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With the following domains and subdomains, what kind of ideas of gods can anyone come up with?

Artifice - Construct, Industry
Community - Home
Trickery - Greed

To me, that looks like a deity who specializes in supporting thieves, especially those who use tricks and tools and gadgets in order to get what they want.

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To me that sounds like a hod of entrapreneurs (not sure of I spelled that right). A god of people who start low and work their way up.

That sounds like the god of those road-side booths that sell fireworks.

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Yeah, a god of small businesses and/or mom & pop shops.

grabbing all that?

Well, you can always make a labyrinth/dungeon god. The construction of a big, trap filled dungeon in order to defend treasures.

kinda off tangent discussion about an interesting fantasy concept I've read before:
A dungeon that FORCES society to continue sending adventurers into it to face their deaths. The dungeon itself is a living creature that feeds off of souls of those that die in it, and creates monsters to face them. If no one goes in, then it sends out the monsters to conduct raids. Thus, people are forced to go in.

There are advantages to going in. The monsters themselves can be stripped for useful materials, and the items of fallen adventurers actually get a weird pearl treatment. The bodies get digested, but the swords and armor cannot be digested. So the dungeon isolates the items so they are not an irritation (thus treasure chests). During this process, the items are exposed to the dungeon's magic, and become magical themselves. That cheap longsword is thus turned into a +1 longsword. So greed becomes a major motivator for people to go in and clear the dungeon as well.

Thus, you get a never ending cycle of death traps and greed. This seems like something that would be pleasing to a trickery/greed based evil god. Just make a race of 'dungeons', and let it spread.

I change my answer. It's the patron god of those kinda-scary traveling carnivals. The ones you see in parking lots with the rickety-looking rides.

The CEO of ACME home products, as marketed by Wile E Coyote...

Or maybe a Deity of Childsplay, Toys and Playgrounds.

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When I see those domains put together here is what I see.

Harold the watchmaker
Underneath the city of Axis above the swearing Maelstrom there is a city. It's residents are safe from the armies of Axis and the proteans below, protected by an army of clockwork constructs . Harold can be seen in his massive clock tower that walks around the city. Harold will often send his creations up to axis to steal and return the stolen goods to his hoard.

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