GM Advice - Chaotic Character, Adventure Path, and a Goblin!


I love the fact that my fiancé has joined the RPG world with me. She's a blast to play with, and truly enjoys role playing, getting into character, and couldn't care less about combat. That really keeps the rest of the characters grounded.

The problem is the character she has fallen in love with: eEeeeka, the LickToad Goblin Sorcerer. She always picks spells with fun, flashy effects (color spray, glitter dust, thousand eyes) and really plays up her familiar: "Ouch" the three-footed rabbit that she hopes to one day reunite with its missing foot. She's convinced it's someone's lucky charm.

Other than that rabbit's foot, she's motivated only by causing chaos. She's not motivated by fame, adventure, or fortune. We want to start a new adventure path, and I don't know where she'd easily fit.

Ask another PC to, in-character, convince eEeeeka that X important plot place might be where the rabbit's foot is.

Grand Lodge

Fun character, interesting RP.

So, for her to have a reason to do the AP, I guess the GM is going to have to drop hints that Ouch's foot is up ahead with bad guy X.

Beat book 1 BBEG, does not have the foot, hear rumor that bbeg 2 of book 2 has the foot.

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