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Thank you. All working.

Hi Chris,

The session is:

Event: PaizoCon Oz 2017
Event #: 84448
Session #: 75
Date: 10/15/17
Scenario: Pathfinder Society Scenario #9-06: The Shores of Heaven(PFRPG) PDF
GM #:107925
GM Name: Grom Kranock
Character #: 5104-7
Character Name: Aramis Dumas

The correct Scenario is #9-03: On the Border of War.

Whenever I go to report it, it shows the correct Scenario, however the main page does not.



Is anyone able to give me a update on my VA application? My VC is a bit slack in giving me updates.

Apologies and thank you.

In my Pathfinder Society I have a scenario that is incorrect. However when I report this, the email actually has the correct scenario.

So I suspect there is something wrong with it because the event has been edited. I've also seen this occur when the character to assign the GM credit is edited.

So putting my DBA hat on seems like the 'insert' statement does the correct thing, but the 'update' doesn't. Perhaps its forgetting to update another table which is used.

Aha I found it under My Pathfinder Society next to My Account.

Same for me.

I can however see sessions for an individual character, but not my entire sessions.

How does one simple travel to the hobbiton from outside of NZ?

I think it may be because of the shirt in the order. Can this please be changed to another size?

I did this order on the 14th and it still has been pending - 12 days. Can I get an update on this please.

Cool thanks BadBird.

As the subject says, I want to create a character based on beckett from Vampire: the Masquerade as seen at But I keep coming up short on character build.

I like the idea of dipping into oracle either lore or lunar, and going with a unarmed strike or claws attacks. Looked at monk/druid (totem) build but that seems to over the top for me.

So does anyone have any ideas or has made a character based on Beckett.

Sweet thanks Claxon.

Thanks dragonhunterq, but it would be good if they said from all classes or listed all the different classes.

One level of mounted fury barbarian, basically just to obtain the fast mount ability.

What about just one level of it?

I've been looking at doing a druid mounted fury barbarian list, and the mount I've chosen come up in herolab says it cannot be selected because it is not in the cavaliers mount list.

But I can't find anywhere that says the barbarian mount list is the same as the cavaliers, so I'm asking the question.

Thank you.

Thanks, didn't know that existed.

So i'm playing a bard/paladin who worships shelyn in a core campaign, and I'm trying to find a miniature.

Basically anything with a glaive (pre-painted preferred) would be good, but i can't find anything that really suits.

Anyone got an idea?

So can a bard still cast without arcane spell failure in a mithral breastplate?

A simple solution is to get a tattoo as a divine focus.

I liked the Glamer idea. But I still think I could get one made as a masterwork weapon as there is nothing that says I can't......

Oh that is a good idea Gisher.

Nah don't want any enchantment bonus to it, just want to have a funky looking weapon. Don't think I'll use it in combat in anycase. Once i get the gold for both a masterwork weapon and masterwork instrument, I'll hit my gm up for it ;)

I just got inspired by this picture. So just wondering, how could I do this in pathfinder i.e. have a weapon that is a musical weapon as well. Be it a spear, or axe or something with some strings down the shaft.



I always said I would quit pathfinder when they brought out psionics. Though I haven't not followed up on that LOL.

But I was glad as well to hear about this when my GM sent us an email.

I would love to see the Highsword Low Axe Feat back in from 3.5

You have mastered the style of fighting with sword and axe at the same time, and have learned to use this unusual pairing of weapons to pull your opponents off their feet.
Prerequisite: Improved Trip, Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Focus (bastard sword, longsword, scimitar or shortsword), Weapon Focus (battleaxe, handaxe, or dwarven waraxe).
Benefit: If you hit the same creature with both your sword and your axe in the same round, you may make a free trip attempt against that foe. (If you succeed, you may immediately use your Improved Trip feat to gain an additional attack against your foe.)

wraithstrike wrote:
Slyph Oradin wrote:
Could you do this in PFS, or just normal pathfinder?
Not in PFS.

Cool thanks.

Good pickup Yogo. I've always thought I could play it as a move action to give a Yes/No response. So if I was in combat, i could move action detect evil, swift action to smite evil, then say vital strike with a holy weapon to do insane amount of damage.

But now I feel that its a standard action to start it (at will) and then be a move action to get all the information from it, so if done in one round, would mean basically a 1 round detect. But you could however do it as a standard action and then move say into position next to the big bad. Then next round, move action to get the result.

Now question though, does detect evil give you anything straight away, or does it take a round before you get the information, so basically on your next turn. If it was immediate, and there was only really one source of evil, you could at least smite, and then move.

However I've been playing my paladin with a shining wayfinder, doing a standard action to point to the nearest evil. I always thought it looked more dramatic to do that.

I was just wondering this myself. Have u done any more work olePigeon

I'm a bit confused with the stormborn final thoughts. How can you take improved familiar when you don't already have a familiar. Does this need the Eldritch Heritage path to get it?

Hrmm having a thought, I might go with a Ninja

Well seems to have fixed itself for me now.

So thinking for my next PFS character, i want to go with a chakram build as I loved rinzler from tron legacy, and been watching the tron animated series as well. But can't seem to find a combination that is working for me.

Has anyone made a build that is PFS legal, or has some good ideas on what I can do?


Diekssus wrote:

I'll admit, taking a gnome sylvan/arcane wild blooded sorcerer and making my raven figurine into both my animal companion and familiar at the same time is kinda a thing for me. If that is considered power gaming so be it. I just like it for the heck of it!

Yes you are power gaming, just admit it and we'll get on :)

BigNorseWolf wrote:
The cleric in all probability had the boon companion feat, which makes the critter function at level +4, up to the max of your hit dice (so essentially getting rid of the penalty for being an animal domain critter)

Yes I found out that he did have this, and now seems every cleric and now sorcerers with the sylvan blood line can take as well! Because last night played in a game which a teifling sorcerer had a animal companion as well, and of course he had the boon companion feat! With PFS is that you're supposed to legally have the book, but with PRD's and hero lab which have references it, you can take the feat because its there!

But if its not dishonesty, then its certainly a lot of abusing/rorting going on to make your character twice or at least 1.5 times better than any other character out there, especially with that damn feat! Whose idea was it to bring in that Boon Companion feat anyway? I believe it should be put on the list of feats you can't take in PFS.

Now all this being said, I probably would get over this if everyone who took an animal companion stood up and said "yes I'm being a powergamer" but they aren't, they are just sitting back and being smug going "i'm just better than you are because I know how to rort the rules better"

Next time I run into one and now I am up with the rules, I'll will be making sure I question it.

I've always had a thing against anything that let you play two effective characters such as the leadership feat and animal companions. It was mainly the leadership feat, as animal companions weren't that powerful unless you did some serious splat booking, and then you had to justify it to the GM, and even then they weren't able to fully compete with a front line fighter.

But recently I've been getting frustrated that animal companions and now Eidolons are able to out strip a front line fighter. And their appearance is becoming more and more regular. So I've been doing some research into them and finding some serious discrepancies in what a player says their 'pet' can do, and what their 'pet' should be able to do.

Now the rules seem to be pretty clear (especially if you use the srd as a reference) but for some reason some players seem to wanting to stretch those rules. Perfect example is Clerics with the Animal Domain, thus getting a animal companion at 4th level (being effective druid -3), but when I played in a tier 6-7 game on the weekend the cleric had a large animal companion (not possibly till 10th level as a cleric), and had more feats then should have been able to even if he was a 7th level druid, and had the vital strike feat which wouldn't have been able to get based on the BAB +5.

And that seems to be where the dishonesty is kicking in for both animal companions and eidolons, the feats.... Given them extra feats or given them feats which they don't meet the requirements for. And this is how they seem to be out stripping a front line fighter.

So why is it these players think they can get away with doing this sort of thing, and why aren't GM's cracking down more on 'pets'?

I am unable to select an avatar for a new pfs character I created.

A window displays underneath to the left with details of the image and a 'select this avatar, but I am unable to click the button due to as soon as I move the mouse, the window dispears.

I've tried this in both firefox and IE with the same result.


Well done buddy!

Check out Bodhi's Guide to the Optimal Paladin and Antipaladin

But what if the flying creature has a greater speed then a potion of fly? Say if taking on a dragon. What then folks?

I love worgen, and been looking for a way to play these in pathfinder, cool!

yeah i totally understand that. I've posted up on my blog screen shots of the original pdf editable sheet I used back in 3.5. Unfortunately the guy never made a pathfinder version, but hopefully should give you some idea of what to do.

The general consensus has been that you only get the stat increase from the size you take, but you get all the other benefits from the lower spell.

Yes the spell sheet is nice.

@Corsario: The Misc Sheet is so pedantic people like myself can type things in instead of writing them ;)

I'm with leo1925, go with Stoneplate.

Did you know the other characters are evil when you decided to make a paladin? Or did the GM know? He really should have advised you all of character restrictions.

But I'm with the others, if you're dead set on playing a paladin, just see if you can change it to an anti-paladin, and suddenly come out to adventure in spiked armor ;)

The pole arm master fighter archetype gets flexible flanker which certainly helps to resolve flanking.

Looks very nice from initial inspection. Nice and fresh using the new logo and having the options for PFS options.

Certainty need a section for spells, and I've never seen it done quite right yet, but look forward to see what you come up with.

I've been using the "Little Mars Pathfinder Character Sheet" but found it has a bunch of issues with the tab order. Check out what it does for it's spells.

One thing that might stop me from using it, is I like to detail my characters abilities for feats for reference, rather then having to look up the book all the time. So you might want to have a optional section in there.

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