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Is there a list of Occult rituals and which book they come from, I know Occult adventures has some (since it's where they were introduced) and I think there's at least one in Strange Aeons, I was wondering if there were anymore.

Hoping there's a ritual for keeping a building warm (permanently) for a remote location.

The d20pfsrd page on Occult Rituals appears to list rituals from many different sources. I can't say whether it's 100% comprehensive or not, but there's a good variety there.

None of the rituals seem to be aimed at something as prosaic as heating a building. If you really need such a thing, I suggest creating your own using the guidelines in the Creating Occult Rituals section. Run it by your GM first (if you're not the GM yourself).

Thank you

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You may want to use the tiny hut spell (bard 3, sorcerer/wizard 3) as a benchmark when creating the ritual.

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