Resisting a Binding?


Hello fellow persons, I am a complete nooblet at Pathfinder. And thus I have probably a simple question, how does one resist a binding? I'm talking about the spell binding, probably the version that reduces one down and traps them within a gem and has a -4 save DC. I was curious how you could beat this because to me binding always seem very strong and a very good way of defeating something that is stronger than you. Any advice would be awesome, I've tried to look for more info on this but I haven't found much besides trying to break the concentration of the caster or winning the save DC, I'm not even sure how many rounds it takes to cast the spell :P I appreciate all help, thank you!!

It takes 10 rounds (one minute) to cast the spell. This makes it easy to disrupt or escape from unless the caster has you restrained in a mundane way already. Additionally, a wizard has to be level 15, and a summoner or sorcerer level 16, to cast this spell anyway, so it's not gonna come up much. It's also somewhat expensive to cast.

Push come to shove, Spell Resistance would save you.

Would the spellcaster have to remain in the same spot while casting?

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