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Wayfinder – The Guide for all Lore Specialists.


Because I want more pages in Wayfinder 13. :)

Pros to Issue:

• Layout: Solid and Clean overall. Would love to see ads a little better integrated. (see cons)

• Art: The art is always on par. I especially love all of Carlos Torreblanca’s works and Tyler Clark’s rendition of Tijdet, is something I plan to use in a future PFS game to describe certain locations in Osirion.

Favorite Pieces:
The Osirian Beginners Box Conversions are amazing. Last issue left me wanting a little more, but this issue made up for it. Man I wish these were PFS Legal so I can run them at new tables for children/new RPGers.

Osirion Fashion: A unique way of describing the already traditionally obvious. But I did enjoy the piece overall.

Coast of Graves: It was a cool twist in the desert by adding the additional traits that are in the location.

Osirian Traps: Because we could always use more traps to kill our players with. :D

Tanjit’s Travel Guide: I like how she covered a few locations in a county. And the art was like icing on the cake.

Oh, and that spoiler picture of Inner Sea Races promo at the end? Fab!

Meh’s to Issue:

• It’s still kind of “Pyramids and Sand” flavor wise to me. The thing I love about Wayfinder, is that it gives creative expansion to canon through non-mechanical means (Lore, Fiction, Gazetteers, Fluff, etc). Unlike the last few issues where you definitely got a new angle on the life in each nation/theme, this one didn’t really do it for me. (Examples are like last issue it was Chelish Poetry, and a few back the Darklands Fiction was so cool!) It just expanded on what was already there, with no new flair or one piece that differentiated Osirion from what we already know about it for me. It’s neither a good nor bad thing. But something of note I wanted to put in.

Cons to Issue:

• I know you can only do so much with layout, and the ads provided by other publishers, but I liked in past issues where the ads were somewhat integrated into the overall layout and theme of the issue. Instead of it being a big “splat ad” of space. It just feels like they are just wonky in the issue. Best example is page 74, where you go from really layout to WHAM white space ad. A border would have been nice or something, so that it would naturally flow.

• Gosh these PDF’s are getting big to the point where one might have to consider Epub. But for good quality, I can’t really complain too hard about that. But it’s just a PITA that for us E-reader users, we can’t just upload and sync it without our E-readers freaking out.


As a universal fan of Wayfinder and all things that expand on Golarion Cannon. This is overall an fantastic issue. If you plan on taking friends through Mummy’s Mask, download this as pretty much all of it can be utilized in your game as side things when your group decides to go off rails. (Which might happen.) There are a few design issues, but nothing so overwhelming that this issue is ruined by it. Enjoy the issue all readers and I look forward to seeing what Wayfinder has in the future.

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Not bad..


Overall, this adventure is a good balance of dungeon crawling and introducing tech into the Society. Outside of the fact that I now need to write some additional addendums concerning the location in this adventure for Pathfinder Society.net.

It's not really an epic adventure that I think everyone *must* play. But it is a good introduction to technological fun so long as you have a good GM. (Which I did.)

I will say, this adventure has the BEST BOX TEXTS EVER. So points for that whomever wrote this.

Looking forward to seeing what else is in store for Season Six.

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If you like to have fun and roleplay, avoid this scenario like a swarm!


I've played alot of unfun scenarios in PFS, but this is the first time, I ever have to say, that this is the most unfun scenario I have ever played in PFS. If you are a power gamer/murder hobo type, then you will love the scenario. But for the Pathfinders who love a story and meaningful combats, save your gold (and time for that matters) and skip this scenario.

There was no roleplay aspects. It was the infamous Season One format of combat, trap, combat, boss combat. And the difficulty of it was just insanely obscene and quite unnecessary. Quite frankly, I want the 6 hours (4 and 2 overtime) that I lost playing this game back.

Which sucks, because I like all of Kyle's scenarios to date. This scenario, was NOT the same style of writing I am used to from him, nor do I like to play or run as a GM. I do hope that this was a one time thing, because if not, I plan on not participating in any future scenarios he writes in the future.

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You Must Be Willing To Accept The Challenge to Master This Scenario


So I've read it, played it, and GMed it. After completing the trifecta here is my review.

Story: B-

The adventure is pretty straightforward: Go survey a site, learn as much as you can and don't die. Sounds like every other Pathfinder Society adventure we have EVER been on. But the nice saving grace about this adventure, is that there is sections of the adventure where players and the GM have some leg room and are allowed to get into the roleplay and build a deeper adventure. Also, ARODEN!!!

Roleplay: A--

Now this adventure is a bigger challenge to those GM's/players who are not good at making roleplay come to life, but it's a great learning experience for even the most seasoned of GM's and players. The plot is still a little too linear for my taste, but I'll go with it cause the format of PFS demands it. I like that there is a full character background written on the main NPC, so I can play all of that up. NO MORE BORING NPC'S!

Combat: C

So the "roll for encounters" mechanic is not a new one, but it is new in the Pathfinder Society format. So it was interesting to see how they would implement it. Now it was done very well, but the big problem is that if you are a new GM, or if this is an adventure you try to run cold, this adventure is going to be hard combat wise to run because people are going to have to have multiple stat blocks ready to go a moments notice. For veteran GM's to PFS/PF in general, this is a nice change of pace and it allows us to never have the same adventure twice, or even three times and so it give a new life to the adventure.

Location/Maps: B

Absalom is a nice place. Would have loved the ruins or Aroden be somewhere else to be more mysterious, but it's all good. The maps are simple and clean and I always love that. Other than that, there's nothing new or special about it.

Overall and Personally: B+

Overall, this is a solid adventure. Although this is not a good "new GM" adventure, this is still a nice adventure that once you master, you will have loads of fun with for years to come. If this is what we are looking for in an "Evergreen Scenario" then this is a good start and place to grow on. It shall require great work, preparation, and some light creativity, but be assured, it's a great adventure to keep in your back pocket and run for a long time.

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I love this map!


The map is amazing! I currently am using for playtesting purposes. If you are a subscriber, or considering getting one, get it! The PDF is just as awesome as the main map!

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At the top of my adventure list!


This adventure, has been what I have been waiting for in Society Play for a very long time. Now granted, there are going to be some who are going to moan and groan at all the RP, but that's too bad.

I will say, that if you have RP challenged people, either socially as a player or stats wise cause they are taking penalties, try and utilize things that they are good at. I had a group when I was ran it, that had no CHA cause they dump stat, but they did have INT, so I was able to tell them a little more about the people they were talking to. I also used Sense Motive to have them hear "rumors", which players then used to help NPC's.

There is more than one way to make it work, but it is important that they DO SOMETHING. Sitting there and passing cause they have bad "people" skills, is not an excuse!

What I specifically liked, was that the BBEG's were scary, but if the players, ran away, they weren't going to be punished for it so long as they RPed and weren't there for just the wine and "attendants" as I call them.

Great job Master Thurston, I would like some more adventures like this if you please.

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Bring Out Your Dead! Litterally!!


Story: C+

Now, I had the luck to play this adventure before running it, so I got both sides of the coin here. While there is room for RP and the adventure surely gives loads of visual opportunities for RP, if you have a combat heavy team, you usually end up skipping some of it. My team got a great balance of both and a good chunk of that came from the faction missions which gave players the opportunity to RP while looking around. Being the heavy RP player I am though, it wasn't enough, but it was still enough to not be boring.

Location: B

Being that I never played Rise of The Runelords, I was a little bit at a loss when it came to the background location, but my players-all of whom have played Rise of the Runelords were able to help me out where needed.

The only reason this adventure doesn't get an A in location is that Society Play still needs to stop with these epic maps. It makes pre-drawing almost a futile pursuit, and even worse when your players get to the end-boss in three rooms, and then say to the hell with the rest of the basement. Feeling the drawings of the Rune symbol in the place. Pretty awesome.

Combat: A++++++ --- But warn your players if you are the GM!

I would like to state for the record, this is a potential TPK adventure combat wise. And while many players and GM's will cry about it, I would like to remind them, that this is what you all get for complaining about PC's easily walking through adventures in past seasons.

So make sure, before you sit down, that you warn your players that death is highly likely and that if they aren't bold enough to take on the challenge, they should leave your table. If they accept the challenge and die, they can't get hurt about it.

It's nice to see undead, be scary undead. The ones that just don't go down with a quick channel. It's nice to see demons be the type of demons that can scare players, and at the same time kill them. And don't be rolling high like I was, because then it means that you may kill them in two or three turns. I obliterated the paladin with three critical hits back to back. Although this will never happen again, I have a reputation for being a nice GM that never kills anyone, and this adventure reminded our players that I can kill you too..

Lastly, being a regular cleric player, it's nice to see a cleric that is just as awesome as I am. In past seasons, all the clerics were light and not scary. I hit them with something insane and the GM hates me. Now the GM and I are on the same footing. He can quick channel, and I can too. He has Chaos Hammer and Unholy Blight, and I have Wall of Fire, Holy Smite and Cure Light-Mass. So it's nice to have a real combat challenge and not have clerics just be some boring bit of NPC...

Overall, while I am not a big combat person, these combats were the type where the whole time I'm going "Holy Saranrae!" the entire time and I had to work for my experience and my gold payout. This is what I want in combats, the constant fear of death and some good reasons to kick some butt!!

Just Overall and Personally: B-
This is just a simple, no fuss/no must dungeon crawl in Varisia. Again, this is also one of those adventures that the story could easily get lost, but the faction missions kind of keep the RP in place. The combats are ridiculously awesome, but be sure to advise your players that this adventure may remind you how truly precious your character's life is. Once again Mike Shel, is making players nervous to bring their characters to the table. Good job!

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Not bad at all. But doesn't invoke "OMG YAY."


So I've checked out the Folio, and it's not that bad. There are a few similar character folios on the market currently and Paizo's design of their own definitely is one to be reckoned with. It also, carries all the short rules for combat, AOO's and conditions which would help new players when they are trying to understand the system.

If you are a digital person or one that likes to have your paper characters organized, I do recommend the PDF version, although it doesn't have auto-complete, if you have Adobe, you can do that manually or you can just print out the pages you need at any time and not have to waste money or time on pages you don't need. It also has a level tracker, adventure logs and notes, and a XP table which is great for players who are the "bookeepers" of your gaming groups. Also if you have characters with excessive spell lists, you can print out as many spell pages as you need to keep track.

The thing I have with folios is that there are many times a lot of useless pages because I may have not have an animal companion, or may not be a spellcaster. so a lot of these pages may go unused, which wastes money. So if you play characters that like to multiclass it's definitely a great investment.

Overall, this isn't a bad folio, it's definitely great for the ones that are new to the system, or ones that like to be very, very itemized for every little thing. But in the age of characters sheets that do the same thing for free, this folio is a little late to the game.

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Good stuff


So for the most part this deck is awesome. I just wish we could have doubles of a few bit it is still great for helping new players and bets better understand their buffs.

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Not bad, but not amazing.


This is just a simple, no fuss/no must dungeon crawl, that doesn't take place in a dungeon. The story will get lost, if players haven't run in The Ruby Phoenix Tournament, or the first part of Rats of The Round Mountain Series. But it's level appropriate, not too insane combats, and room for some light RP so the players will still have loads of fun.

I personally, prefer adventures that have more RP than dungeon crawling. The RP is the whole reason we're in society, and although my table had a good time in RPing with a Gen-Con Tiefling, who liked Pesh(See Inner Sea World Guide). I just feel like the RP was just the filler between combats instead of part of the combating. But it's not a *terrible* module. It's just great for those who prefer heavy combat.

I have heard that this is the first submission from this author, and he is definitely on the right path to being awesome! Looking forward to seeing other adventures he has in mind!

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Great Module, But Read it Twice!


So this is a module that's great for those who have players who have done all of the Blakros Museum series. (Especially if they hate the place.) This module is a lot of fun, and with a table full of people who HATE the Blakros and you have a good time.

The only downside, is the way the mechanics work, is just really insanely bad. The maps are a little tough to navigate, and the stat blocks could have been built a little more level appropriate. This is one of those modules you will definitely need to read twice, and then do some modifications as needed based on the type of party you end up with. But it's totally worth it.

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Huzzah Roleplaying Modules!!


This module is a huge favorite to our avid roleplayers in our society. The best reason being, is that for almost 2/3rds of the module, you do no fighting! NONE! You roleplay with style and grace, while figuring out puzzles and dodging traps! If you are looking for a low-combat module, this is your winner right here! PFS needs more RP modules like this one in the lower tiers for sure!

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Good fun insanity!


This adventure was insanity! But a good insanity. If you like to take RP liberties, this module is for you and your table!

Word to the GM's and players: This module does run a little long, and it's not good for any table larger than 6 people due to it's nature and the situation. So be ready to do some serious roleplay and have loads of fun playing!

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You won't find running errands any more fun!


So the "unspoiling" version of this module, is that your PC will spend this session running errands and do odd-ended jobs. But running errands could not be anymore fun than through this module.

This is the module for not only introducing combat and roleplaying PFS style to the PC's but if you have a party that takes things to a whole different level (like Rogues that go through an old lady's front window instead of just using diplomacy) you have room in the module to go with it, have a good time and still get your XP.

My only gripe is a GM gripe: A lot of other modules give the NPC's answers to the commonly asked questions and I wish that it had been the same way for this module as well. Just so I have a better idea as to how to answer my PC's questions.

But I love this module. I wish we could play it at higher tiers just to have some more fun. But if you want players to get into PFS--Run this module and you'll have everyone hooked for the rest of the season.

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Good, Confusing, but still good.


So I have run this mod twice. One at the lower tier and one at the higher tier. And although I love the story and the premise as well as the roleplaying capabilities, the maps and the combat between within the module is a little hard to figure out. Even when you kinda figure it out it's a little hard to understand. And the faction missions aren't really that great either.

I love the story, but if you are running a table that just wants combat and experience, this mod may leave you wanting a little more. But if you run a 50/50 group or a primarily roleplaying group, this module is great to watch your players really have to stop and make it work