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AndIMustMask wrote:

Now that the forums aren't on fire anymore (for however long that may be), I thought i'd drop the results of my groups run of Doomsday Dawn Ch1: The Lost Star.

Before we begin here's a previous summary of my own likes/dislikes/etc for the system: ** spoiler omitted **...

My group had the same feelings, all but 1 of us has given up with the playtest. We just felt the design direction Paizo is going doesn't line up with how we like to play RPGs.

I'm still looking at the erratas they are putting out, and the newer death system is better.However they would have change the core of the new system for us to try again.

Our group is 4 older players and 1 newer player (2 ex PFS venture lieutenants).

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Just look at the zombie template. It tells what it keeps and what it doesn't.

Paizo PRD zombie template

From that no, it doesn't keep pounce since pounce is a special attack, and Fast Zombie template doesn't add it back.

Skeleton is the same, they both do retain extraordinary special qualities that improve offense or defense (like grab)

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When is the player's guide coming out for the AP?

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phantom's can use items, they just can't wear armor or wield weapons. So you can still put a saddle and tack on it.

also remember your phantom mount can't attack anyone protected by a "protection from " spell that matches your alignment. They never gave phantoms the same caveat that eidolons got.

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Still hoping for some clarification

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The new errata does let a titan mauler use large sized two-handed weapons.

Ultimate Combat errata wrote:
Page 30—In the Titan Mauler archetype, in the Massive Weapons entry, before the second sentence, add “She can use two-handed weapons meant for creatures one size category larger, but the penalty for doing so is increased by 4.” Change the beginning of the following sentence from “The” to “However, the”.

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My Self wrote:

To be fair, you were only 2/3 a summoner to begin with.

That isn't the point of the thread. I feel the class is mostly ok besides the fact that the main function of the class doesn't work as written because of this limitation

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My GM tends to run things RAW, any chance someone from Paizo can chime in if this was a mistake or intended?

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It is pretty clear, I noticed it on my first full read through of the class. So I assumed it was intended and their had to be something else in the class to make it actually work, but nope their isn't.

sucks having a 25gp scroll turn you into 1/2 a class.

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13 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

In the Phantom class feature section it says:

A fully manifested phantom is treated as a summoned creature from the Ethereal Plane, except it is not sent back to the Ethereal Plane until it is reduced to a negative amount of hit points equal to or greater than its Constitution score.

The Eidolon class feature it has:

An eidolon is treated as a summoned creature, except it is not sent back to its home plane until reduced to a number of negative hit points equal to or greater than its Constitution score. In addition, due to its tie to its summoner, an eidolon can touch and attack creatures warded by protection from evil and similar effects that prevent contact with summoned creatures

I can't find that caveat or anything similar for the Phantom. Is it intended for the Phantom to be nullified by a level 1 spell?

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I am sure I am missing it, other wise it is a horrible omission.

The phantom has no clause that says it can touch creatures protected by spell/effects that prohibit summons creatures. The Eidolon has that clause but I can't find it under the phantom section.

Without out the class is essentially nullified by a level 1 spell.

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Alseta is missing from the Elven deities table in the Appendix.

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Avatar-1 wrote:

I posted about this a long time ago.

"Run as written" has since been removed from the PFS guide (possibly even at the time I posted it, though I hadn't realised it at the time - it's a strange thing to omit).

No it is still in there under the "Table Variation" subsection of the "Game Masters" section:


Scenarios are meant to be run as written, with no addition

or subtraction to number of monsters (unless indicated
in the scenario), or changes to armor, feats, items, skills,
spells, stats, traits, or weapons. However, if the actions
of the PCs before or during an encounter invalidate the
provided tactics or starting locations, the GM should
consider whether changing these would provide a more
enjoyable play experience.

dang it got ninja'd by Andrew.

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This was my observations as the GM.

Arcanist - I didn't see the sorcerer tie in at all. No bloodline, no spontaneous casting, nothing like that. Some of the exploits were OK but you had to choose them like spells, and no way to spontaneously do a different one. Just felt like a wizard archetype.

Bloodrager - I liked the lack of spells, but I think it kept too much from the barbarian. Full rage, plus bloodline, and spells played out a little too much in my book.

Warpriest - Loved Fervor really made the class feel unique. I liked the Sacred Weapon damage progression, but I think it needs to be toned down and limited to 1 at a time. They can almost become better monks, getting near monk progression with any weapon.

Swashbuckler - Had some nice tricks. I loved the feel of the class except for 1 thing. It felt like the duelist prestige class for free, plus a buckler on top. He did get completely shutdown against a pair of large water elementals, but that is true for any precision based damage class.

I am going to send a link to this thread for the players to reply with what they thought.

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Blackbot wrote:

Is there a typo in the statblock of the minotaur at the end?

He starts off with a greataxe and his combat gear lists a broken greataxe (and 3 javelins, but they don't matter right now). As I understand the blocks, every weapon used by a monster or character is supposed to show up in the combat gear section.
His weapon is listed as a battle axe and uses the damage dice of a battleaxe (2d6) instead of a greataxe (3d6).
So...what was the plan here? I have no problem reskinning his battleaxe into a greataxe but using the battleaxe stats as written, but I'm pretty sure that's not what was intended here.

(Otherwise great module - I'm looking forward to using this as my first PFS module to GM!)

No, if they choose to fight the minotaur before exploring the cave it is a full statblock minotaur. Otherwise it looses some stuff during the chase and fight with Janira. She greases the greataxe so it is gone and shatters the battleaxe so it is broken. The statblock at the end is correct if they fight it after exploring. If they fight it before use the normal minotaur statblock.

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LadyWurm wrote:
Kintrik wrote:
Rynjin wrote:
LoreKeeper wrote:

If I would issue a complaint against the brawler, it is that she's very un-iconic. There's not much that stands out.
Precisely. I've said it before and it still rings true, I feel like I get less from a Brawler than I do from a Fighter (Brawler) with a Monk dip. It's the same thematically, and has the same or more going on mechanically in the playable levels than the Brawler does.
I have the same feeling.

Me too, unfortunately. I mean, the class looks awesome at first glance, and it sounds cool, but then you really look at it and it's like "eh". It's not that it isn't balanced, I mean it seems to be as far as I can tell, but it's kind of...bland.

What about giving it special moves that recharge after a short break? A sudden burst of speed, a single high-powered attack that bypasses DR...stuff like that.

It needs something to make it pop. Kockout is great but comes WAY too late. I don't see a reason why this isn't a level 1 ability with a short duration (1 round).

I think Martial Maneuvers is what is holding it back, being able to give yourself a feat when you need it is cool, but the extremely limited uses with a fixed duration doesn't make it as strong as it sounds. I would personally scrap it and come up with something else.

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Rynjin wrote:
LoreKeeper wrote:

If I would issue a complaint against the brawler, it is that she's very un-iconic. There's not much that stands out.
Precisely. I've said it before and it still rings true, I feel like I get less from a Brawler than I do from a Fighter (Brawler) with a Monk dip. It's the same thematically, and has the same or more going on mechanically in the playable levels than the Brawler does.

I have the same feeling.

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I like the concept of the design, but when I read it I don't feel like playing it.

My first character is a dwarf Fighter(Brawler), so when I saw brawler in the playtest I was happy. Then I read it, and lost interest.

I actually like most of the class, it just doesn't feel right.

This is what I don't like.

Martial Maneuvers needs more work. I like the concept but PFS GMs are going to hate this class as players waste everyones time searching for feats.

It doesn't feel like a "brawler" until they get knockout, awesome blow, and imp. awesome blow are great. Why can't knockout come earlier? Until 13th level just have the duration be 1 round like Stunning Fist. The earlier version of awesome blow could be an enhanced Bull Rush. Something like you get extra movement, or reduced penalty for moving multiple targets. Maybe let them "crit" with maneuvers to different affects. Something like that.

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Sean K Reynolds wrote:
Swashbucklersdc wrote:
I have no problem with the quality and workmanship of the books, but I, for one, would happily pay the extra $5 a book to have it printed in the U.S.!
I would, too.

If they were printed in the US I would actually buy hardcovers. Right now I only purchase the PDFs.

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Baronjett wrote:

This came up in a game again tonight.

Looking through the updated PFS guide.

+1 Mithril breast plate can be purchased as soon as you have the gold.

Dragon armor you still need the Fame.

Are there any other special materials that need fame? Any recent update on these rules?



Rules updates are in the Guide to PFS, there is also the FAQ you can check, Addition Resources will let you know what is legal from the different books, and there is also a clarification thread but I can't find the URL for it right now.

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Congrats and good luck!

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I just noticed something with Uori.

He is a level 4 Oracle with a +5 BAB. It should be +3. Gillmen don't have any racial hit dice, so their BAB can't be higher than their class level.

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Going off of poor memory, but I think the klar counts has a light shield bash. So since light shield bash is a light weapon it can't be two-handed. Heavy shield bashes are one handed, so they can be "two" handed.

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OK i ran this after Thanksgiving for a mixed group of 4 players. All fresh level 1s. Some new to role-playing all together and some new to PFS and 1 that plays PFS semi regular. Everyone had a great time, the mix is the great, the tips on running it different are awesome.

This is a great introduction to PFS.

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The more I look at brawler the more I dislike it. Holes all over the place, horrible wording, etc. Compared to all the others in the play test this one seems to just not be complete. Honestly I would scrap it completely and start over with a monk/fighter that makes sense.

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Adam Mogyorodi wrote:
Questions about the armour: Is it upgradeable? Could a character eventually have it as +3 piecemeal armour? Can someone who has played high-tier buy the low sub-tier version?

Part A) According the rules for them I would say yes.

Part B) Yes, the title on that section even says All Tiers.

Slartibart wrote:
A quick note on the Stat Block for the T6-7 Silver Slayers; I think their AC should be one higher. They have a +2 shield bonus for their +1 Light Shields, but the bonus for Shield Focus feat is not included.

Yes it doesn't look like the feat bonus was added.

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The blurb has a note in it that this is a special scenario for Sczarni. I'd leave it at that and not ruin anything for someone that hasn't played Wardstone.

There is something Sczarni can find to point them in the right direction during the scenario.

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Have the October scenarios been delayed?

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Were the elves at the end in the cocoon the same ones as at the beginning? Or do you just add the two together to get the victory conditions

You add them together.

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Couple ways on how I plan to handle flying.

The canopy is just too dense and thick to pass through, and flaying under the canopy doesn't grant any bonus besides increased speed. (I think this is covered in the scenario as such)

When they get to the spot where they can flay over, it is only for that spot. From then on the map/directions of the elves rely on landmarks only visible from within the ground. So flying would hurt them as they would get lost. If that still doesn't deter them, if the elf is with them have them mention that Treerazor patrols the skys on occasion and more since the Wardstones failed. If the elf is not there then have them see the a huge dragon like figure with a black oozing axe flaying above :D. That should keep them on the ground.

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It probably came from trample saying it works like overrun, however there is no CMB roll so i don't know it could beat your CMD by 5 to knock you prone.

Maybe because trample says "does not need to make a check" the GM interpreted that as it can make one.

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Sniggevert wrote:
Might want to get a cheap whip for trip/disarm attempts at a range. You can use your Weapon Finesse to make it go off DEX instead of STR when you use the whip.

Weapon Finesse only lets you use your DEX for attacks not CMB. The feat for that is Agile Maneuvers.

PRD wrote:

Weapon Finesse (Combat)

You are trained in using your agility in melee combat, as opposed to brute strength.
Benefit: With a light weapon, rapier, whip, or spiked chain made for a creature of your size category, you may use your Dexterity modifier instead of your Strength modifier on attack rolls. If you carry a shield, its armor check penalty applies to your attack rolls.
Special: Natural weapons are considered light weapons.

Agile Maneuvers (Combat)
You've learned to use your quickness in place of brute force when performing combat maneuvers.
Benefit: You add your Dexterity bonus to your base attack bonus and size bonus when determining your Combat Maneuver Bonus (see Combat) instead of your Strength bonus.
Normal: You add your Strength bonus to your base attack bonus and size bonus when determining your Combat Maneuver Bonus.

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If Street Performing bards can use their class ability to double the gold of the Day Job (FAQ allows it) then Alchemists should be able to use the class bonus on Craft(Alchemy).

Also no where in the Guide does it say situational bonuses don't apply, only that permanent bonuses apply. A class bonus is a permanent bonus so I would say it applies.

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Slacker2010 wrote:

Sorry to dig up an old thread but I was trying to find information on "Playing up". The OP shows what you "can do" but is that a decision that the group makes? Does the GM make it?

How do you determine APL with 5 or 6 people at the table? I know with 4 people you just add up the levels and divide by 4.

This post is 2-3 years old and the rules for determining APL and tier selection have changed. Your answers are in the the Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play. Look for the section "Determining Subtier" in the Gamemaster section.

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2 people marked this as a favorite.

Venture Officers are not Pathfinder rules savants. We are volunteers to help grow and administer PFS as best we can. That includes organizing events, helping others organize events, fielding questions on PFS works, players committing evil acts or disruptive behavior, etc. We are no higher authority on game rules then any other player.

If you have problem with a VO you email or message Mike Brock (email above).

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The cost of adamantine is in the CRB and the PRD. They don't do any bonus damage they just ignore hardness up to 20.

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How I would probably handle it

Since he doesn't have any stats listed I would probably use the Mayor stat block in the NPC codex. I don't see the mayor allowing people to just cast spells in his manor all willy nilly. So I would have both the mayor and Merton(if there) try to interrupt the casting, and Merton would arrest them. At the same time the other people in the house would call for the city guard.

So it probably wouldn't even last an hour if someone decided to cast a spell on the mayor without his permission. Probably about 5 minutes as everyone is arrested and then chastised by Major Colson Maldris.

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good luck in both of your new endeavors

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It is an expanded list of animal familiars. (flying squirrel, fox, goat, otter, pig, racoon)

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graywulfe wrote:
*disclaimer: the following statement is not necessarily an official rule*I have pretty much always felt that Faction Traits are the Campaign Traits of PFS.

But it is actually. The Guide2PFS under the Traits section of Character Creation it says that the faction traits are the campaign traits for PFSOP.

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This is actually covered in the scenario.

pg.12, 2nd paragraph wrote:
All of the primates here are under the sway of the Tik Taan and do not respond to enchantment magic, wild empathy, or Handle Animal checks until they are freed of the idols’ influence.

So saying the mists seem to stop it from working is how it should go.

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Another necro


I am going through this and looking at the dwarf boss Durgin for tier 10-11, his stats are missing some stuff. he is listed at fighter 8/rogue 2, stats: str 16, dex 15, con 15, int 10, wis 14, cha 6 . Yet he only has 10, feats, he should have 11. Fighter 5, rogue 1(combat trick), levels 5.

Also based on the feats he does have the damage listed on his attack is wrong. It is listed as:

Melee 2 +2 dwarven waraxe +10/+10/+5 (1d10+5/x3)

With the feats, Two-weapon fighting, Double Slice, Weapon Focus(dwarven waraxe), Weapon Specialization(dwarven waraxe), and Greater Weapon Focus (dwarven waraxe), and weapon training(axes) it should be:

Melee 2 +2 dwarven waraxe +13/+13/+8 (1d10+8/x3)

To Hit: BAB +9/+4, str +3, weapon training +1, WF +1, GWF +1, enchanment +2 = +17/+12, -4 for one-handed TWF = +13/+8

Damage: str +3, wt(axes) +1, WS(dw. waraxe) +2, enchancement +2 = +8

Comparing 7-8 and 10-11 it looks like they are leaving out the weapon training and the enchancement bonuses in both stat blocks.

The missing feat is just missing can't add that (especially 3 years late), but that missing +3 to hit and +3 damage means a whole lot at Tier 10-11. Is it ok to use the to hit and damage as they should be for what is listed on the stat block.

Jirandiel's stat block looks correct.

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Florent FOURNOL wrote:

5-01 stuff

The old ladies doesn't tortured the dwarfs ! (Even the dwarf prisonner said they saw the old ladies only once, just before being put to prison, then to the question by the Priestess)

They are just old ladies devotees of Razmir.

be sure to spoiler your text.

No they didn't do the physical act, but they facilitated it. The dwarfs paid their "tribute" to Razmir and were then accosted, and taken there to be jailed. Knowing letting your home be used for torture doesn't make you innocent. They are guilty of crimes against the dwarven people. So they must pay for it. That doesn't mean brutal murder, but they can't get off with no punishment either. My stonelord paladin of Abadar would bind all of them and have them taken back to Highhelm for trial. If I had a paladin of Torag, I would bind each sister on a horse and send them different directions. Then I would destroy their home.

These are all my personal views on how dwarves would act in bearing witness to the events. They would not sit back and let those responsible go unpunished.

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Sean K Reynolds wrote:

Torag's paladin code does not say "take no prisoners." It says:

Against my people's enemies I will show no mercy. I will not allow their surrender, except to extract information. I will defeat them, and I will scatter their families. Yet even in the struggle against our enemies, I will act in a way that brings honor to Torag.

1) What's Torag the god of? Dwarves.
2) The dwarven hatred racial ability says, "Dwarves receive a +1 bonus on attack rolls against humanoid creatures of the orc and goblinoid subtypes due to special training against these hated foes."
3) So who are the "enemies" Torag's people? Goblinoids and orcs.
4) So what "my people's enemies" is that part of the code referring to? Goblinoids and orcs.
5) Are three old human women running an inn goblinoids or orcs? No.
6) Are those three old women any sort of threat to a paladin? No.
7) Should those three old women be considered "my people's enemies"? No.
8) Should they be considered opponents, or even villains? Certainly.
9) Is any random evil person on the street automatically an enemy of the paladin or his people? No. Paladins are not above the law and do not have the legal right to just kill anyone they want based on detect evil.

Dealing with threats to your entire race is one thing, dealing with three old ladies who don't even attack you directly (and who, as the scenario specifies, hide in their room because they know they're no match for you in combat) is an entirely different thing.

Don't play a paladin if you can't handle hard questions like "am I justified in killing this person who is no longer a threat to me."

I agree with everything here (I play dwarves almost exclusively) however

The women are holding and torturing 3 dwarfs. 1 of them is specifically called a devotee of Torag. So yes if I was a Paladin of Torag I would consider people who chain and torture a devout of my patron and enemy to my people. That doesn't mean killing unarmed old women is honorable, so I would have to come up with something else.
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Conventions can get free scenarios for the GMs if they have a certain threshold of tables. What if event organizers get free scenarios if they report a certain threshold of tables over a given period.

So say if in a 8 week period an event organizer reports 20 tables. They get the next batch of scenario releases for free. (tables and time frame just examples)

The marketing should be for the stores that register with Paizo and host events. It should be easy to track. Store A registers with Paizo, event B lists store A as the location and is public. Event B reports 40 tables. Paizo sends store A some marketing stuff.

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Daniel Simons wrote:
There's a difference between new players and new characters. If these low level characters are being played by veteran players as their -6 character then have at it, run it as written. If this is a first time PFS experience for a new player then I have dialed it back to make it exciting but survivable so that hopefully they'll come back for more! The best stories aren't the ones about how we beat the BBEG in half a round, but the ones where we eked out a victory by the skin of our teeth.

This is how I do it, and it came up 2-3 weeks ago.

Brand new playes, playing their very first game. A normal NPC in the very beginning got a crit on one of them in the surprise round with a battleaxe (1d8+2). The first 2 dice came up 4 and 7. So I didn't roll the 3rd die and called it a 1. The PC learned the dangers and they had a fun time, and came back in the afternoon to try and play again. (they are coming back this weekend as well).

Flip side to that, the night before running a this is how PFS works game to some veteran RPG players at my home. In the BBEG fight a player gets crit by a battleaxe by a raging barbarian. I didn't fudge that at all, that player died and had a fun time doing it. He too is playing again.

Veteran players can normally deal with death. Brand new ones might get ran off by killing them in 1 blow.

I take the training wheels off fairly soon. T1-2 I'll give hints and such on basic tactics, but by T3-4 your on your own.

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Good luck, but I bet your gonna have a great time in New Zealand.

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Nefreet wrote:
The "Relevant Link" text from above wrote:

Can I Upgrade a Named Magic Item?

Named magic items—including specific armor and specific weapons—are not upgradeable. Non-magic specific armor and specific weapons may be upgraded normally. Magic armor and weapons may be upgraded to named versions if they are the same basic material and shape as, and meet but do not exceed the enhancement bonuses of the named versions. Wondrous items whose names include a +X value (such as bracers of armor, headband of vast intelligence, amulet of might fists, etc.) may also be upgraded following the rules for upgrading magical items on page 19 of the Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play.

Upgraded versions of named magic items may appear on Chronicle sheets.

Intelligent magic items are not available for purchase unless they appear on a Chronicle sheet or are provided as part of a class or archetype (such as the black blade magus archetype).

That is still not what this discussion is about. A "named magic item" is something like Bracers of Archery, or Rhino Hide, or Nine Lives Stealer.

I'm specifically calling out weapon and armor enchantments. Not named items. I believe there is a distinct difference.

The link may not be but rest of the paragraph on page 23 of the G2PFS is. Which he quoted.

Grand Lodge 3/5

Nefreet wrote:

The section you quoted specifically regards crafting magic items, which you cannot do in Society.

But if that's true that I never could have put Reliable on my +1 Musket to begin with, I'll happily refund my money. That hurts less than having to sell the whole thing at half price.

I just figured you could always add a magical enchantment to a +1 weapon or armor. Probably most of my characters will have to be rebuilt.

In PFS you are paying to have someone else do it not yourself. That is why there are fame requirements for max gold cost. Your reliable bonus added to a +1 musket is perfectly legal.

Grand Lodge 3/5

After I read the scenario I was bummed my Pahmet dwarf stonelord had already out leveled it. :(

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