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Full Name

Venus De Coy-- Yes, this is my real name and I have ID to prove it!




Cleric 11/Pathfinder Chronicler 4/Geek 15







Special Abilities

DR 30/VC's & VL's, SR 15, Improved Initiative, Spell Penetration, Vunerabilities: Cold, Electricity, Immunity: Sarcasm


Chaotic Good


Sarenrae and Cayden Calien on Feast Days


The Northern California Low Lands


Common, Spanish and Draconic sometimes.


Real life Healer, PFS Addict, RPG Writer,

Strength 10
Dexterity 8
Constitution 18
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 16
Charisma 18

About Lady Ophelia

Lover, Fighter, RPG Writer, and Resident Cleric.. -- The TL;DR version of my profile

**Longer Profile about me**

I live in the Northern California Low Lands, and back in the day I was the former area coordinator of the Solano/Yolo CA area of Pathfinder Society Organized Play. Today, I just travel around and play PFS and regular Pathfinder with the best of the best in the California and Western Region.

I am bold, outspoken and daring. But that's cause I think I'm a true Pathfinder at heart, not just in-character. Life as a Medical and Mental Health professional gives me credit to be a real life Cleric without the need of a Heal DC, and/or a Healer's Kit. (Although I do have one!)

I firmly believe that great players and GM's make great games and, you can have all the rules memorized, but it doesn't make you a great player. Creativity and an open mind of fun do the same EVERY TIME.

Yes, I do love ale in real life. And yes, I do play on the infamous Cleric joke. But don't judge me, and I'll be sure to cast your Attonement spell at a discounted price. ^_^

Thanks for reading, and may the Light of Saranrae be with you in all your journeys.

**Bits of Writing I have Done**

Know Your Nations Series and Know Your People Series with Pathfinder Society.net

Wayfinder #10

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