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I should be going to bed, but I wanted to quick note that I played my first session with a level 1 evolutionist, doing SFS Intro: Year of the Data Scourge.

My PC:

I was The Reverend Horton Hoo, a Hortus Vital Evolutionist with a melee cloud of acid spores as Adaptive Strike; my bonus skill was Engineering, and I chose to take max Strength and put my remaining points into Intelligence to support Engineering and the niche's specialty skill of Life Science. With Dex 10, I took Heavy Armor Proficiency.

My Results:

I tanked a LOT of damage here, taking at least a couple crits. My Hortus Spongy Form DR 5/slashing ability did a lot of the heavy lifting (I would have been downed at least twice without it). Surviving those hits, I was able to use my Instinct and Biotic Invigoration to heal a good number of Stamina (between 1 to 3 per round for four rounds). Even with that healing, though, the party envoy needed to inspiring boost me twice. At one point I got seriously critted in the first round and used a healing serum, which got slightly boosted by my Instinct. In a lot of cases I only got hit because I didn't invest in any Dexterity in order to be more useful out-of-combat. That'll teach me.

I was annoyed the first time I used Biotic Invigoration because it costs an EP; because I only had one at the time, my Instinct didn't fire simultaneously to effectively double my stamina healing.

I actually found myself NOT using my BAB bonus in the hopes of getting enough EP to actually get effective healing from my niche power. The enemies did not have high ACs in this adventure, so it worked out okay; I hesitate to try this tactic at level 8 when there's more variation in BAB.

My comrade was playing a Mechanized evolutionist; in the last fight he vented plasma through his injury, spending 2 precious EP to do 2 whole damage (the enemy saved and took 1).

We agreed that the class feels like the Solarian's less flashy cousin, with the bonuses coming from stocking up on (or using) EP merely papering over the fact that the class is only pretending to be a martial; the combat chassis is basically an envoy... worse, actually (no grenades).

I think my next attempt will be with a level 4 sepulchral pahtra.

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I was the GM for this game I second the results and I want to give my input on how I felt both played out.

The Party:
Xenometric Strix Android Evolutionist 1 (Mechanized). Ranged electric adaptive strike. Good Dexterity and Intelligence. Flight as racial ability.
Hortus Evolutionist 1 (Vital). Melee acid adaptive strike. Great Strength and solid Intelligence. DR 5/slashing as racial ability.
Android Envoy 2: Skill focused envoy with get 'em and inspiring boost.
Half-orc Witchwarper 1: Inclined toward skills and spells. Good Intelligence and Charisma.

Each of the four combats lasted around 4-6 rounds with both the evolutionists as the combat focused characters for the party. In my estimation it would have taken a similar amount of time with similar characters as soldiers.

Outside of combat the party did well on every skill challenge with both of the evolutionists contributing. That largely due to them taking effort to have access significant number of skills (by taking a high Intelligence) and not anything of major note that evolutionist granted.

General Evolutionist Comments:
Despite all the combats going to a decent length neither evolutionist got to 4 EP during the session. During the session both usually had either one or two EP as they were using it to maintain a +1 to hit by increasing their Base Attack Bonus. I can't recall any point where a universal instinct was important, beyond +5 foot speed, generally by the point that they did have 3 EP, characters weren't in positions that they needed the increase to +10 foot speed.

Neither character spent any Resolve Points to gain Evolution Points during the adventure. At once point the Vital evolutionist could spend a RP to gain an extra SP during his turn, but that was turned down because of how important RP is to staying alive for low level characters.

Both of the evolutionist's took energy based weapons. Throughout this adventure, kinetic weapons would have been just a worse option. While it was noted that the ACs were generally low this adventure, a number of hits by both evolutionists were because they were both targeting EAC. Since there is no increase in kinetic adaptive strikes at 1st level, it would have been a drop in accuracy for no increase in damage.

Hortus Evolutionist (Vital)

The melee evolutionist was the primary source of damage for the party because of the 18 Strength. While I could argue that he could have given 18 Strength to any class and gotten a similar effect, I will note that having access to a d6 damage melee energy based weapon (that isn't unwieldy) felt good for 1st level character.

Aside from first use of Biotic Invigoration that dropped the character to 0 EP (and losing the bonus healing), the use of the ability ended up being fair, eventually healing an amount of damage similar to what the envoy was able to do. However, despite it being used in most combats, there wasn't point where another ally was healed by biotic invigoration. Characters weren't entering near melee to gain 1 SP per turn.

Unfortunately, despite there being an envoy in the party that could restore SP, the vital evolutionist didn't get any extra benefit during the adventure. The 2nd level envoy's inspiring boost healed 7 SP which was the evolutionist's max SP. This is party due to the higher level of the envoy, but also due to the character didn't have an high Constitution nor a large stamina pool from their class.

The Vital drawback didn't matter for this adventure as nothing in the adventure required this character to make a Will save and any skills requiring patience could be resolved in the early part of combat. The instinct did affect the character, but only their own healing from a serum and biotic invigoration.

Despite having a 10 Dexterity, the character still was tied for the highest KAC in the party (with the other evolutionist) because of vital evolutionist's heavy armor. Seeing that comparison I'm not sure if I like that the universal ability does not increase KAC for characters going out of their way to don heavy armor.

Xenometric Strix Android Evolutionist (Mechanized)

Upon reflection I probably targeted this character the least during any of the combats. I had to guess, it would because their flight kept them in positions where I could not easily reach them in comparison to other ranged characters. Because of that there were less chances to mitigate damage through their instinct or retaliate with Avenging Burst. The one time Dracomicron mentioned them using the ability was the only time it could be used the entire adventure. The other times they were struck they were out of range of the 10 feet required by Avenging Burst.

Their drawback weakness to damage came up once during the scenario, but it ended being canceled out by other damage they were taking at the same time. The other half of their drawback did end up applying the entire scenario because of the envoy in the party. The character could only benefit from the envoy's get 'em if their 3 EP drawback was not active (if it were, they couldn't benefit from morale bonuses).


Despite the evolutionists being critical to the success to the adventure and looking fun to play, neither seemed to be exceptional compared to any other combat focused classes and they didn't get other abilities to create their own niche elsewhere. The self healing from Vital Evolutionist was the most notable, but still required a couple rounds to set up and then multiple rounds to complete the healing. Compared to similar classes that build up energy over multiple rounds, this seemed to be more costly and less worthwhile than solarion or vanguard (either from spending points or building them up).

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I think I did use one RP for an EP in the final battle; the very first turn where I got critted I used it to gain extra healing from the serum. I admit that I might have gotten something lost in the order of events, but I THINK I used the extra point to AoO the baddie who walked past me trying to set up an area attack, or I kept it to continue my healing bonus.

I was at 2 RP at the start of that fight and 1 RP at the end, and I do recall not spending the last RP later in the fight because I figured I'd need to stabilize from all the tanking I was doing.

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I played part 1 of Waking the Worldseed last night with a 13th level Evolutionist Entu Colony. The rest of the party was a mystic11/envoy2 and a soldier12/vanguard1 (party of 3). I picked vital niche and packmaster focus. My adaptations were focused on giving stuff to my allies: Resistant Form x 2, Enhanced Mobility, Enhanced Resistance, Extreme Mobility and Area Strike.

the good:I had fun building the character. Getting to spend so many credits on augmentations was definitely a change of pace. The damage was pretty good for the most part and I managed to hit fairly often even when not using full BAB. The options to use cone and line came in handy and were well worth the 2 points each round. Being DEX focused allowed me to increase all the “vital” ability scores and still be able to increase my INT, meaning I had a good number of skills I was actually good at. I rolled a single will save at a -2 and still crushed it since that’s basically the bonus I got from my mk2 ring of resistance.

The bad: despite having been built as a party buffer, the buffs simply didn’t do much. Enhanced mobility only lasts for 1 round on allies which would be pretty lackluster even if by this level everyone already had reliable flight methods. Burrowing simply isn’t an option in a large number of places such as starships. The buff I figured I’d get the most mileage out of “enhanced resistance” did not come into play once though I don’t know if it’s bad luck or simply how high level behaves.

The mistakes I caught myself making: 2 though I should point out I fixed them fairly easily. The first one was thinking my allies benefited from vital instinct healing bonus. The second one was forgetting that at 5 EP I could deal extra damage. This was also largely inconsequential since the damage I dealt killed the enemy.

Short verdict: I don’t think this class needs any fixes to how it handles in combat at his level. I could hit almost as often and almost as hard as a *melee* soldier and would in fact out damage him once I reached 5 EP as a ranged character. If I had one gripe it would be that the Packmaster needs some better buffs to drop on allies.
On the other hand, though the skill side was very competent, I was functionally a soldier outside of combat.
Lastly, I didn’t know where else to mention this but I didn’t use Evolution Drain at all. I was simply never strapped for EVs.

Next week I'll play the 14th level version and update my notes but considering how little I cared about the drawback I'm going to be taking Explosive Strike to have yet another AoE option.

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I had the night off and decided to play in a waltz through myriad worlds with a 4th level evo. I decided to try a more challenging build and went for kinetic melee (S) with the Eldritch niche just to test how bad it could get. I picked a xenometric dragonkin android for the race to get extra reach and some limited flight and the laborer stats for extra STR and CON. For adaptations I went with distant strike and dazzling outburst.

The good: Something I failed to mention the last time but that was also extremely relevant in this session. The first level ability to pick an extra class skill is incredibly useful when everyone else in the party is locked into their skills and they realise there’s a glaring hole in the party’s repertoire. The melee damage output was very good.Every time my turn came around, there was less of the enemy. With maxed out STR and weapon focus I only missed a single attack and purposefully NEVER spent the extra EP for full BAB. I didn’t take as much damage as I expected I would. I got hit twice for non magical damage on different turns but it was only for an extra 3 and 4 damage. Not quite life-threatening
The bad: Oh boy. I figured I was lucky to find a party with a mystic that would let me get some feedback out of Eldritch but no such luck. The mystic didn’t show up to the game and the ability only triggers for Spells only, not SLA. SR never came into play. I guess I shouldn’t complain since the negative aspect was virtually unnoticeable but having to rely on a party member to have a specific class feature or you don’t get to use your main subclass focus is bad. Dazzling Strikes is awful, I didn’t expect it to be great since… I can read… but I expect the reaction activation and the non-a-cost-but-actually-a-trigger-when-you-use-a-real-power activation to carry it somewhat but a range of adjacent, on reflex to negate dazzle effect is just lame. Distant strikes, can’t say I’m a fan of the swift action activation since it locks you out of full attacking. A problem which arose with how the playtest is being carried out is that I get a pointless 3rd level weapon but barely any money for other stuff I would want like augmentations, fusions and other magic items. This wasn’t an issue in the Devastation Arc game since in campaign mode we followed the normal rules for creating a character above 1st level.
Short verdict: Eldritch Niche was every bit as disappointing as you could expect. The upside of the damage not piling up so much that it becomes a concern is overshadowed by the fact that you’re simply not going to use this if there’s no spellcaster in the party. For SFS that means no one in their right mind is ever going to risk picking this. Heavy armor + some middling DEX is still the gold standard for melee. I never even reached HP damage. I didn’t include a “mistakes I caught myself making” entry because with one game under my belt, I had no trouble remembering what I got from each EP level. Something else not necesarily the Evo's fault is the lack of good magitech augmentations. I settled for a Gravitational harness mk1 which... didn't do much of anything but it was kinda nice to have.

Bonus round! There was another Evolutionist at the table! I can’t attest to their exact build aside from the fact they were using melee and cold adaptive strike and picked a robotic niche. They seemed to rely a lot on spending resolve to gain extra EP, swapping their elemental damage some times.

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Scenario: 2-19: Truth Keepers (Sub-Tier 3-4)

Android Laborer Evolutionist (Mechanized) 4. Melee with sonic/piercing drawback
Vesk Evolutionist (Mechanized) 4. Melee with electricity/piercing drawback
Vesk Evolutionist (Vital) 4. Melee with Heavy Armor Proficiency
Ysoki Evolutionist (Sepulchral) 4. Ranged.
Halfling Operative 6. Used sniper weapons

General Comments
This playtest was going with a different group of players all with their first experience with Evolutionist. The group was at the higher level of the range and a lot of the encounters ended in a few rounds due to all characters having a strong combat focus.
Each of the evolutionists were strongly biased to physical stats with only a few characters spending their points on mental stats. They didn't have many skills for the investigation portion of the scenario and those skills tended toward lower bonuses. Still they were able to reasonably hit the relevant DCs, but it would have more difficult without the operative to fill in for skills the rest of the group didn't have.
The last combat offered the most challenge. The party entered it after one character being hit by a trap and another nearby encounter was drawn in making this a reasonably difficult encounter that lasted just over five rounds.
Players generally seemed to enjoy the evolution point system with different players responding differently. In the final fight, one character at the end reached 5 EP, another regularly had 0 EP, while other evolutionists maintained about 2-3 EP on their turn. Multiple characters spend RP to gain EP during combats during the session.
The characters all had chosen physical KAC targeting adaptive strikes for their weapons. For each of them they had opted to gain the increased damage from the kinetic weapon
Varying abilities from each of the evolutionists were on display throughout. Avenging Burst still didn't consistently activate (it being a reaction sometimes conflicted with the melee characters gaining reach and threatening AoOs on approaching enemies). Biotic Invigoration still seemed reasonable for the cost, but still didn't see any allies be healed by the ability.
All the adaptations were selected, but over the course of the scenario only distant strikes saw any use. Distant strikes was used by the ranged character just for the ranged increment increase while a melee character repeatedly used it to gain reach throughout the encounters.


The class seemed interesting and everyone seemed to enjoy the class, although this was a lot of them in one game. Players were interested in another game to continue playtesting the class. The evolutionist performed well during the adventure and it seemed generally equal to other character's at this level. The evolutionist adaptations do feel weak since most of the characters didn't end up utilizing them.

I'll leave the player general player comments below to make it easier to refer to when responding to the feedback form.

Player of Vital Evolutionist comments:
-EP was a fun system, felt rewarding to build it up and spend it, and being able to use resolve to gain another one that turn gave for some fun situation adaptations. 3/4 BAB encourages the spending of EP to keep attacking that round, and having the benefit last until beginning of next turn feels good.
-Vital niche was well designed, the synergy between the instinct benefit and Biotic Invigoration felt good for myself, but I feel like Biotic Invigoration could have been modified with either the stamina point scaling being stronger than 1+1/3 level, or increasing the range of the ability to encourage flanking when using a melee adaptive strike. At the moment, the ability feels more intended for a ranged character so they can get a greater benefit, since the healing for a melee character will be taken away rather quickly with the next melee strike.
-At the moment, there isn't a desire for an evolutionist to take on a mental ability score, as it feels like this is just an alternative mechanic or soldier. Would like to have a reason to not hyper focus on STR/DEX/CON

Player of Android Mechanist Evolutionist comments:
-Fun, liked the mechanics. Particularly liked being able to have a use for resolve as a combat focused character (beyond high level abilities and recovering SP).
-Wanted other mechanical benefits or rewards for augmentations rather than discounts.

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Tonight we played through scenario 2-03 The Withering World quest pack with another two friendly Evolutionists.

My PC:

Fidarl Yawoh (named after the famous Pahtra revolutionary, Fidarl Catro) is a die-hard revolutionary organizer from Pulonis, currently laying low from the Veskarium inquisition with the Starfinder Society where his nephew, Brayal Yawoh, works.

He is a Career Trooper-themed Sepulchral Evolutionist 4 with a melee slashing Adaptive Strike called the Claw of the Revolution. His Adaptations were Distant Strike and Resistant Form. My feats were Weapon Focus (Basic Melee) and Fleet.

I initially wanted to run a ranged striker, but nobody in the group was melee, so I switched my stats from Dex/Cha to Str/Dex before the table started. The only non-class skill I had was Piloting, through my theme (I just now realized I should have been getting a +1 on it by taking it as my extra class skill and then getting the theme bonus).

There was also a Copaxi Eldritch Evolutionist on the team.

My Results:

I was basically a murder stick, with the Claw of the Revolution racking up a significant body count. The raw damage on Evolutionists is very good, especially for kinetic Strength-based Sepulchral. I did not ever use EP for BAB because that would cut into my damage bonus; that's why I took Weapon Focus.

In the last battle we actually went long enough to max out EP because the BBEG showed up after we killed the henchmen, so it was an unbroken combat. So in the second round of the boss fight, the BBEG was floating above the water 10' offshore. I walked over to the shore, used Distant Strike for Reach, and then critted the guy for 33 damage plus 4 bleed. Would have been 37 damage plus bleed if I hadn't needed to spend the EP for Reach, lowering my EP total to 4 (and losing the damage bonus).

I am embarrassed to say that I forgot to roll a save for my drawback after every kill I made in the scenario until the last fight. And it was a lot of kills. I was doing 1d6+13 or more fairly regularly and at one point killed 2 tree-hoppers with a full attack and then another with an AoO within one round; I would not have been able to do that if I failed my save for killing one the round prior.

With that in mind, if I play this character again I'm definitely swapping Fleet for Iron Will and buying a Ring of Resistance, because that +1 Will Save is really not up to the task.

I also entirely forgot to use Grim Harvest; I guess it's less important since they were quest packs and we healed to full between encounters.

The Eldritch Evolutionist managed to get a roll against his SR once (which succeeded anyway, the GM rolled a modified 20) and avoided taking bonus damage because the one thing that hit him was a magical blast from the boss.

He also used Spell Twisting to help the Technomancer beat the Spell Resistance of an enemy in the first encounter. Rolled an 8, the enemy had 10 SR, the Eldtritch made the save and buffed the penetration by 2. Eat Magic Missiles, Evil Lady!

My impression is that this situation, with a several caster enemies and a friendly technomancer, is about as good as it's going to get for most Eldritch Evolutionists. The player was smart to take ranged so as to avoid taking hits from nonmagic enemies in melee.

Anyway, I definitely learned some lessons.

EDIT: Forgot to mention the starship combat. I was the pilot and did well because I had taken a theme with it. As mentioned, I forgot to choose it as my extra class skill then take the theme bonus of +1. In any case, I got very cocky with the flybys and did not miss one, allowing us to win handily even though our Light Particle Beam damage rolls were hideously low. Anyway, nothing else in the class would have helped, and I had to take my bonus skill in a starship combat skill to be of any use other than a second gunner or Chief Mate.

Opinion: The damage is good, but it essentially is the same at 4th level as a melee Soldier or Solarian, especially if you're looking at natural weapons fighters with 1.5x specialization multipliers and Improved Unarmed Strike. I will also point out that the damage bonuses you get for Sephulchral and 5 EP are contingent: Sephulchral is only on a living creature once per round, and 5 EP... well it takes 5 EP, and is only once per round. The Melee Striker gear boost and Photon mode are forever. I wouldn't feel bad for forgetting to make saves vs. the drawbacks playing those, either.

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Played Devastation Ark again, this time having leveled up my Evo to 14th level.

The good: I did get to use explosive strike and I have to say it's great that the DC for the save scales so well. I sort of wish it was something you could access earlier. Went through a starship combat that turned up well enough. I was tied for best piloting but took the gunner seat instead.

The Bad: Nothing I haven't talked about before. Packmaster has been of little to no use since the enemies keep on dealing kinetic damage and giving a fly speed at my companions at 14th level is simply redundant.

Short Veredict: I should have taken Controlled Transformation. I love explosion weapons but getting the extra damage online earlier is simply too good.

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Played in game with my level 7 mystic with three evolutionists. We played in the scenario "Live Adventure Extreme!" at the 7-8 tier.

Beforehand I offered that, since I was leveling to 7 with my mystic, that I could pick out spells to specifically pair with the eldritch evolutionist and allow anyone to try that niche and spell twisting with their selection of mystic spells.

Overall the party did fine throughout the adventure. Since the group was combat focused and paid some attention in preparation for the starship encounter, nothing imposed a major issue with the party not taking hit point damage throughout the adventure. I made some poorer combat decisions during the adventure, but only once the group was in at a significant advantage.

Discussing it with the eldritch evolutionist I picked up spells I either was less likely to rely on myself or I was not able to use to any good effect. I picked up synaptic pulse and ectoplasmic barrage 3 along with a number of spell gems with other spell options.

It wasn't an great experience as a spellcaster, it was uncommon that the evolutionist was in a position to be able to use spell twisting on any of the spells. Even then, he was unlikely to want to use any of the spells I had on hand.

It never seemed like an advantage to use him as a source for a spell. We didn't even bother with the Fort save on spell twisting since he couldn't improve any part of my spells DCs.

Overall felt too difficult to coordinate and the costs were too high for the results. I was able to use one casting of ectoplasmic barrage 3 with the evolutionist and while that was good I think my other spells could have produced a similar effect in combat without trying to change both of our characters.

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Alright, last stretch of Devastation Ark book 1. No fancy formating this time, not much to disect.

As a 15th level Evo not much changed from the two previous sessions except for the fact at this point I've stopped even trying to find a good use for the Packmaster, there's simply not going to be one until I hit 18th level and can do Fission on my allies.

I also spent resolve on every fight in the first round to get up to 4 EP in the first round,spend one EP to gain full BAB since now it's effectively a +3 to hit. In the second and consecutive rounds I kept my EP at 5+ to earn me a bonus to damage 1/round.

I didn't do Explosive strike once. There simply weren't enough clustered enemies to make it worth the damage diferential.

I took around 1/2 my Stamina in damage from a trap and didn't heal it for the entirety of the section. I only took some minor hits here and there but overall the adventure is simply too easy for me to bother spending RP on anything but EP.

I rolled 3 Will saves. 1 out of combat that I made easily, 1 in combat at a -2 penalty that I succeeded on and another one at the same penalty that I failed by 5. All in all, Vital is still fairly ok drawback.

I'll be back with this character at 16th level in two weeks. I'll finally have Controlled Transformation

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Okay, I played a few more games.

First, Live Adventure Extreme with Eye of Kassogtha, a stellifera sepulchral Evolutionist 8 with a ranged Fishy Gaze that imploded enemies with bludgeoning damage. This was the same adventure as Blazej discussed above.

This scenario is all fighting, so there was no concern about out-of-combat features. I didn't take any starship combat skills with Flexible Skill, but that's okay, because even with 3/4 BAB, I was able to gun fairly well because of my maximum Dex.

Playing a herald of the Old Ones who is a fish that implodes those who meet her gaze was hilarious, especially since she was replacing Professor Quid the Science Squid, a popular stellifera science show host.

That said, the flavor and the effectiveness of the character was more to do with being able to build an all-combat character for the playtest instead of living with a slowly-built character that's useful in other situations (Professor Quid is notorious for talking her way out of fights).

I did get good use out of Area Strike, with two blast attacks that each hit two enemies. I was also able to use Fearsome Outburst to demoralize enemies for long periods (I bought a Ferocity Blazon) when I sank a lot of EP into Area Strike, and, in one case, actually frighten an enemy for a round. I also did a fair amount of Improved Feinting, though I wished I had full BAB so I could have taken Greater Feint.

Quite honestly, I stopped considering any EP bonuses other than at 5 for extra damage, largely only spending EP for full BAB if I already had 6. It was just too fiddly. As I requested, my colleagues helped me remember the Sephulchral drawback of attacking a downed enemy, which did happen once, but I was able to combine it with an Area Strike and still Fishy Gaze another foe. Drawbacks are not natural feeling for Starfinder... it isn't Vampire: The Masquerade where constraints on your behavior are the point.

Anyway, as Blazej notes, we were pretty successful.

I played a second game with Fidarl Yawoh, the Pahtra Sepulchral 4 mentioned in a previous post. This time we did A Waltz Through Myriad Worlds, a SFS quest pack. Not much to report here; I will say that I got heavy use out of one of the very limited class skills of the Evolutionist, but I consider that to be a flaw of the scenario, not a good part about Evolutionist. One trick ponies who only have a hammer should not be able to treat everything as a nail, to mix my metaphors.

Finally, I played a second game of Waltz, this time with Mechamaw, a Mechanized Morlamaw 4 with a ranged electricity strike and capable of switch-hitting in melee with Natural Weapons (took versatile focus for this purpose). Again I was able to build for a single adventure and did fairly well, leading to a hilarious situation where, disguised as a unicorn, I attempted to compete in an archery contest.

As a quest pack, I was able to use my fulcrum's Blasting fusion multiple times as a sort of poor walrus's Area Strike. I was able to mitigate my drawback somewhat by choosing an energy vulnerability that I already had resistance to as a morlamaw (cold), but it never came up in battle, nor did anything with slashing damage hit me (and I never used Resistant Form because it always seemed more expedient to full attack). Every time I was hit, it was before I got any EP on the first round, so my instinct never kicked in.

There was one good use of Avenging Burst at the end of the last fight, I spent all my EP and rolled 2d8; the enemy failed its saving throw and fell down dead from my 13 plasma damage. It could have easily have been 2 damage and I would have had to delay going to bed.

I think I have enough information to fill out the survey now that I've played 3/4 of the subclasses and seen the last in action.

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