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Is anyone able to give me a update on my VA application? My VC is a bit slack in giving me updates.

In my Pathfinder Society I have a scenario that is incorrect. However when I report this, the email actually has the correct scenario.

So I suspect there is something wrong with it because the event has been edited. I've also seen this occur when the character to assign the GM credit is edited.

So putting my DBA hat on seems like the 'insert' statement does the correct thing, but the 'update' doesn't. Perhaps its forgetting to update another table which is used.

I did this order on the 14th and it still has been pending - 12 days. Can I get an update on this please.

As the subject says, I want to create a character based on beckett from Vampire: the Masquerade as seen at But I keep coming up short on character build.

I like the idea of dipping into oracle either lore or lunar, and going with a unarmed strike or claws attacks. Looked at monk/druid (totem) build but that seems to over the top for me.

So does anyone have any ideas or has made a character based on Beckett.

I've been looking at doing a druid mounted fury barbarian list, and the mount I've chosen come up in herolab says it cannot be selected because it is not in the cavaliers mount list.

But I can't find anywhere that says the barbarian mount list is the same as the cavaliers, so I'm asking the question.

Thank you.

So i'm playing a bard/paladin who worships shelyn in a core campaign, and I'm trying to find a miniature.

Basically anything with a glaive (pre-painted preferred) would be good, but i can't find anything that really suits.

Anyone got an idea?

I just got inspired by this picture. So just wondering, how could I do this in pathfinder i.e. have a weapon that is a musical weapon as well. Be it a spear, or axe or something with some strings down the shaft.


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In the rule books it says items can have special qualities, like sheds light as the light spell, or has something that provides the use of its function.

Now in PFS, can you have buy an item that has one of these special qualities, like a sword that sheds light?


So thinking for my next PFS character, i want to go with a chakram build as I loved rinzler from tron legacy, and been watching the tron animated series as well. But can't seem to find a combination that is working for me.

Has anyone made a build that is PFS legal, or has some good ideas on what I can do?


I've always had a thing against anything that let you play two effective characters such as the leadership feat and animal companions. It was mainly the leadership feat, as animal companions weren't that powerful unless you did some serious splat booking, and then you had to justify it to the GM, and even then they weren't able to fully compete with a front line fighter.

But recently I've been getting frustrated that animal companions and now Eidolons are able to out strip a front line fighter. And their appearance is becoming more and more regular. So I've been doing some research into them and finding some serious discrepancies in what a player says their 'pet' can do, and what their 'pet' should be able to do.

Now the rules seem to be pretty clear (especially if you use the srd as a reference) but for some reason some players seem to wanting to stretch those rules. Perfect example is Clerics with the Animal Domain, thus getting a animal companion at 4th level (being effective druid -3), but when I played in a tier 6-7 game on the weekend the cleric had a large animal companion (not possibly till 10th level as a cleric), and had more feats then should have been able to even if he was a 7th level druid, and had the vital strike feat which wouldn't have been able to get based on the BAB +5.

And that seems to be where the dishonesty is kicking in for both animal companions and eidolons, the feats.... Given them extra feats or given them feats which they don't meet the requirements for. And this is how they seem to be out stripping a front line fighter.

So why is it these players think they can get away with doing this sort of thing, and why aren't GM's cracking down more on 'pets'?

I am unable to select an avatar for a new pfs character I created.

A window displays underneath to the left with details of the image and a 'select this avatar, but I am unable to click the button due to as soon as I move the mouse, the window dispears.

I've tried this in both firefox and IE with the same result.

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It seems that in season 5 we will be running into demons, and what is the main immunities for a demon, electricity... so what is a stormborn to do.

Change bloodline with the new rules from ultimate campaign? But what to as I still want to be a glass cannon.

Anyone else in a situation like this?


Found a reference in the guide to soceity that characters may worship evil gods, but must be one alignment step of their chosen deity. And its espeically important for clerics because of the implications for chanelling energy. So does this still apply to a Chaotic or Neutral god or a CN god like Calistra?

For flavour I wanted to have a paladin of calistra but there is some confusion of whether I can or not because of the above rule. But no where does it say that a paladin can't workship any god they want.

So does anyone know the offical stance on what Deity's are available for a paladin?


I was looking to make a cleric of the night and stumbled across Laori and embracing my dark lust for her and want to make a character based on her. Her as he stats in the module are still 3.5ish so any one made a build based on her and got any suggests you might have done from how she is protrayed.


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In a recent game, we had a caster using obscuring mist against us, so I had my sorcerer use gust of wind to try and defeat it. However we can across an issue with the wording of each spell.

In the description of obscuring mist it says:

"A moderate wind (11+ mph), such as from a gust of wind spell, disperses the fog in 4 rounds. A strong wind (21+ mph) disperses the fog in 1 round."

However the gust of wind spell says:

"This spell creates a severe blast of air (approximately 50 mph) that originates from you..."

I aurgued that gust of wind says 50mph, so it should affect obscuring mist as per the wind, not as per Obscuring mist. Plus being a 2nd level spell it should affect a 1st level spell.

This looks like a case of one spell not checking the other spell properties to me, and going back to 3.5 seems the same issue. So can someone give me a clarification on this.


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A question has come up about ranged touch attack into combat and if there is a penalty or not. I beleive it is no because of the following:

Page 184 Players Guide wrote:

Shooting or Throwing into a Melee: If you shoot or
throw a ranged weapon at a target engaged in melee with a
friendly character, you take a –4 penalty on your attack roll.
Two characters are engaged in melee if they are enemies of
each other and either threatens the other. (An unconscious
or otherwise immobilized character is not considered
engaged unless he is actually being attacked.)

If your target (or the part of your target you’re aiming at,
if it’s a big target) is at least 10 feet away from the nearest
friendly character, you can avoid the –4 penalty, even if
the creature you’re aiming at is engaged in melee with a
friendly character.

If your target is two size categories larger than the
friendly characters it is engaged with, this penalty is
reduced to –2. There is no penalty for firing at a creature
that is three size categories larger than the friendly
characters it is engaged with.

As seen here, it says ranged weapon, and nothing about touch attacks.

Precise shot backs this up with


Benefit: You can shoot or throw ranged weapons at an
opponent engaged in melee without taking the standard
–4 penalty on your attack roll.


Which again says nothing about touch attacks.

So I guess the question is does a ranged touch attack count as a ranged weapon, and if so where does it say this.

And is that why you can apply point-blank shot to rays and ranged touch attacks?

Hi All

Someone i know of and myself are looking for a PFS game with some in Brisbane preferable south side (myself Mt Gravatt, him Moorooka).

We prefer to play, but either of us might be willing to DM and then change over at some point (myself from an adventure path).

I prefer to play bi-weekly on a night after 7:30 as I have kids. Anyone interested drop me a line.


Hi All,

I stumbled across the Sun blade via another post and found that it is a weapon that has been converted from previous versions of D&D. So now in the current rule set, can you technically create a sun blade because some of the components don't really exist anymore.

Or is it a case with a specific weapon that there is a template/recipe to follow and that is how the item is created.

Just find that it has a construction line, so technically should be able to make it right?

Reason why I'm asking is that I'm looking at an Arcane Dualist Bard build, and think a sun blade would be create as a bonded item.

Hey All,

I've been inspired by watching watching the dancer in Adele - Rolling in the deep, and just in awe of how this dancer moves and can so see her with a sword in combat.

But that is where I'm stuck, so what sort of build would you make for this. And yes its a her, Jennifer White as found in

So basically high dex, max tumble and dance is where I've gotten while I'm still in awe. Thoughts?

Hi All,

I play an human Druid who spends most of his time in Earth Elemental form, and while in earth elemental form doesn't age (part his his fluff agreed to with the DM along with a few other things).

With Bestiary 2 there is a playable race called the Oread who are humans whose ancestry includes the touch of an elemental being of earth somehow along its line. That race would suit him a lot better then a straight human, so I'm looking for ways (in game) I can have him change race.

Now I was thinking of some form of greater reincarnate which would be ideal considering reincarnate you keep all your feats and skill bonuses, with the physical stats changed, so then its just a race change. But the biggest down fall of that, is that spell technically doesn't exist ;)

So does anyone have any other ideas I could do similar to keep feats and skills, or should I just take the hit?


Hi All,

The improved natural attack does a pretty good covering most damage dice increases, but leaves out things like 2d4, 2d10.

So I've made the assumption that if you have something like 2d10, then 1d10 increase is 2d8, so multiple this by 2 to give 4d8.

Have I made a correct assumption there? Thoughts?

Thanks all

The earth subtype says that earth creatures usually have burrow speads, and earth creatures with burrow spead have tremorsense. So does a druid or caster who used elemental body to turn into a earth elemental form gain tremorsense because they gain the burrow spead, or is the tremorsense limited to those with the earth subtype?

Has anyone worked out how far you fall in a round by round situation at all? I know falling is relative to size and weight, but talking about a medium sized character / creature.

I've been reading a lot of old threads about maximising the number of natural attacks a creature can get, but these are mostly about creatures with a claw claw bite option. But what about creatures who have two natural attacks like a slam such as an elemental which only ever gains 2 attacks?

If the multiattack feat was like the animal companion version then this would be easy resolved, but alas no. So is there any way of gaining a third attack through two weapon fighting or something? If so, whats the mechancic as I can't seem to work it out.

Or does it need to Break Enchantment needed? We couldn't worked it out last night.

Hey All, after notice the great efforts you all did for Glutton, I'm wondering if you can help me find a miniature as well.

I'm looking for a large earth elemental type minature that actually takes up the 4 squares on a map. Now reason I say type is because my druid looks more like a marble statue / golem then a typical earth elemental because of the fluff of the character. So has anyone seen anything like that I could use?

Thanks all.

Was looking at fire elementals the other day, and one thing stuck out at me. It doesn't say how much light a fire elemental emmits, only that they vary in appearance, with its features made up of dark bits of flame, cider and smoke.

Reason I ask is our party has apparently managed up in the demon web pits while my character (a druid who sepends most of his time as an earth elemental) hasn't had its PC light on while I've been on break. So now I have to catch them up, but the structure apparently won't suppport the weight of an earth elemental, so I figure fire would be the next logical form of elemental to take. But the question of spotting a fire elemental in a pit of darkness came up.

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Hi All, I thought this would be time to share some work I've been doing.

I have developed for myself a character creation program to keep track of my characters and other various assoicated things with pathfinder.

The program is designed to automate almost every option available for a character, so that having to update something based on other option is not required.

This is still a work in progress, and you can see my progress at:

Please feel free to provide feedback either here or the blog.

I've come across a situation which I apologies if this has been already talked about. Have can a character learn a new language without having the Linguistics skill has a class skill.

Linguistics can't be used untrained, which means you need to have it as a class skill to be able to take any ranks in this right? So how them can a character learn a new language?

Speak Language in 3.5 was a special trained skill that you could spend to ranks to learn a skill, so converting a 3.5 to prpg will lose languages known.

Anyone shine some light on this please.

With the Elemental Body spell, it says when you take on the shape of an earth elemental, you gain the push ability. Now looking at the Earth Elementals in the PRD, they have no push ability listed.

So what is correct, the monster or the spell? If they do gain push, then whats the range as the prd says that when you gain push you it should have a range increment.

Also does the push ability stack with greater bullrush so that they gain aoo from your allies as they are pushed back?

Hey all,

Having a little trouble finding a good image to make as a silhouette to use as a reference
for worn equipment as per the magic item record sheet wizards done in 3.5 like this one: d1246027364-magic-

I can't seem to find anything different that suits and I rather have something more pathfinder related. So do you all have any suggestions that might suit what I'm after that would make a good silhouette?


The NPC's shown in the rule book that are used for various sections like the hot full plate wearing woman on the back cover listed anywhere with their names and classes at all?

** Venture-Agent, Australia—QLD—Brisbane aka Lael Treventhius

Just wondering if any of you who frequent here are heading to Gen Con Australia (Brisbane) and are going to the Pathfinder Society: Pathfinder RPG Conversion & Creation Q&A

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While under the effect of a elemental body spell to change into an earth elemental, you gain the ability to earth glide. Now, I've always had an issue with how far you see while earth gliding, and the only thing I cound find is house rules and the general consenes that is a blatant oversight on wizards behalf.

So how anyone else had this problem and is there a possibly you fantastic paizo guys could give me a ruling on this as you are doing up the bestiality :)

I used to play Palladium Fantasy RPG years ago, and that too was abbreviated as PFRPG. So is there any sort of legal condsidaration for paizo to consider when refering Pathfinder RPG as PFRPG?

Had a game the other day and one of the players used dust of disapperance, and aurgued that because True seeing was not in the description, it couldn't be used. But I think otherwise.

The items description says "Normal vision can’t see dusted creatures or objects, nor can they be detected by magical means, including see invisibility or invisibility purge."

So because it doesn't state True Seeing, I beleive it can be used. What do you all think?

Rapid shot has always perplexed me when it comes to Crossbows. Needing a action of some sort to reload a crossbow, how would you be able to get the "extra ranged attack" with it as you couldn't reload the crossbow in time. Rapid Reload makes that solution a hell of a lot easier (and then Crossbow Mastery from CotCT players). You would think it be something in the feat saying that about crossbows.