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Now, I do love my Envoys, and I'm glad they got some love in COM, but I'm puzzled about the Combat Expertise alternate class feature.

Though it does not get insight skill bonuses, at 1st level, 5th level, and every 4 levels after that, it gets to use a new skill with its signature attack move to potentially do extra damage equal to the expertise die, and this counts as Skill Expertise for the purposes of prerequisites such as Expertise Talents, chosen from the following list:

Sense Motive

Okay. I'm not sure how Diplomacy is that useful in doing more damage in combat, but, you know, it's funny and I like the idea of a "trick attack but for envoys with big guns or swords."

The problem is the list. Regular envoys can get expertise in the following list when choosing Skill Expertise:

Sense Motive

Do you see? Disguise, Engineering, and Medicine all have Expertise Talents that a Combat Expertise Envoy simply can't get, and I'm wondering why. I tried to sit down last night to make a combat doctor, and I realized that taking Combat Expertise locked me out of Battlefield Medic and Surgeon.

I thought it might be because it was hard to justify making combat moves with the extra skills, but the really odd part is that Diplomacy is on the list while Engineering is not, despite being a Gadgeteer Operative Trick Attack candidate. Medicine should theoretically be easier to justify than Diplomacy (knowing biology sufficiently being more easily weaponized than just being really polite).

Anyway, thought that was weird. Any thoughts?

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This evening I would like to get a clarification on the 5th level Power Boost ability of the Experimental Armor Prototype alternate class feature of the Mechanic class in the COM.

Power Boost
You gain proficiency in powered armor. You can alter your experimental armor prototype to be identical to any suit of powered armor that has an item level equal or lower than your existing armor prototype by spending 8 hours of work making upgrades.

I think it works, but I just wanted to make sure:

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 204
Item Level 5; Price 3,450
EAC Bonus 9; KAC Bonus 12
Max Dex Bonus 2; Armor Check Penalty -4; Speed 30 feet
Strength 18 (+4); Damage 1d10 B; Size Medium
Capacity 20; Usage 1/hour
Weapon Slots 1; Upgrade Slots 1; Bulk 20
The battle harness is the basic powered armor frame used by infantry units in professional militaries.

I buy some garbage Level 5 Business Stationwear for 2600 credits, and I can convert it to a Level 5 Battle Harness (retailing for 3450 credits) with 8 hours of work. Later I pick up some Elite Stationwear, a Level 6 item. I disassemble the Battle Harness, leaving regular old Business Stationwear, and use the special parts to build my robot armor again. Now I can make Level 6 power armor, but I look at the Spacer Carapace and don't like that it gives a lower EAC, so instead I refer to the Armory's rules on improving power armor:

It is possible (though expensive) to improve powered armor to make it a more effective, higher-level piece of equipment. It costs a number of credits equal to 150% of the armor’s current price to improve the armor’s item level by 1 and takes at least 24 hours for each level gained. Thus improving an ironclad bulwark to 11th level would cost 28,875 credits. The price paid to improve powered armor by 1 level becomes its new current price, so selling an ironclad bulwark improved to 11th level would bring in 2,887 credits, while improving it to 12th level would cost 43,312 credits.

Anyone who could build a suit of powered armor of the new level can improve powered armor to the same level. Increasing powered armor’s item level by 1 increases its bonus to EAC and KAC by 1 each; if the new item level is evenly divisible by 5, then the powered armor’s bonus to EAC and KAC increase by 2 each instead. If you improve powered armor by 5 item levels, its maximum Dexterity bonus increases by 1, its Strength score increases by 2, and it gains one additional upgrade slot. Powered armor can’t be improved beyond 20th level.

So because I can convert my Level 6 Elite Stationwear to an equal level power armor, I should be able to just concoct a Level 6 Battle Harness, resulting in a suit that looks like this:

Battle Harness
Item Level 6; Price 5,175
EAC Bonus 10; KAC Bonus 13
Max Dex Bonus 2; Armor Check Penalty -4; Speed 30 feet
Strength 18 (+4); Damage 1d10 B; Size Medium
Capacity 20; Usage 1/hour
Weapon Slots 1; Upgrade Slots 1; Bulk 20

If I were to find Level 10 Freebooter Armor III later, worth 16,900 credits, I could choose to make an Large-sized Ironclad Bulwark prototype that can barely fit down a corridor...

Ironclad Bulwark
Source Starfinder Armory pg. 78
Item Level 10; Price 19,250
EAC Bonus 16; KAC Bonus 19
Max Dex Bonus 2; Armor Check Penalty -6; Speed 20 ft.
Strength 20 (+5); Damage 1d10 B; Size Large (5-ft. reach)
Capacity 100; Usage 4/hour
Weapon Slots 2; Upgrade Slots 3; Bulk 32
This heavy suit of reinforced metal and polymer powered armor provides superior protection at the expense of mobility. It can mount melee weapons in its weapon slots, rather than only ranged weapons.

or I could stick with my old reliable standby, upgraded to level 10:

Battle Harness
Item Level 10; Price 26,196
EAC Bonus 15; KAC Bonus 18
Max Dex Bonus 3; Armor Check Penalty -4; Speed 30 feet
Strength 20 (+5); Damage 1d10 B; Size Medium
Capacity 20; Usage 1/hour
Weapon Slots 1; Upgrade Slots 2; Bulk 20

Does this seem like it would be okay? My impression is that it is, because upgrading power armor explicitly increases the item level, lower level suits with desirable features (such as a Swim speed for the Personal Submersible, or the defensive benefits against incorporeal creatures of the Celerity Rigging) can continue to be relevant as the player character gains levels.

The weird part comes if you actually use the upgrade rules on your experimental armor to increase the level, then disassemble it... If I upgraded the Elite Stationwear to level 10, then dismantled it so I could use another suit as a prototype, does the level revert back to 6? Or is it Level 10 Elite Stationwear (with no difference to stats from the Level 6 suit, since light armor does not upgrade)?

I guess I'm rambling at this point.

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There is so much cool stuff in COM, and so many questions about how stuff works. Let's look at the Qi Adept Soldier fighting style. It's definitely anime-inspired, and I very much want to play with it, but i have questions.

At level 5, you can spend 1 Resolve to get one of three Gather Qi bonuses until you rest for 8 hours, and one of those bonuses is Plasma Blast, allowing you to make unarmed attacks with a 30' range increment. Also, all of your melee attacks do Electricity and Fire damage, and gain the Stunned critical hit effect.

1. Is the plasma damage lethal, or do you need to have another ability (Natural Weapons, Aesthetic Warrior, etc.) to make the damage lethal?
2. Is the damage also archaic unless otherwise modified?
3. Is the Stunned critical hit effect in addition to your unarmed attack's normal crit effect, or do you have to decide between them?
4. Can I use my Natural Weapons or Ring of Fangs bite as a ranged plasma attack with the same bonus specialization damage?
5. Can I emit the plasma from a Tactical Shield I'm carrying to make it lethal and gain the effects of any fusions on the shield?
5a. Is plasma shot from a shield made of a special material considered to be that material for purposes of monster resistances? It probably doesn't matter much, since it's energy damage and doesn't go against DR, but, say, would a Noqual shield's plasma blast do +1 enhancement damage to magical constructs and undead?
6. Can I choose NOT to hit someone with plasma in melee after I spend my Resolve for the day? If I'm fighting a demon with immunity to electricity and resistance 10 to fire, am I just screwed unless I spend a move action and another Resolve to change my Gather Qi benefit to something else, or can I suppress my inner flame and just do normal bludgeoning damage?
7. Do my unarmed attacks attack KAC or EAC...I'd think the latter, because it is all energy damage, but unarmed strikes are normally vs. KAC.

Got all that? Okay, now let's look at the 9th level power, Bountiful Qi.
At this level you can do the 5th level stuff without spending a Resolve, get two of those powers by spending 1 Resolve, or get a buffed version of one of the powers by spending 1 Resolve. The buffed Plasma Blast allows you to add Automatic, Blast, Explode, or Line special weapon qualities.

1. The Automatic feature determines how many targets you can hit by checking the amount of ammo remaining in the gun. A Qi Adept's Unarmed Strike has no ammo capacity; how do you determine when to stop making attacks? By RAW, essentially it does nothing. Is this intentional? Should it work without ammo?
2. The Explode feature requires a radius in parenthesis, like "Explode (10 ft.)." Without a radius listed, it is effectively 0' does not emanate from a map intersection, and, by RAW, it essentially does nothing. Is this intentional? Should it have a particular radius listed? If so, what is that radius?

The 13th level ability, Qi Overflow, is not exciting, but it is straightforward: +1 to all Soldier, crit, fusion, and weapon-based DCs. No questions there.

The 17th level power is also straightforward, but it barely does anything. When you Gather Qi (5th level ability), you can get 1 ability without spending Resolve, two abilities by spending 1 Resolve, or all three abilities by spending 2 Resolve. But... the first two of those are already handled by the 9th level power, so is the intent that the 17th level power's only bonus is that you can now use Extreme Speed, Plasma Blast, and Qi Flight powers at the same time for 2 Resolve? That seems pretty underwhelming, when you can modify your load-out of two powers with a Resolve and a move action already.

The power does not refer to the Bountiful Qi 9th level ability's upgraded powers, either. Those of us who want to be flying at top speed while chucking exploding hadokens everywhere seem to be out of luck. Should Abundant Qi refer to Bountiful Qi instead?

Thanks for reading this. I would desperately like to create Beartleflower, my Uplifted Bear Qi Adept Soldier with the Battleflower archetype, but I need to know how the powers work. Thank you.

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I got my copy of COM yesterday (thanks to USPS not losing it the way they lost my AA3), and it is full of great stuff that will take ages to sift through.

This is a general thread for us to point out stuff in relation to what we thought the game needed previously. Paizo has been very active on the forums, monitoring what we are noting about the game, and working out (sometimes unexpected) ways of fixing problems that we've encountered.

For example, I recall myself and others asking for extra stuff to do with Entropy Points... specifically I remember wanting move and attack options... and now even 1st level Vanguards can use EPs to get extra movement or damage.

Personally, I want to crow a little. I noticed that the Biohacker's injections were changed from Restoratives and Counteragents to Boosters and Inhibitors...

Dracomicron wrote:

Restoratives they are not.

My immediate impression was that "Booster" was the correct nomenclature.

Dracomicron wrote:

Yeah, I didn't like that, but it wasn't quite as egregious. You could explain it by "countering" an enemy "agent."

Personally I would have called them "Inhibitors."

What did you request? How was it fulfilled?

Hello, I was wondering if Paizo would be running 2-00 at Paizocon 2020. I believe that the new specials for SF are supposed to debut later at Origins, so there wouldn't be a conflict, but I also know 1-99 didn't run at Paizocon 2019.

Is it going to be different now different because 2-00 can be replayed once per tier? I would like to play it again, if possible.

So I have some questions about this boon.

1) If my Personal boon slot is full when I slot this, it instead takes up a non-Starship boon slot for the session. Could I have it take up my Vanity or Promotional boon, both of which I barely ever use?

2) Offensive Nanites: At the risk of starting a multi-page argument about unarmed combat, how do I benefit from this if I don't have a "natural weapon" as a Vesk does? Do regular unarmed strikes count?

Offensive Nanites
You can attack another creature with nanites by making attacks with a natural weapon.
Gift: Anytime you successfully hit a creature with a natural attack you possess, you deal an additional 2 points of piercing damage. If your character is level 10 or more, you instead deal an additional 4 points of piercing damage with your natural attacks.

3) Also about Offensive Nanites, the stain is: You see organic creatures as weak and always attempt to resist spells used on you, whether harmless or not.

So does this just count for spells cast by organic creatures? If an obviously-superior SRO casts a harmless spell on me, do I try to resist it? Do I try to resist a spell I cast on myself?

4) Finally, at any point I can spend 8 Fame to cross Nanite Corruption off, but I can keep benefiting from the Gift in the future if I took the Corruption's Gift feat. Does that still qualify as slotting this boon, and, if so, do I still lower my Resolve by 1?

Corruption’s Gift
Source Starfinder #12: Heart of Night pg. 52
You have embraced your corruption.
Prerequisites: One or more corruption manifestations.
Benefit: Choose one of your manifestations and make its gift permanent. If you’re ever cured of your corruption, you lose the stain but not the gift. You can take this feat multiple times, making a different gift permanent each time you do so. Each instance of this feat counts as a manifestation you have for calculating the save DC for corruption.

Should this be part of the lottery due to the involvement of the RFC guys?

Is there any restriction on using the same characters as used in 1-98? I mean, they're already broken beyond redemption, what else can you do to them?

So I've got two Skitter Shot boons completely filled out, and I need to come up with a new character to get credit for Dreaming of the Future, which I'm running tomorrow at a convention (Anime Detour in Minneapolis).

So I have a super skittermander with a +2 to one stat of 14 or less, and I'd like to take advantage of Empower Weapon and the skittermander's 1/day free Move action with Hyper to do a Full Attack with the +1/spell level AB and +1d6/spell level to damage on both attacks.

One problem: Skittermanders are dumb as rocks. I want a high Dexterity for the purposes of shooting, but I'm wondering how low I can put Intelligence and get away with it. My only other Technomancer is a Junksword melee glass cannon, so I'm not sure what my shooty options are.

I was thinking Int 14 (I could still get Dex 18) but I'm wondering if I'll run into problems with Resolve points. I don't expect to be casting too many spells, but maybe when I get the ability to cast spells through my gun the DCs will make a difference?

I dunno, I mostly stand in the front lines and bonk things with my other characters. Help!

Some scenarios have established situations where PCs may gain Infamy if they perform certain actions. If an infamy action would be in character for their PC, could a GM (for whatever reason, be it RP or some mechanical benefit/challenge) assign themselves Infamy?

For scenarios where Infamy is noted on the chronicle sheet for certain boons, I assume the GM can assign or not assign those points at will, so I'm more interested in the scenarios where the adventure itself says, for example, "If a PC uses lethal damage on this adorable puppy, they will gain 1 Infamy."

If so, would that mean that the GM could also assign themselves Infamy on ANY scenario, as it is listed as an option in their arsenal for dealing with disruptive player characters? It's not like it isn't without fair warning, as the GM is giving themselves the point.

ME: "Are you sure you want to do that? You will gain an Infamy if you do."
MYSELF: "Yes I am sure I would like to do that, and why am I talking to myself?"
I: "I hate all of you."


I like the fact that the Biohacker can go Wisdom or Intelligence, because it really opens up their build ideas, and allows some interesting multiclass combos with Mystic or Mechanic, but the option needs to be fleshed out more before it is mission-ready.

I ran a level 4 Dwarf Str/Wis biohacker in Beacon Code Dilemma over the weekend, and I was really underwhelmed after playing a Ysoki Dex/Int Biohacker previously. While my rolls certainly didn't help (no attack roll with the painclaw over 5), I think the worst thing was that I wasn't very helpful to the group.

Instinctive Biohackers get their Wisdom bonus to Life Science, Medicine, and Physical Science. That's all fine and good, but one could argue that the sciences should be the Biohacker's baseline. Conversely, the Studious Biohacker gets their Intelligence bonus to Perception, Sense Motive, and Will Saving Throws. That's nuts. They are already good at all of the important Intelligence skills (including Engineering, Culture, and Computers) and get the general purpose adventuring skills of Perception and Sense Motive as well. The Instinctive Biohacker is comparatively mediocre in the applied technical skills and the other Wisdom skills that they would be good at, Survival and Mysticism, aren't class skills!

In the adventure, the Technomancer did as well or better than me at science and the two Operatives did better than me at... well, everything else.

I think my biggest problem was that I had 60% of the skill points of a Studious Biohacker of the same level. Not investing in Intelligence severely hobbled my toolkit. Not having many languages (I speak... Common and Dwarvish...) actually made me feel kind of hopeless when dealing with the multicultural Starfinder universe.

Furthermore, the Spark of Ingenuity for Instinctive Biohackers is kinda garbage compared to the Studious Biohacker. Dazzled is just not very powerful to add compared to being able to mix two different Counteragents for twice the duration (Off-Target is twice as good, Fatigued is that and more, don't even get me started on Confused or Sickened), and removing Dazzled, Fascinated, or Shaken is pretty corner-case, especially since a lot of those conditions only last for a round or two anyway (and Fascinated can basically be removed by observing ANY hostile act OR being shaken as a standard action... adding Fascinated there literally does nothing any ally could not do for free). Further, Treat Condition, a level 2 Theorem, removes Shaken, Sickened, or Staggered several times per day... which means the only thing that Instinctive Spark of Ingenuity is best at is adding or removing Dazzled. Meh.

So... I think they need work.

Scientific Method for Instinctive should be roughly equal to Studious. That means two skills (let's say Medicine and Life Science) and an important Intelligence modifier, something equivalent to a Will Save for Wisdom. The obvious choice is Skill Points per level. Studious Biohackers are skill monkeys that beat Mechanics and rival Envoys, other than in their Insight bonus skills. If you're not going to give them their Wis bonus to Skill Points per level, then we'd need to open the skill bonus to more Intelligence skills, adding back in Physical Science but also throwing in Engineering and/or Computers... and I would still want my Wisdom bonus to languages at first level and/or adding Mysticism and Survival to Class skills for an Instinctive Biohacker. Honestly it makes sense, because the Instinctive Biohacker isn't some lab tech with book learning... they should be out in the wild picking herbs and testing out old wive's tales & legends.

For Spark of Ingenuity... I kinda like the idea of the Instinctive Biohacker being able to heal with Restoratives. So take away the ability to add Dazzled to an injection and simply give the ability to add Field Dressing to their Spark of Ingenuity injections, or at the very least, Fast Healing 1 per 3 Biohacker levels for the duration of the Restorative.

Other assorted Biohacker stuff:

Still don't like the names of Restoratives and Counteragents. Should be Boosters and Inhibitors.

The Custom Scanner should serve as an Advanced Medkit at 5th level.

My dwarf melee biohacker really would have enjoyed a Theorem to inject himself as a Move action rather than a Standard action. Self-buffing could be made, with some investment, a little easier on the action economy so they can shoot up and then contribute to fights better. Basically like an Envoy using Get 'Em! and then shooting. Or perhaps more like Clever Attack where they can self-buff and attack with the same Standard action.

I find myself always taking the Quick Load theorem because the action economy of loading a weapon with an injection, especially in melee, is rough because positioning is king. It should be a baked-in class feature by 3rd level or so.

Similarly, it is hard to pass up Painful Injections for that ever-elusive bonus damage. The theorem needs to be clarified on just what the damage "stacking" means (is it only once per round, once per combat, or once ever?), and what opponents are susceptible to it... does the damage have the "pain" descriptor like a Zon-Kuthon divine blessing attack? Does a painful injections effect hurt undead? Constructs? Basically make the damage clearer and more circumstantial so not every Biohacker takes it to make up for the fact that their specialization in injection weapons is only at half-level.

I would like to see Field Dressing be a little more flexible. If you don't add it to the Instinctive Spark of Ingenuity like I suggested, perhaps make an 8th level Theorem to be able to add it to an injection, meaning that you can shoot healing at an ally with a needler without buying a serum. Maybe make it a Resolve ability?

I'd like for ranged restorative injections to be able to subtract the willing target's Dexterity modifier from their KAC instead of adding it because they would lean into it rather than dodge away from it. This should apply to anyone shooting a healing serum or medicinal, though, not just Biohackers.

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I am considering a melee dwarf biohacker for the Society playtest, and the painclaw with a tactical shield is an attractive option for Beacon Code Dilemma. Painclaws have flexible injection slots and the unwieldy property (which will help to differ the question of what Painful Injections' damage "stacking" means). Since hands used with Tactical Shields can be used to reload, I would be able to use the Quick Load Theorem to load and fire an injection, and then still have a move action to raise my shield.

But what if I need a ranged option? The painclaw doesn't really allow me to hold a gun:

The hand wearing a painclaw can’t be used to hold or operate any other weapon or piece of equipment. Donning or removing the painclaw is a full action. A painclaw cannot be disarmed.

So it takes a full round action to put on or take off a painclaw. Do you have to take it off to use the Throwing Fusion?

The throwing fusion makes even the most cumbersome melee weapon usable as a thrown weapon. A melee weapon with this fusion gains the thrown special property with a range increment of 10 feet.

Emphasis mine. I'd say that an unwieldy requiring a full action to put on or remove fits the definition of cumbersome, but does throwing it count as "removing" the painclaw, or can you simply use the fusion's magic to chuck directly from your hand... if the former, could you still throw it as a full action, or would you need to take the full action to remove it, and then throw it?

Next quesiton, if I also have Called on the painclaw and I use a swift action to summon it, does it appear on my hand, ready to be used in melee, or would I need to make a full action to put it on again?

A weapon with the called fusion can be teleported to its owner’s hand as a swift action, even if the weapon is in the possession of another creature. This ability has a maximum range of 100 feet, and effects that block teleportation prevent the return of a called weapon.

Since it's a teleportation effect that brings the weapon to your hand, theoretically it could appear fully attached. Thoughts?

I assume that it would NOT come back ready to use with the Returning fusion, though:

A returning weapon flies through the air back to you after you make a thrown ranged attack with it. It returns to you just before your next turn (and is therefore ready to use again in that turn). Catching the weapon when it comes back takes no action. If you can’t catch it, or if you have moved since throwing it, the weapon drops to the ground in the square from which you threw it.

As it actually flies back to you, I assume you'd have to put it back on with a full action.

I was listening to the Roll for Combat interview with Rob McCreary this morning on the drive in to work and I'm confused.

Rob mentioned a scenario where an ally threw a grenade and hit the vanguard as well as the enemies, and "made him stronger." While this could obliquely refer to the Accelerate Discipline, I generally took it to mean that the vanguard gained EP.

Thing is, allied damage can't give EP right now because the source is not considered a Significant Enemy.

Between Accelerate and Dampen and Fall on the Grenade, the vanguard seems to be meant to thrive in situations where damage could come from allies, accidentally or not. Why not reward them for taking hits for the team?

Further, EP is hard to come by, anyway. Some of the powers prevent you from gaining EP if you use them to mitigate damage (Energize is a welcome exception), but you're unlikely to get EP from attacks whose damage you mitigate, regardless, so why make it outright impossible? If you're still taking double your level in damage after halving it with Flatten Bullets, you probably REALLY need those EP for future hits.

I played a level 8 Vanguard in Society play over the weekend ("Return to Sender"). Here's what I found:

Unless you're fighting a boss, any significant DR (such as Enhanced Resistance) means that you will never get EP from kinetic attacks.

Similarly, I was wearing Spellcaster's Aegis power armor, and almost nothing could even hit me. I did get 1 EP per fight from Boundary because nothing could reliably hit my 30 KAC (31 after gaining that point because of the +1 AC).

The most damage I took was 25 points from an ally's Explosive Blast. Allies are not considered significant enemies, so I did not gain EP.

Other than Energize, the damage-reducing Disciplines are useless at the start of combat, and the start of combat is generally when you need Dampen to protect your allies from the enemy's opening breath weapon or Explosive Blast.

The difficulty of Society games is such that I didn't even need to spend one Resolve point. Out of my 120 stamina, I lost 61 points, INCLUDING the ally's Explosive Blast.

I did get a crit, but I forgot that I could gain an EP by foregoing damage. The thing is, with the crit I took the enemy out in one round, so it wouldn't have been worth gaining the EP anyway. Damage is king; the only way it would be worth gaining EP instead of putting points on the board would be if the base damage was enough to take the enemy out.

Similarly, I had no interest in spending a Move action and a Resolve to gain 1 EP. The powers I could use my points on were mostly devoted to preventing damage anyway. If I had the ability to use my points offensively, i might have been more interested in gaining them, but as it stands the choice between full attacking or move to flank > attack vs. spending an RP to get an EP with a move action that I could better use somewhere else is not really a good choice at all.

All that said, the Entropic Strike feels great. Originally I had been intending to use a Sonic Fist and a shield, but when I realized that the shield would prevent me from taking even more damage, I went with Called Throwing Shadow Chains instead. Having Reach with Entropic Strike is very good, being able to throw them is borderline ridiculous.

Overall, I like the class, but felt like my Entropy Pool did not fill up fast enough to use my abilities, nor did I ultimately have a sufficient reason to use the defensive abilities I took because my Stamina was so high. I think we need to a) start with points and b) power offensive abilities with them.

When Vanguards crit with an Entropic Strike, they can choose not to do the extra damage and instead gain 1 Entropy Point.

We should be allowed know the result of the regular damage before making this choice. So you roll a 20, roll your basic damage. Then, once you know if you take down the enemy or not with that damage, you should then be able to decide whether you take the extra damage or the bonus EP.

This is kinda like how an Envoy with Convincing Liar can wait to learn the result of the Bluff check before rolling her Expertise die and forego the die to reroll the whole check.

I would like this for two reasons. First, it is very thematic; a warrior of entropy should be able to feel the life fleeing from the opponent and stop to collect the entropy before following through with the critical hit.

Second, EP seems very hard to come by; it would very discouraging to be lucky enough to roll a crit, decide to follow through with the extra damage, and then be informed that the creature had one hit point left, meaning that all that extra damage was pointless and you missed out on an EP that you can only get 1 out of 20 strikes.

Barring that, give them an ability to detect an enemy's hit points. Starfinder doesn't really have codified rules on being able to tell how many hit points an enemy has left, so if you can determine that, you're not just swinging in the dark.

Of course, the option I'm secretly hoping for is that vanguards simply get 1 EP on a crit as well as the bonus damage. But that's neither here nor there.


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Please clarify this rule:

You don't gain the magic hack class feature at 2nd level. Instead you gain it at 5th level.

Do you completely lose the 2nd level magic hack, or do you gain TWO magic hacks at 5th level?

For every other instance of the word "instead" in the Technomancer alternative features, you get the trait later and then it specifies something else that you lose (at 6th level the cache capacitor is delayed until 8th and you lose a magic hack, and at 9th your Techlore doesn't go up until 11th level and you lose the 11th level magic hack).

This implies that you indeed pick up two magic hacks at 5th level, because it doesn't say that you lose that feature.

Or is there something with the specific wording of "magic hack class feature" that means something different than just "magic hack?"

For every other instance of losing a selectable class ability in that section, it just says, "you don't gain an [operative exploit, stellar revelation, bonus combat feat, envoy improvisation]." It doesn't say "you don't gain the [x] class feature," nor does it say that you "instead" gain the feature at a higher level, though for several at level 9 it says that they instead gain the power at a higher level and lose something else.

I'm of the opinion that magic hacks are not the equivalent of those other traits, because you only get them every three levels instead of every two levels like the others. Making a technomancer lose their first hack completely seems like a bit of an extreme cost for a level 2 archetype ability that is likely not worth what is lost.

Regardless, the language needs to be clearer.

According to RAW, you can only do a full limb replacement, occupying the following augmentation slots: "Arm and Hand" or "Leg and Foot." You can't currently replace just a hand or just a foot.

No spoilers, but there exists the possibility of an influx of Starfinder Society characters who are missing hands or feet. I might have one of them. Assuming some players aren't that enamored of cutting off the rest of their whole arm to get simple hand function back, would it be possible for Starfinder Society characters to pay 100 credits for just a hand or just a foot, to get them back to functional without losing two augmentation slots?

Seems like neither Luke Skywalker nor Ash Williams needed a whole arm replacement after losing their hands. Robot limbs are cool and very sci-fi, but I don't like the idea of getting more robot parts than are strictly necessary.

I would like for this to be addressed officially for Society play (if not put in the FAQ as well).

Thanks for your time!

...or rather, there are no cheap replacements for lost hands or feet without replacing the entire limb. This was somewhat addressed in the Hideaway Limb thread, but I think it merits its own discussion.

My SFS character, Zoggy Grav, tripped on a Hellknight and accidentally got his right hand incinerated, but, to my dismay, looking at the section on prosthetic hands, you can only buy a basic or storage prosthetic as a "Arm AND Hand" or "Leg AND Foot" augmentation. You can't just replace a hand or just replace a foot.

What this does is make it so that, if poor Zoggy wants to get his claw back, he has to go to the doctor and get his whole arm chopped off so he can get an entire prosthetic arm. He is quite attached to his meat-arm and doesn't want to lose any more of it. So he had a goblin weld a wrench onto his forearm armor for the time being.

Alternatively, he could wait a bunch of levels and spend 71,000 credits on a Polyhand.

So, some questions.

Is this state of affairs intentional? Are hand or foot amputees supposed to be punished by losing their entire limb's worth of augmentation slots? This is not a terribly generous way to handle people with disabilities, if I can say so.

I might consider the whole arm replacement if there were some value to doing so, for example if there was a Quickdraw version of the Storage Limb. Why is there no Quickdraw Storage Limb?

Right now a Prosthetic Limb costs 100 credits, a Hideaway Limb costs 150, and a Storage Limb cots... 1,450 credits. The only mechanical difference between a Hideway Limb and a Storage Limb is that you can also install a Speed Suspension or a Polyhand on a Storage Limb. Is that really worth the extra 1,200 creds you're paying for it?

The Polyhand can replicate a tool. What is the definition of a "tool?" It says that you can replicate tools within an engineering kit; how many of the polyhand's 10 slots do you have to use to make up a full engineering kit? How about a specialty engineering kit that gives bonuses to rolls?

Also, a weapon is a tool. Can the Polyhand replicate a weapon? The text states that it doesn't increase your unarmed damage, but could you make, say, a dagger (the hand can extend for up to 18 inches), and then be considered armed? It is, by definition, an adamantine device, so having an adamantine spike on command, Robocop-style, would be pretty fancy.

I realize that some of my issues may be addressed by the Armory book coming out next, but, if I may suggest some humble solutions for FAQ consideration?

You should be able to buy just a prosthetic hand or just a prosthetic foot. Ash Williams and Luke Skywalker both lost hands and got prosthetics that didn't require losing the rest of their arms. Maybe cut the cost to 50 credits.

Simple, level 1 prosthetics should not use up any augmentation slots. It is basically a cosmetic choice, gameplay-wise. I can imagine that some people with real-life disabilities might appreciate the consideration.

The Storage Limb should cost 250 credits. Maybe 350 credits if you count the ability to play nice with certain other augmentations. You should be able to get a Quickdraw Storage Limb for 3,150 (or 3,250 to play nice) credits.

The Polyhand should use a number of its slots equal to the item level to replicate a full toolkit, so 1 for a basic kit or 4 for a specialty kit.

The Polyhand should be able to replicate a weapon of Light bulk that is 18" or less and doesn't have the Reach keyword or use batteries or ammunition. Let's give the resulting weapon Unwieldy as well, so as to emphasize the fact that the Polyhand wasn't designed to be a weapons system.

Okay, that's it for now. I may think of more, later.