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Many thanks for this!

Hopefully after this pandemic starts to fade away, we see even more content to this wonderful game!

Nice to see that there still are new chapters to the season 7 coming in this year! Many thanks for that!

Really hope that after this pandemic is fading away, we see resurrection of this wonderful game!

Yeah. Still playing!

This sound interesting! Keep us updated to the project!

Is there printable version of that page?

The link to the conversion guide does not seems to work any more...

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Just asking if these Are somewhere in character sheet format, or is that something for later part of this project?

Yep. I agree with Longshot in here. The power apply to top card, but you can examine both, so you have more information for the next explore.

If exploration is one step, you can only use one blessing during that step one ally and so on. So if you explore twice you can not use any cards during the second explore, if you did use those in the first explore, if They Are indeed the same step.
In old rules if you have 7 allies in you hand you could explore 8 times, because there was no limit. Now if we count explore step and one Step as a whole (as rules says) you can not do that.
Or if you use armor during first explore, you could not use armor any more during second explore and so on. And that seems to not to be purpose? If i am not wrong.
So inside steps there Are steps and the problem is when the restriction resets. For example. You explore using ally. You meat monster, you have ally that gives combat boost to combat, but because you already used ally in explore step and you Are still resolving you explore you can not use that ally, unless it is different step, but as I sais it is not different step, because you Are in explore step and the limit comes from explore step even you have new encounter... Lets say you did use weapon during the first explore so you could not play even weapon during the second explore, because you allready have used weapon in explore step... So what and when those limits reset is not clear when phases Are Also steps and during all those steps there Are more steps inside. So what step affect those sub steps. The rule was meant to handle all those steps, but it means if ruled very strictly that you Are very limited what you can do if you need similar checks during those steps...

Ah true!

Hmmm would it that case be easier to say use 24 plessings and 6 proxys when making hourglass?
For me this sound like those proxys comes out exactly every fifth rounds...

Yeah... was so in old when before you act damage and after your act damage required different way to be reduced... or Are we asuminen that the redusing armor is Display to reduce type and because of that can be used multible times?
All in funny thing. This vs only one card / step rule seems to contardict each other but what I know ;)
So official ruling and a catecismusm how to interpret these ruling would be nice!

Bob Jonquet wrote:
People have invested a lot into the class decks, some hundreds to have a complete set. I can imagine most of them will be exceedingly upset if all of that is now obsolete and in addition to buying yet another base box, and expansions for future stories, they have to replace their entire class deck collection. The card game is already at a sensitive place being that the rules were essentially revised into v1.5 and OP is very spotty. Adding a big price tag for continued participation is likely to hurt it even further.

People could use old classdeck or the new one. They could not mix those decks... that is how I would see it!

All in all I have all released class decks and I would definitely buy new class decks, because it is easier to use full new decks than remember all those erratas... or suffer from not too speak Gaming experience.

Yep, if the original use die, use die unless there will be errata!

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My headache is getting worse...

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Most easiest way would be strict turn order, where there Are spesific timing slot when player could use any or some effect.
Before you explore: can use any effect
Encounter phase: can use any effect that directly affect the encounter
Damage phases can use effect that prevent/alter damage
After encounter: can use any effect

Not sure if something like that would help, be ques there Are those powers that could help, but maybe not...

How about old versions that gives Front only when discarded? Errated now?

Duh... this games gives me headache from time to time... ;)

Was there suposed to be promo cards in the shipment? Have not looked my cards so far... if there should be promos, what Are they? I supose that I did only get those base cards.

Yep. Giving her arcane skill during the encounter phase and recovery phase seems to be best solution Until we get official errata...
And, Yep errated character sheets would be very usefull. How easy it is forget some of those changes, while using old character sheet... very...

I would like to see those errated cards as an print on demand aka drive through cards in one day. Not yet, because the list is moving target for some months, but at the end of this year, it should be good enough? At least those special cases. Less cards you have to really remember, instead of few general changes.

Not exactly. If you take 0 you fail the check and suffer consequences. In old r.ules you could just chose not to check. This new one is somewhat better because it does not allow ”gaming” the system.

Yep. Definily hoping to see upgraded versions some day!

Core box can only hold core box cards. curse needs separate box... Not sure how you can have all those cards sufled together. Maybe we need ”current game box” or some other way of keeping all current cards in one place?
Hopefully we get some product that can store all current story cards in one place, that is easy to transport, is big enough to all possible core + what ever adventure pack combinations with all promos and card sleeves and rules etc.

Yeah... I agree that these changes seems ro be good and I hope that the gema get harder. Now it has been roo easy, if not counting Wrath.
But more and more I am convinced this as a 2nd edition, even the all developers says Otherwise... And this is not a complain, but there Are so much changes that compability with older products seems to be more burden than boon. So real 2nd edition claim would be better choise IMHO and completely forget the 1st edition support.
So far I have liked this 2nd edition much more than the 1st edition and I have almost all stuff from the 1st not including some rare promos.

Most likely not... but who knows there Are so may heroes in this game.
Reader miniatures may have most of them I think. But I would like to get prepainted ones, so it depends on witzkids.

The box(es) Are smaller.

50 to 70£...

Yep. Crimson uses procy minions from the new core set and so on. It could be in theory possible to tweak the Mummys mask content so that it would be allmost the same as new core by leaving out all exotic cards that have Egyptiin fibe and something else, but you still need to make those new proxy minions and new locations by hand, so not worth of the work needed. IMHO.

New adventures after Grimon will Also use the new core. You just have to a) take of all grimson cards to get pure core or by new core to the adventure if you run several seasons at the same time...

Yeah. I Also hate that ”read the every card errata before plaing it” I definitely want to have reprint of every errated card! Like Dulcee mentioned above.
I. An see a game play... I play this to do that... wait I will check the errata... no it does not work like that any more instead... ok the I will play this card to help in this check... hmmm what errata says... ok not like that but like this... it can make games 3 to 4 times longer than normal, unles everybody plays everytime same deck and remember all erratas by memory...
so yeah, definitely reprints to everything!

I think that core characters fills all the roles... for example Red raven is just a burglar type fighter... and so on. So every class deck character can fill some role that allready exist in the core set. Ofcourse They Are different, so in that way They Are unique. But if we think core archy types, the core set normally fills all the slots.

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All future adventures needs this new core.

I really like that there Are more variety of boons and banes! It makes each character and each item unique, one of its kind and that is nice!
I personally don`t like proxies, but otherwice it is a good thing. So there is only one cure. Nice! Its is something special. And as it has been said, we will get other healing too. It Also make character power based healing more powerfull. Who did use that old: Forfeit your turn and heal x...” noup... it was always cure, or creater cure or what ever. Now those could be very good, if there would be less curing in total... though I think that total amounth of curing is about the same as always. Just different and more diverce.

And if Mike thinks that there is not so much difference, then maybe we really do get an upgrade kitt that upgrades all the upgraded cards to new versions! That would be really nice!

That is nice!

But you do use old locations by using new rules in official Guild game... you just don`t mix locations (normally). Well we will much more dead characters in the future games. That is cool! Unless the whole company abandon the adventure when one character is low on cards. Nothing wrong in that. It is more thematic this way. Players can either risk losing some characters or give up as a team. So it definitely is better for roleplaying element in this games. It just means more characters, with no upgrades in their decks in the next episodes, plus some replay old scenarios. Thats cool! Game game will be harder and decks not too good!
What is not cool is to remember all those errated cards. So I would only play new Guild adventures by using new 2nd edition class decks, or it can get really boring to see errata list after playing all cards by all players.
So 2nd edition everything will solve this problem soon enough!

For me the ”finish one thing...” means that you don`t actively start another action. That is not related the thing you Are doing. So any driggers, cards played by another Person etc that consern that spesific check Are ok, but you can not start new spesific check / action before that action and anything that is based on that has been done... but yeah... it is ankward. Most likely so that you don`t forget some parts of that original check. I am so used at interrupts and reactions From other card games that ... well this rule has newer been more than just a quideline.

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So true!
Pathfinder adventures 2nd edition.
I don•t mind that there Are compability rules. Many 2nd edition of board games does have them! But I definitely then want to have 2nd edition upgrade kit that contains all errated cards to new edition! The problem in here is that that kind of upgrade pack in here would be huge Gloomahaven sized monster box that would cost $150 or even more.
So maybe 2nd edition just with compability rules (allthough I personally would definitely buy upgrade kit even if it would be expensive. We Also now need new 2nd edition character decks for pathfinder society games (and maybe upgrade kits Also, to those that don`t want to buy character decks again. But even there there will be huge amounth of cards, so pure new 2nd edition character decks with completely new cards and characters is better and easier solution.
Then I would play old games with old character decks (I own them all) and new 2nd edition adventures with 2nd edition character decks (I don`t have those yet ;)

I agree with Yewstance that amiris on closing power is about as usefull as nul. I supose that Amiri close about one location during one adventure, maybe twice if he has stone at later levels. Reminds be of Valeros old armor or shield power that was newer used...

Intersting to see how those tokens and other new avenues work in the longer run!
Even now there still Are cards that Are hard to new player. What happens to displayed cards at the end of turn? Should it be mentioned in the cards, even if They stay on board forever...

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Wayne Reynolds wrote:
ErichAD wrote:
I don't recall her looking quite this waifish. No shoulders, arms and legs super skinny, narrow chest, little visible tappering from lats. She looks pretty fragile.

I kinda like that some people are perceiving her as fragile, in contrast with the huge sword she's wielding. It makes a good visual juxtaposition.

Amiri's body-shape and skin complexion have indeed changed.

A common feedback I receive from speaking with players at conventions (especially female players) is a request for different female bodyshapes. I've been happy to oblige.
Amiri corresponds to what's known as the "classic pear", where the hips are wider, shoulders and bust are narrower.
I wanted to avoid the muscled barbarian cliché. By fortunate coincidence,the upward facing triangle created by the pear body shape fit in visually well with her costume.

Her skin complexion has also changed to correspond with pale complexions common in Northern Europe and South-western Russia. Places that aren't necessarily freezing cold, but don't get a whole lot of sunlight. Her pale skin makes a good visual contrast with the rest of her costume. Otherwise, there'd be just too many shades of tan in there.

That outfit just is not suitable to freesing -50 degree of celcius of russiang winter... just saying.... could she wear something that will keep her alive in hard winter conditions?

But what time zone? ;)
But remember:”Article is newer later, it arrives precisely when it means to!”

? Most like not that way. You do as much as you can... and it does not matter if it is free explore or explore from blessing. You take two (or one card) put one to the location and encounter what is left (0 or 1 depending on how Many cards you have.) it does not give any extra explore.

the location of void ;)
Your only hope is to Somehow drive the villain in there or encounter the hensman and not lose the closing... when there still Are two cards in that location... if you fail... you Are doomed to live the hedgedock day for the rest of your life! Unles there Are no other locations of course...

You can allways try ;)

Calthaer wrote:
Probably because, if too many people read it (wrongly) to their advantage, then said folks start coming on the message boards crying bloody tears about how the game is "too easy", and then the devs think it actually is too easy, and then go make another Wrath of the Righteous or something of an equal level of quality.

Well the game is too easy and we need new harder version of Wraith of the Righteous!


True... then would it fit to my grammar also, if They would be completely separate powers.

Hmmm... true... it does not say or any character can ignore... only ignore...
I am so used that in the same sentence you talk about the same entity, but in English it seems to be more freedom considering that.
In my mother language it would definitely be the same ”any character” that we talk about but it seems that in here we talk abou any character in the first part and only you in the last part.
Native English speaking people. Can you confirm that that is possible in English. In Finnish you have to make them separate sentenses if the subject change. In this case any to you.

”A character in Your location” ... it means any character in his location. IMHO. Much like Lems ”recharge a card to give 1d4...”

Actually it says in 5he rules that if so e power says you can not do something... you can not do it.

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Yep. It would be very good if core cards and expansion cards Are very easy to separate. Not just Little icon. If you play several seasons at the same time, you have to separate non core card Many times a week, so easy recognison is essential!

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Still wanting to see full article or a comic book version of how this skill replasement work in different situations. ;)
What skill Are used, what keyword evoked, and so on.

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