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1.During and after WotR do wardstones still have their individual forbiddance field?

2.Is there any examples of modified wardstones such as to exclude individuals or do something else?

3.Can they be moved at all and still function?

Pretty much no on all counts from what I remember, but I have imbibed copious amounts of whiskey to forget a lot of my experiences running that AP.

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WotR Chapter 1:
All the ones *except* for the one in Kenabres do. The Kenabres one is damaged to a non-functional state in the opening of WotR leaving a "hole" in the Wardstone Barrier. The other stones remain functional for a day or 3. At the end of chapter 1 of WotR when the PCs destroy the Wardstone fragment and become Mythic, *all* the Wardstones lose their power and the barrier vanishes entirely.

2: No, they're artifacts, variant artifacts are extremely rarely published. You could make your own for a game, but otherwise you're out of luck.

3: Depends. Have you read their effects? If you keep them close enough together they make a barrier, if they aren't close enough it's just a large Forbidden radius, not a barrier. Aside from that the issue is that they're *giant stones* and would be extremely difficult to move.

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