Can A GM assign their own credit-character Infamy?

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Some scenarios have established situations where PCs may gain Infamy if they perform certain actions. If an infamy action would be in character for their PC, could a GM (for whatever reason, be it RP or some mechanical benefit/challenge) assign themselves Infamy?

For scenarios where Infamy is noted on the chronicle sheet for certain boons, I assume the GM can assign or not assign those points at will, so I'm more interested in the scenarios where the adventure itself says, for example, "If a PC uses lethal damage on this adorable puppy, they will gain 1 Infamy."

If so, would that mean that the GM could also assign themselves Infamy on ANY scenario, as it is listed as an option in their arsenal for dealing with disruptive player characters? It's not like it isn't without fair warning, as the GM is giving themselves the point.

ME: "Are you sure you want to do that? You will gain an Infamy if you do."
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I believe only if it is a selectable boon on the chronicle itself.

That's the only thing I know you can make choices about when assigning your GM credit.

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You would only get infamy if it's from the boon itself.

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