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In my Pathfinder Society I have a scenario that is incorrect. However when I report this, the email actually has the correct scenario.

So I suspect there is something wrong with it because the event has been edited. I've also seen this occur when the character to assign the GM credit is edited.

So putting my DBA hat on seems like the 'insert' statement does the correct thing, but the 'update' doesn't. Perhaps its forgetting to update another table which is used.

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Hello Hyperlance,

I am moving this thread to the Website Feedback forum where the tech folks can see it and get it taken care of.

Apologies and thank you.


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Hyperlance, can you describe specifically which scenarios are displaying this behavior so we can file the issue with our team?

Hi Chris,

The session is:

Event: PaizoCon Oz 2017
Event #: 84448
Session #: 75
Date: 10/15/17
Scenario: Pathfinder Society Scenario #9-06: The Shores of Heaven(PFRPG) PDF
GM #:107925
GM Name: Grom Kranock
Character #: 5104-7
Character Name: Aramis Dumas

The correct Scenario is #9-03: On the Border of War.

Whenever I go to report it, it shows the correct Scenario, however the main page does not.

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The scenario should now be fixed for your session. Let me know if you still have any unresolved problems.

Thank you. All working.

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