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Just some ideas to help gatherer-type non-combatant folks slot their character in order to help them get out of ganking/banditry type encounters more effectively.

- You need to be paying attention to your mini-map anyway, but a little bit of training in perception (may?) help you spot enemies further out.

- Must have an orison or cantrip for speed, preferably Energetic Field. Try to get the Speed spell, and last resort maybe Speed Potions. You have to have something for this.

- Same thing, if you can heal yourself you might be able to survive some random hits and make it back home. The expendable versions are better, so Cleric Lesser Cure I think. Potions at the least.

Anti-Crowd Control
- You need to have something like Bulkwark or tokens for Freedom and/or Mind Blank, so you can break stuns and slows.

- Need to have points in Recovery, maybe even slot the Defense: Bravery so you can clear crowd-control stacks faster and get running again at full speed.


Thoughts? Other or better suggestions?

Since the thornguards don't really do much guarding, and there aren't too many options during a raid on a town besides fight, run, or log out, I propose a feature that ties into some proposed functionality down the road (where people disappear when in crafting build or smallhold) and let people "enter" the keep of the settlement they are a member of.

If there is trouble in the town, non-combat folks can run their for safety, if they can make it in time, and wait out the trouble. Or it could be used as a general place to leave your character when AFK instead of just sitting around vulnerable around town. It should probably only work for you if you are a member of the respective settlement, though maybe anybody should be able to enter the small keep of an NPC settlement.

I can't recall if there was a proclamation stating the bug with Attack Reactives where if using buff spells on yourself they could trigger and inflict their debuff effect on you. Anybody able to confirm?

I'm pretty sure they're still broke.

I know that some settlements are flat out empty, and such I know GW has a plan for monitoring those and maybe deactivating them and/or do a second landrush.

What is the plan for settlements that aren't inactive, people are there capping towers for it, but the settlement owner, the one person who can accept invites for companies into the settlement, is seemingly unreachable?

We have people playing here, it's not abandoned.

Is there going to be some kind of process for reassigning leadership if the one person who can accept company join petitions just falls off the face of the earth for one reason or another?

They're both lawful settlements right? They both seem to have the bulk of players up in the north. The numbers distribution up there makes them excellent opportunities to be rivals and have something to do. But are they both playing good aligned and are in this highlander thing.

Seems to me if you all choose to be buddy-buddy up north, you'll have a long way to go to do anything other than harvest and do escalations.

I haven't seen any chatter from aoenian legue or SW corner settlements, are they no shows?

War of towers starts tomorrow correct?

If none of them show up this week, when do those towers go up for grabs without that NAP business causing a rabble rousing.

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Which provides more speed boost? Archer or Scout?
One is a +value and one is a %value increase. I suppose maybe the %value increase is better when stacking with other gear that boosts speed?

Also, is Cleric travel domain the only class feature that provides speed boost?

"Atheory" is currently locked out of the game by the Waiting to load bug, he was using Parting Shot with longbow.

Is the fix a manual action by GM's or does he have to wait a while for the db sweep to change his records?

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neener neener

I was curious to learn more about the variations of the different armor pieces as they were built to higher levels, and while doing a bunch of crafting I figured I might as well put together a dynamic screenshot gallery of the different pieces for easy side-by-side comparison.

The beginning work is here if you're interested:

My goal is to eventually have screenshots of every piece of armor and their level variations.

Difficulty level - I need samples of the armors so I can take screenshots and crop them to precision. :D - I currently have a sample of all the +0 pieces in game so far I believe, maybe missing some mage stuff. But I'm working on build +x versions of heavy and medium armors right now.

If anybody is in the Rathglen area and has some extra armors (+1 and higher) that they don't need or would like to trade for other stuff, please look me up!

I've farmed quite a few mobs (understatement) so have recipes for just about everything at this point, some spells too!

So, for a while it seems to me that the Charge Utility, or the various Charge-based attack feats for different melee weapons felt buggy. Sometimes they worked, sometimes they didn't.

Is this because I'm getting "interrupted" mid-charge?


Holy Symbol, the divine implement, if slotted, lets you slot "Spells" of a Divine nature. ie. Divine Strength

Spellbook, the magic implement, if slotted, lets you slot "Spells" of a magical nature. ie. Rainbow Spray

Rogue Toolkit, the rogue implement, if slotted, lets you slot "Maneuvers" of a rogue style. ie. Bolo Strings


Trophy Charm, the fighter implement, if slotted lets you slot ???

Where do tokens fit in with this setup as well, how are they different?

They go in Wondrous Item slots?


Just wondering if some of the measures put in place to facilitate alpha playing will be modified for EE? Item/loot spawning, mob placement, etc.

Any official info released on this, or what guesses do we have?

If yes, do they have to apply to join the settlement, as companies have to do?

Or, do they even need to join, can they just train there if they want?

I'm mainly interested in what the mechanics are now, or will be in the next 2 weeks (not proposed mechanics 3+ months from now).

So, I know that the animation system is undergoing improvements, so this isn't a complaint post, more of a suggestion/idea post.

I was watching my dwarf in combat using an axe and noticed a couple things.

1. While I entered combat in a "Ready stance" before each animation of a strike with my axe, the animation had my character lower the axe downward, then raise it back up overhead, and then finally achieve the downstrike for the hit.

2. During this animation sequence, damage to my opponent mob was dealt immediately, even though the actual strike portion of the animation was yet to occur.

3. It seemed to me, the animation was somewhat (maybe just my perception) drawn out in order to fill some of the space of the combat action cool-down period.


The timing mismatch of the animation and the damage being dealt means that sometimes the enemy dies and falls down before I technically hit them for the killing blow. That looks weird.

--> The animations should have the initial "lowering of the weapon" part of the removed, and the strikes need to be sped up so that they sync better with the actual dealing of damage. Make the combat animation sequence shorter and faster in general.

I think if this change was made the combat animation system and combat in general would seem much more fluid, and there would be less cases of animation stuttering.

I know that some of these heavy weapons cannot realistically be swung about lightning fast, but the other alternative is to have damage dealt be delayed and timed with the actual perceived landing of the blow. This could create other issues with players moving out of range and yet hits still landing, etc.

With more players potentially coming into Alpha over the weekend, the still persisting "guard wolfs" in towns near the Skirmisher/Fighter training forts need to be dealt with.

We'll have new players with no idea what's happening getting killed. Not a good scenario.

I think it would be helpful if geared up vets made a point of patrolling into towns occasionally and clearing out the wolf if there is one there.

I've found I can solo one with a Longbow, and kill the wolf before the Thornguard gets to me and melts my face off. I think Bullwark might help against the TG's rooting effects so you can make a get-away before it kills you.

We can do this! :D

Is what somebody will be saying shortly I imagine. Until then, I expect to be flagged and flamed into oblivion for being such a rascally rabblerouser.

I've been looking more closely at some of the benefits of the various armor feats while keying them into pathfinderonlinehq.com

I'm not really sure if I want to focus on just one track with the same character and was trying to wrap my brain around the feasibility of swapping out armor and armor feats mid-battle or right before an engagement.

My thinking is, maybe I want more defensiveness if I am solo, or maybe if in a group setting I may use a more support-oriented build.

I'm curious about what other people think about swapping out armor/feats like that to change your capabilities on-the-fly. Gamey? Smart?

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Heyo, I just wanted to let all of you kind ladies and sirs know that I put together some filterable lookup pages for recipe ingredients and armor keywords, over at the PFO HQ website.

The Recipe Component Lookup lets you input a specific crafting resources, such as a refined item like Adamantine Ingots, and the page will spit back all of the recipes (those keyed into the HQ website database so far) that use that item as an ingredient.

- You can also search the recipes database here and filter by required rank, tier, and other metadata to help you find what you are looking for.

The Armor Keyword Lookup lets you filter by Armor Type and Major/Minor keywords, and as well whittles down the database table of Armor items to the ones matching your needs. The results are sorted by type and tier accordingly.

The site is being designed from the ground up to be mobile/tablet friendly, so it is my hope that it can be useful for some folks out there trying to get their crafting endeavors sorted - Cheers!

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As we get closer to Early Enrollment... I just wanted to let the leaders of companies there is a new Company database and featured Company recruitment tool at PathfinderOnlineHQ.com

You can register and create a page for your company that you can manage/update *yourself*, and once published it will get your company listed in a filterable database. Visitors can search the companies based on various attributes so they can easily find a company that fits their preferred play-style.

Recently added was a "Featured Company" area, that appears on most of the pages on the site. Each company in the database has an equal chance to appear in those spots (it's a random selection each page view).

I think this might help companies recruit, while people are browsing for crafting or item information, etc. Hope this is helpful, thanks!

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I figured I would see what people think, about shifting a lot of discussion off this forum and over to the sub-Reddit for Pathfinder Online that already exists - http://www.reddit.com/r/PathfinderOnline

Why? Well, Reddit has a built-in voting mechanism that allows readers to, as a group, downvote to oblivion comments or threads that are deemed inappropriate, off-topic, or just rude.

There seems to be a tendency for a few specific individuals to dominate every discussion, and it sometimes turns a bit negative. Other than flagging posts, there doesn't seem to be much other readers can do?

For instance, if you think my post here is bothersome, you could all downvote it and not have to deal with it anymore. :)


Just wanted to let you guys know about the Recipe Ingredient Lookup feature I've been working on at Pathfinder Online HQ -


Essentially, it allows you to lookup on a specific crafting item, and see all the recipes that use it, you can then click through to the recipe and see what else it uses, and what skills, etc. or click through from there to review the resulting item that is crafting and its stats.

Keep in mind, the recipe database on there is a work in progress, only has mostly Weapons and Armor, some leather/cloth for now, but more to come.


I'm thinking this might be useful for newer players, after they find some random crafting item while gathering, they could do a quick lookup and see what it is used for.

Not terribly important at the moment I supposed, but once "meaningful" PvP is intended to start in earnest, I think it would be good to have some sort of mechanism in place to prevent combat logging.

Combat logging = logging out in the middle of combat to prevent loss of life,items,pride.

I've already witnessed it once in a sort of legitimate PvP encounter. We got 1 hit in and the guy logged out. *Poof* We just kind of chuckled and carried on.

I can imagine some of the more PvP focused players like the Unamed Company will be livid if that kind of thing happens regularly.

So, I have an "Unbreakable" passive armor feat. It says things like +60 Hit points per keyword. But it doesn't list which keywords it is looking for.

When I slot it, my HP does not increase, so I am guessing I am missing something it requires to do it's thing.

Can somebody shed some light please?

Specifically, things like adamantium or truesilver, or things like Ghostwood - these kinds of materials that will be present in the PFO, I'm curious to read up more on the lore base for these things and their usage/presence in the traditional TT/RPG setting.


Just finished a preliminary implementation of a Company database at www.pathfinderonlinehq.com

By Registering an account on the site, you can request the "add/manage a company role", and you can then fill out a form with information about your company and get it published on the site. You can register here: http://www.pathfinderonlinehq.com/user/register or follow the links at the top nav bar.

When you create a Company page, some of the info you can show is alignment, gameplay focus, sponsored settlement, even list enemy or allied companies. As well as a company logo and website links.

The idea is to create a database that new players can filter and sort through, based on things like "does this company do a lot of PvP" or "what size is the company?" so that they can better find the kind of people they'd like to play with. I think this will help everyone out, those recruiting, and those trying to join a group.

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Just a little shout out, mostly to help new players coming in for the Alpha Stress test and Early Enrollment - I'm working on a sort of hub website for the game that is going to have news, guides, and filterable/searchable databases of items, skills, recipes in game. I hope it will be helpful for people just starting out.


So far have all skills (not feats) with experience progression and filtering, and most of the crafting items in. Will be working on adding providing additional context on what recipes open up at which skill levels, or what crafting items are used to make other things like equipment.

In EVE, when you kill rats you sometimes get to loot "scrap metal".

This can be refined into actual minerals you can use to produce things. The amount you get from refining the scrap metal is much lower than if you were refining an actual ore that is expected to become the mineral/metal.

*New Loot Drop*
In PFO - you could provide a new loot drop of something called "ruined metal armor" (I think there is already a salvage item like that) but instead of it being an instant 1:1 usage as a replacement crafting item, you would have to "refine it" into a new crafting material called "salvaged armor" or "salvaged leathers" etc. On its own, this ruined metal armor cannot be used for anything else, or equipped, etc.

*Salvaging into alternative Crafting item*
This new crafting resource could then be used as an alternative for the crafting requirements for say Iron Ingots, as opposed to ore or something. But you can have it so that it takes 10 ruined metal armor to make 1 salvaged armor piece, as a sink to remove the loot items from the economy.

The other result being that making armor from mined metal is probably more efficient, but fighters can still loot stuff that can eventually be turned into equipment.

With this system, I think you can provide more loot theoretically, but still have it involved in the player crafting system, so not flooding the market with looted gear. Players still have to do stuff to make it usable.

As it is, the lack of any loot drops is a bit disappointing sometimes, I think it is ingrained in many people's heads to expect something.. even more so if there is no experience gain from killing mobs in this game.

Just curious, eager to check out some of the game mechanics as they are. Lot's of interesting feature choices.

What is the difference between a Guild and a Company?

Will there be a guild component while "in game"? Or is that currently only meta that exists outside the game?

It seems to me, the Companies would be what a Guild would be in other MMORPG games, a permanent grouping of players, ie. a clan etc.

Is it worthwhile to still create a "guild" through the page here: https://goblinworks.com/landrush/guild/create ?

- or was that only for the LandRush?

Can somebody please explain?