Non-lethal kineticist


What options would a kineticist have for taking an enemy alive without lethal damage?

One idea is Burn healing with Kinetic Healer, the only thing is to get the target to be willing.

Umm... ask another party member?
But really, don't Kineticists have some nice control infusions, depending on the element? They could immobilize them with that and either have the other party members non-lethal it up or just unarmed strike them yourself while they can't take the attacks of opportunity that you'd otherwise be provoking.
Other than that, there are bound to be some alchemical or magic items to help.
Drow Poison knocks the target unconscious, although its DC is only 13 and it's 75gp per dose.

Scarab Sages

A telekinetic throwing a sap can choose to treat it as if it is using the weapon, and thus do non-lethal damage. Other elements are kinda screwed though.

They do need a non-lethal option for there blast and that doesn't cost any burn.

Scarab Sages

Merciful spell should be a zero burn option under metakinesis.

It would be interesting option to have more types of metakinesis that you could switch out.

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