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No, I winning. the judge says so.

Now that that's taken care of, where was I?



But of course.

You sure?


I have some bad news for you. The tests came back negative. You do not win.

Neither did you.

Jut keep staring off into the distance there... *sneaks away with win*

You must be staring at the same thing, because I have the prize.


Red Snapper!


The Win... It is MINE !

The being wrongness...It is YOURS !

Quichemeister impersonator

Nickname thread's back that way buddy; move it along...

Error spotted. Resuming to take the winning spot from the kind Hoover.

You're a friend ! Fantastic... that you cared for this win until it came back into the right hands : mine !

I win

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Punts Evil Ewok across Yosemite National Park

That's for all the AT-ATs you destroyed in Episode VI, oh yea, for the win

No win for you, Rum, Spice Kin-ig-lett.

Same goes for the hydropounder.

Winning without resorting to bad nicknames.

Thus I skip you two and win.


Spanky, you were going to say something?



Okay. I Win!

Some other time perhaps.

I win.., NOW!

Now you don't.

Tee he he. Win.

Flies past BigDTBone for the win.

But not fast enough.

Ok then

Yes, M. Hoover ! It's time you (and the other intarweb interlopers) recognize my inborn right to winning this thread !

And so, I win.

But we don't. You know, bowling ball head, people are funny. Put something in the earth for long enough and it becomes valuable. I bet even you would be worth something after enough time.

Sissyly Tyson, stop trying to overinflate your own worth by appearing cleverer than others. That's bullying. I prefer honesty: I'm short and lumpy and probably will be forgotten a couple years after I'm gone if I don't do something spectacular soon.

People are funny. They are filled with a humor and mirth far greater than most acknowledge and their capacity for joy is neverending. Let us not mock and lament the worth of humanity, but instead nurture and embrace it.

Oh, and also I'm currently winning.

People suck. I win.

Non-gnomish people are appropriate and legitimate targets for my Meanness of Great Evil.

What can I say ? The Universe was conceived like that: it's what I think when I'm not thinking of eating sausages with baked potatoes, or choosing an all new nuance for my beautiful blue-tinged pantaloons.

Also, Mark H., your clever ploy of seeming self-effacement didn't work on me: of course, being short and lumpy is an achievement of unsurpassing grace, because it's related to the true gnomish standards of unsurpassable beauty !

Now, this EggPie SpeechImpediment character is committing one of the more monstrous sins in all of Creation, by (laughably and feebly) impersonating ME ! !

Repent ! Repent before the Fires of Quichedom consume your arrogant ass !

Also, Sissyl, beware ! I've already scribbled down in my Black Book of Grudges some of your more egregious attacks on my sunny character. A reckoning is at hand (give or take a millenia or two... Yeah, I'm used to thinking on cosmic scales, you hat-challenged witch !)

Oh, I win, too !

Hat challenged??? HAT CHALLENGED???

I'll have you know this is a Mangetete from the 1014 spring collection of Abothel couture, inc. What would a lowly gnome know of fashion?


I wear the best hat of all, and its CANON!

Thus I win.

PAH! you don't.

The Hatless Andoran Regime of Mortalkind, or H.A.R.M. will not take this insult! Those who choose to share their heads with the world have been discriminated against for TOO LONG!

Dark Archive

It is good to be the winner again.

Now this is a hat

Andrew, you've got to be number one! I won't tolerate any losers in this family...Your intensity is for shit! Win. Win! WIN!!!

Breakfast Club? Does this mean I win

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