Elemental Whispers talent


Does the familiar gained from the Elemental Whispers talent have scaling intelligence and other benefits as per normal familiars?

Are they eligible for Familiar Archetypes?

The talent says if damaged or you stop concentrating it returns to your mind, how do you view the manner in which the kineticist interacts with the familiar when not manifested? Some ideas could be maybe a voice/urge in your mind or possibly the fragment shows itself in the kineticist's immediate area as a ghostly version of the animal that only the kineticist can see.

What sort of personality do you see a fragment having? As a part of an element I don't see it having the same needs or instincts as a flesh and blood animal. One idea was that the fragment is actually some of your element that you've imbued with a portion of your own mind that presents itself as something like greed or a want to help people and will focus on whatever it is.

The last line makes an exclusion that the familiar never gains the ability to speak to others of its kind, which would lead me to think that you would gain the other benefits, otherwise it would be redundant to state it if you didn't gain anything anyway.

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