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Avatar of Zon-Kuthon used to be the Master of the Elements of Zon-Kuthon until someone explained the difference between Avatar the animated one, Avatar the James Cameron one, and Avatar of a god.

Goddity has a degree in cat herding.


That evil was, of course, Ventnor's father's cousin's nephew's former flatmate.

Project: J-ko wrote:
KahnyaGnorc only capitalized those two letters as a secret love for another KG. Minnesota Timberwolves Power Forward, Kevin Garnett.

I can actually see the Target Center from my apartment windows . . . not stalkery at all.

There is a whole script society of people who's initials are KG. They kicked Kahnya out because of a bookkeeping error.

Goddity stole his fine porcelain mask from a creepy china doll store, alas he found that is was still creepier on the dolls than on him.

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GM_B has eleven toes: Ten toes on one foot, one giant toe on the other.

Obi-Wan never told GoatToucher what happened to his father.

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Ventnor, the most unlikely nun in the convent, wants you to dimple his wimple.

Pulg doesn't have internet access.

If Goddity had a nickel for every time someone asked him what is under his mask, he'd have 1 nickel.

Ventnor wishes his mask was as cool as mine. Really, he's a very rare gnome known as garden gnomes.

Goddity used a belt sander to remove the big red lips that used to be painted on his mask, he bought it second hand, so it was one of those, take it as is deals.

GM_Beernorg is the one responsible for the design of the Death Star's ventilation shaft.

Ventnor ain't gonna fall for no banana in the tailpipe.

GT has moved far, far beyond bananas in the tailpipe.

The best Christmas gift Pulg ever received was a full body grooming at GT's "grooming" salon.

he best Christmas gift Molten Dragon ever received was his two front teeth.

For Christmas Ventnor received that one huge back tooth of his, he squee'd like a hatch-ling that morning.

Sovereign Court

Guess what everyone! Santa does exist and it's GM_Beernorg!

And AoZ-K is his little helper!

GoatToucher is sort of like the Grinch, except he steals cloven hoof livestock and not Christmas.

It's not my heart that grows two sizes on Christmas Day...

GM_B sells the Whos down in Whoville bottles of Who-Booze.

The other reindeers wouldn't let GT join in all their reindeer games.

Sometimes during Christmas, Pulg will dress up as a reindeer and try to infiltrate GT's Holiday "Petting Zoo"

Scarab Sages

It was Molten Dragon who taught Santa Claus how to liquefy himself in order to fit down chimneys and heating ducts.

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I'm Hiding In Your Closet is the one who spiked the eggnog. He's always the one who spikes the eggnog.

Scarab Sages

The spikes in question are Ventnor's.

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IHIYC invented spruce-nog, a combination of spruce beer, heavy cream, nutmeg, cinnamon, and a healthy dose of GoatToucher brand rump ointment. It was a big hit at the office Christmas party!

GM_Beernorg is responsible for Ron Perlman not voicing the ending of Fallout 4. Grab your pitchforks!

Divinitus paid me a truck load of cash to make that happen, thus, turn your pitchforks on him!

Silver Crusade

GM_Beernorg was a choreographer in a previous life

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Lucky 7 was my best backup dancer in that previous life of mine, he really shined in "Bones on Broadway: Liches and Guitar Licks."

BM_Beernorg once lost a needle in a haystack. He has yet to find it.

Ventnor only easts low sodium peasants these days, doctor's orders.

GM_Beernorg, quite contrary to a previous statement, didn't lose a needle in a haystack... he lost a haystack in a needle and is still looking for it.

Divinitus uses those little swords to open peoples mail for them, oddly, they are very good at smiting junk mail...

(also, only EATS, not easts, gahh!)

I use my little floaty swords to open GM_Beernorg's mail... and find a new membership card for the Jar-Jar Poledancing Competition. My visor cracks in horror.

When Divinitus says he is going upstairs to "polish his helmet" he leaves the brass-o downstairs, if you know what I mean.

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GoatToucher, on the other 'hand', certainly does not.

Pulg doesn't have hands. He uses his prehensile tongue to work his computer.

Ventnor snuck into the houses of people who preordered tickets and yelled Star Wars spoilers at them.

Goddity finally solved how a raven is like a writer's desk.

Sovereign Court

Divinitus no more a divine being than I am a five time peace prize winner.

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Because of hilarious shenanigans and things that went wrong, AoZK is a 6 time peace prize winner.

Goddity is Henry Kissinger's prank monkey.

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Pulg will play one of the lead characters is Spaceballs II: The Search for More Money.

Ventnor is trying out for the role of Barf's son, Ralph the cookapoo blooded Mowg.

Sovereign Court

To this day, I still don't understand why GM_Beernorg decided to produce and direct the film.

AoZK is getting a 7th peace prize for "efforts in preventing the production of a movie that could wreck society".

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