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Is there a mappack or flipmap you think would be appropriate for use of the Throne card from a Deck of many things ?

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For Aether created by Aether Architect, can it be dispelled or does it function like Wall of Force and have resistance to dispelling ?

Can aether objects be moved (with telekinetic haul using burn you'd have some good leeway)?

Can I use Aether Architect to repair a hole in a ship ? (if it's like wall of force I'd say no because it would be rooted to the location.)

Can I made siege engines such as ballista ?

Can I make a huge statue of Sarenae/(Liberty) and animate it with Aether Puppet to walk around

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Isabelle Lee wrote:
Jonas Seaborn wrote:
Would it be compatible with Omnikinesis for switching out talents ?
Personal opinion: I'd allow it as long as you had the feat. If you were accessing it via race or subtype, same applies, except that you couldn't go outside your element. This is based on the line in omnikinesis about meeting other prerequisites of the talents (i.e., having the feat or racial qualification).

Was about to ask this same question with different cases based on whether you got the feat by taking it or getting it by subtype but apparently already covered :-)

Thanks Isabelle Lee for the well worded response.

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What happens to a familiar's gear from a kineticist talent if it's unmanifested, does it keep it or just drop ?

Would the Sage (Familiar Archtype) be appropriate for the Elemental Whispers familiar ?

If the kineticist is high enough that the familiar would have Speak with Master would the kineticist have to vocalize any conversations or could it be internalized like telepathy (when unmanifested)

Does the familiar share the kineticist' senses when unmanifested (such as if the kineticist is blinded would the familiar be as well) ?

Would any spells that can be made permanent with permancency be used on a kineticist familiar ?

Is there any way for a kineticist to use the Scry of Familiar ability with just the first Elemental Whispers talent ?

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Thoughts and opinions

Farm for remote locations on the Prime material plane anywhere without a gate or other noticeable manifestation

--- [Location]

x1 Permanent Demiplane with Bountiful trait

--- [Simulacrum] (assumed to be based off more advanced versions so as to at least retain basic creature abilities)

x1 Xill CR6
x1 Shaitan Genie CR7 (to create/maintain housing and guard duty)
x1+ Mercane CR5
x1 Succubus (Optional communication to Xill via Telepathic Bond and ability to Ethereal Jaunt at will/Also can periodically visit demiplane to maintain control over workers)

--- [Other residents]

x1+ Slaves/constructs/workers etc

---[Additional spells]

x1 Permanent Teleportation Circle
x1 Permanent Telepathic Bond

--- [Concept]

1. Workers/slaves collect food on demiplane (preferably into totes shaped to be inserted into Mercane secret chests for easy loading and unloading)
2. Mercane fill secret chests with collected food then sends secret chest to ethereal.
3. Xill uses Planewalk ability to move Mercane from demiplane to ethereal and then to the prime.
4. Mercane step on a Permanent Teleportation Circle that teleports to a storage room wherever.
5. Mercane calls and unloads secret chest in storage room.
6. Mercane uses Plane Shift to go back to Demiplane
7. Repeat sequence once per day.

--- [Notes]

*** Xill can be left on ethereal with Permanent Telepathic Bond to a simulacrum succubus or other creature that can Ethereal Jaunt at will on the prime to send and receive instructions to the demiplane.

*** Mercane could carry food themselves to increase amount transported, or not, if maintaining the illusion of power over the slaves is a concern.

*** If more is needed to be transported then multiple Mercane could share Plane Shifts for extra jumps back home

*** Location Mercane teleport to via Teleportation Circle could bring them to a secret room and they just use Dimension Door to final destination.

*** Final storage location could contain Crates of Preservation (Villain Codex) so a surplus could be maintained to less transports are needed.

*** Mercane can use Invisibility (self) if needed at different transport locations.

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As a player how would you protect a personal demiplane how would you do it?

Class is restricted to official pathfinder material and you start with an artifact that gives (Sp) Permanency 1/day

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Have you read any fiction that is from the perspective of commoners and how they deal with and react to powerful characters like wizards and highly skilled mercs?

Most stories focus on heroes and villains but not the common people.

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PłentaX wrote:

the Darkness is not soooo great as people think it is.

From PDR
"This darkness causes the illumination level in the area to drop one step, from bright light to normal light, from normal light to dim light, or from dim light to darkness. "

in bright daylight your Glass Eye of Darkness would change it only to normal light , in thick forest area it will change it to dim light

truly useful only when you're in area with only Dim light allrdy
Cave (no light)
Night time
and some buildings

and at night time it will be easy to spot a Moving True Darkness with 10 ft radius

not as usefull as you think it is

Can be useful for those with light vulnerability.

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Another thing I thought might be useful was the leadership feat using the item cohort option as there would be less character management for the cohort

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Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
QuidEst wrote:
Garrett Guillotte wrote:


** spoiler omitted **

Spiritualist bosses spirits around, Medium is bossed around by spirits?

Which is to say, most ghost hosts are gross, but they toast those who boast to diagnose ghosts.

From a commoner's point of view, a medium SAYS they are calling on forces to gain power, and LOOK like they are possessed. being under someone else's control is fairly well known outside Occult powers, and it's usually a bad thing. A commoner doesn't care if the medium is calling on a legend, spirit, or ancient Garundi archmage, the medium sounds closest to saying they get charmed by inhuman powers, and that sounds bad.

The spiritualist summons and controls things you can see. Summoning and controlling things you can see is fairly well known outside Occult powers, and if it's a human doing it it's often a good thing. A commoner doesn't care if a spiritualist is calling an outsider, an enslaved undead, or a magic construct that looks human. The spiritualist looks and sounds like a controller of monsters, and that's useful.

Commoners don't get into nuance, which is WHY they treat mediums and spiritualists differently. To commoners, the fact they are both occult classes with psychic spells is the nuance. What they look and sound like is what matters - get controlled by inhuman powers, or control inhuman powers. When your town history includes vampires charming guards, guards turning into wolves, and sleepless detectives driving off both, who is in charge in the mortal-to-supernatural relationship is crucial info.

Both of which are talking only about people who they have identified somehow. The book also discusses how easy it is for occult classes to seem to be something else. A medium who avoids looking possessed and tries to pass as a sorcerer has fewer problems.

Any chance Owen we could get a blog that goes into how commoners view different aspects of the world, such as how they might view each character class (at low level and high level), certain abilities like that create different visual effects (such as how different spells change eye color or walking around while being on fire but not burning from it)

Most every commoner will know at least in general terms what a dragon is, but we could also get to see how they would view other critters and possibly different character races.

I think that your snippet from the mind of the commoner shows promise for something bigger that could be a great resource for GM's and player's a like.
Any chance of something more?

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Thanks to everyone for answering everyone's questions

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Elemental Overflow creates a thematic visual effect, what would the effect be for the Aether, Void and Wood elements?

Also is the effect based on the primary elemental or would there be combo visual effects? Such as a Hydro/fire kineticist dripping water that bursts into flame on contact with something.

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God of peddlers of home conveniences

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James Gibbons wrote:

I can see it. A young dirty who had yet to find his place in structured rules driven pantheons. He enjoyed his freedom too much, however all the other chaotic dieties were too spontaneous for him.

Then he came across a people who were in desperate need for their own home land. Their was so much beurocrasy in their current rullers system that outlying lands and lower class people were not given the time of day.
So for the first time this deoty picked a proffet. He was the most suitable leader in a small makeshift community. He instructed him on how to lead their people away to their own perfect land where they would no longer me under the rule of the beurocrasy. The new civilization thrived, encouraging all the most important parts of a society to thrive without beurocrasy knowing the dangers that follow it. For hundreds or however many years now they have thrived and worshipped this deity all that time.

That actually sounds pretty good, sounds like it would have a lot of minority races seeking a better start and getting out from an oppressive society

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Mark Seifter wrote:
Shadow_Charlatan wrote:
Mark Seifter wrote:
Haldelar Baxter wrote:
Mark Seifter wrote:
Shadow_Charlatan wrote:

would the Void and Wood Elements be an archtype or would they be like any of the normal elements (aether, air, fire)?

Do you know of any good examples that would show what a Aether/Void kineticist be like?

You'll have to wait and see how it's done. Aether/Void could have some interesting conceptual synergies, considering what each of them are; check it out to see what I mean!
Hmm.. how bout a Pureblooded Azlanti Half-Janni Aether/Void Kineticist, how would the concept on that go ? :-)
Probably that character would be a planeswalker who traveled the edges of different elemental planes, but who knows?
Is this a possible indication that the Void element may give some ability to travel to other planes ?
No, it's just because that character is involved with like six different elements, and janni have 3/day plane shift to elemental planes. ;)

Player companion Qadira, gateway to the east has a Half-Janni template that has spell-like abilities going up to Ethereal Jaunt 1/day at level 15-16 but stops after that, should it gain the planeshift ability after that?

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Can a non-legendary intelligent magic item that becomes Legendary gain the Intelligent ability? Would it simply act as if the ability was already taken once?

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Couple of questions

When a character has an intelligent item cohort (Cohorts and Companions) they can enhance/improve the item as if possessing the appropriate item creation feat, would this ability be enough to fulfill the requirements Mythic Crafter?

Can a intelligent Legendary Item (Mythic Adventures) have it's ability scores/senses /communication abilities be improved as per the normal Designing an Intelligent Item rules if the item gained intelligence from being Legendary?

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Chris A Jackson wrote:
Shadow_Charlatan wrote:

A question to Chris, if Torius or any of the rest of the crew to find a stowaway, what would they do with him/her ?

How does the crew of the Stargazer go about recruiting new members who won't cause any issues with Celeste ?

Hmm...I suppose that would depend on the stowaway. They're not so heartless as to simply throw a stowaway overboard, and circumstances would certainly enter into the decision whether or not the person was put ashore at the first convenient port, taken to someplace safe, or taken on as one of the crew. Nothing is impossible, but if said stowaway turns out to be a soul-eating demon from the Abyss in the form of a harmless looking, doe-eyed halfling waif...well that would be an entirely different dilemma...

"Spoilers" ;-)