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Game Master Divinitus

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Liberty's Edge

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potentially interested, possibly a thri-kreen (maybe templated) knife master rogue/psion/dervish defender warder.....

probably adapting stats from 3rd Ed version here which has them as LA+2, but CR 1- Would that be a 2 or a 3, hmn?

Recruitment will be incoming soon.

Seems like you could build a thri-kreen off of a kasatha.

Awesome! Very excited to see official character creation.

Question; the osyluth I want to use has Greater Teleport at will (self plus 50 lbs of gear only. Will you restrict that any? I assume it won't be too broken, as we are already at high levels of power, but I thought I'd bring it up.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Adventure, Adventure Path, Companion, Lost Omens, Pathfinder Accessories, Rulebook Subscriber

Might abandon the knife fighter rogue in favor of something else, to better take advantage of the gythka (dervish defender will work great with it). Also, thinking of the two-headed template (and alacritous if allowed-heck maybe I'll make 1/3 all templated thri-kreen.)

EDIT: So, would an Advanced (+1) Alacritous (+2) Two-Headed (+1) Thri-Kreen (+2) total out at 6x1.5= 9 on one side of the tristalt, giving me 5 levels of something to round things out on that side?- also, are those templates allowed?

Guess I'm gonna be the one to request both Advanced and Mighty templates be banned.
They're both only stat boosts and flavorless mechanical advantages.

+4 to all stats and +2 natural AC is just too good for all of us to not take, and Mighty is just insane.

Templates in general (as well as creatures) are really overpowered in gestalt, and even more so in tristalt. They are just so much better than adding another class. I'm not really a fan of adding most of them as it basically forces everyone to go with a template/creature or be significantly weaker mechanically. That might be what the GM wants though... Where is Thri-Kreen? I can't find it.

I don't have a problem with people taking templates or creatures in general.

It's the ones that only add ability score bonuses or other pure advantages that I'd rather keep out.
Not sure if that's what Divinitus wants or not, so.

A crazed-looking Xorn blinks into existence, raving to itself, "Lady, that recruitment was bent!" Turning, it notices you and shrieks before regaining it's composure, "Oi, what are you barmies still doing here? The Dabus need to do their head-words at you, ya clueless berks! Last one through the gate's a sodding pile of balor skree!"

The crazed creature opens a shimmering rainbow portal, and cackling madly, tilts into it, disappearing into another world. Behind you, a stampede of fiendish sheep approach. Dare you walk through the portal and into the world of Planescape? Or will you stay, weathering the tide of fluffy doom that is coming your way?

Recruitment is up!

Checking your Aliases, I find there, "The Fallen Herald", GM Fimbulvinter, or GM Merchant Zoruugasz.

Just 3 examples of Fake recruitments, where GM never showed up or left inmediately after gameplay started.

Considering the fact that you have about 30 "GM" aliases, all of which(with fewest exceptions) have less than 100 posts, most topping out around 30, I'd say you are the troll that's been plaguing these boards for the past months.

Oh, in the case of Fallen Herald, you claimed not to be GM Merchant Zoruugasz, and in Fimbulvinters case, you claimed not to be Fallen Herald. So yeah, I'm not wasting my time.

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