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I play an human Druid who spends most of his time in Earth Elemental form, and while in earth elemental form doesn't age (part his his fluff agreed to with the DM along with a few other things).

With Bestiary 2 there is a playable race called the Oread who are humans whose ancestry includes the touch of an elemental being of earth somehow along its line. That race would suit him a lot better then a straight human, so I'm looking for ways (in game) I can have him change race.

Now I was thinking of some form of greater reincarnate which would be ideal considering reincarnate you keep all your feats and skill bonuses, with the physical stats changed, so then its just a race change. But the biggest down fall of that, is that spell technically doesn't exist ;)

So does anyone have any other ideas I could do similar to keep feats and skills, or should I just take the hit?


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Have the DM introduce some kind of magical pool of dirt that transforms you permanently after you fall into while in earth elemental form. The pool then loses its properties after the transformation is complete.

That so works its not funny! Thanks

Silver Crusade

Probably inappropriate for the character but:

Redeeming/winning-the-heart-of a dying medusa and locking eyes with her towards the end.


Eat the heart of a unique advanced/templated gorgon.

Highlevel Witch can do forced reincarnation :)

Scarab Sages

or polymorph any object?


An elemental prince (meaning a prince of the earth elementals) formally adopts the druid as his child. As part of the magic, the druid becomes an oread.

Or he becomes blood brothers with an earth elemental prince. Same net effect.

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