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Full Name

Gronnigan Conroy




Technomancer 2







Special Abilities

Gore, Darkvision 60', Maze Mind


Lawful Neutral


Absolom Station


Nuar, Common, Goblin, Khizar, Orcish, Eoxian


Steward Cadet (Forensics)

Strength 14
Dexterity 13
Constitution 10
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 10
Charisma 10

About Gronnigan Conroy

Gronnigan's parents, middle class Nuar from Absolom Station, were on a research expedition on Aballon when an accident separated them from their young calf.

Gronnigan was found by local scavenging goblins and raised by his gobfather, Top Dogkiller Vorg, and his gobmother, Bracer Wiz Kata. Gronnigan took to Kata's training and easily started on the path of the Junkmage.

While he relished teachings with his gobmother, his gobfather's scavenging missions never sat well with him, as the boy had developed a strong sense of justice and propriety.

When he was older, he towered above the goblins and earned the name Big MooMoo ZapZap. Realizing that there was nothing keeping him on Aballon other than his affection for Kata, he gratefully said goodbye to her and simply left while Vorg was dealing with a fire in the junkcycle shed that Gronnigan himself had started.

Gronnigan fled to the Well and stayed with the Khizar for a time before hitching a ride off-planet with some researchers. Reunited with his family on Absolom Station, Gronnigan took back his Nuar name and joined the Steward Academy, specializing in forensic science.

Now he has joined the Starfinder Society and aims to spread justice across the Pact Worlds and beyond.