Feature idea: let settlement members entire the "keep" and be hidden.

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Since the thornguards don't really do much guarding, and there aren't too many options during a raid on a town besides fight, run, or log out, I propose a feature that ties into some proposed functionality down the road (where people disappear when in crafting build or smallhold) and let people "enter" the keep of the settlement they are a member of.

If there is trouble in the town, non-combat folks can run their for safety, if they can make it in time, and wait out the trouble. Or it could be used as a general place to leave your character when AFK instead of just sitting around vulnerable around town. It should probably only work for you if you are a member of the respective settlement, though maybe anybody should be able to enter the small keep of an NPC settlement.

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I must admit it is really annoying to have to log out every time you leave the keyboard for 3 or 4 minutes even if you are standing in the centre of your own settlement.

People defintely still shoot at you in Settlements if they think you are AFK.

I was standing in Phaeros chatting in whisper today when someone came up and started shooting at me. The instant I moved towards them they ran off, they were not after a fight just looking for easy AFK in town kills and free loot.

I don't want to play "station games" with the juiciest targets docking up in safety.

If you do get your safe spot because more players want to hide than raid... it should not provide rep or power regain nor allow /trade.

Nor should players be allowed to logout and login another character on an account while they have a character in this safe spot. Otherwise, Destiny's Twin becomes overpowered because you (and your DT mates) always have a fully efficient combat character to rescue your fully efficient crafter. DT has enough advantages already.

And if you get these safe spots, I predict you will find yourselves "caged" by your opponents.

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I have always been very much against anything that moves a character into an instance, like they plan to do with crafting. I am very afraid that this will become an easy stop gap that will never go away again. Game world is empty enough as it is.

I am pretty sure if PFO goes that way, that I will lose interest.

As a temporary solution, yes, but I hope they get the Thornguards AI up to speed asap. I expect towns to be bustling with activity at some point, not only players but also patrolling guards, that can be upgraded by a wealthy settlement, Guard towers, ballista's, anything to safeguard the citizens. Maybe even some regular NPC's, just for some local color (a juggler doing his thing at the marketplace.)

More activity, not less. Having characters whizz off in instances is terrible.

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A few other features could work.

  • Change the crafting and AH interface so as to not take over the whole screen.
  • Allow crafting to pull directly from the local Vault.
  • Real walled off areas that only allow "friendlies" in.

This does not mean an instance, but some area that will filter access to players. Aggressors would have the siege the gate in order to access said "protected" area. The size of the protected area will depend on the level of the settlement. New one just get the "keep" area, where as larger ones can enclose one or more of the other quarters.

Right now, all settlements are sieves. There is no defensible area at all, so aggressors can just come and go as they see fit.

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Reputation hits and kill count towards the Murderer flags could be increased in mid- and hi-security zones:

2x Reputation/Kill Count on 'patrolled' high roads and areas around starter town.
3x Reputation/Kill Count in settlements other than your own.
5x Reputation/Kill Count for attacks/kills in TK/FI

Rep losses and kill count towards Murderer flag could be applied to all party membersco-attackers within some range.

More activity, not less. Having characters whizz off in instances is terrible.

I recall Ryan D. saying small holds will function like this, so I figured the same concept could be applied to the small keep in settlements.

I think it makes sense from a roleplay and concept standpoint, so why not. Realistically, in the time period of history where keeps and holdfasts were still used, that was half of their purpose. A place for the peasants to run to when the countryside or town was under attack.

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What about a siege mechanic that prevented characters who fled into the hold from leaving while hostile characters are within a radius? That would allow the assault of noncombatants, and even make it more efficient.

I'm a strong believer that any interface that requires a lot of screen space (and crafting and the AH need that absent a huge UI concept change, which is a huge feature change) should pull the character from the world.

Inside stations, even in nullsec, is a safe area in eve. Why not have the equivalent in PFO?

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First off, I think there should be a very high level of security in a wealthy settlement. Through upgraded guards mostly(patrolling and static), walls, Guard towers.

Furthermore I hope that we get to see interiors to buildings one day (Ryan said we would) and that for instance a crafting building would offer protection in the sense that you can not be attacked from the outside: so any attacker will have to enter the building before he can target you and attack. That should make things much more interesting, especially if you can place an (expensive) Guard in the building.

I hope to see working doors too.

What we see currently, the buildings that are just a facade, should not be the end of it. I realize that it is hard to imagine now that we may get all that, but it's not that doors and interiors are an impossible thing. Think shroud of the Avatar. Or Everquest, to name a 15 year old game. Wonderfull, creaking doors. (I do not agree that you can not have doors in a strictly 3rd person game, btw. Just need some good camera-coding.)

Game just needs to start making money. :)

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