High level NPC, Low level town


Seeking published examples of low level town/village with a high level resident magic user.

I am unaware of any such publication, but I have never looked. I "handcraft" most of my game world features, and so the official releases have never been a big thing for me.

That being said, I would certainly love to contribute to the effort of getting you what you need.

Do you have any particulars in mind? Total population? Geographic location? Points of interest? NPC character level? Hermit Caster's backstory?

Message me if you'd like me to help!

There is Thalantyr who lives in High Hedge outside of Bergost. (Forgotten Realms, Appears in Bioware's Baldur's Gate game.) I'm not sure if he is original content created by Bioware or if he comes from the Forgotten Realms Canon.

There is also Elminster in Shadowdale. There is more material on this guy, he was a big deal or something in the Forgotten Realms.

Elminster would be more high profile than what I'm looking for, less worldly is more what I'm interested in, something more retired in that there won't be anything from outside the local area to be of much concern.

Geographically I was looking for a community mostly unattached to any kind of major trade route, a place that you'd only find if you were going somewhere else or you went the wrong way.

Population would be less than a 1000 in the local area spread between a couple villages, mostly just mining and logging for the daily life for them.

Npc level for the hermit would be on a level that the locals know better than to bother him, except in a special case the hermit is unlikely to take on any apprentices.

So you're looking for something like "Ben Kenobi in the Jundland Wastes"?

Thalantyr is good as mentioned above. A crotchety recluse you have to convince not set his golems on you. Though Bereghost is on a trade route.

My highest recommendation would be get a copy of Volo's guide to the North. It is choc full of small villages with high level wizards. One runs an inn but keeps her magic secret, that is until the village was as tacked by a red dragon and she jumped out of a top flow window and turned into a gold. Now some of the locals are convinced she's a dragon in disguise.

That book is worth it just for the inns.

More of an evil example that has the community to play with, there's the Darkmage from Necromancer Games - Adv - F1 - Vindication

Has lot's of descriptions of npc interactions and reactions to pcs

The Smith from the Camp is a high-level reclusive mage in the first chapter of Slumbering Tsar.

It's not a very normal village, but it's a great adventure.

God, that guy was such a ?@$<>!!! He made my players so mad. Particularly his financial habits. lol

My first thought is Obi Wan.

I think any of the Buffy Vampire crew from Sunnydale too.

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