Significant Enemies and Entropy Points


I was listening to the Roll for Combat interview with Rob McCreary this morning on the drive in to work and I'm confused.

Rob mentioned a scenario where an ally threw a grenade and hit the vanguard as well as the enemies, and "made him stronger." While this could obliquely refer to the Accelerate Discipline, I generally took it to mean that the vanguard gained EP.

Thing is, allied damage can't give EP right now because the source is not considered a Significant Enemy.

Between Accelerate and Dampen and Fall on the Grenade, the vanguard seems to be meant to thrive in situations where damage could come from allies, accidentally or not. Why not reward them for taking hits for the team?

Further, EP is hard to come by, anyway. Some of the powers prevent you from gaining EP if you use them to mitigate damage (Energize is a welcome exception), but you're unlikely to get EP from attacks whose damage you mitigate, regardless, so why make it outright impossible? If you're still taking double your level in damage after halving it with Flatten Bullets, you probably REALLY need those EP for future hits.

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Is the rule wording "damage from a significant enemy" or "while in combat against a significant enemy"? Because the latter would allow the friendly fire damage to apply, as it doesn't mandate the source of the damage, merely the situation in which it is suffered.

The rule is damage from a significant enemy, so friendly fire shouldn't work.

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