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Matthew Downie wrote:
It might be possible with the Throat Slicer feat. (Coup de grace a pinned opponent as a standard action.)
Castilonium wrote:
You can do this with Bushwhack and Throat Slicer.

This is pretty much exactly what I was looking for, four feat requirement notwithstanding. At least it's possible!

In a lot of media, you'll have scene where a battle going on. The battle stops when The Rogue sneaks up behind an enemy and holds a dagger to their neck, forcing all of the victim's allies to surrender.

My instinct is that this is a readied coup de grace following a grapple, but there's no way I know about that lets you make an opponent helpless short of tying them up, which isn't what's going on in the scene above. Any ideas?

Maybe one of the haunts is a corrupted loci spirit?

The eversmoking bottle doesn't reference the Environment rules in the core rulebook, nor does it mention the 'heavy smoke' that those rules simulate. It also gives a very specific definition of what the item does do, so there's no really compelling reason to go searching for other rules. Magic items generally define their own effects, and this one does. Smoke A is not necessarily Smoke B, and it's totally within the realm of reason for a magic item to create an opaque, breathable smoke.

So, the smoke from the item expands from a 50' spread to 100' radius and gives total concealment (against sighted enemies) to anyone in the cloud.

d20pfsrd wrote:
Water Sight (Su): The shaman sees through fog and mist without penalty as long as there is enough light to otherwise allow her to see normally. At 7th level, she can use can use scrying, using any calm pool of water that's at least 1 foot in diameter as the sole focus. At 15th level, this functions as greater scrying. She can use these abilities for a number of rounds per day equal to her shaman level, but these rounds do not need to be consecutive.

If I'm a level 8 shaman, can I only seriously only use this hex to scry on someone for 48 seconds per day? Does the 'casting' for that little peepshow still take an hour? If so, how is this better than or even as useful as standard scrying? As it stands, I'd rather burn the 1000 gp on a nice mirror and get the full minute/level. ;.;

You might be able to convince your GM that the scroll will still work if you can get at it, but good luck unrolling it to read it.

You might have to just haul the cleric back to the nearest appropriate place to get another scroll made.

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Mudfoot wrote:

Shaun wrote:

Could you make the argument that the art represents them just wearing modern clothes for some reason? I guess you could but I don't know why you would. We don't depict historical characters in modern clothing generally. I wouldn't expect to see George Washington depicted dressed like Barack Obama unless it was a joke.

Look at a lot of old religious art. In many cases the characters (like Jesus or Solomon) will be wearing mediaeval or renaissance clothing because that's what people expected.

But in any case, fashion is based partly on technology, so if the tech changes, why should the fashion? It's not as though there's only one style of clothing in PF art.

Hell, you can look at art coming out of Korean churches and see Jesus and his followers represented as Asian people. Not to mention the most popular modern image of Jesus is as a fair-skinned fellow with blue eyes and light brown hair.

Tangentially, I imagine it takes a certain amount of artistic skill to churn out interesting-looking decorative torture devices.

There's a Kuthonite priest in a certain module who charges PCs in 'pain' for his healing spells (there's an exchange rate for spells vs. hours left sickened by pain). I imagine there's a similar theme all over- a Pharasman bishopess might demand help with a birth going on in a few hours before seeing to the gash in the fighter's forehead; a Shelynite might dispense healing and wine with the understanding that those healed will pose nude for a painting; a bankteller of Abadar might have prewritten contracts guaranteeing charity work in exchange for his channeling, with strict fines if not followed.

I would guess that most small-town churches get by with a collection plate and judgmental looks before a mass healing. I imagine many faiths would expect a 'donation' that scales with the wealth of the recipient.

On the other hand, healing random passersby is probably common for well-off Good clergy: what better way to show your humility and your god's brilliance than demonstrating it as often as you can? You get to heal a lot more possible converts if you do it for free.

Make sure his stego has taken the feats for light and medium armor proficiency or else it'll be eating a -3 to every attack roll it makes. (On second thought, animal companions only have one feat at first level unless I'm missing something?) I don't know about a feat that would give a creature DR4/-, and if it exists I'd like to see it.

As far as balancing fights goes, "an animal will attack only humanoids, monstrous humanoids, giants, or other animals" unless the druid uses up a trick slot, so the stego will be mostly useless against undead, constructs, aberrations, etc until he does. Remember that you decide how his animal companion acts; the druid has to make his HA checks to influence his dinosaur pal's behavior and otherwise it acts like (maybe a particularly loyal) stegosaurus.

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With MotFF, you can easily segue into a full campaign, since the module gives you a ton of options for why exactly the players' characters are checking out the tower. Notably, there's an invitation to the Pathfinder Society practically served up on a platter if your players want to go that route, so the module as a whole is very 'connectable'.

You might consider having each player pick a MtG card that looks like their character or something!

James Jacobs wrote:
Handaxe Beak wrote:
How does the older faith of Anubis influence or relate to current worship of Pharasma in Osirion, given that they've got such similar outlooks?
As a subservient faith that's mostly left to do its own thing. I've always seen Anubis as one of Pharasma's best minions. In any event... Pharasma and her faith have been around a LOT LOT LOT longer than Anubis has.

Could someone be, for example, a cleric of Anubis and an inquisitor of Pharasma at the same time? If so, would they be accepted by their church(es)?

Here you go.

How does the older faith of Anubis influence or relate to current worship of Pharasma in Osirion, given that they've got such similar outlooks?

Ask another PC to, in-character, convince eEeeeka that X important plot place might be where the rabbit's foot is.

With none of 'your opponents' that the dolphins are spell-compelled (comspelled?) to attack, summoned dolphins might very well act based on their alignment (which matches yours, remember). If you're a drowning CE sorcerer or something, that almost certainly won't help, but the idea of some Good-aligned planar dolphins letting their boss drown while they do nothing has worrying implications.

This is very GM-discretion territory, though.

A character in my current campaign (dwarf fighter, also has Cleave, dwarven longaxe as his main weapon)spent the money to get Enlarge Person made permanent on him as soon as he made it to Absalom. He carries around some Reduce Person potions in case of emergencies.

His reach is kind of terrifying.

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Ironbloom mushrooms are a setting-canon example of dwarf food.

These stunty fungi only grow in dark places thick with metal. The diets of Five Kings Mountains dwarves consist heavily of ironbloom mushrooms, mainly because the plants grow naturally in and around dwarven forges. Protein-rich ironbloom mushrooms bear a slight salty taste but otherwise contain no flavor of their own, making them excellent additions to many dwarven meals.

I'm looking to make a grippli spellcaster that focuses on using Agile Tongue to deliver a ton of magical touch attacks. I was thinking of doing a high-BAB caster like a shaman and picking up Weapon Finesse, but any alternatives or other advice would be appreciated. (Element of choice is electricity/air but that's not set in stone).

My questions basically being: Which spellcaster has the advantage with touch spells? And what are the best feats/traits/options if I wanna be using a lot of them?

Seems like it would be a custom wondrous item.

Book Ward would also do the trick. And the material component would keep the lock from squeaking!

It takes 10 rounds (one minute) to cast the spell. This makes it easy to disrupt or escape from unless the caster has you restrained in a mundane way already. Additionally, a wizard has to be level 15, and a summoner or sorcerer level 16, to cast this spell anyway, so it's not gonna come up much. It's also somewhat expensive to cast.

Push come to shove, Spell Resistance would save you.

'Water' and 'cold damage' get equated a lot, unfortunately. As far as actual watery spells go, a cursory look makes it seem like druids and sorcerers/wizards/arcanists get the most, at about the same rate.

A Water Elementalist wizard, an Elemental/Seaborn/Marid sorcerer bloodline, or an Arcanist with the Elemental Master archetype all do similar things with different bits and bobs.
The Water domain seems like the obvious choice if you're going druid. See if you can get the Oceans subdomain, since you get more liquid water that way? Also druids can turn into a water elemental at 6th level, so if that's what you wanna do then this seems like a good way.

You should probably keep away from 'aquatic' anything, though, unless you plan on campaigning mostly underwater.

(Racially, an undine is a good choice; they get bonuses if you choose the Elemental bloodline or the Water domain, and the domain bit synergizes well with their racial Wisdom bonus. You could also go with a merfolk or gillfolk, which is easier than normal as a water-focused spellcaster, but still has a lot of roadblocks.)

Unarmed fighting gets propped up by some of the brawler's class features: by level 10 you're doing more damage one-handed than you'd likely do with a weapon, and unlike TWF you get to apply your full strength to each punch/kick/knee/elbow! Maybe sub in a monk weapon or something to cover your damage reduction issues if you need to, but brawlers are very much effective at punching things.

If you can swing Weapon Specialization at level 4 you get some added punch damage, and I believe the go-to wondrous item for monks and brawlers is the Amulet of Mighty Fists. (Remember, your brawler is also a fighter and a monk for the purposes of getting feats and using magic items)

If you still end up dumping your unarmed, anything with full BAB (BAB = level) makes a pretty good melee-er.

There's always the Janni Style feat chain; it requires Perform (Dance) and Acrobatics ranks to take and the fighting you do with it looks like dancing. Other style feats could also potentially be reflavored as combat dancing.

Bards, of course, make great dancers, as do skalds. Bards (and maybe skalds? I dunno) get access to dance-related Bardic Masterpieces, if you want your dancing to be more directly related to your magic.

Or you could go really simple and just have dance-flavored somatic components for spells. This would probably fit a witch or a magus best, but at this point you could do basically anything you want.