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Hello All!

It seems I cannot get enough of GM/playing, and I would like to run something for my wife.

Last week I ran a small dungeon crawl for my wife and she liked it. This was her first experience of D&D/Pathfinder. She is interested in playing but due to the fact that we have a 8 month old we cannot have the whole gang over, and we cannot both go out for a gaming night over at the gaming house.

So, I will be running something for her. I am thinking of running an AP for her, or possibly doing single modules and stringing them together.

Focusing on the AP side of my search, I was wondering what everyones thoughts were on which would be the best AP to solo? I did a little looking and the last question I found on this topic was from 2011, and a few new APs have been out since then.

The only stipulation I have is this cannot include APs that our group is currently playing. This would exclude Kingmaker, and Reign of Winter. I wouldn't mind an AP that is still in print to make it easy to acquire.

Thank you for any help in this.

Speaking from lots of experience, it heavily depends on what, exactly, it is you have as a character-building criteria.

Here is a list of the APs

Based exclusively off of that:

- Jade Regent - running all of the (N)PCs as, well, bonus PCs works very well

- Wrath of the Righteous - granting mythic power to her is a strong method of ensuring survival (I'd grant a mythic template in addition to a mythic tier)

If run carefully, Legacy of Fire and Strange Aeons may work. If you grant certain exceptions, I know that Council of Thieves and Serpent Skull can work and sort of have built-in "party"-material at-hand.

Rise of the Runelords, Curse of the Crimson Throne, and Carrion Crown need multiple people - need a party, or else you might have a bad thing happen... but could still be fun, for a solo player, if you want to run it with that (either by letting her run a couple of them or by running a party with her).

I did run a mythic game for my wife based off of the anti-dragon paladin in the NPC Codex. We granted her the mythic invulnerable template and agile templates and a couple of other things (some psychic abilities to allow her to make knowledge checks she'd otherwise be totally stuck at, due to her character type).

I then ran her through The Dragon's Demand, Guardians of Dragonfall (though this is technically no longer canon, if it ever was), and we finished with Blood of Dragon Scar. Bear in mind, the latter two are 3.5 stuff; we also played mythic and I granted her some additional abilities mostly because we were in it for the fun and character stuff, instead of actual hard playing. We passed some time in between each of the modules for various reasons.

If you like those, but want more, Conquest of Bloodsworn Vale looks like it could have dragons in it? But it sounds like its mostly about fey.

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Bloodsworn Vale has both fey and dragons! Best of both worlds!

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