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I just want Half-Orcs to exist still. And be hot. Especially the guys.

There needs to be a Sarlacc.

I haven't yet read this whole thread, so maybe this has been addressed or maybe it hasn't, but I'd like to ask it anyway:

What fantasy do you hope the Powered Armor will fill?

Are we talking something big, slow, and heavy like the powered armor of Fallout, something slimmer and more versatile like the Iron Man armors, or maybe even something as simple as the armor worn in Mass Effect?

I'm personally hoping for something along the lines of the Iron Man suits, powered armor that can be worn by more than just the guy with Heavy Armor proficiency and a dumped DEX stat.

187) This bright blue star in the night sky can be seen clearly on any night and is commonly used by navigators as a point of reference when traveling at night. However, those pure of heart and strong in conviction that pray to this star oftentimes have their prayers answers or granted divine powers...

VRMH wrote:
Does a Paladin fall if he sings falsetto?

Something else might have if he's a bass.

Battle Host?

Brain in a Jar wrote:
ryric wrote:

Was Still Spell ever about making magic subtle? I always though it was for avoiding ASF, casting while tied up, and that sort of thing.

I am sad that Pathfinder has no mechanic for disguising spellcasting, but that's another topic.

There is this ** spoiler omitted **

There might be others i just did a quick check.

There is also the Hidden Priest archetype for the cleric that's all about disguising spell casting for clerics.

Dotting for later.

Milo v3 wrote:
spellthief, truenamer

I would think "spellthief" is already covered by the Arcane Trickster.

As for Truenamer, Wizards have that power as one of their Arcane Discoveries... not a class/PRC/whatever, but it's something.

I'd love to see what you make of the Runemaster class from the WoW TTRPG.

I tried to put an update together a while back, but there's probably a lot more that could be done to make it better.

Protoman wrote:

  • Obviously if the pyro takes a move action to move 30 ft forward and then takes a standard action to flame jet straight up 30 ft, he ends his turn in mid-air, and doesn't fall until his next turn where he gets to use flame jet to avoid falling.
    BUT, what if he uses the flame jet standard action first, and move action to draw a weapon or something afterwards? After the flame jet, he hasn't ended his turn yet as he still has an action left, does he hang in the air or drop down like a rock? If it's the latter, can one simply flame jet up, declare turn over (and give up other actions) and stay in the air?

Don't think of it as "which action did you use first", think of it as "did you use the action at all?". If you used the action that round to keep yourself in the air, you're in the air in the spot you ended up at (be it because you stayed in one place or moved) until the next round.

  • Flame Jet just says the pyro is propelled up to 60 feet in a straight line. That's obviously more limiting than flight which allows one to turn or maneuver in general. However flight involves actual movement with a fly speed and flame jet doesn't. Does flame jet simply propel the pyro from point A to point B with no regards to encumbrance/load? I'm wondering if I can carry others on my back or in my arms and simply propel us 60 feet horizontally or 30 feet upwards. If I can, then the previous question of whether I drop down after flame jetting as my first action becomes DOUBLY important!
  • This one needs Mark's official ruling, since the ability doesn't say anything about weight.

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    There's one thing that I've noticed when looking at the Bonded Object vs Familiar debate myself that I'm kinda surprised hasn't come up in the discussion at all (or if it has I've just missed it):

    The Familiar grants a good amount of benefits up-front, but two very important things: it's Natural Armor and INT score (plus some other abilities), are tied to the level of the class that grants it. If you decide to go into a prestige class, the power of your familiar is gonna be stunted until you can start putting levels into that class again (if ever).

    The Bonded Object, on the other hand, provides all of its benefits up-front and scales in power with the level of your spells, which is something that typically will continue to scale even if you multi-class/prestige.

    When I was looking at building a Mystic Theurge a good while back (when the early entry SLA trick was still valid), I noticed that my familiar wouldn't be getting stronger again until 13th level or so (when I'd be done with MT and could start taking levels of Wizard again); this would have left it really weak and in a lot of danger of dieing to anything we might fight at the time.

    The Bonded Object would only lose out on a single level of spell progress (the one level I took of Cleric) but continue to be useful as I gained more spell levels via MT. Having it be a ring meant I could keep it safe on my person and generally untargetable.

    I'm trying to round out a part consisting of a Swashbuckler, a Fighter, a ranged Paladin, a Magus, and a Stormborn Sorcerer.

    The party is really heavy on Hammers, so I figured I'd make a character that would pull double duty as both an Arm and an Anvil (probably more Anvil than Arm), but can't really decide on a class to go with.

    According to the GM, spontaneous casters are forbidden (the Sorcerer was given an exception because of a very good character concept), as is the Witch, but the Shaman is open.

    So this leaves the Alchemist, Arcanist, Cleric, Druid, Shaman, and Wizard that I feel could reliably fill the role of Anvil/Arm, but can't decide which class to go with that might best supplement the group.

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    MaxAstro wrote:

    I would go with a two-bladed sword modified into a two-bladed axe. Keep the damage the same, but change the critical from 19-20, which is usually a "sword" crit range, to x3, which is the standard "axe" crit range.

    EDIT: Also, that picture does show the weapon being two-bladed; if you look at the bottom near Ajani's feet you can see the second blade.

    What you're describing already exists: it's the Orc Double Axe. 1d8/1d8 DMG(M), 20/x3 crit range, 5 lbs heavier than the Two-Bladed Sword but 40 gold cheaper.

    Lunistra wrote:

    If you are an aether kineticist and have

    Light touch
    Extended range
    Telekinetic haul
    And of sufficient lvl for the 100lbs / lvl

    Could you not lift a row boat or cauldron or carpet with yourself in/on and have basically 30' flight?

    There is the concentration problem if you fail but other than that.

    I would say you could, but it feels inferior to just picking up Self Telekinesis and Greater Self Telekinesis.

    Self Telekinesis vs Light Touch:

    Both methods require spending a move action in order to fake flying, but here's where ST/GST come out ahead of LT/TH:

    • It doesn't actually require you to be standing on anything.
    • Unless you're also picking up Extreme Rage, LT/TH maxes out at 30ft of movement while ST/GST has a max of 60ft.
    • It allows you to hover in the air, instead of constantly having to move around.
    • And most importantly, ST/GST is explicit in what it accomplishes, so you don't need a GM who will agree that LT/TK allows you to travel with the object you're throwing around.

    Although I will say this in Light Touch/Telekinetic Haul's defense: seeing someone sitting in a hovering throne that they're keeping up with their own telekinesis would be pretty badass.

    A minor thing, but it might be easier to just list the weapon proficiencies like:

    Proficient with all simple weapons and all one-handed weapons in the Heavy Blades and Light Blades fighter weapon groups and one-handed slashing weapons in the monk weapon group.

    Uses much less text to get the same point across.

    Milo v3 wrote:
    I do hope there ends up being some way for kineticists to make magic item in the end.

    Don't expect it to. The Kineticist is not a spell caster, after all, even if a few of the Wild Talents do replicate spell effects.

    Combat Expertise seems like something that Paizo should hopefully revisit in the Unchained book.

    Yrtalien wrote:

    I tried looking this up on the forums but the answers were contradictory. Does my kineticist have a Caster level... can he take crafting feats... Someone please help.


    Yes and no. You have a caster level, but only for the purposes of determining how powerful some of your Wild Talents are (since a couple of them replicate spell effects), and I think for bypassing SR (though I would need to double-check on that), but not for crafting feats.

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    I think you forgot the +5 Inherent bonus to DEX offered by a Manual of Quickness of Action, which would bring your DEX score up to 48, for a +19 DEX Mod.

    Good catch with Heroism/Greater Heroism. That can easily be picked up with the Heroism domain, for a +4 Morale bonus.

    Chess Pwn wrote:

    Moment of Prescience - This spell grants you an insight bonus equal to your caster level (maximum +25) on any single attack roll, combat maneuver check, opposed ability or skill check

    This maxed can increase your skill by 23

    Cleromancy - Roll 1d4 per caster level. Group the dice by like results, and choose one of the groups. For the duration of cleromancy, you can apply a luck bonus equal to the result of the selected dice to any d20 roll.

    So this can increase it by another 5 if you have fate's favored trait.

    Moment of Prescience wouldn't work, unless there was a way to add the spell to the cleric's spell list, since the NPC is supposed to be able to make the check without outside support.

    Cleromancy would work, though. The Extra Traits feat can give me Fate's Favored to bring that up to the potential +5 bonus.

    Apocryphile wrote:

    There are, but the OP is talking about Perform (Sing).

    You could probably change the instrument to a larynx, but that would be icky.

    Or some kind of megaphone.

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    Inlaa wrote:
    Example 2: Compensation

    Given how most adventurers act, I don't think that'd work all that often.

    I do have to agree a bit with Unassuming Local Guy, though. I think the best way to go about this kind of character is to have it be a fairly unique NPC that was important to the plot,

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    So I found two more: the Prodigy feat gives an untyped +2 to any Perform check, and the Lozenge of the Songbird gives a +2 alchemical bonus.

    So if my math is correct, here's the complete list of how it gets this high:

    Make Azmodeus Weap:

    Human, 20th level Cleric of Shelyn
    Feats: Defiant Luck, Inexplicable Luck, Magnum Opus (Completed), Prodigy, Skill Focus (Perform [Sing])
    Traits: Talented (Perform [Sing]), Inner Beauty
    Spells: Tap Inner Beauty

    18 Base Charisma + 2 Racial Bonus + 5 Level-Up bonuses + 5 Inherent Bonus (from Tome of Leadership and Influence) + 6 Enhancement Bonus (from Headband of Alluring Charisma) = 36 Charisma Score = +13 Charisma Modifier

    20 Skill Ranks + 3 for being a Class Skill (from Talented trait)

    For the typed bonuses, you have:
    + 2 Circumstance and + 10 Sacred Bonus (from Instrument of the Divine) + 2 Insight Bonus (from Tap Inner Beauty) + 4 Trait Bonus (from Inner Beauty) + 5 Competence Bonus (from Bracers of Glib Entertainer) + 2 Alchemical Bonus (from Lozenge of the Songbird) = +25 to Perform (Sing)

    For untyped bonuses, you have:
    + 6 from Skill Focus (Perform [Sing]), + 5 from Magnum Opus (Completed) + 8 from Inexplicable Luck + 2 from Prodigy = +21 Untyped Bonus

    Having Magnum Opus (Complete) allows me to take 15 on my perform check, so using that as a minimum:

    15 (minimum d20 roll) + 23 (Skill Ranks and Class Skill Bonus) + 13 (Charisma Modifier) + 25 (Typed Bonuses) + 21 (Untyped Bonuses) = 97 Perform (Sing) check, maxing out at 102 on a natural 20.

    Discardo wrote:

    In theory, couldn't you up the age category to get your charisma a bit higher, which would then count towards perform of course?

    I've also heard of some succubus nonsense that can give you a profane bonus to charisma.

    Unfortunately, the increase to INT/WIS/CHA for being middle-aged and older is only a +1, so the CHA mod wouldn't change.

    VRMH wrote:
    • Inner Beauty trait (requires worshipping Shelyn): +4 to a perform check once a day.
    • Inexplicable Luck feat (requires Defiant Luck and being Human): +8 to a d20 roll.
    • Deific Obedience feat (Shelyn): +4 sacred bonus to perform.

    The Deific Obedience, unfortunately, would not stack as the Instrument of the Divine already provides the Sacred Bonus (of +10 if at least a 19th level Cleric).

    However, the Inner Beauty trait showed me the Tap Inner Beauty spell, which gives me an addition +2 as an Insight bonus, and it's usable by Clerics, I could still use that with this particular NPC.

    Add on the +5 competence from the bracers, and that brings the modifier up to +77, for a final check of a 92-97.

    Now if only I could find some other bonus that gives at least a +3...

    Is there really no alchemical bonuses I could get to a skill check?

    As the title says, I'm trying to figure out how high you can possibly get a perform check (specifically Perform [Sing]), with the intent of eventually being able to easily pass the DC 30 perform checks for an extraordinary performance without anyone providing assistance on the check (ie. no Aid Another or Inspire Competence).

    I'd be doing this with an NPC, so it could be entirely devoted to maxing out this skill (so it wouldn't be a detriment to the rest of the party).

    I figure a starting CHA of 20 (18 plus 2 from a racial bonus), +5 through level-up bonuses and another +5 through inherent bonus books, and the +6 headband, bringing it up to 36 for a CHA mod of +13.

    At first I was thinking of going Bard for this, but looking over the class, I didn't immediately see anything on it that gave me bonuses to my perform checks; I did however find the Instrument of the Divine, which counts as a masterwork instrument (so a +2 circumstance bonus) and gives a sacred/profane bonus based on my channel-energy dice, which makes me think a Cleric might do better for this.

    Skill Focus (Perform [Sing]) for a +6, Magnum Opus (Completed) for a +5 and the ability to take 15 on the skill check, a trait for a +1 bonus and making it a class skill (for another +3), 20 ranks in it.

    With all that thus far, it comes out to a +58 on the skill check, which comes out to at least a 74 if I "take 15" on it, up to a max of 79 if I roll a natural 20.

    I feel like there should be more I could add to this to increase the check even higher, but I can't seem to think of anything else that might provide a boost to it.

    The Vestments of War wondrous item reads:

    "If worn by a creature capable of casting divination spells who worships a specific deity..."

    I think that's supposed to be "divine spells" not "divination".

    Ugh... six more days until the PDF version comes out. x.x It all sounds so good!

    Dodge bonuses are the only type of named bonuses that stack, regardless of source, so it's kinda redundant to say it stacks with other dodge bonuses.

    Weapon Focus can be taken with the Kinetic Blast.

    Wouldn't that mean it qualifies as a weapon attack for the purposes of things like Point-Blank Shot and Precise Shot, just like Rays?

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    Fun Fact: Lucifer isn't immune to negative energy effects or ability damage.

    Now it needs a variant where the item is a belt and you become Kamen Rider.

    While I have yet to use this idea, it's something that I've been kicking around in my head for quite some time and would eventually like to try out and hinges on something I read a while back that I really wish I could find again.

    Essentially, the book proposed that you didn't actually have to do evil things in order to have an evil alignment, or at the very least that someone could be evil and still be a fairly nice, upstanding person. I don't remember what else the passage talked about, but that part stuck with me and lead me to what I think might be a way for this kind of character to work:

    A character that is totally okay with slavery (or "indentured servitude", depending on how defensive the person might be), or whose family work as slavers or in human trafficing. They're a nice, respectful person, keeps himself out of trouble, doesn't have any desire to steal or kill innocent people... though isn't too fond of people asking for donations, or thinks the "surplus population" might be more useful in slavery instead of dieing of diseases on the streets and smelling like everything wrong.

    It's probably not enough that it might cause an issue, but enough that you still earn the Evil alignment.

    A Holy Avenger is a very specific type of +2 cold iron longsword that has the unique ability to become a +5 holy cold iron longsword (plus extra) in the hands of a Paladin.

    Having a +2 cold iron longsword does not automatically make it a Holy Avenger.

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    A room... WITH A MOOSE!

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    I would also vote for Kirito from Sword Art Online... because I'd love to find out how he makes dual-wielding longswords so effective.

    I'd also vote for Aang/Korra from the ATLA/LoK series, though we'll have to see how Kineticist looks when it comes out in full.

    Arturus Caeldhon wrote:
    Ha my current PCs are all nice boys from a nice quiet town :P...except that one fellow. He's a corner case, though.

    Even nice people have their limits, and being Geas'd without any prior consent (regardless of the associated task) could very well be one of those things that makes you realize why you don't push the nice guy too far.

    I agree with chaos that whatever NPC does this is probably gonna be an enemy of the PCs and players forever.

    64) The Rainbow Winds

    This large forest is located in a small valley between two mountain ranges and is home to a population of harmless caterpillars far larger than it can seemingly possibly sustain. At the beginning of spring, the caterpillars emerge from their cocoons and take to the air by the thousands, riding on spring wings and coloring the sky with their vibrant wings. Most migrate out of the valley to other lands, while some remain in the valley to lay their eggs.

    This mass migration of butterflies makes the forest a popular pilgrimage site for worshipers of Shelyn and Desna, with some even considering it a minor holy site for both deities.

    Mal Ignant.

    Imbicatus wrote:
    Enchantment - Flowers or Chocolate

    An interesting idea, but I don't think it goes far enough.

    If Enchantment smelled like anything, I think it would smell like the Amortentia, in that the scent changed from person to person depending on what was attractive to them... or in the case of spells with the Fear descriptor, smells that repulsed them.

    I know this is probably really last-minute to ask, but the thought just occurred to me recently: how does Kineticist fit in with the Mythic rules?

    Are there or will there be new mythic options to supplement the Kineticist (if not in this book, then some other book at a future date)?

    Mark Seifter wrote:

    *Overhauled feel the burn, named "elemental overflow" for now: Not only do you get twice as much damage out of it as before, but the elemental essence within you grants you size bonuses to physical attributes that you get to divide as you like (perhaps your deal is sand, so you get more Dex than usual for earth; who am I to judge?) The elemental form wild talents will still exist but give you less stuff (not the size bonuses for one) and probably not cost burn, with a cool thematic (imagine your quasi-aqueous body floating inside a glowing mass of tendrilled water, for instance).

    So I'm a little confused here:

    Since we now get size bonuses, does that mean we are forced to change in size as we accumulate burn?

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    28) YU-GI-OOOOHHH!

    I'm really looking forward to the second iteration of the kineticist.

    Burn is very taxing just to be okay compared to other classes.

    I would love to see Paizo take a stab (hehe) at their own version of DSP's Soulknife; being able to create your own weapon has always been a cool concept with me and I'd love to see something like it that wasn't 3rd party.

    I'd also really like to see male half-orc eye candy. Seriously. Give us a sexy half-orc guy.

    A sexy half-orc dude... that's all I want... is that really so much to ask for?

    Raging Scholar (Hurler Barbarian / Wizard)
    Taking "throw the book at them" quite literally.

    The core races as is are fine, except for Gnomes.

    I hate Gnomes. I've never seen any variant of Gnomes that I've ever liked.

    I'd probably exchange them for Warforged or some psionic race (like DSP's Maenad or Elan).

    There is a good way of allowing time travel into the past without breaking the established canon:

    Send the players back in time to stop a villain from changing history.

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