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Female Human Cleric 11/Pathfinder Chronicler 4/Geek 15

Fen takes his whip and attempts to attack again, only to narrowly miss! Charging on the other hand, furious strikes the gnoll he is contending with, causing the gnoll to spit out blood, but he does not fall. Elay grabs the handaxe and waits for the gnoll who was distracted by movement to strike.

I am waiting on Derizone. And yes he is inspiring while striking. Which has been taken into account. More later!

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Nefreet wrote:

*scratches head in puzzlement*

So... Is California being classified as "Southwest"?

I'm totally aware of the social construction of "geography". It's one of my focus areas as a Social Science undergrad.

But living in Northern California and saying I'm in the Southwest Region makes me giggle.

I was thinking exactly that as well. Oh well, it's no big deal.

Congrats to all the peeps. :)

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Female Human Cleric 11/Pathfinder Chronicler 4/Geek 15

The Halfling girl looks at Fen. First a sense of fear, but then speaks with a certainty that seems a little out of place given her body language.

Thank you sir, but I am quite capable of moving at the pace of the rest of the party. She says.

There is no need for you to trouble yourself on slaves. Vangur says distastefuly. Either they are going to survive the trip or they don't. My boss will not want them if they could not survive the journey.

Perception: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (12) + 5 = 17

Fen, you notice on the neck of the halfling girl a small pendant. The pendant resembles the emblem of the Bellflower Network.

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Timitius wrote:

Any theme we do cannot be related to PFS organized play....period. Why? Because nothing we would produce would be legal. So, what's the point?

I know, I know, that sucks. But it was made very clear to me.

However, Pathfinder Society as part of the campaign-setting? We do THAT regularly.

So my line of thought is that, why don't we have Wayfinder on PFS Stuff that's not legal? I know there are a lot of people who do PFS in more of a campaign setting format instead of the traditional OP format we all know and love. In fact, if anything, that would get more people into playing Pathfinder Society themed stuff if there was a non-OP supplement that peeps who are not a fan of the OP rules & restrictions can use.

Additionally, there is still so much established lore & crunch that we could expand upon within the framework of PFS Rules, that you would have stuff for days!! And you wouldn't be violating rules, because it's already established as a legal source *elsewhere* instead of in the book.

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It sounds good right now. But I'll wait till I see these cards and how they are rolled out before I make any formal feedback. I fear that this will kind of turn into the old faction missions where it will be the only thing people will focus on instead of the actual mission at hand. I was really liking the integration of the factions into scenarios and it kind of helped me choose between characters when I was at conventions or other locations to bring and be properly prepared.

But you gotta try everything once to see if it will crash and burn or be epically awesome. So we shall see how it goes. :)

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Paris Crenshaw wrote:

Just to throw my thoughts out there to help people "cage their brains" on the idea.

3) Golarion Gazeteer: The campaign setting books are riddled with mentions of monster lairs. If you've used one in your home game, taking the time to map it out and detail it for your players, now is your chance to share that creative work with the rest of the Pathfinder community! If you haven't, now would be the time to flesh out ideas for the locales that inspire you.

Make our own lairs, locations and encounters with maps? What is this RPG Superstar?

Just kidding. I should make a Dragon Church Shrine. *DIBS!*

Challenge accepted.

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Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment! -- Great for religious types. Stamp out the root of all this blasphemy.

Among the Living -- Also fun. But make sure you remind him about the laws of Taldor

Also Penumbral Accords or Voice in the Void are good ones for Sarenrites.

Those are my recommendations.

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Steven Lau wrote:

Has anyone else noticed the shift in the nature of the posts by our VCs?

In the past the VCs where not afraid to show their emotions in their posts, to argue with others when they where in disagreement. It was not unusual to see emotions fly about from the VCs, to stick to their guns and vehemently argue their sides!

Now we see post like "Thank you for your input", "That is a valid argument, but...", "(Explain rule) and see Additional resources for similar questions", when in the past we would see posts to the equivalent of things like "Yeah that rule is not going to change so no there is no reason to ask", "Man, will you stop arguing the same point over and over again it is getting annoying!" and "Grrrrr for the last time look at Additional resources, Good day to you sir!"

I miss the days when I used to get death threats in my email from VCs, VCs telling me to shut-up!** VCs acting like real posters not just throwing around rote.

I wonder if they release their anger of us lowly PFS players in their super secret VC forums to vent what they used to say in the open?

Mark Garringer: "Argh Dragnmoon is complaining again!"***
Michael Griffin-Wade: "Yeah I know, I wish he would shut up!"
Dave Woodfin: "Hey at least you guys don't live near him!"

* Post mostly in jest, but I have noticed a change in attitude by the VCs in the forums.

** No email death threats where actually ever received by VCs, but I am sure I have been told to shut up ;)

*** Yeah I know you guys talk about me!

See the thing is Dragnmoon is that now you are one of them, so they can no longer send you those "shut up and stop whining" emails like in the past.

Also, "VO brainwashing" is an incorrect term. The correct term is "Venture Officer Re-Education" so that all VO's have the proper etiquette in handling the general populace as provided from the Decemvirate Council concerning all matters temporal and spacial.

I guess Master Brock has not yet gotten to scheduling the PACG VO's for their initial Re-Education Orientation. Slacking. ;)

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Doombringer the DM wrote:
Kavapesta... done. There goes my third article. One for Fiction, one for Songs and Poetry, and on for Golarion Gazetteer.


I only had time to complete two this go around... I am researching to see if I can make one more happen before deadline, but that might not work out.

I did two this time, one fluffy one about the Church customs and styles of Pharasma in Ustalav and a Gazetteer on Saintsgrove. So we shall see. If they don't get picked, I may put them on a blog somewhere so fans can read it.

But man, having to research Uragotha and Penitence styles all in one weekend. That's was a lot of heavy stuff.

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So this is my official speech when players *right before in-character briefing*:

Hi my name is Venus/LadyO and I am going to be your GM today. Thanks for coming to play!

I have three outstanding rules when you play at my table:

1) Please don't lie, cheat, or steal OUT-of-character. IN-character is on a case by case basis with consequences.

2) I have no GM screen, what you see me roll is what you get. I apologize if I crit you in advance. I ask that all players do the same and allow you fellow players to celebrate in your critical and cry with your failures.

3) Although I am pretty well-versed in the ways of Pathfinder, I am not a rules specialist. So in matters of life or death, I will stop and check a rule to ensure fairness. Otherwise, I am going to make a ruling and keep things going and we can follow up on the rules detailing a situation on a break.

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Robert Hetherington wrote:

I'm driving 3 hours to get there.

*Looks at title*

I'm a little crazy though.

I am driving three hours to Fresno..

*looks at her title*

Yeah.. I got nothing besides the fact that I AM crazy.

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Roll a percentile to get a new flight.

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Reynard de' Bonaire wrote:

Its been a bard days knight

I been delving like a dog

Its been a bad days knight
I've been singing all day long

but when I get to buff you, you'll find the things that I do
will make you feel alright

You know I buff all day
to get you hasted to kill those things
And it's worth it just to hear you say
you're going to slay that damn swarm that stings

So why on earth should I moan,
like all my prestige has been blown

Let me help you dodge that ray

This is one of the many reasons why PFS is awesome.

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rknop wrote:

Heh... I didn't get my Paizo.com credit either. I guess I should have read up on what I was supposed to ask for before I got there.

Mike? Anybody from Paizo? Any chance of getting the boon or the credit now, or is it too late?

Just email Master Brock, he shall take care of it. I know mine was missing two and I was a Tier 2 GM. He got back to me this morning and they are working on it now.

I won't lie however, not a big fan of the GM boon this year. But the shirts, other free swag, and having the best time ever, totally made up for the boon. I can earn sexier boons at another time.

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Additional notes from Post Convention:

So here are some of my randomly funny/inside jokes from PaizoCon that I am allowed to share:

"MAN BEAR PIG!" -- One of my players in the special, after I read a description of something, in a certain place in the adventure. (No spoilers!)

"Hi my name is Sheppard, and with my flock, I am a follower of Shelyn. I believe in everyone being awesome and we should all praise her for the beauty and love of the earth. Also, please don't mind these scars on my arm, as I was abducted by aliens." -- David Shaw, VC of Georgia during our game of Port Godless.

"Hail Narwahal!" -- Two of my players during Fate of the Fiend

"Stop being awesome!" Justin Sluder to Carlos Torresblanca at the sight of the handout cards from Wayfinder 11 at the Banquet.

@ AFK, drinking a pitcher of Guinness with WillJ & Bruce Higa
"Venus, you should drink some more."--WillJ
"Yeah, but I have to GM in the morning."-Me
"Venus, it's only like 9:30pm."-Bruce Higa who bought the Guinness pitcher.
"Wait really? Oh well then in that case, hell yeah! But I am not finishing the pitcher."--Me

Also, Hashtags commonly used by me as a phrase during games: (Yes, I know I am showing my age.) Feel free to use these for future tweets on Twitter concerning games.


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It is now 12am on Sunday night/Monday Morning. In the secret game rooms, there are still many who are playing Pathfinder and even Master Painlord, Verdgis, WillJ and a few other awesome people, who are apparently dealing out much pain with the Adventure Card Game.

As for me, I am sitting here in the lobby of the hotel, wondering what to make of my weekend. Which has been an even more memorable one than the year before. But first, recap!

Sat PM:

• So I signed the infamous scroll of silence and entered the Pathfinder RPG Design Panel. It was loads of fun, and we scored some serious mechanical and design insight that I didn’t have before concerning a few things I am not allowed to talk about. But trust me, you guys will see it soon, and I look forward to it.

• So despite the fact that they had tickets to the banquet, I held onto my plans to go to AFK for the Overflow Banquet and hung out with Bobby Lambertz who was our designated driver. (Who is the husband of Paizo staffer Chris Lambertz, so I guess that somewhat counts as having a staffer at our table too!) There was also, Rachel Ventura, Jason Nelson, Matthew Pittard, Jeff Lee and a few others whose names escape my frazzled brain.

• Additional Note: Thanks to all who lived blogged/facebook the announcements from the banquet. Yeah we were board gaming and were having a great time at AFK, it was nice to not miss anything absolutely exquisite.

• After the banquet, I returned to the hotel and just wander the bar. As the banquet has come to an end, the entire Paizo Convention had adjourned to the bar for additional debauchery. I had the pleasure first, of meeting Master Pierce Walters, who personally challenged me in exchange for a new hardcover book. I am looking forward to completing the challenge.

• I also had the honor of meeting Frank Metzner. Frank is one of the charter leaders of D&D, which lead the way to the whole reason this convention even existed. But one of the most amazing things, is something he said to me

o Permanent Highlight of life: I asked him, did he ever think in his wildest dreams that something like this would happen? His answer: Absolutely not. But he was eternally grateful that it has, and that people like me were going to be passing down this wonderful hobby for generations to come. He said to me, “No matter what happens, share your love of this game. It will gain many negatives sure, but it will also change the lives of many whose lives need changing for the better.”

• Additionally, I had the pleasure and honor of finally meeting Nani and Kyle Pratt who I always knew were awesome, but was able to confirm their awesomeness. We began to chat about an array of things which included women in gaming, writing for Pathfinder and also organizing for Pathfinder.

o Nani was always one of my personal heroes, as I would see her and chat with her on the forums being informative and inspiring the good in Pathfinders players, GM’s and just people in general. So to meet her and know she is just like herself on the fourms, just reaffirms why sticking with Pathfinder Society was and is a great idea after all this time.

• My evening ending with me floating and talking with Mazlith about a lot of in-house Society Life stuff. And while I do not plan on getting back into the organizer’s chair anytime soon, there are some plans I have that I want to make happen and I am on a mission to get it done this fall/end of year to grow as many societies as possible. So I guess in the end, one never really “retires”. You just go on to doing different things.


• With my voice hanging in there, I GMed my last runs of Fate of the Fiend. Unlike TOZ whose mission it was to murder all the players, I was on a mission to make all the tables not only challenging, but an absolute fun joy to play at. From the feedback I’ve gotten, it seems it just all worked out in the end.

• I originally had plans to go to Pike’s Market with Robyn, but on my way up to my room, I ran into Nani and Kyle Pratt once more. Running into them, turned into an impromptu game of Port Godless. With none other than John Compton as my GM. The table was Thomas LaBlanc, Kevin M, Nani, Kyle, me and Dave the VC of Georgia. I won’t spoil the game for anyone who has not played it. But needless to say, this was a game, that I was exhausted after playing. Not from fatigue of the convention, but from all the things that took place during the game. It was an incredibly complex plot, which had so many ways to get things done. I like to think of it as the “sandbox” of PFS Scenarios and that is a rare thing to accomplish. So props to the team for the most mentally and in some cases morally challenging adventure to date. I look forward to breaking this one down and reading more of it post-convention as well as taking a few brave souls through it.

Best. Game. Ever.

Best Quote from Game:
Thomas: So I am going to run and try to fight the baddie.
Kyle: Are you mad?
Thomas: No. I have balls.
John: The best feat one can have.

• The evening ends with loads of hugs and shaking of hands, a contingency of Pathfinders who remain on site, who are still playing games even as I speak. David Montgomery, is taking a new group of gamers into Mists of Miwangi, and the card games, oh yeah they are still going on as I finish this post. In fact, right behind me at the fireplace there is a game still going on.

PaizoCon 2015, will unfortunately be falling on the weekend of KublaCon for me. Which means, we may not be able to continue the tradition we once had with this blog. But I think, that we smart and resourceful Pathfinders, will find a way to make all things work for the good. I will say this: When PaizoCon is not on KublaCon weekend, I will return with a vengeance. This is pretty much my favorite convention of all time. So I won’t stay away forever.

But what does the future hold for the great Lady Ophelia? Who knows. All I know, is that it will involve dice, great people, and games that have changed my life for the best, in ways I will never forget.

On this note, I leave this thread and travel home to rest and return to my life as the resident cleric. I hope to see you at a game sometime soon.

May Sarenrae’s light be upon all of you in your journeys.

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In true convention tradition, I am up the night before way too excited to sleep. Making the mistake of getting a 6am flight means I have a 5am appointment with TSA.

As this year will be my GM year, I look forward to running some fun stuff for all those who sit at my tables. There may be death and tears. But mostly loads of fun.

See you soon Seattle. Been waiting all year. :)

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Lormyr wrote:
Lady Ophelia wrote:
So. Make this statement again after you have played Eyes of The Ten. I personally assure you, that it makes you question the in-game leadership that is "The Ten".

Ran it once, played it once. With respect, statement stands.

I absolutely agree that it would make any but the most dense PC stop and think "wtf is the deal with these guys, because this is messed up." But it did not under any circumstances make my PC feel that questioning anyone would immediately lead to his death.

** spoiler omitted **

Sure no disrespect. My statements stands as well. Tomato, tomato as the saying goes.

At the end of it all. I just didn't have any fun. We had a great party and a great GM, but at the end of it all, it was just no fun. So that is why my opinions and review remain unchanged. We can nitpick, and troll each other all we like. But agree to disagree, that's the way it goes.

Better luck next scenario Master Baird.

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So my thing is that I *am* one of those average players, I don't murder hobo and even when I try to, my dice fail me and keep me from doing that. This scenario was just completely unfun. There was no roleplay aspects, it was combat, trap, combat, boss combat, format and the difficulty of it was just insanely obscene.

I don't mind a combat challenge, heck I like them too. But it was blantly apparent after the swarms, that this is just going to be nothing but unfun for all those who don't live on a combat turn. Quite frankly, I want the 6 hours (4 and 2 overtime) that I lost playing this game back.

Which sucks, because I like all of Kyle's scenarios to date. They are the right amount of challenging combats, but gives room for players to roleplay and have a good time and not feel like they are going to just waste their time and die at the end no matter how creative they are. He additionally, just handed all bloodthirsty GM's the ability to destroy tables over and over again and allow them the right to say "Sorry, that's just RAW". Which is also something I REALLY hate too. Because you do nothing but reinforce the behaviors known as "Power Gaming" and "Murder Hoboism" as the ONLY form of survival in PFS.

This scenario, was NOT the same style of writing I am used to from him, nor do I like to play or run as a GM. So if this is the route Kyle plans on taking going forward, then I am totally okay, with skipping all future adventures he plans on writing. Hopefully, my mind can be changed at a later date, but for now, that's where I stand.

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Ok, now that we got that out of the way, place questions and awesome cheat sheets to help out below!

Lady O's Question:
So this episode looks pretty awesome except for the epic maps you are going to make me draw. (CURSE YOU MIKE SHEL!)


What in the heck is with that chronicle sheet?!!! Is that a glitch or is that supposed to be blank? Cause that is something else.

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Well-Met Pathfinders of PaizoCon 2014!

While there are many of us who wish to attend the banquet, there are unfortunately 250 seats and they are all full. So myself, with the hope of some peeps with cars, are wanting to have a PaizoCon Overflow Banquet at Card Kingdom!

There can be additional PFS/Non-PFS Games as well as food and it is also open to non-Pathfinder games as it is a FLGS! Of course, there will be great food at Café Mox right next door and did I mention Beer? Yep. Beer!


Where: Card Kingdom- 5105 Leary Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107
When: Saturday July 5th
Time: We plan to leave the hotel at 6:30pm and get the party started at 7:00pm and go till they close at midnight!
Who is invited: EVERYONE! Even if you went to the Banquet, you are more than welcome to join us afterwards for fun, hijinks, and support local game stores!

So we need a few things to make the “Overflow Banquet” a success:

- We need a formal headcount! If you want to join us, let us know how many so we can call CK in advance and not scare them half to death. If we have enough, we can try and RSVP one of the tournament rooms, so let us know!

- We are in need of drivers and *designated drivers* for those who will be car-less and/or like lots of beer for the event. Also if anyone has additional information on getting transportation for a bunch of us, let us know too!

- If you want to run a game, leave a note here and we can see about maybe getting it on a Warhorn, or even the “Pre-Paizo Con" one. Which I have to email peeps about.

Anything else, leave below! Hope to see all of you there!

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I look forward to coming. It is going to be a blast.

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Sounds like a good plan to me. Keep up the awesome work!

Now. Let's talk about those "Specials" I've been hearing so much about at PaizoCon/Gencon. I would like to learn more about those. :D

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I am open to whatever. If there is a party. I'll be there. If not, I'll find one or make one of my own. It's vacation for me. So I intend to enjoy it. :)

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Lady Ophelia wrote:

Hey now, I didn't say how a man should groom.

But you said they should. And that has more than a few problematic assumptions.

One of the hallmarks, if not the highlights, of geek culture is not caring about things that are unimportant.

Few things are more superfluous than physical appearances.

Many of us don't care how we look*. Pretending to is something I do when I'm working, NOT when I'm trying to have fun.

If you are going to judge someone by anything but the content of their character sheet because they don't meet your standards, then you're engaging in behavior that many of us have, frankly, had more than enough of outside of gaming and don't want to see more of inside of it.

So we as nerds must evolve and beat our own stereotypes.

You mean change so people will stop making fun of us?

I'd rather just go with the laugh.

*and boy does it show!

The fact that you are defending negative connotations of our geek culture, shows EXACTLY why we keep our steriotype. You don't care what others think of you, when really a majority of nerds do care. I mean heck, that is why this thread exists right? Because we care about our hobby enough to wonder why we don't have more people (men and women) in it. Perception in human nature is unfortunately a big part of it. If we look like hot messes and treat people like jerks, would *you* want play week in, week out?

People want to be themselves in a safe and clean environment. They will do what it takes to have it, even if it means NOT being a part of something that they perceive to be not right. That is what we are mainly talking about. Providing an environment that allows women to feel that way. Take my advice as you will or not. It's on you. But I keep my area to a standard. And that is why women flourish and are greatly happy in PFS because the bros in my realm know how to treat women, and if they don't, they either shape up or shape out by self-regulation.

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talbanus wrote:
I *think* that maybe one of the problems with attracting and keeping females in our hobbies is highlighted by this very thread. That problem being that the GUYS are the ones doing the most talking. We need to shut our yaps and LISTEN to what the female gamers say on this subject -- both here and at the table. It's not to say that in being male, you cannot have a valid opinion on this subject. It's more to say, "hush, let the ladies talk and TELL US how to attract more female people to the cooperative tabletop roleplaying hobby".

So here is Lady Ophelia's: Guide to Getting More Ladies into the Hobby..

1) Bros, it's really simple to get ladies into the hobby: Don't be a jerk. Be awesome.

What does this mean? Well it means a lot of what you guys have been saying in this thread:

-Please keep the hygiene on the up and up. There is a saying us girls get told all the time, and perhaps bros should consider it: "Always step outside of your home, dressed as if you are going to meet the love of your life." No this is not to say, we as gamers are always on the hunt during games, but it does mean take the time to shower and groom. I know many of us are coming from work/other places before games so by default we are already got that in our minds, but if you have been home all day before game.. Take the shower and change clothes before you go out.

-Yes we are ladies. Don't be frightened. We aren't going to break into a thousand pieces if you talk to us. We aren't going to wilter away if you tell a joke. But if you don't like being called an a-hole or other male derogatory name, don't call girls hoes and b-------.

-Yes ladies are/can be GM's. They are awesome. Encourage it and welcome it. If you can't roll with it, go home. No hard feelings.

-If you have a beef with us or something we do, come talk to us privately. Don't go hide in your lairs and whisper things. I have seen many lady players do something not cool, no one say anything and then ask for the player to get kicked out. Wheras if they just said something, it would have prevented bad things and the lady gamers could have just shapen up. Everyone deserves a chance to grow and evolve.

-Ladies aren't dumb. But we will ask questions. Answer them with kindness and patience. That kindness/patience can go a long way at the table and away from the table as well.

At the end of the day, we go back to the golden rule. Treat others as you wish to be treated. While 2/3rds of the men in PFS follow this rule and in many ways exceed expectations of this rule, it's the 1/3 that can ruin the whole bunch and keep women out.

Don't let this happen bros. Be the reason ladies want to come and play, because you make it awesome.

Awesome bros, are the reason many ladies (such as myself) stay in the hobby and make it a better place for all.

Thanks for reading. :)

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I would just like to state, that Galt sucks and that The Decemvirate is rigged. ;)

EDIT: No disrespect to anyone who put their lodge there. But if you know why this boon exists, the previous statement makes sense. :)

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Wait... Did you say DOUBLE SPECIALS?? That's better than DOUBLE RAINBOWS!

I guess I can be content with double specials. :)

Giving me a reason to keep GMing in the fall huh? Drats. :)

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My thought was to find a day of the week that is relatively dead, and take that day, so the store is still full, but not competing with tournaments or other events.

Another thought is you can do more than one night. Thereby keeping everyone in one store, but allowing players to choose their night of play, and dividing the base without having to move.

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Finlanderboy wrote:
I would love to say that I am baffled at the hostility. Although this is the internet. I do admit I expected better of Lady Ophelia.

Um.. Says the man whose Paizo profile says "Internet troll" on it?

Listen, I am not coming from a hostile place. Those who know me, know that I am actually one of the nicest most caring players/GM's in our community.

Want proof that I am not a meanie?:
I do this for our convention organizers: Greater Restoration Chicken Soup

I am coming from a: "Really bro?" kind of place.

At the end of it all, what I say, and whatever I do, it's your time, money, and business. But if you are creating threads like this, instead of finding new and more fun ways to make the most of your characters; I don't have to be kind, or gentle, or even a freaking "Lady" for that matters. I reserve the right to call out someone if I feel it right. This is unfortunately, one of those moments.

It's NOT all about you bro. PFS has never been about you and your feelings. It's about building a community of players that enjoy a great adventure. How is an erratta going to stop you from being a great member of our community? It's not, if you are a fun, and a positive contributing member of our community.

You stop being a great member of our community, if you act exactly like your own self-created title: Internet Troll.

It's your choice to be that way, or to be a player that goes with the changes and focuses on the main aspect of the game: having a good time.

I hope you will make good choices, and remember what's important about PFS. And if you cannot, I hope that you find a place that better meets you and your needs.

/puts thread on hidden and leaves thread.

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BigDTBone wrote:
I find it interesting how so many people have taken a calm, well measured complaint and turned it into an affront upon that...

Friend, I have no intentions on being rude. But you know what? If that's what it looks like, then sure. That's what it looks like.

We spend money, on a game that we love and enjoy. Posts like this, make me feel like I should sell my books and be done with this game. Because all people care about is how high their "to hit" is. Sure, if that's what gets players off, then that's their choice.

But I joined PFS and continue to support the organization, because I believe in the development of games, players and people as a whole. When people whine and groan in a public space, instead of taking his issue to a private email with the developers or other private means, it just makes you look like one of "those" gamers.

As a veteran of PFS, I am so SICK of these gamers, and our campaign is riddled with them. I want nothing more than great stories, great games and enjoy them with great people. Whining and complaining and issuing threats to not spend money don't do that. They do the opposite. They turn people away from our campaign and make them go "eww, I don't want to play with people who cry about every little thing."

So call it elitist, rude, overzealous, whatever. I call it, "This is just a game bros. Don't get your panties in a twist over every little thing. Play the game. Have fun. That's all that really matters in the end."

This all being said, I am now going to prepare to GM a PFS game. In which my players are all going to have a great time. Cause that's all that matters to me at the end of the day.

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So I am going to be an uber dick and say the honest truth here. Cry if you wish.

If you are going to give up a game you love, and not financially support it's growth because people went back and edited something, which in essence made your character (in your opinion mind you, not necessarily the opinions of all) ineffective; that's completely fine and your choice. I respect it not matter what.

But boy is that childish, and quite frankly dumb.

Your character, is still a powerful being that can do epic things even if they edit a part of your character. So you are going to throw all that time, work and investment away because of a minor edit? Whatever happened to character development bro? You can easily redesign and reflavor your edits into a "the gods saw him to be too powerful" mindset and work within the rules. It's all on your creativity and how much FUN you want to have.

Cause at the end of the day this is just a freaking game yo. So if your definition of fun is being as broken as possible, then may I suggest some other perfectly legal builds that do the same things. (All Gunslingers EVER.) But how much FUN are you having sitting here whining and crying on the boards? That's time wasted on developing a backstory, developing a new (or existing) character, or even developing a relationship with your fellow party members. (in and out of character) Which makes me even sadder for you.

At the end of the day, as all things, it's your choice. Best of luck to you.

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Master Compton,

You took on a huge burden by becoming the PFS Developer. I know we Pathfinders are some difficult players to deal with, but I know I speak for myself and maybe a few other kindred spirits in saying thank you for all your hard work. Also I wish to thank you for your transparency. In the conversations both on the boards and in public, it's been nice to better understand what it is like on the developers side of the screen and what you guys have to deal with in order to provide us the players with more awesome things. And it's greatly appreciative to better understand the issues and things that we as players need to do to improve ourselves and the campaign as well.

Thank you for all you do, now please get back to work making more awesome things.

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Cubic Prism wrote:


The VC's need to support his decision to not allow a single player into...

Cubic Prism,

There is only so much one can do about people. I understand Artestes position and it really is a sucky one, but leadership can only do so much. ALL communities get that one jerkface player, that despite multiple tellings and even banning, is still a part of a community and still does jerkface things.

I agree, we do need to take more steps to help that jerkface player see the light. But if someone doesn't want them in their house, they have to take necessary steps to do so. Even if that means they have to create their own private settings. I've seen groups do this all the time. I don't agree with it, but sometimes that's the only way to prevent a whole area from rioting over decisions that are made.

Example: I had a friend, whose PFS organizer told them that they are not welcome to a game day due to their rude behavior. This person actually, was not a bad person, and apparently it was a misunderstanding on all sides. But instead of handling it privately, they went onto our public space and the entire community backlashed on it, many supporting the player that was kicked out because no one knew the whole story and did not find the problem. So it turned into this ten day drama fest about whether or not they could return to the community, which is way worse than talking to them privately. So you have to be careful about how you navigate problem players.

While we strive to be inclusive in all matters of things, sometimes that cannot be possible. The beauty of PFS, is that it can be just as exclusive and inclusive as peeps want it. Our online community, runs completely private and they control their own games, locations and links. So if we say one group in real life gets one thing, versus another group its all bad.

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So this is a good adventure, and leaves a lot more creativity to those whom may have had a bad taste in their mouths post-The Disappeared. But I come from a realm where too many puzzles can lead to a frustrated table. So it took a lick from that. But otherwise I am content with this adventure. It also would have made a great Silver Crusade mission more than Cheliax. But that's just me.

Well done Master Kyle, looking forward to another adventure from you soon.

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Did you know that this is just a game? And that for many who take things Way toooo seriously need to take a chill pill, and focus on the important part which is having a good game and have fun?

That is the number one thing after all these years I have learned that this is the most important thing.

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Finlanderboy wrote:
Why is everyone hating on bonekeep? I loved bonekeep and would be happy to get anything for free.

I personally, am not against Bonekeep. (Nor am I ever against free gaming stuff.) But just as an FYI, Bonekeep Episode I came out this time *last* year. So at this point in the season and game rotaion, a lot of us have gone through the adventure at least one if not twice already.

(Additional Note: A lot of us already also have it too. So it kind of *isn't* that exclusive when a good number of 4-5 Stars/VO's already have it in their boxes.)

Now the addendum, that we can play it *anywhere* is nice. But Bonekeep *for me* doesn't compliment my GM style. I am not a combat dungeon-room-by-room grinder GM. Last year's special gave us that dungeon feel with RP twists that I loved. And it was super creepy. :D

Maybe next year! But for now, I shall enjoy my boons and be content with what leadership is doing. They have done a lot of good stuff, and I am happy to see them taking steps to show love to the GM's. :D

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So I am really stoked about these boons and changes! Thanks to all who were involved. I am a little sadfaced, but it's all good. I will get over it and enjoy some more sexy boons..

Lady O's sadface reason:
Ok, I will admit it, I am bummed there is no Season 5-EX this year though.. The Extra specials were a lot of fun, and I really REALLY wanted one for this season, since it was my first full season as a 4-Star. And not all of us like big crazy dungeon crawls like Bonekeep. So for me, it's just going to sit in my downloads box and gather dust, cause it's not any fun for me to run. But I can understand, you guys can only do so much. So I shall remain content.

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Now I gotta get my games in and play a good bit of them.

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Congrats Andy, may you have a wonderful time on the island!!**

**Unless you caught that Norovirus bug that was going around on the ship that was taking you over there. Then that sucks. Seriously, congrats Andy!

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So here is my take on this. No offense intended okay?

While one has the right to bear a gun and so long as they follow the local laws and customs, why *would* you need to carry one to a PFS Game? I am going to sit at a table with five other people and roll dice. We are not hunting real life food, nor would we be playing at an appropriate location where I can also have target practice. To me, that's impractical.

Yes, you have your rights. I am not here to take your guns or tell you that you cannot game. As a GM, I would ask that if you bring a gun with you to my table it is unloaded and visible per California state laws. But I wouldn't kick you from my table, and if my players were not okay with that, I would make every accommodation to get them seated elsewhere, or if push were to seriously come to shove, completely cancel the game to allow all parties the option to walk away and feel comfortable.

But to me, if one needs to wear a gun around, they are clearly trying to either compensate for something, or that they themselves do not feel comfortable/safe to sit with gamers without the need of bringing a firearm. If either of those two cases are the issue, then perhaps one needs to look at why they are carrying one in the first place.

Quite frankly, if you are leaving over something like this, sure you can do that. Does it sound a little petty to me personally? Sure. But it's not my place to judge. It is a shame you are leaving? Yes. But that is your call to make, and I wish you all the best.

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Dragnmoon wrote:

Instead of regional Scenarios, here is a different Idea that can encourage Traveling to different Conventions and has less development of a full scenario.

Regional Boons.

Create Boons for Separate areas/regions that interact differently with each other as you gather different boons from conventions from different areas around the world.

Getting one boon from a local convention say here in Texas has minor boon, while if I get another boon from say Colorado or Seattle the 2 interact with each other for a better affect.

Say of I go all the way to Australia for a convention, all the boons I already have and due to the distance traveled come together for an even greater affect.

This is just a basic framework of an idea, a lot would have to be put into how they would actual work with each other and how to determine greater rewards based on the traveling.


I think this is a FAR better idea for those who like to travel versus "regional scenarios".. Low development time, and we could get VO's to help out and create their own regional ones as well. Masters Compton and Brock would have to look over and approve them, and then they would only be good for a certain convention or period of time.

Those who travel win cause they get something they wouldn't get elsewhere, those who don't travel win because then they get boons of their own in their own local regions.

I don't buy the whole "Regional Scenarios" proposal based on my previous statements in this topic. You can put all the ideas and numbers you want to try and justify this proposal. (And I won't stop you!) But we're still coming back to the issue of we just want more things to play. We have been told multiple times that we are getting what we are getting, and until we have the numbers to prove otherwise, don't expect any more than that. So we need to be focused on building a stronger and more positive presence for PFS so that we can earn more scenarios. Cause us talking about this isn't doing it.

But at the end of the day, I prefer quality over quantity. And so if quantity is not going to be increased, I'll take quality games wherever I go over a "special event" any day.

I think, instead of all these "we demand more things" threads, we should be talking about how we grow our bases and make our PFS communities stronger, better, and worthy of our demands. There is a saying that goes, we have to back up what we want. Other posters in this thread have let us know, that we do not back up what we want based on raw data, and how we treat each other in these threads.

So why would anyone want to give us more stuff to squabble about? Food for thought.

/soapbox and goes back to doing more productive things for PFS.

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Wizards not being allowed to scribe scroll.

Or pretty much the craft rules in general. I wishwe could something like Gunsmithing where if you have the feat it is at a discount and fame/PA rules applied.

I have had many people moan about this because LFR and D&D Encounters support crafting and we don't. Now I understand and respect why we don't allow crafting. I am just saying.

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At the end of all of this, while this has been a very good and informative discussion about expanding the campaign, we come back to the main root of all our evils here.

We just want more scenarios. Special or not special, regionally based or not, we just want more things to play.

I am not against this. Heck, I admit to being one of those people, who demands more things. But there is only so much we can currently do.

The better question we should be asking as an organization, is what can we do as an organization to bring more options and opportunities of gameplay to the masses of PFS? We have discussed that we would need more editors, developers, and writers and freelancers, but all of this costs $$.. Let's be honest, we all wish we could do it for free, but we all have bills and responsibilities that trump our game life every time.

So here is a challenged issued: What do we need to do as an organization, to get more things published for us to play in PFS?

I issue this challenge to Master Brock & Master Compton and anyone in the Paizo Staff who is willing to share with us what is needed. Whether that be more developers, writers, or even more of a profit margin (I.E: Raising the cost of Scenarios) from PFS for there to be more investment on a corporate level.. I know Paizo does a lot and I am grateful. But if we are having issues with Paizo thinking we're not worth any more than the bare minimum, then what can we do to get the staff thinking about supporting us on the same level as they do everything else they promote?

Keeping things honest here: Without Organized Play, Pathfinder would not be on the level it is today. OP spread the infection that is Pathfinder to the world on a grand scale. We buy the books, we feed the supplement addictions through maps, dice, chase decks, buff decks, player companion books, adventure path books, etc. We also buy the cards games (and dice games) that have nothing to do with OP, cause we see it at our game days. We are guaranteed cash because of OP and the way it is currently structured thanks to Additional Resources as our way of expanding our character building options.

Also when you can fit 40 tables (150+ at Gen-Con) of Pathfinder into one ballroom and they be full for three days playing nothing else by Organized Play games... Not to be an egotistical dick or anything.. But that should solidify that we're kind of a big deal to Paizo's success. Just saying.


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Michael Brock wrote:
I will advise that we receive a fair amount of vitriolic feedback both here on the public message boards and in emails, about boons that are only available at conventions. I imagine if we authorized regional scenarios, specials, or events, the negative feelings (sometimes expressed in VERY hateful and threatening emails currently) would only become worse. For that reason alone, it is currently a non-starter.

Not cool guys, not cool.

Silver Crusade

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Oh I am so excited for this one as well as Wayfinder 11!

Forget RPG Superstar! (No hating on it though.) I cannot wait to write for Wayfinder!

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Alkenstar is at THE TOP of my list personally. I want gunslinging baddies that shoot on touch AC. Scare all those power-gaming AC munchkins. More Azlanti stuff would be sweet too.

But, I would like to go back to locations we jave been like Tian Xia and Varisia. To see how Society events affect our established outposts. Also keeps our regional location boons useful instead of gathering dust.

Also, more Mendev and Razmirian. Been having fun there.

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Most of my wishlist has been completed.

Ryan Costello Jr-PaizoCon
Brian Darnell-PaizoCon
Fluffybunnycatgnome-Paizocon AND now she is playing in my Wrath of The Righteous campaign.
Greg A. Vaughan-ok it wasn't PFS, but it was awesome.

I do still have a few on mine:
Master Compton--Preferably to run Word of The Ancients
Lady Nani Pratt & Lord Kyle Pratt
Master Perram
Mistress Liz Courts
Master Big Kyle Elliott

Then there is My freaking Venture Captains: Azmyth and Darethon (2 years, no games together. Makes me sad.)

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So I've been watching this go on for the last few days. At the end of the day let's just leave it at this:

1) Speak up when offended politely. NEVER FIGHT AT THE TABLE.

2) If it continues, pull GM aside and chat with them asking them to talk to the other player.

3) If they keep going, send them home. Or leave yourself. I've left tables that have been inappropriate and rude even after asking. From then on, I don't play with those specific people anymore.

As for all the rest, well that's opinions and fluff. The point is that we need to keep this classy bros and broettes. Let's keep it at that.

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