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I took this as an opportunity to express philosophies

As was I. I thought I tried really hard here to write my comment in a way to show I was just expressing my own opinion and my personal perception of the issue.

"I tend to feel"
"I suspect that"
"may not be"

I don't think it is egregious to suggest that some people handle setbacks in games better than others.

You could look at how different people react when their base gets blown up by creepers in Minecraft, and make a similar comparison.

It wasn't meant as a personal attack, it was an observation of people in general, and how those differences in people might create the kind of friction we are having in PFO.

For me, the way PFO is played right now, stuff has value, life is meaningless. This difference of opinion is the source of much friction.

I tend to feel the source of friction comes from a differing capacity for players to handle the loss (whether of stuff or life).

I suspect that people coming from EVE handle loss of stuff fairly well, where HTFU is the mantra.

Other players not coming from that background may not be so well equipped (or conditioned?) to expect and cope with loss of material or life to another player.

Having a smallholding able to act as a company shared vault would guarantee tons of sales immediately. Personally, I'd fast-track that feature.

Let's avoid that; just deny that you are doing the same thing as others, and let everyone look at the actual evidence to independently decide if your statement was equivalent to what some have described others as "carebears" for making.

I personally do not initiate PvP within 10 hexes of Aragon, or 2 hexes from any NPC town, but will defend if attacked within those zones. I encourage that same approach to our members, though I'm not their boss. We're free people. Despite that, I think any PvP from AGC close to Aragon is just some good-natured sparring over coal with Golgotha.

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1 guy vs 150. I'm *sincerely* honored that I produced enough content to get on your kill list. <3

It will definitely be neat to see you guys in action when you try to fight people you don't outnumber by 5 to 1 in manpower. Will be some good action I bet.

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Believe it or not Pyro, I'm sincerely happy for you. I'm sure many of us thought of you when we read that.

Yeah, if you are anywhere near Utislav Escalations by Hammerforge, even if just doing the escalation yourself and not bothering with any towers, and TEO is also there in a zerg group (like a zerg guild will do) they will kill you on sight and loot all your loverly tier 2 recipes you just farmed.

Witnessed in person. 20+ vs 5 = runnnnnnn heheh

I presume TEO is making the 30-45 minute trek all the way up there because they are unable to fight the Mordant Spire escalations and Golgotha at the same time.

Nice work Cap!

Seeing as how raiding PvP is being shut down this week, I'm personally going to be focusing on merchant stuff for a bit.

Allegiant Gemstone Company has been doing prep work for merchant/mercenary work such as item transportation and/or caravan style protection or bodyguard style movement. You can send me or Atheory a PM to request help with any of those services.

We have several small-gang groups with PvP experience available to do this.

Our request form for this things will be live on our website this weekend most likely.

Purty please, can you be more specific which settlements participated?

I'm not up to speed on which settlements in the north have people playing and which don't.

Sincerely sorry no one showed up to provide some content for you, we don't really have control of the settlement tower stuff. I know capping undefended towers afk is boring. :(

I thought this was about good PvP, but it's really not, is it?

It's about collecting resources.

Bravo sir. The collective groups you are trying to piss off live around the entire globe, many of us work at home at least half of the time and put together we own hundreds of accounts.

I'm not trying to piss anyone off. I'm just trying to collect resources. I'm also providing my playing schedule so people can meet up to help me contest mobile resource nodes.

But hey, feel free to continue painting everything how you'd like to see it.

Ok, Francis. :)

Mbando, I've thought about making my way up to OZ to try gathering for mobile resource nodes, but you don't seem to have enough players to make it worth the trip. :(

Just a friendly FYI,

Anybody that takes a core tower from a settlement I'm currently working for will receive 100% of my raiding focus.

I've been fairly low-key about it so far, trying to ration out the pain (I sincerely don't want to make people sad) but I can certainly turn it up to 11.

I wake up early and work from home, and as such can log in at any time randomly when I feel like it for 18 hour block of time. I also have 3 accounts, so travel time is no longer a problem.

You can digest that information however you'd like.

I'm pretty sure the towers we can't use right now are less valuable than the gold ore I've been looting off your gatherers.

PM sent.

Was hoping PFO would break from that MMO habit and include some non combat spells too.

What, like using a cold spell to make ice cubes for one's beverage?

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For reference, Iron Tusk guilds the character.

AGC gilds the character too. My golden statue is slated to be erected in front of Marchmont later this week, weather pending.

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Yup, no way THIS is going to be slanted. (I will read it later, when I can catch more than a spare moment).

Wow, are you always so cynical?

It's written from the view point of somebody who doesn't like PvP.

I was told soon.

That's a pretty cool gesture.

I hope you believe us when we say the incident between Rathglen and such was really just mostly bad luck and timing, and that in our minds PvP of that nature is in our own weird way a sort of hello between equals, not a "personal attack".

The reason I say that is because I hope you understand that we (AGC) is also here and committed to the spirit of the game, even if seemingly on the other "side" sometimes. I know we've had some rather sharp and spirited debates here on the forums, but I really respect your forthrightness and consistency in manner.

That being said, I feel I'm not overstepping to say if you need a place to hang out, where there is activity regularly, folks are "free spirited", and protective of what others say we can do, and where the people sincerely are just about having fun, then you are welcome to come down and hang with us.



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Now, I'm confident they could narrow down the number of combat feats (maybe attacks, armor, and role feature feats) for new players without making things 'weird' or 'unfair.' One option is to gate half of them behind Adventurer 1 (or 2), which should take minutes/hours for a new player, in which time they can get a handle on how combat works before they start getting into the details. A few hundred XP can be made up in a few hours.
That actually makes a lot of sense. Gate all attacks except 2 primary and 2 secondary for each weapon type behind Adventurer 1. Also, put all the wand cantrips on the occultist and all the staff cantrips on the war wizard in order to remove that confusion.


The bombardment of confusing information right out of the gates is a big problem for new people. People buy skills they can't even use or get bonuses from yet because they don't know any better.

My understanding is that Energetic is faster than Agile feet because it is a higher rank of the same kind of spell. Quickened (10% boost) versus Hasted (30%) boost.

Either way, I recall reading that one of the designers said they didn't intend for Energetic Field to be used as a travel spell, it is more supposed to be a combat position cantrip.

Regardless of its efficacy however, I feel that a travel spell or something to boost speed will always be mandatory. If they got rid of Energetic Field, then Agile Feet would be manditory. If they got rid of that one too, than an armor feet or travel domain feature that provides a passive speed boost would be mandatory.

"If you can't out fight the predator, then you need to be able to outrun them." ~ Ancient Antelope Proverb.

I'd ask this on the goblinworks.com forum in the wizard subforum.

Despite the taunting, I'm still pretty pleased. Half of the guys I brought up to reinforce at a moment's notice haven't done PvP before in PFO yet and only had +0 armor, so it was good experience for them and they made a good showing of themselves in my opinion.

So will that be craftable in like a year? :p

Yeah, that tower was in retrospect a bad choice to attack. Unbeknownst to us before we chose to make that final attack, every time we killed one of OV when they were trying to dislodge us they basically respawned right back next to the tower. It would probably be a pretty tough capture/defense for anyone without a numbers advantage.

What's crazy though, is when I died I respawned half a hex away. I'd be curious in hearing more from the Dev's about how the respawn mechanics works.

Some good PvP experience though for sure. Highlights how fun the game can be, despite it tripping over its feet with a clunky UI and mechanics.

Pretty much mirrored the experiences that I've had running with Golgotha and what they've seen against EBA.

Did you read the new player guide that is linked to in the Launcher?

Looks over shoulder to watch out for Doc

Honestly, paying attention is the best and first defensive measure to take.

If you get enough of a head start and start running with a speed spell, you stand a good chance of getting away.

Because Energetic Field is faster.

If you only use Agile Feet, I will catch you.

I imagine the reputation system still has tons of tweaking to be done before they finally settle on something.

I started out really severe, then backed off and maybe went too far in the other direction. I dunno.

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Just some ideas to help gatherer-type non-combatant folks slot their character in order to help them get out of ganking/banditry type encounters more effectively.

- You need to be paying attention to your mini-map anyway, but a little bit of training in perception (may?) help you spot enemies further out.

- Must have an orison or cantrip for speed, preferably Energetic Field. Try to get the Speed spell, and last resort maybe Speed Potions. You have to have something for this.

- Same thing, if you can heal yourself you might be able to survive some random hits and make it back home. The expendable versions are better, so Cleric Lesser Cure I think. Potions at the least.

Anti-Crowd Control
- You need to have something like Bulkwark or tokens for Freedom and/or Mind Blank, so you can break stuns and slows.

- Need to have points in Recovery, maybe even slot the Defense: Bravery so you can clear crowd-control stacks faster and get running again at full speed.


Thoughts? Other or better suggestions?

More activity, not less. Having characters whizz off in instances is terrible.

I recall Ryan D. saying small holds will function like this, so I figured the same concept could be applied to the small keep in settlements.

I think it makes sense from a roleplay and concept standpoint, so why not. Realistically, in the time period of history where keeps and holdfasts were still used, that was half of their purpose. A place for the peasants to run to when the countryside or town was under attack.

Since the thornguards don't really do much guarding, and there aren't too many options during a raid on a town besides fight, run, or log out, I propose a feature that ties into some proposed functionality down the road (where people disappear when in crafting build or smallhold) and let people "enter" the keep of the settlement they are a member of.

If there is trouble in the town, non-combat folks can run their for safety, if they can make it in time, and wait out the trouble. Or it could be used as a general place to leave your character when AFK instead of just sitting around vulnerable around town. It should probably only work for you if you are a member of the respective settlement, though maybe anybody should be able to enter the small keep of an NPC settlement.

Not trying to be a jerk, but Golgotha farming the crap out of Mordant Spire with impunity is probably the reason this came down.

I won't fault Golgotha for using tactics that work, it's more of a fault in game mechanics, so now it's been addressed apparently.

The strategy was:

Agro a group of 10 purple mobs via one puller hitting one mob, have your farm group target precisely just that one mob, and focus fire on that one, and then have the agro person run away with the rest of the purple mobs who do nothing to help their one poor NPC buddy who gets focus fired to death asap. That Mob group will completely ignore every other player.

If any one screws up and pulls agro, they run away to die alone, then mobs reset.

Rinse and repeat till the purple mob group is killed off. Takes only a couple of minutes per mob group.

Being able to use simple tactics like these as starter players hitting purple mobs, if allowed to remain, would basically put any settlement without a T2 escalation next door basically at a disadvantage for farming high end resources and recipes.

The instructions at PFO HQ say to use the contact form to let me know that your company page is complete. I do not check these forums every day.

Publishing your company page now.

If you have questions about the PFO HQ website, the contact form on that website is the most appropriate way to reach me, as that goes straight to me email, as opposed to this forum which does not.

What effect does item quality have?

I can't recall if there was a proclamation stating the bug with Attack Reactives where if using buff spells on yourself they could trigger and inflict their debuff effect on you. Anybody able to confirm?

I'm pretty sure they're still broke.

Single, Dwarven, Guardian seeks new home. I'll miss you, Guardheim.

That sucks man. Well, I guess at least you got to live the dream (of us non landrush people) for a little while.

Nihimon wrote:
Cald Heurad wrote:
... one or two of the Ozem's members didn't know who I was by name, so we managed to kill each other a couple of times.
I have a feeling there will be lots of oldtimer stories along these lines. One of our new members had me nearly dead as I was joining them to help capture a Tower; fortunately, he was in TeamSpeak with us and my frantic "Rook! Stop! That's me!" got through pretty quickly :)

I hope you praised him for his instincts though? :D

Harneloot wrote:
Kyutaru wrote:

A preview of PVP in the post-patch future:


After a number of suspiciously unsuccessful pulls, you realize what's happening and advance the Logs agenda on the crowdforging site.

Anyone, anywhere, anytime; you can and will die to assassins, but will you even notice?

Unless they have been specifically hired to kill that person or are defending territory, why would anyone play the game like that? Just to make other players miserable? Why would anyone play a game just to make other people have less fun?

IMHO, if this assassin had gone down and looted the people he killed, it would have been "content" instead of potentially viewed as "griefing".

Note: I don't think it is actually griefing.

Has anybody had any contact with the leader of Iron Gaunlet, and/or know of a web page for the group that won it in landrush?

Same with New Daggermark?

I thought those were prominent groups before. Maybe I am confusing them with others.

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Where have you been during the landrush?

I was not aware of Pathfinder Online's existence until after the landrush.

8 votes was all that was needed.

Which makes it all the more frustrating, considering how many of the people who were fortunate (privileged?) to be awarded a settlement and have now essentially abandoned it -

- with the unlucky new people having no recourse and being stuck choosing from the remainders of which none apparently are willing to provide for an alignment that accounts for at least 10% of the alignment spectrum.

Sandbox MMOs definitely do NOT provide a Hollywood "one heroic hero takes on the world against the odds and defeats the Mongol Hordes single handed and gets the girl" play experience.

That's a strawman. I don't think anybody I know wants to play PFO solo.

Advancement limited by the will and whim of other players is almost in the definition of a sandbox.

Depends on if by Advancement you mean "accomplishments" or merely just training skills. I just mean training skills. I'm quite happy with the concept that I can't conquer the world by my lonesome, I don't want to play solo anyway.

I find the idea that a small group of players can decide unilaterally whether or not I can activate core features of the game (skill training) to be not only abhorrent, but also a really terrible way to design a game that depends on people paying a subscription for it to survive.

This is like game of thrones - there are many people here with ambitions.

Thod, with respect, if you feel you needed to explain all of those things to me then you apparently underestimate some people around here.

Of course it is a game of thrones, and the people without "thrones" presently are likely just as ambitious and driven as the folks who won theirs already with cash and a forum popularity contest.

Popcorn bag ready. You usurped them more or less if I look at the numbers of members in your company compared to the whole settlement are now around 50%. ...Yes - someone trying to ursurp a settlement will be backlisted naturally from all other settlements apart from the most desperate ones.

You've mischaracterized a lot of things that have gone on and by suggesting we were trying to usurp the settlement is kind of annoying, because that would indicate you think we're idiots.

I know just as well that anyone in the know that Settlement leaders are the gods of their settlements. They cannot be removed, and they can do whatever they like regarding their membership. That fact that a council of 17 of them can decide to prevent any player from effectively playing the game is just a further example of their influence and power over the game.

some postings seem to indicate you feel you can't get what should be yours by actions in the game and you only now realize fully the implications.

Respectfully, it will probably be safer for you in this political simulator to give people the benefit of the doubt that they are not dummies.

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I'm just basing it off the context of Lifedragn's entire post, which seems to be suggesting the reasoning for the in-game and Meta player interaction restrictions as to ward off rampant murder-hobos.

Personally, I think player kills are not very important in the grand scheme of things.

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You don't have to be a random murder-hobo to risk this stuff. Please stop with the strawmen.

With the drama going on with the NAP violation, *nobody* was killed. Not one. And yet, threats of blacklisting were floated.

Up until the last few posts I thought you were genuinely concerned about the structure of the game mechanics. Well played.

I am. Please don't doubt that, sincerely. I am passionate mainly because I want the game to thrive. My apparent downfall is I don't agree with much of the Alpha Aristocracy on how that is achieved in design.

Sure you can. Join Aragon. Use the threat of violating Aragon's agreements to force them to change the status quo.

Do you really believe we're *just now* learning how to play PFO politics? :D

Sometimes the tail wags the dog.

Just out of curiosity, Doc, have you ever expressed the opinion that anyone who logs into a PvP game accepts that they might be killed by other players?

Not really sure what you mean. I don't recall typing that. Either way, I don't equate PvP with necessarily with combat. I equate it with player conflict in general.

This whole situation was PvP.

So you feel that you should be able to violate the contracts your home has signed without getting a bad reputation for it?

Not accurate. I accept the bad rep hit. What I don't accept is being denied the ability to train skills and play the game if/or because a player doesn't like me.

That would be players getting a bad reputation for doing bad things. That's a core mechanic of the world and an emergent behavior in PFO.

*Quite bad*, for a group of people to take *unclaimed towers* from a settlement that is *essentially inactive*, while other larger groups have done the same very thing and brushed it under the rug or done behind the scenes agreements for them.

My, we're basically the devil!

Naughty fellows indeed! Ban them!

Queue video of the burn the witch scene from Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail.

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