing new equipment. They began expanding, and under the leadership of a man named Prosek, began to take on a human-first mentality. They thought of themselves as the successors of those who had come before; pure humans, and those that used technology and know-how to protect themselves; not the new and poorly understood magics flooding the world, or poorly predicted psychic powers some mutants manifested. As time has gone on, now some hundred years since the founding of the Coalition, that humans first attitude has progressed into an attitude of Humans only. While mutants and D-Bees (Extra-Dimensional Beings) are typically tolerated within the empire, so long as they follow the rules, they will never be more than second class citizens. Psychics are monitored and strictly policed, and magic is flat out illegal, on pain of death. Organized as a Fascist state, the Coalition has conquered some third of the old United States, and reaches into some parts of the old Canada.

A few other powers of note exist: the Federation of Magic - a loose association of City-States made up of humans and magical creatures; the Vampire States that have taken over most of Mexico and Central America, and a number of other Free-Holding independent cities, each with its own eccentricities and rules that have allowed them to survive.

Castle Refuge and the Tomorrow Legion:
During the Dark times, a group of Dwarves from a fantasy realm found themselves somehow come to Rifts Earth and trapped there. They found what appeared to be the ruins of an ancient Castle in rural America. Deciding it was a reasonable stronghold, they used their skills to complete/rebuild the structure. As it became established, it became known as a place of safety from the dangers of the wilderness. The dwarves were strict about conduct, but fair, and allowed anyone who was willing to pitch in to settle there or take shelter. A few generations later, the castle has been completed and stands as a home to a diverse interdimensional community. In contrast to the Coalition, Castle Refuge has survived through a spirit of Cooperation and mutual protection. The settlement is small enough, and far enough from both the Coalition, and the Federation of Magic, that neither has yet felt the need to either wipe them out, or bring them to heel, but rest assured it is something both powers intent to get to eventually.

While they have always worked together and been willing to protect those that arrive at their gates seeking sanctuary, the citizens of Castle Refuge have never really had the resources to extend their influence beyond their walls. Following the end of the Coalition’s recent war with the Magical city-state of Tolkien, and the utter destruction of the latter, Castle Refuge was given a boon by a mysterious benefactor; a sizeable amount of currency. Actually, it was probably more money that they could ever spend, as finding people with resources to give up is always a challenge in the landscape of Rifts Earth. However, with their newfound wealth, they discovered that perhaps they could find the resources needed to push their influence out a little further. Tanks, guns, aircraft, power armour and robots, and the resources to see to the needs and pay of a regular standing army, and the Tomorrow Legion was born! However, since equipment is still hard to find, at any price, and since their numbers are small, the Tomorrow Legion needs to proceed slowly, and with caution, lest they start looking like enough of a threat to the more established powers that they decide to deal with them; a confrontation the Legion would almost certainly lose.

The Rules:
Savage Rifts uses a few of the established Setting Rules that are suggested in the Core Rulebook. These can be found on page 94 of the Deluxe edition.

Blood & Guts: Anyone can spend a Benny to re-roll damage rolls.
Born a Hero: Ignore Rank requirements for Edges and Powers selected at Character creation. (The Advances received from starting as a MARS character are not included in this. Anything selected as a part of their Novice level creation may use the Born a Hero rule, but the four free advances received for staring at Seasoned must be selected only from what would normally be available to that character.)
Critical Failures: Bennies cannot be spent on Trait rolls where double 1s are rolled.
Joker’s Wild: When a player draws a joker, all players gain a bonus Benny.

House Rules:
Death & Dismemberment: Normally in Savage Worlds, a player becomes incapacitated at 4 wounds, and may not become more injured after this. In practice, I have found this makes players nearly impossible to kill. Rifts is the kind of game that deals with massive cannons, giant robots, and 100 ft tall supernatural terrors, and there are just some injuries a character should not be able to walk off. As a result, this house rule will make it so that while a character still becomes Incapacitated at 4 wounds, they still suffer the penalty accumulated from ALL wounds when making their survival rolls. This does not make characters any easier to wound, but it does make major wounds more likely to kill. So, for instance when Johnny gets shot in the head by a Glitterboy, and suffers 8 wounds as a result, his survival rolls are made at -8 instead of the standard -4.
Custom Races: Ah, the Race Maker. It is a thing of beauty, and a power gamer’s delight. First off, any custom races must be made only from the Tomorrow Legion racial options, unless prior authorization to use traits from another such table is gained. Second, use common sense when selecting the sheer number of Advantages and Disadvantages your race has. The abilities should make sense, serve an overall theme, and not merely hit the power-gaming highlights reel. Expect to have to play all your Negative Abilities.
Savage Worlds Content: Rifts being a melting pot of interdimensional creatures, there is ample opportunity to bring things in from other settings. That being said, if it is not from the Tomorrow Legion Book, another Savage Worlds Rifts Book, or the Core Rule Book, I would like first right of refusal on anything I deem unsuitable for the setting. This may be for multiple reasons, including granting an unfair advantage, but could also be that while cool in its native setting, something transferred in from another setting might not be able to keep up given the differences in settings, and the larger than life reality of Rifts, and may too weak to survive.
MARS Fortune and Glory and Heroic Journey Rolls: To keep manipulating the tables to a minimum, I will ask that all rolls be made in a single post, and that the tables be listed in Alphabetical order, just as they are in the book. So if you wanted to take rolls from the Armour Table, roll twice on Cybernetics, once on Education, and your fifth on Range Weapons, you would roll your 5 d20’s with the dice roller, and apply the results to those tables, in that order. If you don’t, I won’t have you reroll, we will just realign the tables in the correct order and apply the rolls as you made them.

The Caveat:
I love it when the game picks up pace, and we move along at a nice clip. However, I work full time, I have kids, I have a wife, I have a vacation coming up in April and a surgical procedure soon after, I'll be moving this summer, etc, etc.

In general, when I commit to a game, I like to commit to it. However, that being said, life happens, and sometime the game may get interrupted. I will try to let you know whenever something I can anticipate is coming up.

Second, as I'm sure many my fellow nerdy introverts can relate to, I suffer from depression at times, and when it hits, it has a tendency to scuttle my motivation to do little things like post on my online games. I do my best to manage it, but periods of depression have unfortunately killed some of my games in the past, as by the time I was feeling better, too many of the players had moved on, and I couldn't get sufficient numbers of them back together again. I hope to avoid that by being up front about this issue this time. We will have some fun, but if the pace starts to slump, give it some time, as there is a good chance we will pick back up again. I am happy to extend the same respect to any players; if you need to drop out or take a break for personal reasons, just let me know, and I'll hold a spot for you to return later should you want to.

Any questions? Now let’s see if there is sufficient interest…

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Att +8 (DC: 31)/ Def 19 (FF 12) 50% Miss Chance when running / T+15 / Fort +15 / Ref +17 / Will +10 / Notice +18 / Init +30 / Hero Points Base: 1

Shale grins at his opponents, shifting his grip on his sword. In a blinding burst of speed he bypasses Mr. Return-to-Sender and strikes at Not-Barry-Allen again, this time with a more measured and precise attack.

Accurate Attack: 1d20 + 8 + 5 ⇒ (18) + 8 + 5 = 31
Critical strike if it connects.

Drain Toughness Fortitude Save DC: 15 + 16 - 5 + 5 = 31
Toughness Save (Penetrating 16) DC: 15 + 16 - 5 + 5 = 31

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Campaign: The Next Generation of the Justice League. Loosely based on the DC Animated Universe (Batman: The Animated Series, Superman, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, Young Justice), it takes place about 20 years after the present day

Power Level: 12
Power Points: 182


Imagine: Genetically engineered telepath and telekinetic, Kara Luthor, a former mental patient turned super hero. She's been experiencing a little tension between her loyalty to the Justice League, and loyalty to her father's interests.

Sinter: Everyman turned into an energy based plasma being. Has flight, blasting, and associated powers.

Shale: Extra-dimensional speedster/tank. Technically successor to the flash, natives of his dimension have much greater mass than those in ours, leading to an odd mix of traditional speed and tank type tropes.

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Att +8 (DC: 31)/ Def 19 (FF 12) 50% Miss Chance when running / T+15 / Fort +15 / Ref +17 / Will +10 / Notice +18 / Init +30 / Hero Points Base: 1

"Nay Kara; the opportunity to lay low the enemies of his lifetime is no small wanting messure. I do not expect him to ask afore every volley, but I will have his word he'll not set out with a mind to end any life but that he has no choice but to cut short, save that the lives of he or his lie upon the point of the sword. It is not ego that sayith so, but rather folly not to have his sworn bond."

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A killer GM with a killer smile.

Dunwhich Horror (Potentially scarring adult subject matter):

So, the story I'm picturing here (not too vividly, as it'll either make me sick or start laughing to myself inappropriately), is that The Horror discovered that while the inhibitor field in the prison keeps everyone's powers from acting externally, the same is not necessarily true for their internal physiology. Killer Frost maintains a body temperature well below freezing, and if the inhibitor field affected her strongly enough to halt that, it would possibly cause her body to rapidly overheat, and thus likely kill her.

While the encounter started typically enough (for an encounter between a mass murdering sub-zero psychopath and a nihilistic many tentacled monstrosity from beyond the barriers of human comprehension), it went significantly sideways. When Frost reached an appropriate level of excitation, anything presently within the boundaries of her person was subjected to a wave of cold only fractionally warmer than absolute zero. Thus three of Horror's appendages were flash frozen, and almost instantly broke off, which sort of spoiled the mood.

If you want to know why three, it's because I have an uncompromising eye for detail which in this case I think borders on psychologically masochistic. Not getting that image out of my head easily...

Anyway, feel free to do with those details what you wish. I figured Horror being who he is, it might make curiously comedic fodder...

I noticed that technically he does not have the Regeneration (Regrowth) power that would usually be required to regrow limbs, but I figured that as a mollusk-type creature, saying that these would grow back is only a mild embellishment that make any injuries non-permanent.

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A killer GM with a killer smile.

Gravewound: when you finally hand off the drive to the officer standing a few steps away from you, he accepts it without even a flicker of anything unusual in his eyes, either he expected you to pass the test, or he wasn't in on the trick of the whole setup, and just didn't know any better. Either that, or he just happens to have the cold stone cop/poker face down to a T. There are no congratulations, no high fives, and barely more than a nod of acknowledgment. You are brought to your feet, your shackles resecured, and the inhibitor field brought back up to full strength. As you are being led from the room, you see someone else moving in, his hands already reaching for gadgets in his pockets that no doubt are not there, given your presence. Everything about him from his clothes to his posture, to the way he seems gravitationally drawn to the terminal behind you says, 'IT Abalyist.' No doubt his job is to review the records of what you did to the system, and how you managed it. He looks far too fresh and eager to have been the guy on the other end of the network though.

Dunwich Horror: your fears are realized as you see your helpers led in to the old decominshoned kitchen. Almost all stock humans, most look like the types that make up the enevitabke throngs of thugs surrounding every thematic villain/wanna-be crime boss. Out of the eight, two might even have been solo jobs, like the type of Gotham city wackos that been coming out of the woodwork for 40 years or more. None have obvious powers or features that might otherwise distringuish them from the other homogenous meat bags that presently surround you. Knuckle staggers and mouth breathers, one and all.
The men prove too dense for the most part to grasp more that minimally difficulty. A mass serving Macaroni Casserole is the scheduled meal this evening. Far that anything else that had been inflicted upon you since your humiliating capture, the list of ingredients on the list before you is by far the most upsetting thing you have had inflicted upon you thus far. Apparently, the administrator was not kidding… and for these prisoners, he expects that any bowl of slop will do.

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A killer GM with a killer smile.

I love this character. He's some of the most enjoyable elements I've seen in a game in a while; very entertaining.

The functionary nods a bit, and leans in to clarify his request, "Um, we won't need you to clean the regular kitchen; we have a team for that, not to mention that there will need to be an investigation, regarding what the substance was, who brought it in and how, who it was intended for, all of that, you understand. We can't have an inmate involved in a location where evidence might be gathered - you understand. That's why we have you down here in this old kitchen, instead of one of the more up to date facilities."

"Volunteers might be a problem. You are a bit... scary. We were hoping you might be able to manage some large scale batch cooking on your own. You will be granted use of your biomorphic abilities, but to do that we are going to have you in here alone. Our insurance, not to mention the accreditation boys would not react well to having metahumans or other inmates allowed to interact without restriction on their extranormative abilities. If someone did decide to harm or kill someone else just for jollies, we might not be able to intervene in time. Basically your choices would have to be assistants or powers, but we can't authorize both."

The tunnel system you are exploring is a drainage system for radioactive coolant coming from the reactor, so on the plus side, there is no sewage in here, and it is probably the most sterile water system you've ever seen, seeing as the radiation levels seem to keep even the hardiest bacteria from growing.

The body comes apart relatively easily. Though not cooked through by any means, the flesh has a definite touch of a slow-roasted quality effecting it, and it pulls apart with minimal sheering from your claws. You pull out the black body bag you were provided in case the condition of the body made it necessary. The number of pumps, intakes, propellers and so forth seems to have made a messy recovery a predictable element of this recovery. Besides the body bag, you were also given a bucket and a small trowel. After both arms are placed within your bag, and you are cutting free the first of the legs, and audible pop indicates an equalization of presume between the main pipe and the small intake. At that point, the body is held in place only by the mechanical aspect of a full sized man being stuffed into a less than full sized pipe. Some tugging and pulling eventually works the torso free, with one leg still attached to it as a bonus.

Curiously, while the body is wearing what appears to be a standard radiation suit, he doesn't appear to be wearing the typical corresponding under layer, just the oversuit. Having pulled his arms out first, you are also greeted by an array of low quality tattoos consistent with prison-tats covering most of both limbs.

The guard whispers back, "It's a standing game. A ringer would stand out. Just make it happen."
"Take as much time as you want. However, if you ever want to get jobs like this again in the future, you'll do it well, avoid collateral damage. Mind the tape; shows you what's been cleared for destruction. If your powers fizzle out, you're getting too close to the boundaries. If you do anything stupid, countermeasures will make you regret it - if you survive them."
A DC 20 gets you past the initial login phase, but not much further than that. Whatever is in this database, it appears to have a respectable security system. Your first few runs at the security protocols give you a "Government secure database" kind of feeling; something you can break into with a little work, but nothing that should be too hard (DC 25). Of course, you were warned you should expect multiple levels of security, so if things start to get harder after that, this could actual prove challenging by the time you're in far enough to get the file you've been sent for. Without any of your usual pre-written tools, bots, and worms, you might have to spend a bit of time doing some prep before you can take a run at the harder elements of the program, though for now, trial and error can probably get you a step or two further.

Oh, I don't typically subscribe to TV/Movie inspired speed-hacking tropes. Real hacking is usually a matter of getting really lucky and predicting a stupid password, or setting up programs to try tens of thousands of possibilities over an extended period before finding one that works. Unless your abilities allow you to override the system's core programming (which would allow you to change what is required to bypass a security protocol - I haven't read the tech powers too closely as of yet...), this job will likely take most of the day.

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A killer GM with a killer smile.

Your transfer to Belle Reve went smoother than expected, though decided to transfer you here now was still a mystery no one had bothered to explain. Your powers were notable, but Ultra-Max seemed a bit like overkill, especially now. The trip itself was disappointingly unremarkable, in that there were no hang ups, and no disruptions. Worst of all, no one had tried to free you. Maybe secrecy was really that good, and no one had heard in time to mobilize. Maybe security was just that tight, and whatever forces they'd brought hadn't been up to the task. Or just maybe, maybe there was no one around who thought it worth the trouble to bust you out.

So far, the place seemed far from the Beautiful Dream the name promised. Built well before the start of the century, the facility was mostly aging, though still well regarded as far as security was concerned. A big concrete slab for the most part, the whole thing looked worn, drab, and uncomfortably well fortified. Everyone knew the standard line that the walls here were so thick that even Superman couldn't have broken through them by main force. Rumour had it that they'd invited him in order to put that theory to the test. Rumour also said he'd surprised them, as Super-man was apt to do, but that true to intention, he hadn't been able to break through the walls. Not everyone would recognize the telltale signs, but having been around the block a few times, it happens you noticed that the place isn't just built with containment of those inside in mind. Metal shutters on the corners likely conceal turrets, and squarish metal constructs on the roof that could transform into anti-aircraft emplacements, with only a little imagination, were starting to convince you that rescue from the outside was unlikely. 50 years of operation, and despite numerous attempts, a few riots, and one full scale takeover by the prisoners, official word was that no one had even managed an escape. Not without inside help at least, and it seemed the official record doesn't count it when a corrupt warden lets a prisoner out on extended passes.

While most of the prison was old, worn, dingy, and otherwise rather disgusting. However, as you are being led to your new home, through enumerable check points (19 actually), several security scans (6), and waiting endless amounts of time alone in a bland succession of waypoint holding rooms (4 of them, for what must have been around 7 hours in total), you were led past one run down cellblock after another until reaching a newly renovated section of the complex. At that point you were officially signed into Detention Block AA23.

The one plus was that the unit was officially co-ed. Ever since the supreme court decided to hear Quinn vs. Lance a decade back, and had determined that sexual congress with consenting partners was indeed a basic human right, the prison system had been scrambling to catch up. It wasn't long before segregating prisoners by sex/gender was ruled unconstitutional. Of course, the massive list of number of safety concerns that came along with implementing this particular decision, not to mention the significant shift in infrastructure that would be required meant that the prisons had applied for, and been granted, numerous stays; not to mention the ongoing and lengthy appeals on the part of the state. Most prisoners were pretty convinced they'd never actually see the day when woman stepped onto a male block.

However, it appeared that Belle-Reve had been busy, and incorporated a new style of unit into their ever present renovation projects to create an area that was compatible with the new version of the law; if it was upheld of course. The place was top of the line too, no sloppy guard stations or observation posts; just enough built in cameras and one way mirrors to make big brother cream in his pants. No guards were visible in the unit, but could apparently appear from access portals in virtually every room.

It was all explained in the reception briefing, as much of it as you could pay attention to anyway. Apparently, this unit didn't just rely entirely on the inhibitor collars that everyone wore, but actually had some sort of inhibitor field that permeated the whole area. Both also allowed for the guards to instantly disable an inmate, should any restricted behaviours be observed or detected. That included contact with other prisoners, unfortunately. Sex might be theoretically legal now, but according to the briefing, it sounded like the paperwork required, not to mention the mandatory counselling to ensure consent had not been coerced, might work together to kill a bit of the mood.

The unit was described as a pilot project, and lucky old you must have been selected as one of the first Guinea Pigs. Lucky you. The unit was small, and had accommodations for 20. It had a television and viewing area, a small yard, that while covered with a presumably impregnable transparent barrier, did get natural sunlight at certain hours of the day, as well as a small kitchen. Cooking was listed among the numerous mandatory chores. Seems The Man had decided to give rehabilitation a try, and communal living was the order of the day.

Private rooms, the opposite gender, and at least a shot at decent chow, depending on who was cooking. Things were looking up. Time to meet the other lab-rats.

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Semi-Private Recruitment: This game will be run in the same game world as tumbler’s Justice League Generations campaign. Players from that game will have top priority for spots in this game, though I have also invited players from a few other games using the same system. This will be a Mutant’s and Masterminds 2nd Edition game set in the DC universe.

If you are not presently playing in one of the MM2e games to receive an invitation, you can apply if you wish, keep in mind that the invitees will be selected first in most cases.

Recruitment Notice wrote:

Attention Detainee:

Are you a convicted and currently incarcerated criminal? Are you a psychiatric patient previously found not criminally responsible for criminal actions, but required to remain within a designated psychiatric facility for non-voluntary treatment?

Do you regret your criminal actions and wish to make a positive contribution to society? Do you have special skills or abilities that might be used to benefit your country? Are you dissatisfied with your present accommodations or incarceration? If so, this might be the opportunity for you!

By volunteering for this project, you may be eligible for benefits or improvements to your circumstances, based on the details of your present confinement. These include:
•••Improved Conditions/Privileges at your place of incarceration.
•••Reduced or Commuted Sentence
•••Full Pardon (Murder Convictions are not eligible for this benefit)
•••Induction into long term service as a diversion from traditional incarceration

While it is possible that you will be called upon to make use of specialized skills you previously used in your criminal endeavours, the uses to which you will put them as part of this program will be for the benefit of society as a whole. Should any unfortunate “violent actions” be required as part of your duties, rest assured that appropriate counselling will be made available to assist you with the emotional ramifications of such actions, and that these actions will be channeled in societally beneficial directions.

Be advised that compliance with the guidelines of the program will be strictly monitored and enforced, and failure to comply could not only jeopardize your entitlement to program benefits, but endanger the safety of your fellow program participants, as well as your own. As a result, deviation from program parameters will not be tolerated, and may result in immediate sanction.

This will be a villain oriented Mutant and Masterminds 2nd Edition game played on this forum via play by post. I do not have a strict number of players in mind, so the total number may depend on how many express interest. The party may be larger than is typical for a Pathfinder game, as seems to frequently be the case when M&M games come up.

This is a sister game to tumbler’s Justice League Generations, and will take place in the same world. However, where that game is an open, sandbox type game, this game will run for a set length, covering specific goals and plot points. Once the initial run is completed, we will reevaluate and see whether everyone involved (myself included) are interested in a second run. This will be a darker and more violent game than tumblers, given that you will be playing villains, often of the deranged or maniacal variety. Mature themes are likely, though we will be avoiding certain topics, such as violence against children or sexual violence, as some things are not appropriate for any entertainment venue.

Setting: This game is set in the DC Universe so 20 years or so from the present time. Many of the big names in Super Heroics and Villainy may have moved on, having died, retired, passed their name onto someone else, etc. Some are immortal, or would have no problem continuing to operate as more mature individuals. I’ve never been a DC comic collector, but I’m a fan of the DC Animated Universe, so I will be drawing more from the DCAU than from the comics for the particulars of the setting. The key shows I know are Batman the Animated Series, Superman the Animated Series, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, and Young Justice. Assault on Arkham is a Suicide Squad mission, but will not be considered canonical.

Gameplay: Violent and lethal. Lighter on story, heavier on action. I generally run two kinds of games; involved and intricate stories, and hack and slash gore-fests. I’m feeling the need for catharsis, so this game will be of the second variety.

Why 2nd Edition?:
I am using 2nd edition as opposed to 3rd, as I feel 2nd offers a lot more detail in terms of customization and nuance (3rd has been simplified in many respects), and because 2nd handles the darker, grittier aspects likely in a Villain game better than 3rd (3rd feels better suited to 4-color games in my opinion, and the mechanics make death extremely difficult and rare, where our game will be significantly more deadly).
You are a criminal and/or supervillain. You are not a world ending threat, but not a common thug either.
Right kind of scale: Joker, Parasite, Captain Boomerang, Mr. Freeze, Deathstroke, Captain Cold, Solomon Grundy, etc.
Wrong kind of Scale: Parallax, Darkseid, General Zod, Mongol, Ras Al’Ghul, basically anyone whose goals include conquering or destroying the world and/or galaxy. If it is any hero’s arch nemesis, it’s probably too powerful for the setting. Keep in mind, the government has to plausibly believe that they can control you as part of a team.

20 years or so have passed from the present day, so keep that in mind when you pitch your concepts. I am not expecting people to stick only to characters in the DC universe by any means, but they can be used, and make a good basis for the flavour I’m looking for in the game.

Aged/Immortal Villain: You’ve been around since the good old days, fighting the not-so-good fight. You may be older, you might be ageless, either way, you’ve never let minor details like that get in the way of achieving your goals.
Legacy Villain: You are not the first villain to bear your name or theme, but you were trained and/or inspired by one of the greats. You may even have a super villain for a parent; or perhaps even both parents. A blending of powers and themes might result in that case.
New Villain: Your name and theme are entirely your own, but you are consistent with the flavour and atmosphere of other villains that came before you.

Enforced Cooperation:
Evil campaigns have no shortage of challenges, the most obvious being that since you're all evil, there is nothing to stop you from stabbing everyone else in the back. Well, in this case, that will be challenging. As in the source material, you will be expected to be cooperative with the mission, whether you volunteered or you were conscripted.

In the various incarnations of the Suicide Squad, compliance has been enforced with wrist bombs, bomb collars, explosive nanites, etc. Something similar will be at play here. You are definately a bad guy, but if you don['t dance to the jig the G-man is playing, you might find yourself blown up. As a result, creative subversion will be the name of the game.

Build Rules:
Power Level: 10
Power Points: 165
Impervious: Capped at ½ your Toughness.
Trade Offs: Capped at +/- 4. For instance, Defence/Toughness max at a combined total of 20, average of which would be 10 and 10. Max trade off value would be 6 and 14 or 14 and 6.
What I am looking for are more rank and file, small scale, or urban villains, as opposed to take-over-the-world types. The high PP point is to stress experience. Most villains have been around the block a few times. They are not as powerful as the big-name heroes, but they are resourceful.
Gear: While you may not have had your regular toys and equipment in prison, they’ll be returned to you for the performance of your mission. Devices and Equipment are both fine, and some extra mundane equipment may be provided by your handlers on request. As a result, I’ll allow each character to request up to 5 pp (25 ep) in commonly available gear. This can include anything you think you might need to accomplish your mission, including armour, automatic weapons, explosives, and/or vehicles. As this game is set slightly in the future, equipment that you can convince me would be commercially available can also be obtained as equipment as opposed to devices.

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HP 156/156 | AC 32 (T 25, FF 28) | CMD 33 (35 vs. Disarm/37 vs. Grapple) | F +8 | R +13 | W +8 | Init +8 | Per +19 Aiel

"In that case, has anyone asked him? It would be a shame were the vaunted reputation of the White Tower for respect, hospitality, and courtesy were marred by such a simple oversight. Don't you think so, Analin Sedai?"

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HP 156/156 | AC 32 (T 25, FF 28) | CMD 33 (35 vs. Disarm/37 vs. Grapple) | F +8 | R +13 | W +8 | Init +8 | Per +19 Aiel
Analin Mendiana wrote:
Has it been proclaimed publicly that the Dragon is a 'guest' of the Tower?

Trying to locate the reference. Since it never actually happened in the books, it was in a conversation (or thought bubble) by Elaida regarding what was supposed to happen after Rand was captured. Given that in this world he was captured, one presumes that she would have gone ahead with that plan... Of course, I can remember the scene clearly, just not clearly enough to remember the exact wording and therefore find it in a google search. I'm working on it though.

"It seems you agree with the theory, and the requirement of freeing the one you call 'Dragon', but are bound by Ji and duty. This will always be an honourable warrior's burden."

He paces about the chamber for a moment, seemingly in thought.

"I have heard many say that though an Aes Sedai must speak the truth, it is not always the truth you think you hear. I have observed great skill among your kind at never volunteering more information than is required, and in always leaving room in such statements for the listener to fill in the details with what they want, or what they assume, such as statement should mean. If one were restricted to speak only literal truth, I can see how this would be a rapidly learned and necessary skill, should you have any hope of influencing the dishonest and convoluted nature of wetlander politics. However, one assumes the strategy has weaknesses as well; if you never state exactly what you mean, a shrewd observer might be able to use that very same vaguery against you. I suppose the question would be this, 'What were your Amerlyn's claim, orders, and instructions to your sisters, and to the public?' If she did not speak plainly, it may be entirely possible to obey her orders while ignoring her ignorant intent."

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Hero Points: 1 | Damage Condition: None | Status Condition: None | Def: 16 FF 11 KB: -5 | Saves T: 12 F: 7 R: 7 W: 12 | Initiative: +3 | Notice: +10 (Danger Sense: Mental), Mystic Awareness (Radius, Ranged, Mental), Uncanny Dodge (Mental)
The Watcher of the Freedomverse wrote:
So does anyone else know what I can do to relight the fire for this game at least?

PM sent.

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Philo Pharynx wrote:
Rigor Rictus wrote:
I find Paizo's attitude in regards to irredeemable evil to be rather immature. It is something that you see over and over again in real world history, that 'they' are somehow irredeemably evil, and therefore capable of doing things that 'we' (the good guys) would never do, when in fact, everyone has the exact same potential for good and evil.
Perhaps the best point against inherent evil that I've seen.

More people know about the Stanford Prison Experiment, and how it can bring out surprisingly cruel behaviour, though there have been questions in recent years as to whether it was really as telling as it seemed at the beginning, as there have been theories/allegations that the Prof running the experiment encouraged the behaviour, and tried to amplify it (which is far from the modern double-blind kind of mentality that goes into study design).

The other one I referenced, The Milgram Experiment, is actually a much more interesting one. It was actually set up after WWII was over, and the news about the concentration camps became public knowledge. The initial premise was actually to study if people of German decent were inherently more evil than other ethnic groups (a rather silly concept by modern sensibilities, but at the time they thought it was a genuine possibility). If you've never heard of the experiment, it is fascinating, particularly since you could never do such an experiment these days (for ethical reasons - many of the participants of this study were traumatized by the realization of what they had been induced to do). Basically what they found was that as long as there was a guy in a white coat with a clip board that said he was in charge, and that he was responsible, people would do whatever they were told, even if it might be killing someone. They were just ordinary Americans, yet they were in affect, "Just following orders." Brilliant study.

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oyzar wrote:
Philo Pharynx wrote:

Well, Gundancer is as different from a sniper than you can be. I'm all close up and in your face.

I'm thinking of being a hobgoblin. Adopted as a child, he never grew up with the tribe. It may make for some tough times, but also some interesting RP. What do people think?

I've never liked to have someone play what's basically one of the main enemies in an adventure. It'll pose a lot of problems for those with it as a favored enemy for example. Also by lore aren't goblins/hobgoblins nearly irrevocably evil in Golarion? Game Master The Dragon is probably best at saying if it fits or not.

I actually love it when people play (or I get to play) what are traditionally considered evil races, but as heroes. I'm not sure if I see how that would affect someone's Favoured Enemy or anything. It is actually quite historical as well, as in almost every conflict in our world, there have been members of the 'enemy' force working for the other side, for one reason or another, such as ideological reasons, being outcast by your people of origin, or simply turning coat for personal gain.

I find Paizo's attitude in regards to irredeemable evil to be rather immature. It is something that you see over and over again in real world history, that 'they' are somehow irredeemably evil, and therefore capable of doing things that 'we' (the good guys) would never do, when in fact, everyone has the exact same potential for good and evil.

I recall an interesting anecdote from the Know Direction podcast, where the author Ryan Costello did some Monster writing for Paizo on contract. He was writing up the Hill Giant ecology, and told a story about how he came up with an idea that Hill Giants aren't exactly evil, but rather just massive consumers with little or no regard for their surroundings (so, admittedly a little sociopathic). Thus like locusts, they use up all the resources (probably including eating all the local peasantry), and are then forced to move on, which brings them into constant conflict with settlements. After he submitted it and saw the published version, all that was wiped out and the description was just a straight boring, "Giants are irredeemably evil, but for no particular reason."

As a result, I prefer a game setting where the "evil" races are poorly understood by the more established "civilized" races, and that the idea of them being irredeemably evil is merely an in-world prejudice. The only creature actually capable of being irredeemably evil is one that is supernaturally evil, and so only evil outsiders and creatures with the evil sub-type could legitimately be looked upon that way.

Edit: Ninja'd by the GM. I like the sentiment though; looks like we're on the same page in that regard.

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HP 156/156 | AC 32 (T 25, FF 28) | CMD 33 (35 vs. Disarm/37 vs. Grapple) | F +8 | R +13 | W +8 | Init +8 | Per +19 Aiel
Amorial Suth wrote:
Well I knew about it but alas I am dead...

"Waa, wa, wa; ooh, I'm dead." You still harping on that? That was sooo last week - time to move on man!


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nightflier, would the following 3pp archetype be acceptable?

Alchemist: Scientific Innovator:
Scientific Innovator (Alchemist Archetype)

In Veranthea the laws of biology, chemistry, and physics
are fundamentally unique and forgiving, allowing for a
far wider range of particle reactions not present in any
other Material Plane. Scientific innovators exploit these
flexible laws of nature to concoct incredible serums and
craft fantastic devices that defy the power of mages across
the world!

Class Skills
Knowledge (engineering), Knowledge (dungoneering)
and either Knowledge (geography) or Knowledge
(history), replace Knowledge (arcana), Spellcraft, and Use
Magic Device.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Scientific
innovators are proficient with all simple weapons, bombs,
and firearms. They are also proficient with light armor,
but not with shields.

Science (Su or Ex): Scientific innovators are masters
of science, and a scientific innovator’s extracts are called
serums. This acts like an alchemist’s alchemy ability except
at 10th level, a scientific innovator’s serums and bombs
produce extraordinary effects instead of supernatural ones.
A scientific innovator loses the bonus to Craft (alchemy),
and the ability to create mutagens.

Have Gun: At 1st level, the scientific innovator gains
the Amateur Gunslinger feat and Gunsmithing as a bonus
feat. She also gains a battered gun identical to the one
gained by a gunslinger. This ability replaces mutagen and
persistent mutagen.

Grit Feats: A scientific innovator may select a grit feat
in place of a discovery. She must meet the prerequisites for
those feats.

Craft Brilliant Contraptions (Ex): At 5th level,
the scientific innovator gains the Craft Devices feat for
free. A scientific innovator only pays an additional 25%
more when crafting a device. At 13th level, the scientific
innovator gains the Craft Devices feat for free a second
time, which removes the additional cost to craft devices.
This ability replaces the increase to bomb damage at 5th
and 13th level.

Smart Grit (Ex): At 11th level, a scientific innovator
gains a number of grit points equal to her Intelligence
modifier (minimum 1) and gains the use of a single
gunslinger deed. She can select any deed that a gunslinger
of her alchemist level -4 could use. At 14th level, and
every three levels beyond 14th, the scientific innovator
gains another point of grit and another gunslinger
deed that a gunslinger of her level –4 could use. If she
already has levels in gunslinger, she gains a bonus to the
maximum amount of grit she can have each day, equal to
her Intelligence bonus (if any) but gains no extra grit as
the start of each day. This ability replaces instant alchemy,
poison use, and swift poisoning.

Discoveries: The following discoveries complement
the scientific innovator archetype: acid bomb, blinding
bomb, concussive bomb, delayed bomb, dispelling bomb,
explosive bomb, explosive missile, fast bombs, force bomb,
frost bomb, immolation bomb, precise bombs, shock
bomb, siege bomb, smoke bomb, sticky bomb, stink bomb,
strafe bomb, sunlight bomb, tanglefoot bomb. A scientific
innovator can never gain mutagens or cognatogens.
Grand Discovery: At 20th level, a science innovator
can choose the following grand discovery in place of the
normal grand discoveries.

Antimagic Device: The science innovator can craft
devices that produce effects identical to antimagic field,
as per the Craft Devices feat. These might be made to
create offensive effects (such as with a meganegator cannon)
or “shields” to protect other devices (like the Zyski’s
Copyrighted Miraculous Magic Guarding Device).

Scientific Innovator Serum List
A scientific innovator must pay five times the normal
cost for learning a formula for any serum not on the list
1st—air bubble, burning hands, cause fear, chill touch, cure
light wounds, detect undead, expeditious retreat, faerie fire,
feather fall, jump, inflict light wounds, negate aroma, obscuring
mist, polypurpose panacea, produce flame, shield, shield of faith,
shocking grasp, shock shield stone fist, touch of the sea, true strike,
vocal alteration
2nd—ablative barrier, acute senses, alter self, barkskin, bear’s
endurance, blur, bull’s strength, bullet shield, cat’s grace, cure
moderate wounds, darkvision, defensive shock, delay poison, detect
thoughts, elemental touch, fabricate bullets, fire breath, invisibility,
kinetic reverberation, levitate, protection from arrows, resist energy,
see invisibility, spider climb
3rd—arcane sight, bloodhound, burrow, burst of speed,
countless eyes, cure serious wounds, displacement, draconic
reservoir, elemental aura, fly, haste, marionette possession,
monstrous physique I, protection from energy, reloading hands,
resinous skin, seek thoughts, thorn body, water breathing
4th—air walk, cure critical wounds, darkvision (greater),
detonate, discern lies, dragon’s breath, echolocation, fire shield,
freedom of movement, invisibility (greater), monstrous physique
II, vitriolic mist
5th—contact other plane, elude time, languid bomb admixture,
monstrous physique III, nightmare, overland flight, planar
adaptation, sending, spell resistance
6th—analyze dweomer, caging bomb admixture,
eyebite, giant form I, heal, mislead, monstrous
physique IV, statue, transformation, true seeing, wind

I've been looking for a decent Alchemist archetype that provides firearm abilities for a long time (a strange oversight that there isn't an official one so far), and this one looks pretty good. It's by Rogue Genius Games, and is a free download from Paizo: here.

I'm thinking of an Android Alchemist, with ties to the Iron Gods AP.

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HP 46/46 | AC 17 (T 14, FF 13 ) | CMD 16 | F +3 | R +6 | W +4 | Init +3 | Per +8 |

I'm Leveled and ready.

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HP 156/156 | AC 32 (T 25, FF 28) | CMD 33 (35 vs. Disarm/37 vs. Grapple) | F +8 | R +13 | W +8 | Init +8 | Per +19 Aiel

There we go, I fixed it: Rizzengimli

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This recruitment still open?

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With Long Term Care I should heal another 2 HP. Up to 4 points, yay!

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Bloodrager 4 / Adept Godling 4 | HP 50/50 | AC 20 (T 16, FF 14) | CMD 26 | F +10 | R +10 | W +10 | Init +2 | Per +12 {Raging: HP 56/56 | AC 20 (T 16, FF 12) | CMD 30 | F +12 | R +12 | W +14| Init +0 | Per +12}
DM Malleus wrote:
I'm immensely enjoying reading all the evil peer pressure Rileng is experiencing. "Come on all the cool evil people are doing it"

*Evil grin*

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Well, if her density were the same or similar to that of a human, the square/cube law should enable us to figure out how much she should weigh pretty easily. The square/cube law is basically just that if you want to make something taller, it gets proportionately wider and longer at the same time, so instead of increasing at the same rate as the height, it increase as a cube of the same value, since the size is increasing in three directions at once, instead of just one.

Assume an average human woman is 5'6" (66 inches), and then her Large size height, 9'2" (110 inches) represents an increase by a factor of around 1.666 (ironically, for an angelic creature). Height x length x width (1.666x1.666x1.666) is 4.624 or so, so her weight should be about 4.624 times that of her human equivalent. 110 lbs x 4.624 = 508.64 lbs. Call it 510 lbs to even it off and you're golden. A nine foot angel, with the proportions of a 5'6" woman (whose wings don't weigh anything, but then, we digress...)

And now for some reason I've got an image of that guy from the Blinded me with Science music video stuck in my head. Science!

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A Discworld style troperific cliché-fest? Definitely dotting for interest.

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"There must be some kind of mind control at work here. They are clearly not acting rationally. Whether there is any legitimate grievance against Mr. Mars or not, I believe the Freedom League must be incapacitated!"

I'm imagining that last statement being in full colour in an extra large speech bubble on the last page of the Emerald City Knights comic book. You can just hear the music; Dun dun dah!

Other than that, just waiting for my turn to act.

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HP 182/182 | AC 26 (T 16, FF 24) | CMD 30 | F +18 | R +12 | W +14 | Init +2 | Per +15 | LoH 14/10 | Smite 5/3 | Bond 15/14

Great; thanks for the notice. I've applied as the Elven Wizard Gorgoron.

I'll be out of town until the weekend. Taking my kids to see the dinosaur museum in the Alberta Badlands. If any of you ever get the chance, and you're in western Canada, it's a great place to visit. Huge fossil collection.

Royal Tyrrell Museum

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A killer GM with a killer smile.

You are alone, sitting in your workshop, at your prayers, cleaning up, reading a book, or practicing forms, as is typical for you on a Saturday morning.

Suddenly your mind feels a shift, and though your broom or chair, weapon or Symbol of faith may remain, everything else is just a blank white. You are arranged in a semi-circle with a group of others, each stranger than the last. There is nothing else around you to see, but you feel something; a presence, a benevolence that surrounds you and welcomes you. You do not feel threatened. However, there is a hint of urgency to it; a strong desire.

You have been chosen. You are about to go on a journey. The people that have invited you are not of my design, and have their own reasons for doing so, but I intend to make use of their choices. You are a rare individual, and may have the strength needed to succeed where so many others have failed.

Little is as it seems, and you must be able to see beyond the raw elements around you to see the truth beyond. All is not as it should be, the veil grows thin and should it be breached and not resealed, a great many will suffer. Go now. Accept the summons. I will aid you where I can.

A moment later you are back in familiar circumstances. You never spoke. Nor did the strange looking champions you saw surrounding you. There was no time, and the thought never even occurred to you.

A mere moment later there is a rap at the door. Upon opening it, you see a man standing outside dressed in fine livery*. He asks for you by name, and then hands you a letter upon confirming your identity. He says nothing else, standing ready. You notice that he is still holding another scroll tube, and that he has made no move to depart, even if you provided a tip. You take this as indication that you are to read the letter immediately.

*Kn: Nobility DC 12:
House Ornelos of Korvosa. House Ornelos Administers the college of magic is Korvosa.

You break the seal on the letter, and read as follows:

Greetings. Though I have not had the chance to meet you in person, your reputation brought you to my attention. I have great hopes that you will accept my invitation and present yourself at a great event that not only offers the chance for significant remuneration, but will increase the prestige already beginning to be associated with your name. I apologize for the lateness of the request, but tales of your exploits have only just reached my ears.

You are formally invited to take part in the Breaching Festival, held Tomorrow, the last Sunday of Desnus, wherein champions of all walks attempt to gain entry to the College, surmounting its defenses. The one doing so will not only do the college a great favour, informing us of any weakness in the defenses, but also win great renown and recompense. A prize sum of 153000 Sails will be awarded to the winner, to do with as he please. Commensurate to this reward are the risks, as the wards of our fair campus are designed to discourage intrusion quite prejudicially. However I feel from what I have learned of you that your skills are up to the task.

Please gather what you will need, and accompany this courier to Korvosa forthwith. All your expenses will be covered as a guest of the festival. I look forward to meeting you in person.


Toff Ornelos
of house Ornelos
Acadamae of Korvosa

The courier stands waiting for a response.

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"Sir, I have some bad news. Your campaign... it's... it's not going to make it. We need to put it down."

*Walks over to suffering campaign with a shotgun.*

"Sorry, little fella. This is for your own good. I promise you won't feel a thing."


*Sniff. "Why do they always have to go so young..."

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SwnyNerdgasm wrote:
Isn't an Aurochs basically what the Canim rode in The Codex Alera?

That was my assumption too from what I remember. Codex was an OK series, but the Dresden series is one of my overall favourites!

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HP 156/156 | AC 32 (T 25, FF 28) | CMD 33 (35 vs. Disarm/37 vs. Grapple) | F +8 | R +13 | W +8 | Init +8 | Per +19 Aiel

Ok, here is my version of the Aethen Dor (Red-Shield) Prestige class. The class is based off of the WoT Thief Taker class as it plays a similar roll within Aiel Society. It basically sticks to the original Thief Taker PrC, but substitutes unarmed or grappling abilities for the Thief Taker’s weapon abilities.

Aethen Dor (Red Shield):

BAB: +6
Class Abilities: Spears of Death, Ji’e’toh
Feats:Improved Grapple
Skills: Diplomacy 5 ranks, Intimidate 5 ranks, Perception 5 ranks, Stealth 5 Ranks.

Skills: Acrobatics, Bluff, Climb, Craft, Diplomacy, Disable Device, Disguise, Escape Artist, Intimidate, Perception, Profession, Sense Motive, Slight of Hand, Stealth, Swim, Survival.
Skills are the same as Theif Taker (converted to PF), with the addition of Survival, cause hey, Aiel.

Skill Points at each level: 6 + Int modifier.

Level BAB Fort Ref Wis Def Rep Special
1 +1 +0 +2 +0 +1 +0 Hard to Fool, Traps, Sneak Attack 2d6
2 +2 +0 +3 +0 +2 +1 Unarmed Combat, Scout’s Charge
3 +3 +1 +3 +1 +2 +0 Greater Grapple, Special Ability
4 +4 +1 +4 +1 +2 +1 Skirmisher, Sneak Attack 4d6
5 +5 +1 +4 +1 +3 +0 Weapon Specialization
6 +5 +2 +5 +2 +3 +1 Uncanny Dodge (+1 vs. Traps), Rapid Grappler
7 +6/1 +2 +5 +2 +4 +0 Sneak Attack 6d6, Special Ability
8 +6/1 +2 +6 +2 +4 +1 Uncanny Dodge (+2 vs. Traps)
9 +7/2 +3 +6 +3 +4 +0 Bonus Feat
10 +7/2 +3 +7 +3 +5 +1 Sneak Attack 8d6, Special Ability
BAB, Saves, Defense bonus, and reputation are unmodified from Thief Taker.

Hard to Fool (Ex): Once per day the Red Shield can roll two dice while making a Sense Motive Check, and take the better result. Use of this ability must be declared before making the Sense Motive Check. The Red Shield May use this ability one additional time per day at level 5, and a third time at level 10.
This ability replaces the Theif Taker’s Brotherhood contacts, as it does not make sense for an Aiel. It is a standard Rogue talent from Pathfinder, and seems an appropriate substitution given the nature of the class.

Unarmed Combat: The Aethen Dor’s PrC Levels stack with any levels of Algai’d’siswai for the purpose of determining Unarmed damage. In addition they
receive the Improved Disarm Feat, even if they would not normally meet the prerequisites.
These abilities replaces Exotic Weapon Proficiency, as Algai’d’siswai already receive proficiency in all Aiel weapons. This works well with the theme of Red Shields being police who grapple and must be able to capture foes alive.

Scout’s Charge: Whenever the Aethen Dor makes a Charge, his attack deals sneak attack damage as if the target where flat footed. Foes with Uncanny Dodge are immune to this ability.
Skirmisher: Whenever a scout moves more that 10 feet in a round and makes an attack action, the attack deals sneak attack damage as if the target was flat footed. If the scout makes more than once attack this turn, this ability only applies to the first attack. Foes with Uncanny Dodge are immune to this ability.
These abilities replace Uncanny Dodge and Improved Uncanny Dodge respectively. The come from the Scout Archetype for the Pathfinder Rogue which also substitutes them for the same abilities, and thus maintains the balance of the feature. The substitution is there as Algai’d’siswai already receive these abilities. This substitution fits the class quite nicely as it demonstrates the rapid movement typical of the Aiel way of fighting, and as this is the only Aiel class so far to have a Sneak Attack, it is the only possible class that could benefit.

Greater Grapple (Feat)
This replaces the Capture ability of the Thief Taker with a similarly themed feat that instead improves grappling ability.

Rapid Grapple (Feat)
This replaces the second Exotic Weapon feat of the Thief Taker with a feat that instead improves grappling ability.

I'd have liked to sub out the trap stuff as well, but I figured that if any Aiel were familiar with evading traps, it would probably be the guys following suspects on the run, who may have left traps to guard their trail.

I believe this balances right on par with the original class, so let me know what you think.

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Many would argue that him being a goblin was justification enough to be executed, however, I am not one of them, and I'm glad to see some others hold the same view. I've never liked assigning alignments along racial lines, as it doesn't make sense to me given the observable variation amongst humans...

Even then, just because a creature is 'Evil' doesn't seem like enough justification for me either. So he's 'Evil'... what evil things has he actually done, or is he prepared to do that you are trying to prevent.

I've had a group of players turn to debate over whether my Paladin should have lost his powers because he chose to negotiate with a group of Kobolds rather than just kill them. They felt that negotiating with 'Evil" creatures was an evil act.

As for your example? Probably evil unless there is some extenuating circumstance not mentioned here, such as violence was about to erupt or some such. This is the difficulty with taking hostages as a Good character; what do you do if they call your bluff?

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I think that a broader implication of this whole thread is why certain things are feats at all. Many of the feats available to low level characters are fairly normal, mundane techniques that any fighter should be able to use, which has been mentioned a couple times here already;

Power Attack: ever played golf, or baseball for that matter? Regardless of your skill you can decide to put everything you can into your swing, and smash that ball lightyears away if you hit it. In baseball, maybe you have a harder time connecting with the pitch this way, while in golf you may just end up on the next fairway over from yours. Either way, power vs. accuracy is a pretty basic.

Point Blank Shot: Anyone else notice that targets that are closer to you are easier to hit? You need a feat for that?

Deadly Aim: Should I aim for the vitals or the main body? If I aim for the head, I inflict a greater injury, but I might miss altogether. Ask any hunter if they don't consider this before taking their shot (though they often prioritize saving as much meat as possible, so they are adding even another factor).

This line of though has led to a series of house rules I am trying out, and I've seen a few other similar set ups in the recruitment threads for PbP games. The one concern I see is that while allowing fighter-types of skip these non-feats makes sense, and in the long run, might allow them to compete with the casters better at higher levels, at the lower levels it may make the those first 4 levels even more tedious for the mage types.

My House Rules:

Some stratigies listed as Feats in the game should be abilities that any warrior can use, regardless of whether he has a specific feat.
Weapon Finesse: Applies to all finesseable weapons.
Agile Maneuvers: Applies to all finesseable weapons.
Power Attack: Can be performed by any character with a BAB of +1 or more.
Lunge: Can be performed by any character with a BAB of +6 or more.
Deadly Aim: Can be performed by any character with a BAB of +1 or more.
Combat Expertise: Can be performed by any character.

These abilities still require a feat expenditure, but have modified effects from the original description.
Dervish Dance: Can be applied to any finesseable weapon.
Vital Strike: Scales automatically, gaining the effect of Improved Vital Strike when the character achieves a BAB of +11, and Greater Vital Strike when he achieves a BAB of +16.
Two Weapon Fighting: Scales automatically, gaining the effect of Improved Two Weapon Fighting when the character achieves a BAB of +6, and Greater Two Weapon Fighting when he achieves a BAB of +11.
Simple Weapon Proficiency:
Prerequites: None
Benefit: The character gains proficiency with all simple weapons.
Martial Weapon Proficiency:
Prerequisites: All simple weapon proficiencies.
Benefit: The character gains proficiency with all martial weapons.

Finesse Weapons: Staves, Spears, and Katana’s are considered finesse weapons when wielded with two hands.
Bastard Sword/Dwarven War Axe: Any character proficient in the use of a Longsword may use a Bastard sword one handed if he has a strength of 13 or greater; the same applies for those proficient with a Battle Axe using a Dwarven War Axe. Any character that is proficient with the use of a great sword, and with a Strength of 13 or greater, may treat the Bastard Sword or Dwarven War Axe as a Finesse Weapon when wielding it two handed.
Spear: Spears are one handed weapons when used with a shield in the off hand. A character with Martial Weapon proficiencies may always treat a spear as a one handed weapon.
Long Spear: A character with Martial Weapon proficiencies may treat a long spear as a one handed weapon when used with a shield in the off hand.

Cleric/Inquisitor: Classes that receive proficiency with their deity's favoured weapon receive Weapon Focus instead if that weapon is a Simple Weapon. In cases where a deity favours unarmed attacks, the character receives Improved Unarmed Strike.

This discussion has also bring to mind a few other feats that might be worth tidying up in order to make more useful. I think I will beef up Endurance somehow, Run, change the Prereqs on Diehard, etc. I suppose the danger becomes that by the end of all these changes, is it still Pathfinder? I'd say it still is, and the changes are mostly semantic and logical, but I could see other opinions differing on the point.