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Hey all,

Having a little trouble finding a good image to make as a silhouette to use as a reference
for worn equipment as per the magic item record sheet wizards done in 3.5 like this one: d1246027364-magic-

I can't seem to find anything different that suits and I rather have something more pathfinder related. So do you all have any suggestions that might suit what I'm after that would make a good silhouette?


Use Seoni :D

I would have thought more Amiri ;)

Actually she could work too... the one by the barbarian write up might be close to what you want. Val's wasn't too bad either when I think about it. Fairly standard pose that would be easy to draw lines to for what item is where.


There's the Rackham goblins silhouette font:

These aren't specific RPG silhouettes, but maybe you can find something useful among them:

55 Free Human Brush Sets And Vector Images

Zombie silhouettes!

All of the above are vectorized, so you can resize them to your heart's content.

Well I tried the inconic barbarian, fighter, and paladin but didn't look very good. Then I remember the merc from rise of the runelords, and thats basically what I am after.

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