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Silver Crusade

Female Human Cleric 11/Pathfinder Chronicler 4/Geek 15

This is for strictly out of character developments and any issues or delays you may have.

Silver Crusade

A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 3–7.

An elusive enemy of the Society has launched a campaign of espionage and intrigue from Stonespine Island, the homeport of the infamous Okeno pirates. The Society must sneak a team of agents through one of the largest slave markets on the Inner Sea and track the slippery mastermind to her base if they are to successfully capture the villain, and Venture-Captain Ambrus Valsin has just the team of Pathfinders in mind for the task. Can the PCs defeat this remote slave ring without becoming slaves themselves?

Content in “The Slave Master’s Mirror” also contributes directly to the ongoing storylines of the Liberty’s Edge and Silver Crusade factions.

Written by Sam Polak.

this is a private group.. If you are interested in joining, please shoot me a message. Thanks!

Silver Crusade

Female Human Cleric 11/Pathfinder Chronicler 4/Geek 15

Hi all..

So are you new to PbP's? Read this: Painlord's Guide to PbP

We will begin posting once I have a player quorum. Hopefully Wed/Thursday.

All out of character discussions should be brought to the "Discussion" tab. Gameplay only here. :)

Questions? Let me know.

Silver Crusade 4/5

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Ok, now that we got that out of the way, place questions and awesome cheat sheets to help out below!

Lady O's Question:
So this episode looks pretty awesome except for the epic maps you are going to make me draw. (CURSE YOU MIKE SHEL!)


What in the heck is with that chronicle sheet?!!! Is that a glitch or is that supposed to be blank? Cause that is something else.

Silver Crusade

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Well-Met Pathfinders of PaizoCon 2014!

While there are many of us who wish to attend the banquet, there are unfortunately 250 seats and they are all full. So myself, with the hope of some peeps with cars, are wanting to have a PaizoCon Overflow Banquet at Card Kingdom!

There can be additional PFS/Non-PFS Games as well as food and it is also open to non-Pathfinder games as it is a FLGS! Of course, there will be great food at Café Mox right next door and did I mention Beer? Yep. Beer!


Where: Card Kingdom- 5105 Leary Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107
When: Saturday July 5th
Time: We plan to leave the hotel at 6:30pm and get the party started at 7:00pm and go till they close at midnight!
Who is invited: EVERYONE! Even if you went to the Banquet, you are more than welcome to join us afterwards for fun, hijinks, and support local game stores!

So we need a few things to make the “Overflow Banquet” a success:

- We need a formal headcount! If you want to join us, let us know how many so we can call CK in advance and not scare them half to death. If we have enough, we can try and RSVP one of the tournament rooms, so let us know!

- We are in need of drivers and *designated drivers* for those who will be car-less and/or like lots of beer for the event. Also if anyone has additional information on getting transportation for a bunch of us, let us know too!

- If you want to run a game, leave a note here and we can see about maybe getting it on a Warhorn, or even the “Pre-Paizo Con" one. Which I have to email peeps about.

Anything else, leave below! Hope to see all of you there!

Silver Crusade

So this was accidentally started a little too early last time, but now as we are closer to the event, players can begin fleshing out their plans.

So if you are already set in your plans, go for it and leave your schedule below!

If you aren't 100% what your schedule is or are waiting for the results of the lottery, (May the odds be ever in your favor!) then wait to post until you are settled.

All other messageboard posting rules apply.

Ready? Set? Go!

Silver Crusade

Greetings fellow PaizoCon attendees!

I am wondering if anyone has a spare ticket to the Banquet on Saturday night. Would love to attend, but due to finances, by the time I got the $$ to buy them they were already sold out.

If you have an extra, feel free to PM me. Am happy to either pay cash or equivalent Paizo $$ for it.


Liberty's Edge 4/5

In the Great Hall of the Pathfinder Lodge in Absalom, there is a new posting in the hall's "Open Assignment Board". This board is usually updated for missions where a Pathfinder looks for a longer-term assignment instead of the traditional "quick-mission" dispatches of Society Life. However, these assignments are usually incredibly boring ones, that can last months on end, before you return home. While great for some who need to meet the yearly quota of one mission per year, it's a pain for those Pathfinders who would rather be where all of the action is which is currently in Mendev and in Varisia.

On the board this week, there are a few postings to Alkenstar, Qadira, Katapesh, including a re-posting for a group to survey The Lighting Stones in Katapesh.. There is a big one in the center of the board that has gathered a rather big following.

The posting read as followed:

Requesting Pathfinders, to make an expedition to Belhaim, Taldor, for an investigation survey. Recommended for those with extensive knowledge of the Arcane Arts, Religious Studies, and expert knowledge of forestry and creatures of the Verudran forests. Worshipers of the The Green Faith encouraged to apply.

If interested, please see Mariposa Amberdagger, Junior Scribe and Assistant to Charlotte Amberdagger, Lady Ophelia Stormslayer, and Venture Captain Utan Wormtudder at Skyreach Hall.

So this is where your adventure begins! I am looking for players to join my run of The Dragon's Demand! This version will be done in "Campaign mode" which means you will create a brand new character, and play this one through the game. As your campaign character progresses through the game, you will unlock the chronicle sheets which you can apply to your own PFS characters!

Game Stats:
Game Days: Monday night (Bi-Weekly)
Time: 6pm to 10pm PST (Pacific Standard Time)
Game Start Date: Monday Dec 2nd, 2013
GM: Venus De Coy/Lady Ophelia

Build Stats:
1st level start
20 point buy
No Evil Alignments
Starting Gold: 500gp

Background: A background of 300 words minimum is required. No back story = not considered. If you need help, use the above intro as a great tie in.

Feats and Traits: All Feats and Traits (Including Crafting!) are allowed. Must come from a Paizo Publishing Source only!! The GM reserves to tell you "NO" if your feat/traits may mess up the game.

Drawback: You are allowed ONE drawback.. Must come from either Ultimate Campaign or Quests and Campaigns only.

Races: All CRB Races and Aasimars from the ARG straight. No trait or bloodline modifications on the Aasimar will not be allowed. Don't ask.

All classes, Including Advanced Classes Playtest Characters are welcome EXCEPT the following:

Zen Archers
Packlord Druids
Synthesist Summoners
Master Summoners
Undead Lord Clerics
Monks of Many Styles
Beserker Barbarians

How to Submit:
To be considered for the campaign, you must submit a COMPLETED character build with background to my email address: solanoyolopfs@gmail.com-- Please put in the title "The Dragon's Demand" so that I know which campaign you wish to apply for.

Any other questions, leave here below. Thanks!

Silver Crusade 4/5

I am looking for two more players to join our online game for Wrath of The Righteous! I am looking for fellow PFS players who are interested in getting some "Mythic" play in your life. (Since we can't play it in Pathfinder Society.)

Online Game:
Date: Friday Nights 7pm to 12am--Every other week
Game Starts: November 29th, 2013
Location: Online-Roll20.net
Where to Submit: Email--Venus--solanoyolopfs@yahoo.com

Build Information:
1st Level
25 Point Buy(Nothing below a 7 before and AFTER modifiers)
No Evil Alignments
Starting Gold:500gp

Background: A Background is required to join this campaign. 300 words minimum and must tie your traits that you choose into your character in order to join. No background = no approved PC. No Exceptions.

Traits and Drawbacks: All players will be allowed to choose two traits from either the APG or Ultimate Campaign. The only trait not allowed is Rich Parents. If there is another trait from another source, please ask me and be willing to provide the trait.

You may have one drawback from Ultimate Campaign or Quests and Campaigns. Taking the additional trait however is completely optional. Players will also be allowed to choose one additional trait from the Wrath of The Righteous Players Guide, and be sure to read and tie this trait into your character's background or they will not be approved.

Races: All CRB Races and Aasimars from the ARG straight. No trait or bloodline modifications on the Aasimar will not be allowed. Don't ask.

The Following Classes/Archetypes will not be allowed to play:

Zen Archers
Packlord Druids
Master Summoners(Other Summoner types will be accepted on a case by case basis)
Undead Lord Clerics
Monks of Many Styles
Beserker Barbarians

If you have more questions, let me know.

Silver Crusade 4/5

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So I am about to open the biggest can of worms I could have ever opened. But I feel that perhaps it's time to open it..

The premise here are simple: Ask a "Retired" Society Organizer anything that has to do with the creation, continuance, and even the end of a local chapter of a Pathfinder Society Group. (Cause yes, some groups don't make it. :( )

A Few BUT Important Ground Rules:

1) No flames or fights will be had here. As this thread may or may not be heavily lurked by Masters Compton and Brock, any "jerk/troll" like behavior will not be tolerated and will be banned.

2) Please use spoiler tags when talking about special boons, adventures or meta-plot themes.. (I admit that I am bad about them from time to time too. But let's all keep ourselves accountable here.)

3) I am not perfect, and so I may not say what you may want to hear. But it will be the truth, and always honest. Take it what you will and know that I do not mean to be spiteful or angry in anyway when I respond. The written word via the internet is so good at making one sound like they are mad when they are indeed not.

4) What may work in advice, may not work in practice. But try it before you knock it!

5) I will not sit here and have rules discussions with this thread. I ask that unless Master Compton or Brock says it's okay, that any VO's who pitch in here, do the same. This is strictly for logistics questions.

6)No judging. We all come from different societies and groups. How one group does things may be different from another, but it's important to allow those who wish to learn the space and right to do so.

Ready... Set.. GO!

Silver Crusade

Welcome to Wrath of the Righteous!

For more than a hundred years, the demon-infested Worldwound has warred against humanity, its Abyssal armies clashing with crusaders, barbarians, mercenaries, and heroes along the border of lost Sarkoris. But when one of the magical wardstones that helps hedge the demons into their savage realm is sabotaged, the crusader city of Kenabres is attacked and devastated by the demonic hordes. Can a small band of heroes destined for mythic greatness survive long enough to hold back the forces of chaos andevil until help arrives, or will they become the latest in a longline of victims slaughtered by Deskari, the demon lord of the Locust Host?

After reviewing the material, it is only fair that we will be utilizing Mythic Rules for both players and monsters, but it will be balanced out a little differently to allow a more balanced and fun gameplay for all. We will chat more about that as the game begins and carries on.

We are currently looking for 2 more players for the campaign. Serious inquiries only please!

Logistics Information:

Online Game:
Date: Friday Nights 7pm to 12am--Every other week
Game Starts: Sept 27th, 2013
Location: Online-Roll20.net
Where to Submit: Email--Venus--solanoyolopfs@yahoo.com

Build Information:
1st Level
25 Point Buy(Nothing below a 7 before and AFTER modifiers)
No Evil Alignments
Starting Gold:500gp

Background: A Background is required to join this campaign. 300 words minimum and must tie your traits that you choose into your character in order to join. No background = no approved PC. No Exceptions.

Traits and Drawbacks: All players will be allowed to choose two traits from either the APG or Ultimate Campaign. The only trait not allowed is Rich Parents. If there is another trait from another source, please ask me and be willing to provide the trait.

You may have one drawback from Ultimate Campaign or Quests and Campaigns. Taking the additional trait however is completely optional. Players will also be allowed to choose one additional trait from the Wrath of The Righteous Players Guide, and be sure to read and tie this trait into your character's background or they will not be approved.

Races: All CRB Races and Aasimars from the ARG straight. No trait or bloodline modifications on the Aasimar will not be allowed. Don't ask.

The Following Classes/Archetypes will not be allowed to play:

Zen Archers
Packlord Druids
Master Summoners(Other Summoner types will be accepted on a case by case basis)
Undead Lord Clerics
Monks of Many Styles
Beserker Barbarians

If you have more questions, let me know.

Silver Crusade 4/5

It is not every day that a non-Venture organizer gets to announce cool and fun things. So forgive me for indulging, or breaking protocol, but it's a great moment indeed.

It is my pleasure as the area organizer of the Solano/Yolo Pathfinder Society to present and congratulate Kuya Bernardo as our newest 4-Star GM in not only our area, but in BAPS (Bay Area Pathfinder Society) as a whole. You may known him here on our forums as Millefune.

Kuya joined us in January of this year, and has since been a paramount member of our organization. He through his love of storytelling created a new department not seen in Pathfinder Society much known as "Impromptu Play" which specializes in a "pickup style" format which allows our group members who may not be able to game on our scheduled game nights, the opportunity to get a game in. As well as this past spring and summer as life took it's nasty turn on myself and fellow leadership members, he stepped up the to the plate, and assisted in the growth of our newest lodge in Davis, California while keeping our main lodge in Vacaville up to the mark. He also has begun forging more Society Play in Novato, California and Woodland, California bringing more players into our ever-growing fold.

It has been an honor to watch Kuya grow both as player and as a leader in Pathfinder Society. As such, I look forward even more to see where his journey will take him, and when the time comes I get to present him as a 5-Star GM! Until that day, may I wish all of you to join me in sending your most genuine congrats to him!

Silver Crusade 4/5

Hail all Pathfinders of Awesome!!

You may have heard that PacifiCon is coming. And I am happy to announce that it is indeed!!!

Dates: August 30th-Sept 2nd
Location: Santa Clara Marriott--Santa Clara, CA
Where to Get Your Badges of Win: Get your badges here!!
Warhorn of Win (Opens July 19th!):Warhorn of Win!

Master Painlord this year charged me with a great task: to bring the delightful pa-- I mean fun that is PFS back to PacifiCon in 2013.. And this year’s schedule is truly keeping in the Painlord fashion.

  • We are debuting Siege of The Diamond City: First in all of the West Coast!!!
  • Season Five Begins RIGHT HERE!!!--All three episodes available for play!
  • We are celebrating our love of Goblins with GOBLINFEST! Special PFS adventures with one of our favorite monsters!
  • Because many asked: BONEKEEP:Level One is coming to the festivities on Friday night!
  • Because others also asked: We are running The Eyes of The Ten on Sunday and Monday for those who wish to join the “Seeker’s Society”
  • For our Family Adventure Parties: We are expanding our Young Player options to include Young Players and Teens!

We also have a few awesome plans in the works, that I cannot share with you yet. But keep checking on the thread, you will find out more about our awesome plans to come!

Do you plan to GM?: Well of course you do! Why should you GM? Let me tell you why...

  • Judge 1-2: Get a Commemorative PacifiCon D6 as a thank you for helping us out!
  • Judge 3 Slots: Free badge and Goodie Bag of Awesome. (And I mean awesome..)
  • Judge 5+ Slots: Free badge, and The Goodie Bag of EPIC WIN. (Which includes our infamous Dice Bag of Win-Special Edition for PacifiCon 2013)
  • Judge 7+ Slots: Free badge, and The Organizer’s Bag... (The organizer’s bag has all of the above, plus some special goodies from me Lady Ophelia.)

Don’t get left at home!
Join us for the most awesome 4 days of gaming here in the Bay Area!

Silver Crusade

Greetings PaizoCon!

I am wondering, since I will be flying in, I won't be able to carry all the goodies I wish to buy from PaizoCon into my luggage. So I am wondering if it's okay, if I were able to buy it and pay for shipping home like I would a regular Paizo order, just only there instead of online?

Silver Crusade 4/5

Hi everyone!!

March 30th, is International Tabletop Day! The mission of the day is incredibly simple: to PLAY MORE GAMES!! Now although the day is geared originally for board games, the day is also expanded to include RPG's!

So I am wondering, who is hosting not only board games, but any Pathfinder Society games in their local area? I want to get a thread going so that visitors and regulars can see where there are games being hosted as well as which ones. The point is to share the love of gaming, and win some new Pathfinders in the process!

Share your locations, times, and games below!

Thanks everyone, and remember to tip your GM's with sodas and snacks!

Silver Crusade 4/5

Hi all..

I don't know if I am the only one looking at this and noticing, but are the Scenarios fonts changing? I was preparing The Cyphermage Dilemma and the fonts and headings are different. I know this isn't a big mechanics thing, but is this supposed to be happening?

Regardless I like it. Just had to do a double take is all.

Silver Crusade

Hi there!

I am wondering if there is anyway you can delay on charging my credit card until the end of Feb? Due to a family emergency, I am not going to be able to pay for my subscription until the end of the month. But I just don't want to have to go through all the trouble of cancelling and restarting my subscription.

If that is not possible, please just go ahead and cancel my subscription and I will restart it again in March..


Silver Crusade

We will have pregens available and if you have Pathfinder Society characters, they are welcome to come and play for no credit or punishment!

Our current schedule:

The Mage's Dilemma (Pathfinder) for Levels 5-9: Tuesday, Jan 1st 2013-- 2pm PST
A Wizard's school has gone silent and the nobility of Orsi, is wondering what has become of the school. Your mission? Find out what is going on and who is responsible for the disappearances?

The Trouble With Aasimars (Pathfinder) for Levels 6-8: Thursday, Jan 3rd 2013--3pm PST

The government of a local capital has hired you to parlay with a group of knights calling themselves the “Paladins of Nature”, in trying to gain permission to eradicate a destructive group of trolls. The problem with this? The Paladins will not let you come near the forest as it would be a violation of their codes. So what do you do?

If you are interested in taking part in the fun, please leave a message below here, or email our playtesting department at roleplayspecialities@yahoo.com. All who take part will receive thank you credits in the adventure for your time and get to game!

Silver Crusade 4/5

Hi there!

So as of the current time stamp on this post, The Blackros Matrimony has not yet been made available. But since a lot of us have been chomping at the bit to find out more about this adventure, I am just starting this thread a preliminary chat about what and who we think is involved in this adventure. :D Also, if the author would love to leave some notes they are more than welcome!

This thread will eventually turn into the spoilers thread for GM's so stick around if you want to see how the reception goes. ;D

*Cue classical wedding music as Lady Ophelia goes and grabs a glass of wedding wine*

The Wedding guests are now arriving, let's chat until someone walks down the aisle! (Or doesn't!)

Silver Crusade

I know that the main point of the playtest system is to build the character and go with that, for better efficient playtesting talk. But I was wondering if anyone has any pregens to share from their playtests?

It will take my team HOURS to build characters and so I was looking for pregens to help out and so I can just explain how it works and we can just roll dice and go and at least give gameplay feedback. After the holidays when we have more time, build characters and go from there.

Any help from anyone, Paizo or regular peeps would be appreciated.


P.S: I love you Paizo, but putting a playtest in the middle of the holidays is just a bad idea. But I still love you and I will do the best I can to make it work.

Silver Crusade 4/5

Greetings Pathfinders!

We are proud to announce: The Benicia IncrediCon Holiday Game Day! We will have Coffee, Cider, Cocoa, Sodas and Water available for all participants as well as FREE WIFI for all our gamers to use!!

When: Saturday Dec. 1st, 2012
Time: 9am to 11pm -- Setup happening at 8:30am!
Game slots: 9am to 1pm, 2pm to 6pm, 7pm to 11pm. You must be already pre-paid to have your seat guaranteed! Only pre-paid members will receive priority seating!

RSVP Now @ our Meetup: http:www.meetup.com/solanoyolopfs

Until November 29th, 2012
$15.00 for the entire day! --- $10 for 2 games and $5.00 for one game slot.

At The Door:
$20 for the entire day

GM costs:
If you GM 1 slot=10 bucks
If you GM 2 slots=5 bucks
If you GM 3 slots=FREE! -- With a special thank you gift from me!

If you are only attending one or two slots instead of all three, please email us @ solanoyolopfs@yahoo.com so we can get the money adjusted accordingly. We also will have raffles and prizes for all those who attend! All proceeds from the raffle will go to the Solano/Contra Costa County Food Banks! Grand prize is a CORE RULEBOOK!

The Master Schedule of Games:

Intros One
Rise of The Goblin Guild/Quest For Perfection Part 1(1-5)
In Wraith's Shadow/The Blackros Matrimony (3-7)
King Of The Storval Stairs (7-11)

Intros Two
Severing Ties/Quest for Perfection Part 2 (1-5)
The Sanos Abduction/Storming The Diamond Gate (3-7)
The Golemworks' Incident/The Green Market(5-9)
The Cultist's Kiss (7-11)

Intros Three
Severing Ties/Quest for Perfection Part 3 (1-5)
The Blackros Matrimony/In Wraith's Shadow (3-7)
The Green Market (5-9)/ The Golemworks Incident (5-9)
The Feasts of Sigils (7-11)

Don't get left at home! Organize a carpool and come and visit us!

Silver Crusade 4/5

Hi all!

So my GM's are really wanting to go gun-ho with Varisia for Season 4. Which is totally cool with me, but since we only get two adventures a month, it leaves us with a few scenarios short.

So, are there any other scenarios/modules that run out of Varisia that will help us bridge the gap?

The ones I know off the top of my head:

Feasts of Ravenmoor--Planning to run it again for Thanksgiving Break
The City of Strangers Pt. 1-2--Set in Kaer Maga
We Be Goblins--Sandpoint
Dawn of The Scarlet Sun--Magnimar

Any help is appreciated and all level adventures are welcome!


Silver Crusade 4/5

So once again, I have received a great challenge question from one of my players in my society that I need some veterans advice. (Preferably Coordinators, VC/VL, Mike or Mark) I may eventually start a "ask a Coordinator" Question Thread or something.

So I have a player that is wondering, if they can use 2PA to buy an item of up to 750gp, and then sell the item for half, and then use the profits to combine with their gold to purchase something else they want, (Pending of course Fame/Prestige requirements.)


My player wanted to use his two PA, and buy a wand of shield.

Then in the same go, he wants to sell the wand at 375gp, and take the 710 gold he had already acquired, (from the previous adventure and the one he just completed).

Then combine the gold to buy a bracers of armor off of his chronicle sheet.

Question: is this a legal transaction? And if so how and why? If not, please give your reasoning why.

Challenge you choose to accept? Please reply politely below.


Silver Crusade 4/5

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Title sounds like it says. This is for all the new players and GM's who are looking for some good ones to pick.


1) Among The Dead
2) The Immortal Conundrum
3) The God's Market Gamble
4) The Penumbral Accords
5) Murder on The Throaty Mermaid
6) Among The Living
7) The Midnight Mirror
8) The Ghenett Manor Gauntlet
9) Our Lady of Silver
10) Quests For Perfection Parts 1-3

Silver Crusade 4/5

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So this is one of those interesting build questions that came up in my society from one of my many colorful players that like to excessively think outside of the box and I would like a shared ruling on it:

This players wants to make a tower shield with an immoveable rod affixed to the back with sovereign glue. I ruled technically no, because it requires a craft check in order for it to work. But then thinking about it, was a good thought:

Now, you still get total cover anyway, due to the rules of tower shields. Also sovereign glue is not illegal, but the issue is that you would need a lot to cover a tower shield to get the rod to hold which would easily cost 10 to 12k to get. (2,400k per ounce, you would need a lot to cover the length of a tower shield!) plus the rod (5,000)

So it would take a LONG time to get the fame and prestige to get these items and then try to make it which would take even longer.

My alternate option was this:

Just buy both pieces separately, and use rope to tie and hold. It would take possibly 2 full-rounds to do that if possible or even applicable.

The idea is not illegal, but I am wondering, would it work and would my fellow GM's allow it at a table? Furthermore, is it even a practical idea in society play since due to Fame score and fixed GP, this person wouldn't have enough to buy it until maybe 9th or 10th level?

Thanks a bunch!

Silver Crusade

Greetings to all!

We are a new 3rd party publisher known as "Lady Ophelia's Shop of Roleplay Specialties". We focus on adventures that build the adventurers not from just combat and experience points earned, but from the stories and decisions we make.

We're growing slowly, but we wish to produce quality original adventures, that you won't forget for a long time! If you are interested in submitting something or at least checking out what we have to offer, check out our website: Lady Ophelia's Shop

If you have any questions, please let us know either here or at our website. Thanks!

Silver Crusade 4/5

So.. I just read the rules about the Player Folios being part of the Free Re-Roll Program. (Thank you Master Brock BTW) I do have a good question: It says in the rules that you need the physical copy, but what about those who have the PDF and chose instead to print them out to save just a little bit of money? Are they out even though they supported Paizo? Or can we GM's use our own GM discretion about it?

Don't mega flame me but I have both and physical and the PDF thanks to my subscription. And I was planning on transitioning my new characters to a printed version of Paizo Player Folio PDF. So are they not allowed even though I support the society and Paizo as a whole?

Silver Crusade 4/5

So.. Although the flaming wars have begun about the new ruleset, I would actually like for us to talk about the good things that have come from the new ruleset. We know that we aren't going to win everyone, and we may agree to disagree, but let's shine some light on the positive and not the negative here.

Any flaming will be immediately flagged for deletion. If you've got a serious gripe, go to the other threads that are currently hosting flames. I'm dead serious about this.

Here is my list of things I like about the new rules:

1) Love the new look of it in general. It's so rich with color and smexy new art.

2) I love that we can now take 10 on day job checks. So if we only have one rank at least we can get 10gp out the deal.

3) I love we can play at least some new races. Finally, I get to make an Aasmarian Cleric.. (Now all I need is Viskanhan Inqusitor and my gaming dreams are complete.)

I know it's not what most of us wanted, but at least now those who are complaining about "elitism" and "no love to other races" can be quiet. And if this means the difficulty is increased in our future gameplay, then so be it. I get tired of hearing that PFS is "too easy" anyway. When in honesty, it's sooooo not.

4) I love that the free re-rolls now expands to Player Folio holders as well. Now I am assuming this also goes for us PDF holders as well, so start printing out your sheets for your re-rolls!

5) I am glad that they unified the chronicles rules for scenarios and modules. I hated like heck to tell my Module Marathon players that they had to create new characters and apply it to them, when they had a PC two sessions away from that level.

These are the things I like. What are the things you like?

Episode One: The Journey to Jalmeray
Chapter One: A Fiery Briefing

The adventure begins with all members receiving a message from The Pathfinder’s Society summoning them to Ambrus Valsin’s office immediately. Upon the party’s arrival, they are immediately briefed on the situation.

I am glad that all of you have come. I have a mission for you all, one that will require secrecy, discretion, and overcoming great obstacles. As you know, The Pathfinder’s Society prides itself on not only acquiring the world’s wealth in knowledge, but in fostering positive ties within each country that we do business with. But this country, is one that we have been coveting for quite sometime. Tell me, what do you know about Jalmeray?

Silver Crusade

Female Human Cleric 11/Pathfinder Chronicler 4/Geek 15

Welcome friends!!

Introduce yourselves and feel free to ask your questions about the campaign here!

Sunday we will begin posting! Some notes!

If you have any issues or questions, please either put them here or use the spoiler tag http://paizo.com/people/LadyOpheliawhile in gameplay to keep things organized. If you have any questions.

If there are any special modifiers to your saves or skill DC's please make sure you put them in your character's profile. When it comes to saves, I will do the rolling for you. Only in saves that I need to keep the story moving. All other rolls. will be done by you.

Any other questions, feel free to ask here!

Silver Crusade

You are proud members of the Pathfinder’s Society and have spent a good time training and adventuring through Golarion. Your reputations for being diplomatic and achieving the main Society’s missions of building positive diplomatic ties and acquiring as much knowledge and wisdom as possible through relics have worked in your favor. You have been charged with a special expedition to create a new Pathfinder Society Lodge in Jalmeray, The Kingdom of The Impossible. You must win the respect of not only the government, but the members of the Vudrani nobles, and monasteries. But it isn’t going to be easy.

Basic Information:

System: Pathfinder RPG
XP Speed: PF Fast
GM: Lady Ophelia
Gaming Frequency: Weekly
Game Times: New posts will be available on Sundays, and Thursdays
Starting Date: August 5th
Location: Absalom, and the Isle of Jalmeray
Gaming Location: Online at Paizo.com

This is NOT a PFS Sanctioned Game, although we will be utilizing a few PFS characters as NPC’s please do not bring PFS Characters to this game, create original characters.

We will be also utilizing the Hero Point System with a few changes. Please see the Wiki for more information.

Character backgrounds and sheets will be required to be approved before game starts on August 5th. You will need to submit them either here at Obsidian Portal, or can be submitted below for consideration.

You can see all the build and campaign requirements available here.

Questions and comments can be posted below as well.

Silver Crusade 4/5

So this came up at a game session last night when one of our clerics with a lion wanted to cast "shield other"on his cat. He had the ring on his cat, per the spell requirements but the GM stated that a cat doesn't have fingers so the spell cannot be applied. We were ok with that but it left a lot of lingering questions.

So my question after heavily researching is can an animal companion have rings. As we know they can have armor and neck slots and other things so long as they meet the requirements. But what about rings or bracelets?

Thanks in advance!

Silver Crusade

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Great Members of Good!

With so many sects of Pathfinders working around the world, it is hard to understand how so few use the resources at their disposal to uplift the downtrodden, heal the sick, and spread the teachings of all who preach goodness and light to the darkest and most depraved corners of Golarion.

We at the Silver Crusade work to do just that, however, and your help will be vital in seeing our mission through. For your vigilance, selflessness, and commitment, we promise to reward you as best we can before your ultimate reward in the next life. Until then, use your travels, contacts, and resources to do good always, and our silent war against evil will know true victory.

We are not goodie-two shoes however. We are defenders of good who can if needed, kick butt and take names for the betterment of the world. So challenging us to battle may not be a wise choice for those who are not of our mutual beliefs.

Come, and introduce yourselves here at The Temple of The Shining Star, and let the world know who we are!

Silver Crusade 4/5

We’re hosting our first ever Anniversary Game Day for all PFS players! It’s a $10 dollar buy in! Proceeds goes to our FLGS and to funding our Meetup group! If you have friends or family members who have been wanting to play, now is the time to get them into the game! Also, for those who are preparing for PacifiCon,this game day is the perfect way to get some gaming in before the convention!

If you GM all three sessions you get in for free! (And Venus will feed you!) If you GM 1-2 sessions you only pay $5 dollars to get in!

Location: Olde World Games
123 Peabody Road
Vacaville, CA 95687

Signups for the event are here: Warhorn Site

Game Schedule:

Intro 1: In Service to Lore (lvl 1 and new players!)
Decline of Glory (1-7)
The Kortos Envoy (7-11)

Intros 2: To Delve The Dungeon Deep (Lvl 1 and new players)
The Penumbral Accords (1-5)
To Scale The Dragon (5-9)
Lost At Bitter End (7-11)

Intros 3: A Vision of Betrayal (lvl 1 and new players)
The Many Fortunes of Grandmaster Torch (1-7)
Song of The Sea Witch (3-7)
The Forbidden Furnace of Forgotten Koor (7-11)

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at solanoyolopfs@yahoo.com

Looking forward to a great anniversary game day!

Silver Crusade 4/5

Greetings all!

So since no one has said anything about it yet, I am making a thread about the new episode 3-19 The Icebound Post! So after reading it multiple times and running it this weekend, I have my review. Remember though, your mileage may vary so please don't flame me.

Story: C-

You are going through to the Hao Jin Tapestry which was recently won by the Society through the Ruby Phoenix Tournament. You're mission put very, very simply is to go in there, kick the Aspis Consortium's butt for somehow getting into secret demi-plane and find out as much as you can about how they got there in the first place while not ruining relics that we won. Now the whole story is good and all. But when executed, it's kinda feeling lost and you never find out how in the heck they got there.

Also, if you have players that have never played The Ruby Phoenix tournament, they kinda look at the GM and go "huh"? Or they go "Yeah I figured we won". Which makes it a little less enticing to play the tournament to some. Although Paizo has learned to not release an epic climatic conclusion module HALF-WAY THROUGH THE SEASON. >.< It is kinda a killjoy. Especially to those of us who haven't even played it yet! Furthermore, once the adventure gets going, many of my party members forget why they are even there to begin with. Faction missions were a lot better put together than most, everyone was co-oping each other because many of them shared the same goals but each in their own specific way. If this is the theme were are moving towards with faction missions, then this a good start.

Location: B

The fact that I only had one map to draw out was awesome. But it was such a pain to draw out and make sure that everyone understand what is going on. Overall though it was a nice, but I would have liked to work more with the terrain and utilize the cold rules a little more.

Combat: B

The combat was exceedingly simple. But it was fun to sneak the heck out of people. Also, the scroll-master with scroll blade and scroll shield, is definitely a character I would like to create in PFS somehow, someway. It definitely took our tank by surprise, when he took 1d8+4 damage that overcame his armor, from a small scroll of parchment. :) The party had fun overall, especially since they liked to do non-lethal damage and try and interrogate them. Only for them to accidentally kill the boss, and they didn't get to ever find out how they got there to begin with.

Just Overall: B-
This is just a simple, no fuss/no must dungeon crawl, that doesn't take place in a dungeon. The story will get lost, if players haven't run in The Ruby Phoenix Tournament, or the first part of Rats of The Round Mountain Series. But it's level appropriate, not too insane combats, and room for some light RP so the players will still have loads of fun.

Personally: C
I personally, prefer adventures that have more RP than dungeon crawling. The RP is the whole reason we're in society, and although my table had a good time in RPing with a Gen-Con Tiefling, who liked Pesh(See Inner Sea World Guide). I just feel like the RP was just the filler between combats instead of part of the combating. But it's not a *terrible* module. It's just great for those who prefer heavy combat. Which is not quite me.

That's what I think. Let me know what you guys think! Don't forget your spoiler tags!

Silver Crusade

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So although this has been talked about over and over, I really think that Paizo/The Society would benefit from having a subscription plan for us regular GM's and coordinators (the non-VL/VC ones).

1) For those coordinators, we will get the modules just like everyone else, and it would still be charged to our cards like all of the other subscriptions and put intno our downloads section just like all the other subscriptions.

2) The Society (Paizo) Would get their money for the season upfront. And if a person decided to cancel their subscription they could get a pro-rated amount back for the ones they didn't pay for. Or, if we do it like regular paizo subscriptions, we would only get charged when it drops into our box and we can opt out at any time.

3) It would be eaiser than for me having to wait until the end of the month (or in some cases the begining of the next one) to purchase the module. Subscribers would just get the notice that it's now available instead of waiting and having to check back 20 times to find out that it's been pushed back or whatever other printing hold-up may be.

4) TBH--VL/VC's get them for free on the day it's released (sometimes earlier from what I have heard). If we pay for the subscription, we can get the same time they do without having to come back to the site and sit and wait until it's finally available for purchase. Efficency all around!

5) We're always current as GM's :) That's always for the win right?

This is just my two cents. Take it as you will, imput always welcome so long as it's respectful. Thanks!

Silver Crusade 4/5

Greetings all!

This might be a "probably not" question. But since we're all getting juiced about Season 4 and all the fun things we're going to be doing. I have to ask: Are we going to have a free module like we did last season? Just something to get us up and running for Season 4?

It doesn't have to be three like last year, but it would be awesome to have one for those of us who may not going to Gen-Con or Paizo-Con or a bigger Paizo-esque convention until later in the summer season if at all.

(Our big one in the Bay Area, CA isn't until Labor Day Weekend, so everything will already have come out and been run a couple of times. So us broke gamers and coordinators, won't have anything to do but read all the stories on the fourms.)

Thoughts, ideas and questions are welcome, so long as they are done in polite taste.

Silver Crusade 4/5

Greetings all!

The Bay Area Pathfinders Society is sending a message out to our gamers in the Sacramento, Yolo and Solano County Areas! We are looking for you, to join us and get some games in!

Check out our websites here:

Sacramento: www.pathfinderfan.com

Solano/Yolo: http://solanoyolopathfinders.wordpress.com/

Stockton: http://www.facebook.com/groups/131494766932567/

We're also looking for more game shops, gamers groups and businesses who would be happy to host! Check out our websites if you are interested!

Silver Crusade 4/5

Something I would like to see: Is there anyway we could do what we did for The Beginner's Box, where we had a simplified character building guide just for players? And in doing so, separate the rule book between the character building section that doesn't change very much, versus the GM sections that seem to always change?

Don't panic, hear me out first:

If you really stop and think about it, the player build section hasn't changed since the start of Season 3 and unless we do something major like raise the point buy build or add more factions, it's not going to change much more. And the smaller details from other books are already implemented in the "Additional Resources" for us GM's.

The GM's section seems to always change as we are a growing group that is changing all the time. It would be nice to save some paper and not have new players wading through a whole bunch of stuff they are not interested in or ever plan on using. It would also be a good time to add Additional Resources to it, or utilize erratas between major changes.

It would be cost effective, Eco/Paper and Ink friendly, and would help all of us GM's not feel so darn behind in updates, when only a few sections change, but I still have to print out the 40 page guide.

All opinions are welcome so long as they are respectful.


Silver Crusade 4/5

This is the last call for PFS Gamers in our Sacramento Area! Signups for games will be available till Monday March 12th at midnight! After then, we will be on a first-come-first-serve basis!

Get your signups on here: http://www.warhorn.net/conquestsac-2012-pfs/

Some reasons you should come:

--To Score a Free Badge: GM 3 or more Sessions! All Weekend GM's will score an awesome Thank You Gift Bag from all of us at the Bay Area Pathfinders Society! (I've received a bag--And you can find books, GM screens, dice, T-shirts, you never know ^_^..)

--GM's will be privy to a hosting of The Cyphermage Dilemma on Sunday night!! It's going to be for GM's and special invitation players only! Want in? GM 3 or more sessions, and you are automatically invited!

--We will be hosting a Special Table of the Beginners Box Bash not only all weekend long, but a special game for our GM's as well. GM 2 or more sessions to receive an automatic invitation! Learn how to play the box, and take your knowledge back with you, and play at your home groups!!

--Not ready to GM, but want to help? Well I am going to need Player Ambassadors! Player Ambassadors will be the ones who help new players get started, old players get registered and playing, and search the convention high and low for players! Sounds like something you want to do? Well, we have thank you gifts for Ambassadors as well for those who commit to 5 hours of being an Ambassador. AND--You can still RSVP and play as well! Win right?

--We will have a special "New Players" Kit for all new players to the Bay Area Pathfinder's Society.. It will have coupons and special gifts for those who wish to join our very sexy society!

If you don't want to come after all of this fun stuff. You're gonna miss out on a great gaming time! Don't get left out!

Some spots in need of players and GM's:
2-7pm Slot 2:
Sewer Dragons of Absalom (3-7): Need players and GM's!
Among The Living (1-7): Need players!

All Day:
Intro 1, 2, 3: Needs players and GM's!
Quest For Perfection Parts 1,2,3: Needs players!
Wonders In The Weave Parts 1,2: Looking for GM's and players!

9am to 1pm
Among The Gods (3-7): Needs a GM!

The Haunting of Hinojai (5-9): Needs a GM and has room for a few more players!
The Kortos Envoy (7-11): Needs a GM!

Murder On The Throaty Mermaid (1-5): Got room for players!

Delirium's Tangle (1-5): Got room for players!
Shadows Last Stand: Got room for players! -- I-Venus am the GM :)

Looking forward to a great weekend of PFS! Thank you all!

Silver Crusade 4/5

Greetings all you Pathfinders in the Sacramento and surrounding areas!

Although Azmyth is our master and fearless leader of conventions, I Lady Ophelia (IRL: Venus De Coy) will be your hostess and in charge of the day-to-day operations of ConQuest Sacramento, our yearly hosting of the Pathfinder Society in the Sacramento Area! It is March 16th to the 18th in Rancho Cordova, CA.

We are still getting the game list in order this week, and will hopefully be announcing the specifics soon! We are also (Game Gods willing) going to be hosting a Beginners Box Bash to help assimilate---I mean welcome, new gamers into the lifestyle of the Pathfinders Society!

Never played PFS before? That's okay, we will have Ambassadors on site to help you create your characters and get you into the game!

Looking to host an adventure? We have a generous reward package for those who answer the call and GM.

Wanting to play? Well, of course, we've got loads of Season 3 games and some new releases making their debuts at our games during the weekend. We also have some oldies but goodies available for all those gamers who are current, but still want to get in on the fun. :)

Sounds like fun right?
Why should go?
Why shouldn't you??!!!
Sign up today!

Sac ConQuest Website:

PFS ConQuest Sac Warhorn

PFS Event Marker

Questions, comments or ideas, are welcome to made below! Thanks and looking forward to a great show!

Silver Crusade 4/5

Hey everyone!

So here's a good question for my fellow PFS Game Masters: My society is having an Christmas Eve party at our shop. It's not going to be anything mega, just a few of us kicking it with some food and root beer. But I have no idea what to run during this event..

Anyone got any good ones? We're staying away from the modules, since we will be playing a few of them during New Year's week.

Thanks in advance!

Silver Crusade 4/5

So.. Am I the only one that noticed that the release of Echoes of Everwar the new Season 3 mod just got pushed back to Nov 9 instead of today? HEY!!! I wanted Echoes REALLY bad to play for Halloween.. Bring back my module!

*Casts Mega Command Spell* (CL 100/DC 1 million Will Save to negate)

Silver Crusade 4/5

Hi again Pathfinders!

So life as a coordinator is awesome! But I am encountering another problem, we are expanding into mutiple locations, and although we have quite a lot of marketing materials in our local area, (the PFS flyer, and our Regional flyer) but our FLGS are looking for some "official" marketing materials for PFS. I am wondering, how do I go about getting marketing materials for PFS and does anyone have any good marketing materials to help out in our expansion?

Thanks to all who imput in advance!

Silver Crusade 4/5

We are an incredibly young society, (3 months strong) and I love all of my players and GM's. But we are experiencing a big problem. Almost 2/3rds of our society are nothing but fighters who have no desire to use their intelligence or even use patience. The problem with this, is that this causes much frustration and issues with a lot of players in the society that are not fighters, because all the fighters do is kick down doors and steamroll the entire table. And this is the problem with every fighter at every level.

As a coordinator, it's really hard to tell a player "No, you can't bring your fighter cause he steamrolls EVERYTHING." So what do we do to balance fighting players with those who wish to actually play the game?

All flames and thanks are accepted!

Silver Crusade

So although I formally bet that the answer to this will be "NO." I'm going to ask anyway: Will players who play PFS be allowed to use the playtest system to have alternative races? So long as they understand that they will not get a chronicle sheet for gold, XP and PA? The reason I ask, is that in the past, playtests have been allowed for other PFS characters so I am wondering if this will also count as well.

Thank you in advance for your time!

Silver Crusade 4/5

So I have a question: what happens to those who play factions that are not listed in Season 2? Are they just out of luck for now, or is there a consolation prize or something? We are planning on playing some Season 2 adventures since many in my current society, are not up to a high enough level to continue playing Season 3.

Thanks to all those who assist in my question in advance!