How much would it cost to channel energy?


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Something I was mulling over while looking at the services section of Ultimate Equipment but how much would it cost to get a channel energy from a town cleric and how would they offer their channeling services to the public?

My assumption is that it would be relatively cheap considering the expense to them is minimal and since it can effect multiple targets is often offered at certain times of day and involves participants paying to get a slot during that healing and said cleric channeling to heal them all at once. This allows them to help and collect tithes from the most people and prevent them from running out of channels when people line up outside the local church to have wounds mended.

But what do you guys think? Have you ever had this question come up in your game and if so how did you solve it, do you have a payment metric already laid out? I'm interested to see what people have gotten.

There's a Kuthonite priest in a certain module who charges PCs in 'pain' for his healing spells (there's an exchange rate for spells vs. hours left sickened by pain). I imagine there's a similar theme all over- a Pharasman bishopess might demand help with a birth going on in a few hours before seeing to the gash in the fighter's forehead; a Shelynite might dispense healing and wine with the understanding that those healed will pose nude for a painting; a bankteller of Abadar might have prewritten contracts guaranteeing charity work in exchange for his channeling, with strict fines if not followed.

I would guess that most small-town churches get by with a collection plate and judgmental looks before a mass healing. I imagine many faiths would expect a 'donation' that scales with the wealth of the recipient.

On the other hand, healing random passersby is probably common for well-off Good clergy: what better way to show your humility and your god's brilliance than demonstrating it as often as you can? You get to heal a lot more possible converts if you do it for free.

don't forget... if he got a whole group together he could be merciful and divide the cost among the group or be a real jerk to make the whole group pay the same base price but he only uses one channel if he is a jerk. Could effect any costs anyone comes up with and add a small seasoning of role play for fun :)

I would probably base the price off the closest Cure spell, then divide the cost by the number of recipients...

On an interesting side note, Witches make the best healers in the game for situations like this, with the healing hex... they could grant one Cure per day per person...

How much money could THAT make them? :D

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