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what CR level would you recommend for a level 20 kineticist with 10 mythic tiers in a single player party no companions?

What does everyone see as the best magic shield qualities and why ?

Currently checking out

Resonating +1 [Mythic]
Determination +30,000gp
Undead Controlling +49,000gp

Is there a list of Occult rituals and which book they come from, I know Occult adventures has some (since it's where they were introduced) and I think there's at least one in Strange Aeons, I was wondering if there were anymore.

Hoping there's a ritual for keeping a building warm (permanently) for a remote location.

Anyone use this talent yet ?

What did you make with it and did you add home rules to using it ?

What's the top magic items for healing an unwilling/hostile character ?

Preferably items that renew themselves each day and not dependent on class (no spell-completion and spell-trigger items) and under 10,000gp

Do any of the newer adventure paths have a main villain (including back history write-up) that's one of the occult classes ?

Any word on pathfinder tales covering any occult classes or more content like the new rituals for big effects ?

Would love to see fiction featuring an Occultist or how an author tackles featuring a Spiritualist using Golarion lore

If I have Upgradable on a legendary magic item and reaches the end of it's upgrade chain (Cloak of Protection +1 ending at +5 for example), is the upgradeable ability just useless after than ?

It seams like it would only be worth putting on weapons/armor and possibly a Ring of Protection +1-5 (to potentially upgrade to a Ring of Splendid Security)to max out the value of taking the trait as after a certain point it doesn't do anything unless you can add new magic item abilities to upgrade.

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Thoughts and opinions

Farm for remote locations on the Prime material plane anywhere without a gate or other noticeable manifestation

--- [Location]

x1 Permanent Demiplane with Bountiful trait

--- [Simulacrum] (assumed to be based off more advanced versions so as to at least retain basic creature abilities)

x1 Xill CR6
x1 Shaitan Genie CR7 (to create/maintain housing and guard duty)
x1+ Mercane CR5
x1 Succubus (Optional communication to Xill via Telepathic Bond and ability to Ethereal Jaunt at will/Also can periodically visit demiplane to maintain control over workers)

--- [Other residents]

x1+ Slaves/constructs/workers etc

---[Additional spells]

x1 Permanent Teleportation Circle
x1 Permanent Telepathic Bond

--- [Concept]

1. Workers/slaves collect food on demiplane (preferably into totes shaped to be inserted into Mercane secret chests for easy loading and unloading)
2. Mercane fill secret chests with collected food then sends secret chest to ethereal.
3. Xill uses Planewalk ability to move Mercane from demiplane to ethereal and then to the prime.
4. Mercane step on a Permanent Teleportation Circle that teleports to a storage room wherever.
5. Mercane calls and unloads secret chest in storage room.
6. Mercane uses Plane Shift to go back to Demiplane
7. Repeat sequence once per day.

--- [Notes]

*** Xill can be left on ethereal with Permanent Telepathic Bond to a simulacrum succubus or other creature that can Ethereal Jaunt at will on the prime to send and receive instructions to the demiplane.

*** Mercane could carry food themselves to increase amount transported, or not, if maintaining the illusion of power over the slaves is a concern.

*** If more is needed to be transported then multiple Mercane could share Plane Shifts for extra jumps back home

*** Location Mercane teleport to via Teleportation Circle could bring them to a secret room and they just use Dimension Door to final destination.

*** Final storage location could contain Crates of Preservation (Villain Codex) so a surplus could be maintained to less transports are needed.

*** Mercane can use Invisibility (self) if needed at different transport locations.

Which figurines from official material would gain the most benefit by gaining a simple mythic template to the creature created?

Which pathfinder tales would contain the highest character levels ?

Can Amazing Initiative from being mythic be used to maintain concentration on a spell?

Would like to create an intelligent magic ring with 2 0 level spells,Sift and Telekinetic Projectile.

For the base attack would I use caster level for HD and using construct progression? And highest ability score for the mod?

As for Sift would it just be an untrained Perception check using highest skill or Wisdom mod?

Does the relativity ability allow walking upside down along a ceiling?

Does the familiar gained from the Elemental Whispers talent have scaling intelligence and other benefits as per normal familiars?

Are they eligible for Familiar Archetypes?

The talent says if damaged or you stop concentrating it returns to your mind, how do you view the manner in which the kineticist interacts with the familiar when not manifested? Some ideas could be maybe a voice/urge in your mind or possibly the fragment shows itself in the kineticist's immediate area as a ghostly version of the animal that only the kineticist can see.

What sort of personality do you see a fragment having? As a part of an element I don't see it having the same needs or instincts as a flesh and blood animal. One idea was that the fragment is actually some of your element that you've imbued with a portion of your own mind that presents itself as something like greed or a want to help people and will focus on whatever it is.

1.During and after WotR do wardstones still have their individual forbiddance field?

2.Is there any examples of modified wardstones such as to exclude individuals or do something else?

3.Can they be moved at all and still function?

With the following domains and subdomains, what kind of ideas of gods can anyone come up with?

Artifice - Construct, Industry
Community - Home
Trickery - Greed

Can a kineticist use a full round action to use Supercharge then use mythic power to use Amazing Initiative for a Kinetic Blast boosted by the supercharge?

How noticeable would a Screen spell be when cast from hiding while invisible?
Scenario: character wants to sneak into enemy encampment that contains ruined towers and wants to use screen to conceal activities in one of the towers

Is (Sp) 3/day Permanency too powerful for a single person game, gained from a legendary item that is also an intelligent item cohort? Player can only gain spells though Divine Source domains and other sources.

Does the kineticist's Force Ward ability provide any defence against an Allip's Touch of Insanity

Would the half-janni template from Pathfinder Companion: Qadira, Gateway to the East be up to date for current use or would there have to be changes first as it came out in 2009?

What spells would be useful for converting a lvl 9 fighter sellsword who was recently mad due to wisdom drain but healed by restoration. Alignment of the sellsword already matches the main alignment of the faith.

Where on Golarion would be the best places to buy different dark folk preferably above ground?

What would be the best system for setting price?

Seeking published examples of low level town/village with a high level resident magic user.

When running a single player campaign, what rules do you recommend putting in place

A couple of things I've seen is allowing to gestalt and giving extra npcs for backup, is there anything else?

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Couple of questions

When a character has an intelligent item cohort (Cohorts and Companions) they can enhance/improve the item as if possessing the appropriate item creation feat, would this ability be enough to fulfill the requirements Mythic Crafter?

Can a intelligent Legendary Item (Mythic Adventures) have it's ability scores/senses /communication abilities be improved as per the normal Designing an Intelligent Item rules if the item gained intelligence from being Legendary?

Looking for something that would be useful for heating a castle
Since there's no spell that works with permanency for creating a heat source, I was hoping there might be something that could be created with Polymorph Any Object that would work and have a permanent duration

Only other thing I could see as a sure fire way is turning a wall of iron into wood and using it for firewood :)

What options would a kineticist have for taking an enemy alive without lethal damage?

One idea is Burn healing with Kinetic Healer, the only thing is to get the target to be willing.