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This was my first issue of Wayfinder.

I just don't like third-party Pathfinder products. It's not a rational feeling, really, but there it is. To be fair to myself, there IS some really bad stuff out there. But Wayfinder #14 is definitely not that in that category! It's forced me to make an exception to my "first-party only" table rule.

Do you love hags like I do? This book LOVES hags. You a fan of The Daily Bestiary blog? This issue has got fiction by Patch! Ever get the itch for first-party feats that just don't exist yet? Wayfinder's feats are the most first-party-feeling third-party material I've ever read (does that make them second-party? I dunno!).

I'd tell you to buy it but it's FREE. DOWNLOAD IT IMMEDIATELY