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Dot. Might come back later and share.

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Well, let's see here, for new content, in no particular order

- boabhan sith (CR 8 blood-drinking dancing fey fey)
- The Questing Beast (abberation or fey, maybe magical beast)
- Giltine Psychopomps (I feel like these should be CR 19, possibly as ones who enforce the rules of Purgatory on outsiders and immortals and other powerful entities)
-Mor Psychopomps (CR 6 Serpentine Psychopomps who maintain a presence in the mortal world, silently and invisibly following indivduals of potential importance to fate)
- Knuckers (CR 8 flightless dragons who lurk in wells and rivers and strangle their prey)
- Anasi (CR 12 Native Outsiders, spider-like trickster spirits)
-More Inevitables
-More Sahkil
- More Proteans
- more Asura
- more celestials

Reprint wise, the rest of the Council of Thieves devils, the dwoemercat and skirk nettle from Kingmaker, the new leshies from Ironfang, and pretty much all the fey that havent been rounded up yet.

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DM Beckett wrote:
John Compton wrote:
Okay, let's consider migrating the other book topic ideas to this wishlist thread or start a thread dedicated to voicing support for a particular subject. This should really be for Taldor talk. What else would you like to see in this book?

To be honest, I really hope to see more than a tiny bit of prejudice against the faith of Sarenrae in The Empire. The past attempt to sweep it under the rug was,. . . not very good or interesting.

I'd also like to see Taldor as a viable (and rising) power in the world.

Turn the Paizo norm on it's head and have Princess Eutropia be the true villain behind the scenes trying to keep Taldor from truly rising from the ashes.

Knightly Orders.

Options for ranks and titles.

A LOT of story seeds for Taldor rising.

A LOT of snoody, high brow distain for it's childish colonies like Cheliax and Andoran.

Perhaps most important, and something Paizo has kind of always failed at, showing a lot of good reasons that Taldor is important and relevant to the setting. Taldor has always been the nation/faction that has held the most potential in the setting, and yet, it's also been mainly the nation that's not touched with a 10ft pole for "reasons". Lets change that.

I agree with pretty much all this. Sarenrae being a persecuted faith in Taldor is much much more interesting to me than the generic acceptance we got in Inner Sea Gods. It also makes sense. The Cult of the Dawnflower is currently trying its damndest to conquer Taldor. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to embrace a religion whose followers are hell-bent on occupying you. And before anyone points out that the mainstream Sarenites don't approve of the Cult, that doesnt change the fact that the Cult still has an enormous amount of pull with Qadira's government. They are a national threat to Taldor and should be treated as such.

I also agree that Taldor rising up from the ashes would be nice. It would also give the setting an antagonistic nation that isnt evil. While I love Chelaix, it'd be nice to have a big bad empire who isn't into humam sacrifice and mustache twirling.

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Rysky wrote:
Feros wrote:
Rysky wrote:
Feros wrote:
nighttree wrote:
Are any of the Psychopomps new ? or are they re-prints ?

There are two new ones:

** spoiler omitted **


Algae Pyschopomps are the most adorably badass things ever!

Even more interesting...

** spoiler omitted **


I wholeheartedly agree. Psychopomps kick ass

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Just bought the pdf on DriveThruRPG. Reading through it actually makes me want to halt my Dark Heresy game and come back to Pathfinder (which I haven't touched in over a year).

This project is defitenly a breath of fresh, creative life into the game and I will defitenly try and get an Aethera game ready to go at some point in the future. I wish I had been able to back this but I was laid off at the time the kickstarter was going on. Eager to get my hands on a print copy.

I'll write an actual review in a few days but my intial impression of this is nothing less than amazing. It's definitely worth every penny, just for ideas alone.

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Kalindlara wrote:
Dragon78 wrote:
Also there are no flying winged eyeball monsters.
Are you certain? I seem to recall seeing something like that in either B4 or B5...

B4. The isitoq, a tiny flying undead eyeball you can use as a familiar.

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Well this was an interesting election to be sure. I honestly expected Trump to win the popular vote but lose the Electoral at first but when the polls kept promising an overwhelmingly Clinton victory I had a feeling we'd be welcoming Trump as the 45th President.

Assuming Trump even delivers on a fifth of his promises, we have an interesting 8 years to look forward too. Not just in the States but in Europe too. Multiculturalism has been dying in Europe for sometime and with a Trump victory showing how populist, conservative movements can win, I'm expecting a massive increase in nationalist activity across the EU.

What a hell of a time to be alive.

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Kalindlara wrote:
At least he clarified his intent. I can see how it sounded (as "too anime" is thrown around an awful lot in gaming), but Adjule's clarification was quite reasonable. ^_^

There is no such thing as too anime! :)

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I'm more of a lurker and observer here and I havent actually played Pathfinder for almost six months but hell I'll give it a go. There are more on this list but this is whats at the top of my head.

Todd Stewart
Neil Spicer (Mostly because he hasnt put out an adventure that I havent enjoyed)
James Sutter ( Seems very imaginative and down with weird ideas)
Kalindlara (She seems like she would be an excellent GM and she is genuinely nice.)
Captain Yesterday (If your playstyle is like your forum behavior, you would fit right in with my regular group)
Kobold Cleaver (Most of your posts have made me chuckle and you are a great world-builder.)
Mark Hoover (The worlds this guy has made make me jealous. I also feel the pain of having players not appreciate them.)
Gorbacz (I enjoy his humour as well as his pokes aganist a couple of posters Im not fond of on here.)
Skeld (We'd get every new supplement first.)
Freehold DM (Even though you only watch anime subbed :p )
Scythia (You seem pretty cool and I'd love to game with, both tabletop and video games.)

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Seriously Paizo. I only have so much money to spend on kickass stuff.

On a serious note, as a lover of all things fey, this will be coming into my collection.

I wander if they might do some fey born racial traits for other races, like drow, kitsune, goblins, kobolds, or tengu.

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Kalindlara wrote:

This thing? ^_^

("An adorable, fire-breathing bondage bear" is great, by the way.)


It was such a striking difference that my group thought the pawn had been mislabeled at first.

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Kalindlara wrote:

Interestingly, in Kingmaker, Thrasfyr is described as "a mountainous mass of hooks, barbs, and iron". Kind of wonder what happened with the art.

Kingmaker also notes that "no one beyond the Eldest knows just how many of the Tane still breathe within their hidden barracks". So more are always a possibility. ^_^

Bestiary 2 Thrasfyr art is an adorable, fire-breathing bondage bear.

The Pawn art for it however, is a very menacing draconic esque beast that matches the original description much better.

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Bloodsworn Vale has both fey and dragons! Best of both worlds!

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Todd Stewart wrote:
KaiserBruno wrote:

Heard from James Jacobs that you got tapped to write the Horseman for Bestiary 6.

Is this a dream come true fpr you to stat up these unholy paragons of a bleak and violent demise?

I'm having far too much working on them. I can do bleak and horrific rather well it seems, and I'm seriously happy to get to do their stats after having written everything -but- that in Book of the Damned 3.

The Four aren't what I'm having the most fun writing for B6 though. Stew on that thought.

I know there are new proteans in there thanks to Mr. Jacobs. Beyond excited for that. But that comment implys something else. Dare I ask about the possibility of Protean Lords?

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Heard from James Jacobs that you got tapped to write the Horseman for Bestiary 6.

Is this a dream come true fpr you to stat up these unholy paragons of a bleak and violent demise?

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James Jacobs wrote:
Zhangar wrote:

Which demigods are you statting (or already statted) out for Bestiary 6? (Charon and Mephistopheles are among the ones announced so far; I don't know if you speak about any beyond that?)

Also, yay for more demigods.

Bestiary 6 will have more demigods inside its covers than any other single book we've ever published. Beyond the two I've mentioned, it should come as no surprise we're not stopping at just those two—we're presenting stats for all 8 Archdevils (the 9th being Asmodeus and, at deity level, no stats work for him) and all 4 Horsemen.

There's more, though. Some will be demigods people have heard a lot about. Some will be brand new ones. Now's not the time to reveal that much more information though. Stay tuned, though!

Holy shit. I was expecting two archdevils. Maybe three. But all 8? My wanting for this book just increased a thousandfold.

As for my question, exactly why all the focus on high level monsters? Is this a hint to come for more Mythic level products or maybe high level modules?

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I'll be here to do my regularly scheduled protean and psychopomp begging.

Also The Wild Hunt. We've needed this.

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First World AP is my top pick.

Failing that, an AP for Geb/Mana Wastes/ and Nex would be cool. As would one set in Galt or Vudra.

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1. Humans. Mechanically sound and easy to roleplay. Helps that I'm not a big fan of the other core races either.

2. Kobolds hands down. Though they get the shaft mechanics wise, I just cant help but love the little wanna-be dragon guys. That and they have an absurd amount of customization options for being a low-powered monster race. If I'm not playing a kobold, I'd probably default to humans, androids, tengu, or changelings instead.

3. After seeing four tables worth of Aasimar, Suli, and Tieflings I have a fairly big aversion to them and the planetouched races in general. Doesnt help that my players were mostly min-maxers who played them only for the mechanical benefits.

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UnArcaneElection wrote:

^Erinyes Company? Is this a company of people seeking to become Erinyes (like a certain nearly extinct Sisterhood in Westcrown), or a company of Erinyes that managed to get long-term residence on Golarion?

The Eyrines Company are a bunch of former Gray Maidens that pledged loyalty to Abrogail after Ileosa's death. They were mentioned in the Gray Maidens article in the second book of Shattered Star.

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Were-dinosaurs. That alone would be enough to sell me.

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Not going to lie, seeing this announced was downright arousing.

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Dotting this. It's hysterical and I'll probably end up using these at some point so thank you for this gift to the world Kobold Cleaver!

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Kvantum wrote:
Lev wrote:
I want the same book for good and neutral upper planes, written by Todd Stewart.
Shouldn't it just be a full trilogy - Planes of Purity, Planes of Balance, Planes of Corruption?

A billion times this. That might actually be enough to draw me away from Dark Heresy if that happens.

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My players have learned to fear the twigjack from Bestiary 2. Using even two of these little buggers in the right way can absolutely ruin a party's day.

Although I havent gotten to use them yet, the clockwork constructs seem like they'd be very interesting to fight as a cohesive unit. A few soldiers keeping the party tanks busy, a mage mounted on a steed flinging spells while staying frustratingly mobile, all with a few servants scuttling about and healing whatever damage is done to the soldiers.

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Todd Stewart wrote:
KaiserBruno wrote:
So whats the new protean like?

Well the book is out to subscribers now, and since no one else has answered the question (and since I wrote the critter in question), I'll field the question. :)

The hegessik proteans are serpentine in profile, but plumed and multi-armed, with a third eye. They act like wandering clergy who mediate between and at times coordinate between various keketar led protean choruses.

CR 15. Gaze attack, a ranged telekinetic attack, and an aura of confusion. Various other abilities as well.

Some examples of known hegessiks, including a group that act as servitors of the protean lord Ssila'meshnik, and a nearly mythical individual hegessik known as Galisem the Whisper of Malleable Dissonance.

Lots more and more detail than that little bit. I hope folks enjoy it. I'm also a big fan of the Strix ecology article in this AP entry.

Sounds magnificent like the rest of your work Todd. You actually saved me a bit of work. I was actually going to design a CR 15 protean for my homebrew world so thanks!

As soon as I get back to work, I'll be getting Hell's Rebels. Partially to run for my home group after we finish up Curse of the Crimson Throne, mostly to get the proteans and other lovely beasts in here.

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Dragonfall Graveyard from The Guardians of Dragonfall module has been deemed noncanon to Golarion.

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So whats the new protean like?

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4th edition DnD. That would be when my half-elf warlock, who had made an infernal pact with Nicholas Cage, slew the boss of our adventure with the unholy fires of bad movies.

It was a fun day for me.

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95. During your youth you stumbled upon a small breach into Limbo. Lost and terrified, you were by chance stumbled upon by a scatterbrained but friendly voidworm protean, who took an interest in you and protected and played with you. You spent what felt like months floating in the chaos with your new friend until suddenly you woke up back near the breach, which was now closed. No time had seemingly passed but you onow it was no dream as you gained abilities from your experience. As well as the ability to call on your old friend.

You gain a +1 bonus on saves aganist polymorph effects, as well as a sonic resistance of 5. Additionally, you gain the ability to summon your voidworm friend as through lesser planar ally once a week. If so inclined you make take this voidworm as a familiar at level 7 regardless of class, and you may ignore the chaotic neutral alignment restriction.

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Thank you Kal.

Ignis sounds pretty neat! I have a weakness for fiery casters so I might consider him as a familiar next chance I get to be a player.

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James Martin wrote:

Shax, Noticula, et al I see as being interested in secrets for the sake of advancing their aims. Norgorber is interested in secrets for their own sake. He's the guy who watches his neighbors through binoculars, not because he's really interested in what Mister Next Door is up to with that teenage babysitter, but because knowing that Mister Next Door is up to something with the babysitter is power. You never know when a god might wander up and need some info, and in return you may find out something seedy and interesting you never knew existed. Norgorber's the guy who collects knowledge, who sits at the center of the web, who knows things he's not supposed to. Sure, he does some evil, but it's not about the evil, it's about staying the guy who knows everything.

Cayden is the god of the thrill. He's the god of first kisses, of that tingle you get when you see a lover naked for the first time. He's the god of the rush you feel when you step off the bridge with a bungee tied to your ankle. He exists because mortals know something the gods often forget, with their eternal existences: that even an old thing can have a new side it. Drinking, carousing, that's him, but it's not about the drunkenness: it's about the removal of your inhibitions and fears, the removal of the reluctance to take the chance.

I was already a huge fan of Cayden but you sir just sold me on Norgorber.

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How about a CR 25+ fey?

And im onboard with the eldritch esque celestials. I think they would work well as servants of Desna, considering her origins.

Some more chaotic neutral outsiders would be pretty cool. Once again, more proteans but the Maelstrom doesn't have that many inhabitants. Which is really bizarre for being the plane of primal chaos. Even if they are just one-off beings, the plane needs some more inhabitants. The Lower Planes are crawling with non-fiend race creatures like bebiliths, hell hounds, and soul eaters. Give the Maelstrom and even the upper planes some creatures like those ones.

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At least 5 or 6 proteans.
Ditto that number for the inevitables
i'd like to see around 4 psychopomps, especially curious about the giltine that was mentioned way back in Carrion Crown.

Actually to be honest the category creatures such as the behemoths, fleshwarps, leshi, colossi, and other similar groups need some more members. Don't really see the point of introducing a a bunch of types of creatures and then only putting out three or four to represent them.

Though seriously if we could skip demons for one bestiary that would be cool. Some of the sins that came for the later ones were almost absurdly specific and often overlapped with one another.

Seriously though, do we have to open a portal to Limbo to get some singing chaos snakes?

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Lord Gadigan wrote:

Sakhil descriptions:

Esipil looks like an overmuscled dog-front-half with clawed hands connected to a slimy, bruise-colored worm-tail. It has no lower jaw, instead having sharp-ish-tentacle-growths surrounding a tounge made of strips of semiconnected red flesh. It serves as a fawning servant to those around it, but builds up into frenzies of aggression until ordered down by its master (should it have one). Feeds off of the fear of domesticated animals reverting towards wildness.

Kimenhul is a truly a grotesque majesty of an abomination. It has three giant partial-heads that are bloated and eyeless at the top of its 'body', each of with has overgrown, sharp teeth that come out unevenly. Below that is an amalgam of body-segments of half-present 'things' in a main trunk, which branches out into hand-like appendages that are kind of like split tree-branches with thorns of bone and meat jutting from them. That's perched on top of a tripod-configuration of quasi-legs that end in uneven,twisted meat-bone-claws. The whole thing is kind of draped in sticky slime-webbing. It's really a site to see. It's the big one and rules over Sakhil legions. They like screwing with people with illusions and mind-manipulation. It can perma-implant fear effects into targets and communicate with them remotely after it does that; they can temporarily go into recession but resurge later (requiring Wish or Miracle to fix).

Pakalchi is our contestant in the monster contest. She's an emaciated figure wrapped in and trailing thorny vines. See the Blog for her silhouette. They feed on fear and insecurity from shattered social relationships.

Qolok looks like a bloated torso with a massive mouth in the middle with a giant tongue, mouths on its arms, and a giant toothed gash in the top where the head would be that sprouts additional slender, warped arms. It promotes overindulgence and feeds off of fear of running out of resources / not having enough. Its swallow attack inflicts phobias.

Wihsaak looks like an insect-man whose head...

Wow. They sound cool as hell. Your descriptions make me think of the necromorphs from Dead Space. Which is awesome

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The Sahkil looks freaking awesome. Seriously dying to know what their deal is.

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FallenDabus wrote:
KaiserBruno wrote:
If Todd keeps putting out proteans in here like this, I'm going to have to shift my purchasing priorities around.
If Todd every makes the Storyhour into an adventure path, I'll go bankrupt. Until then, I'll just continue with my usual strategies of buying everything he writes.

Im still waiting for Paizo to finally get around to getting him to do a Great Beyond Hardcover.

Or a Book of the Damned style book for the proteans.

Or hell anything. Everything this man puts out is golden.

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Barachiel Shina wrote:
Now if only we could get more Inevitables and Aeons...

Iron Gods gave us an inevitable and the Occult Bestiary gave us an aeon.

But I do agree. The law/chaos axis line outsider groups need some more support. Though I think the new proteans plus the new protean planetouched in Distant Shores are a sign that Paizo's attention has at least diverted towards them.

Here's hoping to a new singing chaos snake filled future at any rate!

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If Todd keeps putting out proteans in here like this, I'm going to have to shift my purchasing priorities around.

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Thought i'd pop in since youve been helping out with Trilana.

Id recommend adding the grippli at the very least. Make them rivals of the undines for good swamplands with a lot of tension in between them.

Play up the fey too. Maybe the phobetoi drove out a lot of other fey like grigs, nixies, and such. I could see fey courts becoming very powerful due to the sheer number of fey who were forced out.

Centaurs seem like a good addition as an enemy race. Perhaps they aren't evil, but merely imperalistic conquerors from beyond youre region. Or refugees fleeing an even more powerful force, conquering and settling the small race lands because they feel they have no other choice.

Hope this helps!

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Metakarus glanced at the fire runes on his greataxe for what felt like the thousandth time,knowing that they would be there, but feeling the need to make sure. He couldn't help it, being in this damnable, cursed place had set his nerves on edge.

I should have never taken this job, the burly minotaur thought, the old cities are cursed, filled with evil things. Hungry things. But the money is to good.

Metakarus was drawn out of his thoughts when he heard a crash and some swearing in Draconic. Up ahead were two more members of this little expedition, two Redscale kobold brothers. Twins actually. Ferro and Upat. They were apparently some of the best Reclaimers in the area, having an excellent salvage record and a reputation for being professionals.

Or so he was told. Metakarus couldn't help but raise his brow as Upat retrieved his breaker's kit from where he had tripped over a piece of pipe before heading over to his giggling brother.

"Look everyone! It's my brother, the smoothest rouge in all the Freeholds laid low by a simple lead pipe and his own two feet!" Ferro laughed, a clawed hand on his stomach as he leaned against the metal door that lead further into this building.

"Shut it Ferro," Upat snarled back as he laid his kit down and began to produce some strange looking lockpicking tools, "Just remember that for all your fancy sorcery, Shixsa still picked me to mate with."

They began arguing even as Upat started on the door and Metakarus signed. He really missed being among his own kind.

"Is everything all right down here?" a voice that could only be described as a breeze ruffling the leaves on a tree asked, "I heard a crash."

Metakarus turned to face the owner of the voice and who also happened to be his employer. "One of the kobolds tripped over a pipe. They're working on the door now," he replied while staring at Arlessia.

She was a dryad, one of the tree shepherds and Arlessia was quite skilled in the craft of drudism. Which made this job all the more strange, as normally the dryads avoided the old dead cities with the same fervor his own people did. But Arlessia wanted something in this place. Wanted it badly enough she had hired a exiled, honorless Kyzan like himself.

She smiled from beneath the hood she wore, her emerald eyes lighting up with anticipation, "Excellent, soon I shall have what I came for and all of you will be richer than you could have ever dreamed of."

Metakarus was going to reply when the fifth member of their group came down the stairs, Iokvas' sahaughin features standing out as much as the breathing tank strapped to his back and the bombs around his waist.

"Birdboy just signaled me. We got a big pack of ghouls coming our way. And these ones have guns."

"Tell him to start firing as soon as they are in his range!" Arlessia turned towards the kobolds "How much longer?"

"Five minutes. Possibly six."

The sound of growling and moaning soon filtered down the stairs and Metakarus heard the distinctive crack of the strix ranger's rifle from outside.

He gripped his axe and sighed. "Better make it two."

It is said that long ago, Trilana was a vibrant and advanced world where technology and magic blended seemlessly and dozens of intelligent races shared the world in relative peace.

Trilana is no longer that world.

Details are scarce, but it is said that the strongest nations of humans and elves warred with each other, unleashing unimaginable destructive weapons of technology and magic on one another until both sides destroyed each other and their war brought an apocalypse that killed off ecosystems, species and entire races. Scarred the planet with spots of radioactive wastelands and vicious, reality warping mana storms and leaving only dead cities filled with robotic guardians, walking bioweapons, and the ever hungry undead.

But life finds a way, and in the centuries since the Collapse, five races have not only managed to weather the dangers of Trilana, they have thrived.

The kobolds are the most numerous of the races and the most successful. Organized and innovative, the kobolds have built several half-buried city-states across the planet, strange mixtures of Pre-Collapse tech and modern kobold steamcraft. Kobolds are gifted with a knack for technology and they have an unparalleled mastery of arcane magic and while sorcerers are the most common and prized members of the community the kobolds produce more wizards, witches, magi, and bards than any other race. This comes at the cost of most kobolds scoffing at divine magic, as their society views relying on uncaring gods for power as weak when those who tap into the arcane can change the world according to their wishes, beholden to no one. As a result, most kobolds tend towards atheism. Kobolds are racially divided by scale color, which also grants them minor resistances to different forms of energy. Redscales are the most common, with those with metallic scales being the least. Many kobold city-states are connected by carved out underground tunnels and tram ways called the Hollow Roads, however the kobolds are fiercely protective of these passages and other races can only access them with restricted permission.

Trilanan kobolds posses the following modifiers
-2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, + 2 Charisma
Kobolds receive Draconic Aspect as a free feat.
Arcane Aptitude: Kobolds treat their intelligence scores as 2 points higher than they actually are for the alchemist, witch, and wizard classes.

The minotaur are a mighty, proud, and deeply spirtual race of nomads who roam the storm wracked plains from atop their Darkla steeds ( treat it as a furry triceratops with an electrical breath weapon) fighting the elements, bulettes and feral trolls to survive. Minotaurs fervently beleieve the spirits of the world punished the old races for their transgressions and most minotaurs view Pre-Collapse tech as cursed and many refuse to even touch it. They view the old dead cities with superstition, with clans refusing to even let their herds graze within sight of them and viewing enetering them as a dangerous and shameful act. Yet while most minotaurs have a strict sense of honor and tradition, they have their fair share of outcasts. Known as Kyzan or shamed ones, these minotaurs have committed some sort of transgression aganist their clans and have been exiled as a result. While most of these waywards find themselves living in ghettos in the kobold cities, the more depraved or brave individuals settle in the old cities, usually forming loose gangs to survive or turning completely feral, little more than wild beasts who prey on the many scavengers who come to loot the cities. Most minotaurs are barbarians, brawlers, fighters, or cavaliers, with he only real casters among them being shamans and druids.

Trilanan Minotaur Stats
+4 Strength, +2 Constitution, -4 Intelligence, -2 Charisma
Trilanan Minotaurs are Large Monstrous Humanoids.
Trilanan Minotaurs do not retain the immunity to maze spells and can become lost.

The beautiful and mysterious dryads are true remnants of the old world, one of the few surviving fey races on Trilana. Dryads are sometimes known as tree shepherds to others, as due to the poor soil of Trilana and to stay ahead of the mana storms, the dryads literraly use druidcraft and fey power to move the few remaining forests like herds of cattle across the landscape. While some dryads still bond themselves to the trees, most of the race has diluted the bond so that they may walk freely across the world should the need arise. Dryads tend to be surprisingly outgoing despite the often reserved and forlorn look the possess and though they can reproduce asexually, most dryads take mates from the other races in order to keep their population levels up, as the couplings always result in a dryad child. Dryads view the old cities with unadulterated loathing and often launch into tirades of anger at the ancient humans and elves for the ruin they brought to the world. Dryads tend to be bards, druids, hunters, ranger, and sorcerers.

Trilanan dryads have the following stats.
+2 Dex, - 4 Constitution, +2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma
Following spell like abilities
At-will: Speak with plants
1/day - Charm person, Tree Shape

The strix are a race of avians who were once enslaved and hunted by humanity before the Collaspe. Now the strix are free to fly across the landscape unimpeded, free of the chains that once bound them. Unlike the minotaur and dryads, who avoid and detest the old cities, or the kobolds and sahaughin who often loot what they can from them, the strix actually prefer to live in them. They make aeries in the ruined skyscrapers, safe from the hungry ghouls and infectious vegepygmies below. The strix raise small gardens on the rooftops and hunt game in the wilds surrounding the cities. Strix are prone to wanderlust and since their tribes are rather loosely governed affairs, many strike off for years at a time, seeking adventure in other lands before eventually returning to their home aerie. The strix often hire themselves out as guides to scavenger groups and will trade with other races, but the steadfastly refuse to let outsiders know the locations of their aeries. Strix tend toward martial classes but do have a psychic affinity due to human breeding programs in the past and produce more occult classes than any other race.

Lastly, the sahaughin have been forced to adapt to a world that has polluted the oceans and drained the seas. Using alchemy, they artificially evolved themselves to be able to tolerate freshwater. The sahaughin are a fractured people, with small settlements scattered around marshes and lakes. The main stay of sahaughin civilization is in the now landlocked Sea of Tears, where they have major settlements on the sea floor. Otherwise, they tend to wander, never seen without their alchemical breathing tanks of replenishing water strapped to their backs and gills. Because of limited resources, most sahaughin communities select tribal members at random and force them into a sort of temporary exile, where they are not allowed to return to the community with the exception of spawning season or if they have valuables to trade. Thus any sahaughin, especially young males ply the lands as merchants and mercenaries. Sahaughin are a deeply religious people, though each community tends to have a different patron god or local pantheon. Sahaughin tend to be alchemists, clerics, fighters, monks or rouges.

Trilanan Sahaughin Stats
+2 Strength, -2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence, +2 Wisdom, -2 Charisma
Sahaughin are water dependent but all start out with a non-magical breathing tank. Nonmagical versions of this tank hold enough water for five days before it must be replenished and cleaned. Magical versions replenish and clean automatically and indefinitely.

Sorry for the length but this was the bare bones I could give. If anyone is interested in me developing this setting further let me know, as I am personally very interested in learning more about Trilana. I might also continue the story of Metakarus and his companions in a future post if I feel like it.

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Playing through Book 1 of Iron Gods, we got to the bio-dome.

While fighting the gelarn, our drunken brute/brutal puglist half-orc barbarian climbed on top of the creature in an attempt to sunder its shell.

The Gelarn retreated into its shell and proceeded to burrow into the sand and our happy-go-lucky alcoholic barbarian was sucked down into the earth with it.

Our remaining party members, a dex-based human fighter and an apathetic android wizard tried to think of way to detect where he was and help dig him out.

Our wizard's smartass answer to this problem?

"I cast Detect Magic, because life is magical man."

I about beat my head off the table. Especially since it worked (barb was giving off evocation and conjuration vibes like a reactor thanks to drinking a magical whiskey).

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So any chance of a Devils Revisited?

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1. Hardcover Great Beyond. Get Todd Stewart on that stat.

2. Hardcover for the Dragon Empires. That way we can flesh out the continent a little better.

3. Outsider Book for Psychopomps.

4. Outsider books for Proteans.

5. Book of the Damned for Kytons.

6. Guide to Taldor.

7. Guide to Qadira

8. Guide to Brevoy.

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I would use the hell out of a Steampunk or Dieselpunk Adventures book. So my vote is for those.

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If Cheliax had conquered the Shackles at the end of Skull and Shackles, how drastically would that change the world?

Is Lissala going to return her attention to Golarion anytime soon? Perhaps whenever the next Runelord AP happens?

Lastly how does it feel to know you've helped to create a world where hundreds of thousands of people play in everyday?

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Is there a lore reason why psychopomps have a DR for adamantine weapons?

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The Sahkil sound cool. Wondering what there deal is. And to Mr. Schneider are there going to be normal psychopomps in Bestiary 5? They and the proteans are my favorite outsider races.

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