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We have had ultimate decks now some months. I would like to hear peoples opinion how and if They feel that the scenario difficulty levels have changed when They have used ultimate decks Beside their normal character decks.

For me personally it feels that I now rarely have situation where I feel that there is nothing worth of card upgrades. I have not played so Many old adventure paths that I can be sure if those older scenarios feels easier at this moment than They did before. All in all at least They seems to be less swingy. It is not so much about that I get that good weapon from the deck, because there seems to be several good weapons now that can do the trick. So in that way those old scenarios seems to be a Little bit easier than before, just because the deck seems to be less svingy. So the general power level of the characters seems to have riced somewhat. Even these newer characters seems to benefit from having ultimate deck, not just the old ones that really needed that powerup. Do we need now harder scenarios? Maybe. But all in all I like what ultimate decks have done to the game. There seems to more good options, you have to leave out good cards because you just don`t have card slots to those cards! And that is good thing. You can make different build of the character and feel that all have their good points so there is more variety how to develop your own hero.
The negative thing is that chosing two deck combination instead of having only one deck has caused quite bad analyze paralyse among some of our players. Also ultimate decks have made 70% of the older cards in original decks obsolete. You just don`t use them because alternatives from ultimate decks Are just so much ”better”. This tells something about those earlier decks... al in all it has fulfilled their purpose and made those older decks playable again, though even now those newer character decks seems to be more powerfull than old with ultimates included and when the new decks Are even more powerfull with the ultimate decks the power balance between the new and old is still quite deep...
I still almost hope that we get new versions of those older 7 deck even we now have these ultimate decks but the need is not too strong as it was before ultimate decks. All in all I am personally very happy how the ultimate decks have turned out in real envinronment usage.
But I would like to hear about other people opinions. I have only replayed Seoson of lumbered tombs with uktimate decks in use. Not the older ones so comments about seasons of righteousnes and so on with ultimate vs original Are most wellcome!

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Where undead minions goes in scenario 3-2a if you trigger promo Dance of dead that says to add one undead minion to every open location.

Where do these minions go!

A) all go to siege deck
B) They go to sieged locations
C) one goes to siege deck and one to each other location?

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”When you examinen or defeat this card, Display it...”
”When you encounter this card, evade it”

How can you defeat this card, if you have to evade it when you encounter it?

Is the there mistake in the first part of this card or the last part of this card text?

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Does anyone know, why there Are 3 seemingly similar PDF in this release? Is there any difference, or am I missing something?
Aka why there Are three separate PDF in this adventure?

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Sorry this is a Little bit oftopick, but does anyone else has problems of finding anything after this website update?
The pathfinder fast link is Empty, the society fast link in empty... so a lot of dead ends?
Hopefully temporary problem?

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In pathfinder Tales character deck there Are cards that have card type Devil form...
What Are They and how Are They used? For some reason I have not seen rules conserning those cards...

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Just wondering if this is useable with the Goblin burn character deck?

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This did come somewhat behind the tree...
Only one to go and then waiting for drive thru games card for this adventure :)

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Just checking.
Grazzle Is immune to all trigger effects in Mummys Mask after he get the ignore all powers of examined card effects power as a none diviner?

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Does the invigorating kukri +1 works on your own check?

When a character at your own location defeat a monster, you may recharge this card to recharge a random card from your discard pile.

In situation you kill a monster does
A) you may heal yourself, because combat phase is ower
B) you may not heal yourself, because you allready used a card in your combat check and you can only use one card of each type in your check

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I have found Arkham Horror Lcg very good alternative to the Pathfinder adventures card game.
They Are different enough, but itch the same light rpg type card game subtype both.

What I like and would like to see in pathfinder game is Connected locations and buy your cards system from the Arkham. But I would take the character development from the Pathfinder adventures card game because it allows Also character development that is much smaller in the Arkham game. You can buy some character enhancement in the future upgrades, but not as freely as you can in pathfinder adventures.

But in anyway a game worth of looking for, if you like Pathfinder adventures.
These two Are now my two faforite games, if we don't count real RPG games, that takes a quite a lot efferd and time compared to these two... the freedom that real RPG offer is not possible to achieve in card format, but these Are the closest that I have personally seen so far.

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Those who Are familiar with Pathfinder adventures card game should definitely give a look to this game. Improve your deck while the story fold out. Something familiar something new. All in all nice light rpg experience by cards!

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I was wondering if Feiyas Beast-Bonder power that allow her to get additional familiar aka cohort allows:
A) arcane +2
B) arcane +4

So Are those arcane +2 powers cumulative or not? Both Daji and other cohort give same power. So it is possible that other power just owerwrite the other and you get one of those arcane +2 power or They Are cumulative. I don't know whitch witch is the correct one.

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I was looking clockwork servant card and wondering what it does and why.
You can put a card to clockwork servant. Is is like a hand extension to you? So that you can take that card to use any time later in the game or ... ?
When do you have to discard it? At the end of your turn or never?

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Some locations says that in closing you summon a monster and if you defiet it, you close that location.
Is that a closing check?

Asking because some cards like good omen and for example calendar gives you bonus when making closing check.

Can you use tho when fighting against a monster when closing the location?

a) no, because it is summoned monster and not a closing check
b) yes, because the combat check that summoned mosters is causing the the check to close the location and in this a closing check.

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Hmmm... I did find one rule that I have played wrong a long time...
The blessing recharge ability works Also to the Exploring power.

Ps. For example you discard Erastil to explore again and the too card of blessing deck is Also Erastil.

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Just wan to check out some questions.
If you reveal a card. For example an ally and use a reveal efect From that ally, you can not play another ally.

But if a character card has a power that is activated by revealing an ally, does that count?
So in this case you use your character ability first by revealing an ally and then use ally card to give its own bonus in the same check?

Same with recharge abilities, I supose.

The next question, if above is right. How many times you can use different abilities/powers From character card to one check. Ones or unlimited times?

Then one hypothetical question. Lets say that you have for example an item, a spell, character card, a weapon, a blessing etc. That all requires you to reveal spesific card type (for example an ally) Can you use the same ally to all cards to power them in the same check and even then use that allys own power, If it is relevant to that check?

Just asking these to see what "one card per type per check" really means...

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In tier system you get still, power and deck upgrades vian making certain Number of scenarios.

How about deck upgrades?
Normally if you get level X item during the scenario you can pic any level X (or smaller) item From the class deck. And only one per skenario.
But if scenario says that you get item revard how that is handled? Doe the card go to normal card pool for your deck upgrade (and you only get one deck upgrade as normal) or is it additional, so that you get two deck upgrades?
For example scenario 1.1c.
What deck upgrades you get and how?
A) one normal chosen From the class deck based on the lot
B) one normal chosen From the class deck and one random From the class deck...

You remove certain cards From the box (basic, elite) at certain point of the game. Do you Also remove them From the class deck?

You don,t have normal basic Bless From the wrath of the righteous in your class deck. You have to manage without them when They Are removed From the box? I supose so. So there Are less mythical charges available.

In adventure 5 you get power feat, is that additional to normal tier power feat?

How does scenario 1-5b deck upgrade work?

How does scenario 1-6c deck upgrade work?

These deck upgrades Are somewhat hazy...

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I was just wondering, when Season of the Righteous Complete Set will be available?

We are starting Season of the Righteous at home play and have been waiting out when the cards for the season have been made available to order.

Eager to try to get punished by mighty Demons ;-)

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Hi! I just wanted to ask is there any particular reason that Rice of the Runelords does not have psacg version like shacles and wrath have?
The rotr was released first so there would be guite Many of those sets in the market, so it would be nice to introduce society game version to new players by using that set for full season.
It Also would increase the replayability of the originaalia set. I have some problem with shacles (because some of my players don't like pirates) and wrath (because of demons...) Runelords is enough "normal" to them. So my plan is start wrath skenario for hard core players, but it would be nice toistatte another skenario for those who like basic fantasy setting more.