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The Exchange 3/5

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Hey All You Magnificent PFS Piddlespotters--

In the past, we've detailed our games, our meets, our greets, and our beerings. There are some good memories stored up in the threads of yesterPFS:

2011 PFS PaizoCon Bloggery
2012 PFS PaizoCon Bloggery (w/Grand Convocation and massive Banquet spoilers)
2013 PFS PaizoCon Bloggery (w/GenCon Special Run)

You really should have your names/thoughts/games immortalized in this new thread...whether you're attending or not.

As most of you know, I believe PFS's core is a social community and so whether you can make it to Paizocon or not, I hope that you will participate.

For you attendees:

  • Post about whom you've met and where they are from.
  • Post about the games you're playing in, with whom, and fun details. (Avoid spoilers...and use spoiler tags if you're going to spoil!)
  • Post about extraPFSular activities.
  • Get others to share their feedback from PaizoCon.
  • Post links to pictures and media.
  • Post about neat characters you've played with.
  • Post any cool 'tricks' you've learned.
  • Post about the sessions and talks you've attended.
  • Post about how awesome your judges have been and what things they did well. Heck, even thank them.

For you non-attendees:

  • Tell us what sessions you want reports from;
  • Questions you want us to ask and to whom;
  • Things you want to know about;
  • Give lip/guff/sass/snark to PFS board personalities you know (or don't...either way, sass is encouraged).

I, like usual, promise nothing...except that I'll be twisting some arms of people here to join me in describing their experience playing PFS this weekend and the people that make it happen.

This might be the last Bloggery for me for a while. Rumor has it that PaizoCon will be moving to Memorial Day weekend, which means many PFSers will be supporting their local conventions (like Kublacon). However, that doesn't mean this PaizoCon won't rock.


Grand Lodge 5/5


Aethelwulf and I are checked in and decompressing. You wouldn't think that a 2 hour plane ride would take all day but there it is.

So far, Aethelwulf reports that he has seen one of our favorite freelancers pedaling around on his bike. I hope to run into him soon too, but we'll see how it goes.

On the flight up, I kept looking around the airport for "our people". I'm sure I saw at least a couple of them. I was incognito, having decided to save my goblin shirts for when I'm running. I did see at least one of our neighboring convention goers in the airport, wearing his happy pony shirt. I hope their convention goes nearly as fantastically as I know this one will.

Anyway, that's about it from me for now, but I expect to be checking in again at least a few times this weekend. I hope others do too.


Silver Crusade 4/5

I really wish I could have made it back again this year, as last year was my first year in attendance, because I had such a great time meeting and playing with a wonderful group of people throughout the weekend.

As for what I am looking forward to:

I am looking forward to hearing how the play test of the special goes Friday night and to the previews from the banquet. Also any fun stories from the continuing trip through Bastardhall would be most welcome.

Sovereign Court 5/5 Owner - Enchanted Grounds, President/Owner - Enchanted Grounds

My wife (Heather) and I arrived this afternoon. Nice hotel. Nice room. We wandered a bit getting used to the area, chatted up the bartender to find out how to move around the city (we plan on going downtown tomorrow), then made our way north along the light rail to find restaurants that didn't cost a fortune. We met with reasonable success, including a fun find of a pancake joint we plan to hit in the morning before our downtown jaunt. Very excited about that.

Went to the hotel bar around 8:00 and discovered a group that Rusty Ironpants had prompted by ordering the first beer. Carlos from Mexico, James from Minneapolis, Beth and Keith (dunno where they're from, but Keith said he loved me, so somewhere friendly is my guess), a gentlemen from Seattle currently living and gaming in Japan (how cool is that?), Russ himself (VL from my home state of Colorado), another gentleman with pictures of the best gaming table ever (he will share the plans if you're interested in having one of your own), and three Australians. Three! They tried to teach me the proper use of the English language. I resisted.

Now going to sleep. Will post more tomorrow. After pancakes. :-D

PS - looking forward to meeting you, Painlord. (-:

Scarab Sages 5/5 5/5 *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Spokane

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Making final preparations for a Paizocon departure tomorrow afternoonish. My second Paizocon and first year volunteering. My wife will be joining me for her first Paizocon! We have a small delegation from Spokane who we will be meeting up there at all the fun. Tomorrow's departure will not get here fast enough!

Silver Crusade 4/5

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In true convention tradition, I am up the night before way too excited to sleep. Making the mistake of getting a 6am flight means I have a 5am appointment with TSA.

As this year will be my GM year, I look forward to running some fun stuff for all those who sit at my tables. There may be death and tears. But mostly loads of fun.

See you soon Seattle. Been waiting all year. :)


I am sleepless too. Wife and I are at a hotel in Seattle's downtown. We plan to see the Chihuly museum in the AM, and get to the Mariott by 1 pm and possibly be at the AFK meet and eat at 5. Running a LOT of games this paizocon, and so I think I'll take this opportunity to re-read the mods.

Shadow Lodge 4/5 5/5 RPG Superstar Season 9 Top 8

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I just finished GMing our marathon run of Wrath of the Righteous: 30 sessions over 6 books played, and 20 levels and 10 mythic tiers gained over a span of less than 60 days. The PCs completed the last book at midnight and after cleaning up the FLGS, I've been packing for P-Con for the last hour. Packing light this year so I keep my energy up!

Stoked to finally get to relax and GM for some normal PCs for a change. God I am so sick of mythic characters! Looking forward to seeing distant friends and not-so-distant ones I don't see nearly enough.

Time for sleep!

Paizo Employee 5/5 Managing Creative Director (Starfinder)


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Packed and getting ready to head to the airport. Tons of fun ahead, and the chance to see folks I haven't seen for awhile, along with meeting new ones.

See you all in about 5 hours!

Dark Archive 4/5

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Kyle Elliott and myself will be at HQ all weekend if people want to chat. Walter's significant other Melissa will be there as our tough-as-nails bouncer/HQ volunteer so if you create any trouble... well I'd just recommend not creating trouble...

The Exchange 3/5

Drogon wrote:
PS - looking forward to meeting you, Painlord. (-:

Ah Piddlesot! Thanks for the warning.

/me packs mithril undershirt and extra antitoxin. ;)

* * * *

Like most of the yahoos who have posted above, I also had trouble sleeping last night. Had troubling visions of boil and trouble. It wasn't until I saw the cast of yahoos above saying they they were coming did I realize why: Beerwolf? Thursty? Lady O? Drogon? Nicholas? Todd Freakin' Morgan? Walt? Spokanians?

This place is, again, going to be chaos. A better, more peaceful, vacation would have been the Worldwound.

And yet I still come.

* * * *

My schedule will be a bit freer this year, not investing tons of time in PFS, but enjoying other aspects of PaizoCon. I'll be playing a lot of the PF Adventure Card Game this convention when I'm not socializing or geeking out elsewhere.

Painlord's Schedule:
Thursday, Noon to 11pm: Adventure Card Game in Hotel Bar. A few friends (even a Canadian) and I will be playing all of Deck/Book 1 of Rise of the Runelords in Hotel Bar. This will be a perfect spot for an impromptu Meet & Greet and socializing. If any of you Thursday arrivals can stop by and help translate the ACG into Canadian, that might be appreciated.
Friday, Morning/Day: Adventure Card Game.
Saturady, Morning/Day: Adventure Card Game.
Saturday, Evening: PaizoCon Preview Banquet.
Sunday, Morning/Day: Adventure Card Game.

Grand Lodge 4/5

Pathfinder Adventure, Rulebook Subscriber

Had a good time playing The Many Fortunes of Grandmaster Torch last night, then crashing at the in-laws after midnight. Now we wait for our flight to take us away for the weekend.

Looking forward to meeting friends both old and new. I'm stacked up with PFS games this year, but hope to hang out in the lobby and chat where I can.


We got in last night at almost 11 (1am in Dallas) and frantically ordered some food (don't forget to check the delivery fee when estimating fyi - also, open until 2am/4am!). Met up with our locals Thorkill and Jezebel, hanging out next to what must have been Rusty's crowd. At a loss without Painlord's guidance, we were too tired to make any introductions (Where are the nametags Timitius! ;-)).

Flagged down Dennis da Ogre and Fiona to catch up, then joined by Wes N. Until we finally crashed after 3am our time.

Will be hunting groceries this morning, then the awesomeness of playing my Bloatmage (costume from 2012) with another Bloatmage for the first time (at L.11)! Then AFK and pool for Meet & Eat.

mandatory addition

Scarab Sages 4/5

Got in about 6pm local last night (2am my time), so grabbed food and crashed hard, something to do with being up 20hrs.

Bit of shopping today and then will meet up with Russ in the bar tonight for some Risen Sand fun.

Hopefully catch up with you all soon

Sczarni 5/5

Painlord wrote wrote:

Painlord's Schedule:

Thursday, Noon to 11pm: Adventure Card Game in Hotel Bar. A few friends (even a Canadian) and I will be playing all of Deck/Book 1 of Rise of the Runelords in Hotel Bar. This will be a perfect spot for an impromptu Meet & Greet and socializing. If any of you Thursday arrivals can stop by and help translate the ACG into Canadian, that might be appreciated.
Friday, Morning/Day: Adventure Card Game.
Saturady, Morning/Day: Adventure Card Game.
Saturday, Evening: PaizoCon Preview Banquet.
Sunday, Morning/Day: Adventure Card Game.

Huh so you really are there to just play cards, a lot of cards. You writing a guide or something?

Sovereign Court 5/5 Owner - Enchanted Grounds, President/Owner - Enchanted Grounds

Holy crap! The pancakes and omelets here look amazing!

For those looking to escape hotel prices for breakfast: one stop north on the light rail (Tukwila stop) then go to The Pancake Chef across the street from McDonalds. So awesome...

Edit: warning: they are closed on the 4th.

Liberty's Edge 4/5 5/55/5 **

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber; Pathfinder Maps, Pathfinder Accessories Subscriber; Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Charter Superscriber; Starfinder Charter Superscriber

Sadly I am not able to make it this year. Due to unforeseen events I had to cancel my trip. Hopefully I will be able to make it next year.

Silver Crusade 4/5

So after a few hours of rest. I made it to my 5am appointment with the TSA and after a flight which ended with most of my plane mates with motion sickness, I arrived in Seattle.

Who is the first person I see upon my arrival? Well I call it fate that I would run into Verdgis and Aetherwulf! After the usual morning hugs and relief that we had all made it, they invited me to join them for breakfast with none other than Manjuba, the keeper of the Goblin Brains and his lovely wife Cass. He showed me this year’s batch of Goblin Brains, which are marvelous. However, upon inspection, I realized that I am allergic to Goblin Brains. Which makes me forgetting to RSVP mine not so bad afterall. :)

Picture: The Hit List of Goblin Brain Distribution

So my plans for this afternoon are to chill incognito and just enjoy the free wifi and prep Friday’s Special till more peeps arrive. I will see how long that will last. If you know what I look like, you are more than welcome to bother me.

Edit: Oh, things I want to see this year:

- AFK!!! I have heard many mythic things about it, so it is now a thing I have to find out about.
- I do want to check out the Pathfinder Card Game and not only check out the new OP for it, but if they have the Skull and Shackels box, I WILL take photos of it for all of you who are wanting to know more.
- I am also looking forward to GMing. I know a lot of people are clamoring to attend my table, which is so "no pressure" but it's all good.
- Maybe having some form of beverage with Painlord. We keep passing paths at convention, so we should work on that.

Until next report, this is Lady O, signing off. :)

Grand Lodge 4/5

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Pathfinder Adventure, Rulebook Subscriber

I got to ride from the airport with Thursty. I was kind enough not to harass him the entire way. :) Now is lunch.

Silver Crusade 4/5

The Thursday before Paizo-Con congregations have begun!

To my left, is Master Paris Crenshaw. Who is the awesomeness. I mean, I already knew he was awesome, but meeting him in person, confirmed my assumption of his awesomeness.

In front of me is Tracy, who is a part of the Alaska Pathfinder Scene and she is telling amazing stories of Jason Bulhman buzzkilling her at Cards Against Humanity.

Behind me, is Verdgis and Painlord, playing the card game. Well, more or less, trying to organize the game, but are getting interrupted regularly with people who must meet the legendary Verdgis and Painlord.

OH! Master Brock and Master Thurston have passed by! It's so awesome!

More to come soon!

The Exchange 3/5

+1 to what Lady Ohno says.

Just had a run in with David Montgomery, 5-star, from Boston...nice guy.

Clarence, long time Bloggery yahoo, from Idaho, was meeted and greeted.

Other yahoos met:
Jesse Benner
Jon Dennings
Dave from Atlanta

Getting started on our ACG run of RotR.

Liberty's Edge 5/5

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I'm currently sitting in the air conditioned Alaska Air Boardroom of LAX, drinking my third free beer, eating Chicken Sanoma (a pathetic chicken breast served over rice with pesto sauce on the side), and watching a baggage handler sleep in a covered baggage cart on the Tarmac below me. I should have been in Seattle 5 hours ago. How did I get here?

Well, I committed a travel sin -- I assumed everything was fine and did not check my flight yesterday. I booked my trip through a third party company back in January. My flight was to be a non-stop from Fresno to Sea-Tac at 8 AM. Without hearing differently, I assumed nothing had changed....

I showed up at the airport at 6:20, ready to roll -- only to discover my flight had been rescheduled to 6 AM and flew without me. Alaska Air gave me two options: wait until tomorrow and fly for free in the afternoon or spend some more money to book another one way flight today. In for a penny, in for a pound....

My options were to lay-over in San Fran and show up at 9 PM or pay $25 more to fly first class out of LAX to show up by 6 PM. Either way, I miss out on Andrew Christian's 1 PM pre-con game. Needless to say, I opted for the 1st class ticket and am damn sure I get my $25 out of First Class treatment.

See you guys in a few hours. I'll be the slightly drunk pampered guy in glasses.

Shadow Lodge 4/5

Lady Ophelia wrote:


To my left, is Master Paris Crenshaw. Who is the awesomeness. I mean, I already knew he was awesome, but meeting him in person, confirmed my assumption of his awesomeness.

I can independently confirm Paris' awesomeness as he is a regular in my homegame version of the Kingmaker AP.

Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer

I will be headed over to the hotel late tonight and will likely stop by the bar for a nightcap (or two). The current plan is to check in by 10:00, but I've got a lot of I's to dot and t's to cross before then, so the only thing I know for sure is that I will be in my room by Midnight.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Grand Lodge 4/5

Pathfinder Adventure, Rulebook Subscriber

Rocking out at poolside with Assault on the Wound, checking out the mass combat rules. (We're stomping them so far.)

Sovereign Court 5/5 Owner - Enchanted Grounds, President/Owner - Enchanted Grounds

Pike Market is as I remember it: crowded and fun to explore. Have found an Irish pub called Kells with $4 on tap brews for happy hour and $3 bangers and sausage rolls. 'Tis most excellent fare to kick off a weekend of gaming. Will be back at the hotel bar (for $8 beers...sigh) and awesome conversation (yay!) within a couple hours. Really looking forward to meeting all of you who have remained hidden by your avatars for so long.

The Exchange 3/5

Holy Piddlespot!

Taking a break. My team of elite PathCarders have taken on and repelled the Attack on Sandpoint, then soaked up the love in Local Heroes, but now the evil has returned and we heroes marshal to repel the wraithspawn in Trouble in Sandpoint.

Andi plays Lini, Aethelwulfe rocks the Lem, Lamplighter learns with Harsk, and I'm rocking the Seelah. The Adventure Card game is pretty fun. Enjoying the heck out of it.

We're having fun seeing (and meeting) all the PaizoConners around. Bruce from LA just smashing entrance.

More and more yahooery has come through...it's quite the menagerie. Pretty sure that things will get worse as more beer is poured.

Grand Lodge 5/5

So I think I'm finally getting the hang of the card game. Sort of. The learning curve has been... interesting. Fun, but definitely making me wish I'd put some time in playing at home before hand.

"Today's mission is 'Trouble in Sand point'." So says Painlord. Apparently, all the the previous stuff was just the break-in fun-time game and now, It's for real.

Wish me luck.

Shadow Lodge 4/5 Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco Bay Area South & West

I'm about ten feet away from Andrea & Painlord, grabbing a quick adult beverage and a bowl of crab chowder before Jon Dehning runs a bunch of us through "Assault on the Wound" (which I'm GMing tomorrow at 8:00am! :-( )

Will Johnson just stopped by, so he made it here OK. I've also exchanged a word or two with TOZ (identified by the headwear), Mike Brock, Anthony D. from New Orleans, John & Heather (manning the early registration table for those of us with first-slot duties), Lady Ophelia, and a whole bunch of folks from WolfLair on the shuttle bus from the airport. Oh, and I've also taken delivery of some Goblin Brains, too. All this in a little over an hour - this could be a crazy weekend!

Wendy-Ann is standing in for AZ at the VC dinner, and it's about time for me to show my face at the mustering area.

The Exchange 3/5

Ah, that was good. My fellow PathCarders beat Nualia in her goblin haven.

We had a decent crowd as we rocked the final battle, Seelah taking her down with a combined a bajillion dice in the last combat.

Tons of yahoos about the bar now, spending time with the New Orleans crowd of PFSers: Mike and Anthony and Robert.

Paizers John Compton, Brock, Daigle, Courts and others hold open discussions with friends the bar area.

Dark Archive 4/5

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Just sat down with Mike Brock and Painlord. One of them was a pain.

The Exchange 3/5

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Peter from Pullman stopped by to chitchat, he enjoyed the Meet & Greet for a bit.

Clarence from Idaho stopped by to chat. He introduced me to the new VC of Idaho, Mark. Nice to see a former VC still hanging around and making introductions.

Majuba passes around his goblin brains. The hotel bar is still pretty pretty loud, but some GMs (those with some desire to run good tables tomorrow morning) have left to go prep their mods.

At 10pm....I finally meet Drogon and his wife Heather. About freakin' time.

Liberty's Edge 5/5 **

Are folks going to be at the bar tomorrow?

I've been wanting to meet John.

4/5 ****

John Francis wrote:
John & Heather (manning the early registration table for those of us with first-slot duties)

This finally exists \o/

Sovereign Court 5/5 Owner - Enchanted Grounds, President/Owner - Enchanted Grounds

Heather and I hung out with John and Heather Halpin at pre-reg for a couple hours, so I didn't get to the bar as quickly as I was expecting. Sacrificed that in the name of awesome conversation with awesome people, though, so it all worked out.

After we made it over to the bar we found much conversation and many people. Majuba handed me some goblin brains. Turns out I'm not allergic, as Lady Ophelia is, so I consumed some. Mmm...brains...

Very loud in that bar. Didn't get to talk or mingle as much as I'd hoped. Kinda stayed rooted to the spot after finding Painlord, who was sitting with Clarence from Idaho. Enjoyed catching up and meeting a few folks. Hope to meet more over the next few days. I've set aside a slot on Saturday afternoon to do just that.

Tomorrow morning is time to play in Frank Mentzer's Castle of Doom, so off to bed now. Doooooooom! Very excited.

Liberty's Edge 5/5

-- Found Pain, Andrea, and John Brandt manning the informal meet and greet table while playing cards.
-- Was told to not distract Andi when it is her turn.
-- Grabbed a cab with Bruce Higa, from Los Angeles, over to the AFK Tavern.
-- Picked up my Goblin Brains! (yay!).
-- Ran into Ben from Australia (and Syrinscape) and reminisced about last PaizoCon.
-- Met up with Lady Ophelia for Guinness.
-- Met a bunch of other people whose names I forgot -- Northeast representing -- Chicago, Wisconsin, and Minnesota!
-- Learned from the AFK's owner that we set two records tonight: most alcohol sold and highest ratio of alcohol to food sold ever.
-- Back to hotel to discuss natural disasters with Fiona Baker and Erik Mona.
-- Big Star Trek / Star Wars / Battlestar Galactica argument with Dennis Baker.
-- Talked with Russ, Clinton Boomer, and a few others until 3 AM about a wide assortment of topics (Ritual Magic, Marvel Superhero Games, Kingmaker, and how to "fix" gunslingers.

4/5 *

Just checking in after a harried day... Nearly missed my flight, manages to lose some important stuff (but thankfully not for my games!). Arrived at the hotel to find Thurston Hillman, Ross Tait from edmonton, and Todd Morgan in the bar, along with my first game of PF card game waiting for me (thanks Painlord for the invite!). Also taking on Burmt Offerings were GM Verdigris and her other half John - great folks. It's actualy a pretty cool game. (If I sound surprised it is because I am... Gave up on Magic back in the mid-nineties and haven't been a fan of card games since.) we played all five books for Burmt Offerings, and so I now have a Harsk character record with some goodies on it ready to level up.

Lots of folks stopped by since they thought we were the meet and greet (probably because we had a sign that said something like that...) Dennis Baker and Will Johnson were by, we chatted with John Compton, I met Andrew Christian who I have known from the forusm for a long time, met Mike Myles (might be spelling that wrong, his vard went missing in the dark lat night).

One nice feature this year is that GMs for slot one (which starts at 8am) can pick up their badges tonight. HUGE time saver, and I hope this continues. Thanks Paizo!

After a stressful day of travel I packed it in early, btu discovered the joys of rooming with other guys... Man, serious snoring! Fully-enclosed earphones and cranked audio books or music still didn't deal with it. Slept in snatches until getting upt o do some writing at 5 am.

Today: Day One! Running. Hellknight's Feast, playing a slot, then running the Special. Yay!

Sczarni 2/5 RPG Superstar 2014 Top 16

It's a little too early, and I'm looking forward to meeting the rest of the Insomniacs Lodge this morning! I spent a very relaxing evening playing Hearthstone by the pool and the ACG in the bar. I met Andrew Christian who stopped by the table, but otherwise "being social" came second to "Sajan Smash!"

Today is Play, Play, Play, with Cairn of Shadows and Stranger Within before heading to the Special. Hopefully I'll speak up and meet some more of you today!

Scarab Sages 4/5 RPG Superstar 2015 Top 16

Okay Painlord, here is my first bloggery post as promised. A bit late but better that than never right?

Quick summery of my (Pre-)Con experience so far, it has been pretty crazy and the con hasn't even started yet:
1. Tuesday night, made the mistake of scheduling a PFS game at the store I organize games for back in Denver. Confirmed six new Pathfinders and then got home at about 11pm and realized I needed to update 5 of my characters and pack my bags for the trip.

2. Finished that up about 4 am and just decided to stay up instead of sleeping for 1 hour before heading to the ariport.

3. Landed about Noon in Seatle and checked into my room. Had lunch a quick walk around the neighborhood then crashed for about a 3 hour power nap.

4. Met a bunch of folks in the bar; Carlos (Cerulean) an amazing artist from Mexico, Ben and Murry (the Dicestormers Guys) from Austrailia, Bryce, Daniel, James, Keith (Paile) and his wife Beth, Colin who is also from Australia, and Jeff (Drogon) and Heather who I know from home.

5. Wednesday morning had breakfast and chatted with a few folks here for the con. Then spent a few hours prepping Risen from the sands.

6. About noon went down the the bar to meet up with people for our Shadow Fall on Absalom game. Saw Rand and promised a post in this thread. Briefly met Mike Brock - I think he only recognized my name since he approved me for a VL only about two weeks ago. :)

7. Went to play Shadows Fall on Absalom. GM'ed by Keith (Paile). Players were Tom (Majuba) and Cass, Rob (rknop), Matthew Pittard, Flyer, and myself. As Majuba said there were two Bloatmages at the table - it made me sad my (future) Bloatmage is only 3rd level! The game itself was great fun.

8. Had a quick dinner with rknop and then met up with others to play Risen from the Sands. I GMed, and the players where Kieth and Beth, rknop, Andrew (Nizari), Waltero and Jim. I and a great time running the game, I hope the others enjoyed the game as well. It went a bit long and I was headed back to my room at about 1 am.

9. Met Will Johnson and Clinton Boomer in the lobby and we chatted until way to late as Will posted above.

10. Got back to my room about 3am and reported the Risen from the Sands session. Also logged onto the RockyMountainPFS.com website to record player signups for games back in Denver for the later in july.

11. Starting writing this way too long bloggery post and my alarm just went off telling me that instead of sleeping it is time to take a shower and head down to breakfast. Damn, that is the second night in 3 with no sleep. I blame Painlord.

PS. Painlord and Drogon, if you have not met in person yet I and point the other one out, I just have not seen you both in the same place yet.

4/5 *

Early morning breakfast... Met some more guys from Boston, Ray Diaz and Anthony Li, russ brown from Colorado (Rusty Ironpants), and majuba. Had a good omelet. Now prepping for Slot One: Hellknight's Feast with a full table. Yay!

Liberty's Edge 5/5

I have donned my Goblin Squad t-shirt and bolstered my strength with coffee. ThiS morning I'm waging war against a god at John Compton's table. Later I'll set my sights on PC's.

Sovereign Court 5/5 Owner - Enchanted Grounds, President/Owner - Enchanted Grounds


The Exchange 3/5

Oh! So close! I thought I had a Kyle Baird sighting, but it was just a fern.

For the record, there was no long line at registration when I went down at 8:10 to check in. Granted, most of the tables started at 8am, so I'm appropriately and perfectly late. But yeah, Paizo check in staff ROCKED the checkin.

Currently playing the Skull&Shackles AdvCardGame with Brett (VC) from Eugene and Sarah (VL from Idaho) and Preston (VC) from Spokane. There are a lot of sharks in the card game...makes me think that Dragnmoon would fit in.

Scarab Sages 5/5 5/5 *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Spokane

I thought I saw Kyle Baird but, alas, it was a bottlecap.

Anywho, day one start

Got a quick run through on the Skull and Shackles demo. I can't wait to see the full set as it will be a blast.

Met one of the Idaho VLs and, finally connected Painlord with the person.

Getting ready to start the Rise of the Runelords Card Game marathon.

Will post again later after the Herolabs Seminar!

Sczarni 5/5

Painlord wrote:

Currently playing the Skull&Shackles AdvCardGame with Brett (VC) from Eugene and Sarah (VL from Idaho) and Preston (VC) from Spokane. There are a lot of sharks in the card game...makes me think that Dragnmoon would fit in.

Can you tell us anything about the characters/classes they have for S&S or are they only giving you the Rise of the Runelords characters.

Dark Archive 4/5

Arrived at 7 am to theoretically move the HQ tables into place but they were no where to be found. Each and every GM and player were very chill about rolling with the punches as the volunteers tore down tables, put up new tables, answered questions and mustered tables simultaneously.

Thanks to Brock for the bagels and the random players who brought us coffee. HQ is now organized and running. I promise I'm a nicer person when not stressed so don't be afraid of approaching the soft and fuzzy ginger at HQ.

However, do be afraid of the small brunette manning the shirt and scenario area. She's feisty and one of the deadliest GMs I've ever witnessed. She is the official HQ bouncer so don't give us any lip!

Her partner in crime is GMing all weekend and is equally deadly, murdering over 30 PCs in two months of AP play. Beware his high tier tables, if you value your pseudo-lives.

The Exchange 3/5

Just got a random text from a GM in the PFS room: "Playing a Kyle Baird Tier 10-11 with a group. I'm smelling a TPK."

It's kind of funny, because I thought I saw Baird...but it was just some foam in my latte. I was so grateful to my latte that it was foam and not Kyle Baird, I said "Thanks a Latte".

* * *

Playing the marathon of the AdvCardGame, we (others, really) intend to play through all 33 Scenarios of RotRunelords over the weekend. Just started scenario 2 of 33.

Grand Lodge 4/5

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My team crushed Vengeance at Sundered Crag this morning, and now I prepare for The Elven Entanglement to boost my kill count.

The most amusing part of this morning was a cultist taking our unconscious summoner and threatening to kill him if we did not leave. My Oracle simply told him "I am Pharasma's agent on this plane, and no one here enters the Boneyard without my blessing." I then proceeded to use Breath of Life after the CdG, and casually mention that I can do that twice more before using my gloves.

Scarab Sages 1/5

Kyshkumen wrote:
Painlord wrote:

Currently playing the Skull&Shackles AdvCardGame with Brett (VC) from Eugene and Sarah (VL from Idaho) and Preston (VC) from Spokane. There are a lot of sharks in the card game...makes me think that Dragnmoon would fit in.

Can you tell us anything about the characters/classes they have for S&S or are they only giving you the Rise of the Runelords characters.

Lem, Valeros, the swashbuckler, and gunslinger are in the s&s demo.

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