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Could you make the argument that the art represents them just wearing modern clothes for some reason? I guess you could but I don't know why you would. We don't depict historical characters in modern clothing generally. I wouldn't expect to see George Washington depicted dressed like Barack Obama unless it was a joke.

Look at a lot of old religious art. In many cases the characters (like Jesus or Solomon) will be wearing mediaeval or renaissance clothing because that's what people expected.

But in any case, fashion is based partly on technology, so if the tech changes, why should the fashion? It's not as though there's only one style of clothing in PF art.

Hell, you can look at art coming out of Korean churches and see Jesus and his followers represented as Asian people. Not to mention the most popular modern image of Jesus is as a fair-skinned fellow with blue eyes and light brown hair.

Tangentially, I imagine it takes a certain amount of artistic skill to churn out interesting-looking decorative torture devices.

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With MotFF, you can easily segue into a full campaign, since the module gives you a ton of options for why exactly the players' characters are checking out the tower. Notably, there's an invitation to the Pathfinder Society practically served up on a platter if your players want to go that route, so the module as a whole is very 'connectable'.

You might consider having each player pick a MtG card that looks like their character or something!

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Ironbloom mushrooms are a setting-canon example of dwarf food.

These stunty fungi only grow in dark places thick with metal. The diets of Five Kings Mountains dwarves consist heavily of ironbloom mushrooms, mainly because the plants grow naturally in and around dwarven forges. Protein-rich ironbloom mushrooms bear a slight salty taste but otherwise contain no flavor of their own, making them excellent additions to many dwarven meals.