Can you throw your melee Adaptive Strike?

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The text says, "Your adaptive strike can’t be disarmed, dropped, or sundered. It doesn’t interfere with your ability to wield equipment, and it doesn’t require hands to wield."

My question is, if I somehow get the Thrown property on Adaptive Strike (say with a Throwing fusion on my fulcrum), can I then chuck my melee adaptive strike at people? What happens to it then? Does it disappear and need to be re-manifested?

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 65 Item Level 2 The throwing fusion makes even the most cumbersome melee weapon usable as a thrown weapon. A melee weapon with this fusion gains the thrown special property with a range increment of 10 feet. If the weapon has an item level of 10 or higher, the range increment is 20 feet. This fusion allows you to add additional fusions that benefit thrown weapons. You must be proficient with a melee weapon with the throwing fusion in order to benefit from the thrown special property granted by it. Only melee weapons can benefit from the throwing fusion.

Allowing this would give a ranged option for melee evolutionists who rely on Strength.

Also, now that I have your attention, it would be cool to have an Operative Adaptive Strike for melee Dexterity characters.

I want to say that the 'can't be dropped' should cover 'can't be thrown', but some extra language may be necessary.

Operative adaptive strike would be nice. Though I suspect it will be in an AP like the lunar weapon for solarians.

Garretmander wrote:

I want to say that the 'can't be dropped' should cover 'can't be thrown', but some extra language may be necessary.

I suspect you're right. That's why I'm asking!

I foolishly forgot to grab a ranged weapon when I played at 1st level and was always stuck in melee.

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That said, at higher levels you can use your melee weapon as a cone or line.

Nanocytes can throw their 'grow a melee weapon' so I'd allow it.

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RAW, as per the original playtest document, I would allow it. You would need to be level 3 and get a throwing fusion and a returning fusion on your fulcrum to make it work.

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