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A game of Magical Girls using the "Magical Fury" rulebook. [Maps]

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The scene opens on the city of Obusa at twilight. The swollen red-tinged moon casts an eerie light which glitters like diamonds in the placid bay. The sky is dotted with the first few stars, and the silhouette of Kirakira bridge, bespangled with its titular glittering lights, fills the horizon from your vantage at the old abandoned Bay Street shopping mall. Chills run up and down your back as you feel eyes upon you. This mall is supposed to be abandoned, but you can't shake the feeling you're not alone tonight. It wouldn't be a problem, except you're here tonight to investigate a rumor. For the past three months, on the night of a full moon, a silver train has been passing through old Obusa town. They say that from the second floor of the mall, you can see that there are no passengers, and no conductor.


Hello, all.

I don't like wasting people's time, so the very first thing I'd like to get out of the way is that this will be a game with genderqueer themes which is LGBT+ friendly. If you came here totally interested in playing a senshi, but are uncomfortable with the idea of a guy turning into a little girl and coming to terms with the very real ramifications of gender confusion, then maybe give this one a pass. There might not be any dudebro senshi, but I'd totally love for there to be at least one, and I want my players to be comfortable exploring that possibility.

For those who don't know: Magical Fury is a rules-light Magical Girl RPG, inspired by the Apocalypse World engine, and built to support darker themes like the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica. For those of you not sure what a magical girl is, think Sailor Moon or Cardcaptor Sakura. Players will have a "normal world" character, who can be literally anyone, male, female, young, old, as long as they are normal and non-magical. When these normal individuals encounter magic for the first time, they are transformed into magical girls with powers that fit a theme like water, time, or fear. Your normal character is a reincarnation of your magical girl, and memories from your past lives will surface through gameplay.

Character Creation

To start, give your character a name, describe their appearance (clothes, height, build, eyes, hair, features... blood type... as much or as little as you want) and answer the three questions below. Some examples are included for inspiration, you can answer however you'd like.

What does being a girl mean to you?
• A subtler kind of strength.
• Always being judged.
• Being vulnerable.
• Having amazing potential.
• Having to look beautiful.
• Having to work harder.
• or something else...

What are you most afraid of?
• Death
• Ghosts
• Loneliness
• Public Speaking
• Spiders
• The Dark
• or something else...

What is your dearest wish?
• For my friend to be alive again.
• For my mom to be there for me.
• To be beautiful.
• To be loved by everyone.
• To fix the injustices of the world.
• To live forever.
• or something else...

If you don't know an answer for one of these, you can roll 2d6 and I'll give you a random answer. You can use it as inspiration, or you can take it as-is.

Also, think about what changes in appearance your character will undergo when transforming into a Magical Girl, what color will represent them, what theme you will take, and what flowery name she will have. However, we will be doing some character development before the magic happens, and working together to build a team theme, so you might change your mind. Just something to think about.


How do I even Paizo?

Formatting and tags:

All the special formatting is listed when you click the button below the post area marked "Show".

The most important tag is the dice tag.
label: 2d6 + 1 ⇒ (6, 2) + 1 = 9
{dice=label}2d6+1{/dice} with [ instead of {.
If you type the tag and hit preview, it will show you the roll. That way you can fully roleplay around it if you'd like.

If you want to keep things sneaky, you can use a spoiler tag. If the party is split up, like it will be at the start, you can put your posts in spoiler tags
{spoiler=Matsuo and GM}A little pee comes out{/spoiler}
A spoiler just means other characters shouldn't know about what's happening. All players are welcome to read spoilers. If you really want to keep something secret, PM me. It's totally a option to turn evil and try to kill the party... or just get into a cat fight and destroy a city block.

Usually on this forum, what people say is in bold and what they think is in italics but you're welcome to use the {b} and {i} tags however you'd like.

To create an alias:

click on My Account at the top.
Put in your password if asked.
Scroll down to the grey box that says MessageBoard Aliases.
Click Create New Alias.
Type the name of your normal character.
Choose an avatar image by clicking Change.
Then click Save Changes.

To create your character sheet:

Click on your account name at the top of the page.
Click on the Aliases tab.
The Gender, Race, and Classes/Levels boxes are what will appear at the top of every post.
In Classes/Levels, please type:
Hope: 0 ~ Magic: 0 ~ Trauma: 0 ~ Fate: 0
In the big About ____ box, copy over your three answers to the questions and your character description.

Later, you'll put your Magical Girl descriptors and Shifts here, unless you want a second alias.

When you post:
There is a dropdown in the bottom left to choose what Alias to post under. You may also want to set your character alias to be your default alias so you don't have to do this. This option is in the My Account options.


Where are all my sick stats goed?:

This game only has three stats, you can think of them as something between hit points and experience points.

You gain Hope by helping others. When you have three or more Hope, you may choose to make a Hope Shift, and something wonderful will happen. I'll give you a list of options, and you may choose one, writing it down in your character sheet. After four Hope Shifts, you'll get to choose a Great Hope, something good which will change the world.

Magic accumulates whenever you are exposed to magical phenomena, even if it's your own magic. When you have three or more Magic, I will tell you you are having a Magic Shift. You'll pick from the options I give you, and something weird will happen, changing the nature of your magic forever.

Trauma can come in the form of physical wounds, emotional trauma, or even deep embarrassment. Any time you have 3 or more Trauma, I can make you have a Trauma Shift. This is the path to the dark side. Again, you'll still have a choice of what happens.

If you have a fifth Magic or Trauma Shift, it will be an Extreme Shift. This will change both aspects of your character permanently.

Fate is an extra stat I am adding. At the end of an episode, we’ll look back at your character’s actions and if their belief, fear, or wish made things complicated or interesting, you will gain one Fate. One Fate point can be used to re-roll. Two Fate points can be used to add +3 to a roll.


For everything in this game, players roll 2d6. There are five results:
2-: Something bad happens.
3-5: Something goes wrong and you don't get what you want.
6-8: You get what you want with a price, or have to make an ugly choice.
9-11: You manage to get what you want without too much trouble.
12+: Something spectacular happens.

The game, like an anime, shifts from scene to scene, focusing on different characters. At first, I’ll be guiding you through some scenes to flesh out your characters and railroad you into the first battle. After that, we’ll take turns framing scenes.

Battles are special scenes that anyone can trigger, and sort of take up multiple turns. While in a battle, players have three options:

Attack Something
Describe how you are attacking and roll 2d6. At the very least, you might embarass yourself, but at the very least you'll give the next player an advantage. You might even perform a bonus attack.

Protect Something
If the Youma is about to blast Sempai with its fluffy bunny death ray, he'll probably be made into a smear on the sidewalk unless you intervene. It still might not work, and you'll probably get hurt, but there's a good chance he'll get away safe.

Run Away!
Someone will probably get away, but something will probably be left behind. If you manage to escape, you aren't going to be included in the casualties. You are least likely to take Magic or Trauma from this move.

Bold Move:

Change The World You have magic! Surely you can make the world a better place… for you. Whether fighting mundane crime, or murdering someone normal who’s getting in the way, this is the scene you’re looking for. Roll 2d6. The stakes are Magic or Trauma on a failure, and Hope on a success.

Sorcery When you use magic to solve a problem, describe a spell you weave that fits your magical Theme and roll 2d6. You gain Magic no matter what.


Past Lives When you spend time investigating your past lives, roll 2d6. You might find something traumatic, or you might find insight into how to wield your magic.

Search When you need to search for something or someone, or just want to find out the truth, roll 2d6. One way or another you’ll find something.


ComfortWhen you spend time making another player’s character feel better, you may remove one Magic or Trauma from them, and their player may add one Hope to your character.

Help Someone When you help someone, you roll 2d6. If you manage to help them, you’ll gain 1 Hope.

hmmm... I'm interested. One of my favorite real life games was a magical girl game using BESM. I'll think about what I want to do.

How old are you having the characters be?

Welcome to the thread, Philo.

Your normal characters can be anything. The magical girl will have the appearance of a 16 year old girl, but the mind and personality of their normal forms.

Shadow Lodge

This actually seems quite interesting. I'll refine a few ideas for later.

Dark Archive

Would it be too much to be a 40-something overweight geek guy who transforms into a Magical Girl

Welcome to the thread, Dragonborn. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Anything you'd like, Spinningdice. About the only restriction I'd put is that your character is free to visit the abandoned mall (IE is not in prison at the start of the game) Whatever perspective you'd like to bring to the game will be fine. The lore will shift to accommodate the party composition. If yours is the only guy, he gets to wonder if the magic messed up by picking him, or if there's something inside that's been a girl all this time. If there's a even mix of guys and gals, then the magic is indiscriminate. If there's only one girl, then she gets to feel insecure about being singled out as a magical girl when it's so clearly something only granted to men.

Lantern Lodge

While I am not particularly interested in playing at present, I am posting here in support of your effort BQ. It's good to see someone doing this, and I'm cheering you on.

Thank you for the support, Me'mori. Thread activity keeps the campaign in the spotlight.

We probably won't be getting started until after Xmas, and you're welcome to join after we've gotten started so keep an eye out.

Scarab Sages

As someone who actually has two Magical Girl characters in Pathfinder Society (this alias is one of them), and an avid fan of gender-bending themes in RPGs, I am totally interested. I've never had any experience with Magical Fury though, so I will need to learn. Where can I get my hands on the rules? Or is what you posted a complete list of the rules?

My character will definitely be male-bodied. Whether they're genderfluid, LGBT, or the most "no homo" totally-hetero dudebro on the planet (who will have a lot of character development to get through), I definitely intend to play up the genderbending aspect.

As far as our "flowery" names, is there a specific format? All the members of my PFS Magical Girl squad are "Magical Princess Warrior <name>" for example. I assume "Magical Girl <name>" works for this game?

I'm also tentatively interested in joining. While I was thinking a male submission, it seems there's a bit of interest in that angle already. I may still do it, but I do enjoy taking the path less travelled and might make my final gender decision on further submissions. The concept of a fear themed magical girl is intriguing and am tempted to call it, now.

I purchased my PDF copy of Magical Fury from DriveThroughRPG here. The game is very rules-light. I picked it because I'm a fan of Apocalypse World and I'm trying to lure some friends with less RPG experience onto the fora. What I posted is as close to all the player rules as I was comfortable posting without infringing on the author's copyright. I added the Fate rules from Burning Wheel to incentivise roleplay.

The names come in three parts. <Adjective> <Title> <Name>. Some examples from the PDF for the Magical Girl titles are:
Wind Guardian Nanoha
Aeon Doll Lilith
Pretty Goddess Artemis

Shadow Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Lost Omens, Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

(Magical Princess Warrior Karina's main alias here).

Given that you're letting each person pick a different magical girl title, were our past lives all members of different magical girl teams? Did they know one another?

(Hat-Trick, I want to see what you come up with for a fear-themed girl. You make cool characters, I think you should go with that one.) I'm still brainstorming for a concept myself as I figure out the setting.

I'd like to play Miku Hiro, a 26-year old trans-male who is in his last year of university. He is 5' tall, lithe, wears blackout contacts and extravagant, goth attire in and out of office.

For him, being a girl meant being tied down by family, and transitioning allowed him to strike out alone in the world. He fears shame and dishonor, not only from his estranged family, but from the world at large. His deepest wish is to get the girl after overcoming great obstacles.

Is the option there for characters to slide into Dark Magical Girl territory at some point?

Yes, I was browsing through the PDF's suggestions on themes, and there are some interesting ones. Fear being one of them. I love chiaroscuro (the interplay of light and dark themes) in characters. Welcome to the thread, Hat-Trick. I look forward to your Kawaii desu fear-monger.

Morphling, the background of the previous lives is something that is revealed through play. I will say that nothing is off limits there. It would not be out of the question to find out your best friend is your eternal nemesis reincarnated. What your characters do with that information is up to them. In any case, magical girl features aren't set in stone until after we do some character development with your normies. We'll have time to coordinate on team themes if coordination is a goal.

Here are the maps I'm working on, if you'd like to get a feel for the lay of the land. Like Sailor Mars' temple, the players will all have a chance to add a thing or two to Obusa Bay.

Hello, EevéE, and welcome. Staking your claim on one of the most traumatic gender territories i see. That shall be very interesting.

Welcome, Divinitus. Yes. This isn't a all-for-one, one-for-all never-split-the-party game. The dark side is built into the Trauma and Magic paths. Alignment, like gender, isn't a binary here.

Pathfinder Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Greetings, hope the holiday season is treating everyone well!

I am intrigued and thoughtful about this setting and idea.

Since Spinning has already claimed the 40+ and overweight bracket, I can adjust my initial idea to 'gender-curious twenty-something U.S. Navy Sailor on leave doing touristy things in Obusa Bay', if that would be appropriate?

It would lend them to aquatic themes and possibly mindset (Did it influence their desire to join the Navy? What happens to them now once they tread into Unauthorized Absence territory?)

Ah, interesting. I might just pick up the rules book and give this a look-see. One of my favorite anime characters began as a heroic magical girl but, after snapping from a series of tragic events, went on to serve her own interests by joining the big bad. There was a complimentary redemption arc, of course, but that was pretty much a given, considering how lovable the character was before her fall.

As it stands, I have experience with these sorts of RPGs, having experience with BESM and, before realizing that it was focused on extreme Hentai elements, Black Tokyo, which I picked up on a whim when looking for material to use in a d20 Modern game set in Japan. The latter of the two I 'scrapped for parts' (Removed or rethemed the sex stuff,) and put together a really cool anime-style d20 modern game, which had the following PCs: a hermaphroditic half-vampire sniper, a redeemed female oni monk, 2 magical girls who were twins, a male Gothic Christian paladin, and a mysterious, too-cute cat in a pointy hat who spoke Old English and was adept at Merlinian Sorcery. Needless to say, the game was full of semi-conflicting tropes regarding PCs, but they made the game awesome.

And enough reminiscing! I probably should consider what character that I would like to play.

Still working, but this is a rough draft...

Cresting Tide Naiad:
What does being a girl mean to you?
*Having to work harder. It's not a bed of roses.
What are you most afraid of?
*Being in charge. Responsibility like that is terrifying.
What is your dearest wish?
*To be back to 'normal' when this is all done, without punishment.
Original appearance: Neatly trimmed black-haired sailor clad in painfully obvious tropical shirt and khaki shorts with tennis shoes, average weight, about 6' tall, dark brown eyes.
Base appearance post-MG change: Shoulder-length turquoise hair, green eyes, wearing white serafuku.
MG Form Appearance changes: Hair becomes shorter (from shoulder-length to very short), takes on Navy blue hue from turquoise 'normal' look, eyes go dark blue, body becomes much more 'streamlined' for aquatic activity (Flatter features, slight webbing between the digits), the clothes going from normal to 'sleek/swimming' outfit. Trident may or may not be a thing.
Color: Navy Blue
Theme: Aquatic
Name: Cresting Tide Naiad

EDIT: Now with new character icon action!

An actual sailor scout. Excellent. Welcome to the campaign, Wei Ji.

Divinitus, species is also not a restriction in this game. Just thought I'd put that out there. "What does being a girl mean to you?" takes on very different meaning for a mundane animal. The interaction between an animal turned magical girl and any Tsukaima they encounter would be interesting. Moral codes would also make for interesting conflicts between girls.

As you all continue to develop your characters, keep an eye on those three questions. If you've played Mouse Guard or Burning Wheel, those are your belief, instinct, and goal, respectively, and earn you re-rolls as they conflict with the setting and other PCs.

The party does look male-presenting heavy with a middle-aged geek, a sailor, a trans undergrad, and Morphling's male-presenting character. I'm ever more interested in what direction you'll take, Hat-Trick. No pressure. ;)

There will certainly be opportunities for alternate costumes/anatomy and the acquisition of weaponry, etc, and I don't want to quash what looks like some killer brainstorming, but for the start of the game we'll be sticking to what Wei Ji has marked as "Base appearance post-MG change." Everything they have in "MG Form Appearance changes" is totally possible in a few Shifts. (Shifts in this game are kind of like levels in most games)

Other than missing the sailor's name (I know names usually come last) I don't have a problem with anything Wei Ji has posted.

As noted above, still working on a name, a bit more background, and trying to find some pictures beyond a forum avatar to cover the distinctions in appearance.

Added the 'alterations' form to give an idea of where the character could 'end up', so there's an idea of direction there.

Big 10-4 there. It's like you're picking your class. I would recommend a Magic-focused path. It has the Shifts you're looking for. Although... your character's dream suggests he wants a Hope path.

Divinitus will likely be playing our Trauma queen.

Currently my thoughts are for my character to start with a few traumas already. We'll see what the actual game brings in the way of actual mechanical Traumas. Gonna call dark purple as my color and skulls as symbols, past that, I'll need to really consider those above questions, and a few of my own.

Ooooh, Magical Girls! I love magical girls! Especially when we have the opportunity to go dark. However, before I start in earnest, there's a couple of important questions that need to be asked.

1). Just how dark can we go from the start? I ask because a few people have told me that I go just a tad too far on occasion with my backstories. I'd like a general sort of guideline first before I leap in.

2). Are you open to us pitching ideas for potential previous lives? I've got an idea I think has a ton of cool story potential, but it definitely requires a run-by first.

Shadow Lodge

Decided to test out some of the material by rolling on the appendix tables. Weird stuff, but neat ideas.

The Mundane World
One Beautiful Thing

One Ugly Thing

One Odd Thing
The weather has been odd this season. Way too hot and dry.

THe Magical World
Something Wrong
The sun is a deep, blood-red color.

Something Dangerous
The stars are falling from the sky.

Something Deeper
This train comes only at certain times, and goes to places that are not on any map.


1) Having cataclysmic intentions from the start will draw a lot of attention from the rest of the girls. Putting down a Mahou Shoujo that's gone off the deep end on night one would be a sobering intro, and I'm cool with it, but to live longer than a few episodes against 8 other MG, you'll want to play the long game. As for guidance, the book contains some pretty dark wishes like "to leave this terrible world behind me." I'll give you this one piece of advice: The most interesting part of your character's life starts tonight. The traumas they have witnessed before now will pale against the coming dawn.

If you're talking about involving rape or abuse in your character's backstory, I would advise you to tread lightly and ask politely. This is meant to be a safe place to play, and I've brought some sensitive folks into this space. There's a difference, though subjective, between dark and gratuitous.

2) You don't have control of your previous incarnation(s). You can embrace them or rebel against them, but they're not yours to know. Truthfully, they're not wholly in my control either.

Dragonborn3, The book does have some great inspiration material. Obusa city is based on 41 (bridge), 56 (abandoned mall), and 25 (train). The elements of the magical world will reveal themselves as you explore the mall. There are quite a few references to other sources. My favorite is "A major corporation built a new headquarters in town shaped like a household object" a reference to FLCL.

Sovereign Court

I got a bit of a dark story, since I rolled a bit for my character and saw another that worked. A hint of why is in this profile.

Azten here, showing the Alias for my Magical Girl.

Mourge40k here, with the basics of my character. I think I'd like to see what the Random Number Gods have in store for me in terms of her wish. Ought to be interesting.

When you wish upon a staaaaarrrrr: 2d6 ⇒ (1, 1) = 2

Joanna Veil wishes for the freedom to do as she wishes.

Alaina and Damoclese look good. Azten needs a normal name for Alaina (unless she was named after herself, which is cool) but other than that, the key answers look good, and the other details are fine. If you don't mind, Mourge40k, I would like it if you found another title other than warlord. It's not a deal-breaker, but I have some plans brewing...

If you have plans too, you can PM me and we'll try to find common ground.

Physical descriptions of your normal characters in your character sheets would be a plus.

We can move further character talk to the discussion board while the others get their answers figured out.

I'll be sending you a PM later. Alaina might have a name/alias change, but, well...

Fun secret for me to role play Ina game like this. ^^

Hat-Trick here with a Magical Girl alias. Again, still mulling over other details, but I thought I could provide this much at least.

Got her appearance up. Still haven't decided on her Magical Girl nature as of yet, but Damo's fairly done. Just waiting to see more of the others before I go full Magical Girl. Also, I will be sending you a PM.

Answered the three questions in my Profile, I'll figure appearance and a more detailed personality a bit further down the line.

Love Jo's backstory and appearance. Hit dark on the nose.

I'm excited to get these broken birds to fly.

What I was thinking for my magical girl was control of birds and winds, like the sky in general. I'd like my color to be goldenrod, and you can see the name I have chosen above. I'll have the description and answers for Hiro posted on the character sheet in a bit.

I think I'm interested. I'm a bit of a sucker for the ojou-sama trope so I'll be submitting something to that effect. Thinking of going full hog on that idea actually and making her theme be wealth, with her main weapon being a gem-encrusted hammer (with diamond spikes like a meat pounder) and maybe a Gilgamesh-inspired "literally just throw money at them" ranged ability. I'm not really sure where the PC's are supposed to be on the power scale at the start of the game.

Dark Archive

Gave up on the 40-something, couldn't see it working without going to far into parody, for me.

So worked up an alternate concept, only to realise that it's pretty close to Jo/Crysanth above.

Ah well. Posting up anyway.

Fleur Muire:

What does being a girl mean to you?
Freedom and Physical perfection
What are you most afraid of?
Being confined, to her wheelchair primarily - though any confinement.
What is your dearest wish?
To be able to stay as a Magical Girl forever.
Original appearance: Slender and weak, with an atrophying condition, meaning she cannot walk more than a few steps without assistance and spends most of her time wheelchair bound. 22 years old, mousey brown hair and fairly pale brown eyes.
MG Form Appearance: Bright Red hair and eyes (though not in an evil way), physically strong appearance (for a teen girl anyway - not excessively), scant costume that shows off her figure (she's spent all her life hiding her weak frail body under concealing clothes). Closest reference I can think of is Pyrra from RWBY
Color: Bright (Cherry) red.
Theme: Physical Perfection
Name: Transcendant Guardian Peri

Wealth is great theme, though we're focused on developing our mundane characters at the moment. As far as power level, we're starting about where Sailor Moon starts with just one major technique and a little wand. Weapons and unique outfits come later.

Your character looks good, Spinningdice, I'm just a little concerned about the theme being a bit too vague.

I imagine Physical Perfection would translate into a sort of Athleticism theme.

Maybe it's just the sickness (as in actual viruses) in me. But I'm thinking of a trans man who left home and has resorted to burglary to afford his hormone shots. While he is transformed, she is okay and satisfied, but afterward the darkness of body dismorphia consumes him.

I'm not sure if this would offend anybody or be too angsty.

Another variation would be if he would become a magical boi. that would be less angsty.

But I'll go back to bed and sleep on it. This is your brain on every over-the-counter cold medicine that you need to show ID for.

We do have a trans-male character currently, and I'm not comfortable with the idea of a character being "cured of body dismorphia" in this way. You would have to give one hell of a performance to embody that.

A friend and I are working on characters for this, are you opposed to friends outside the game joining together?

While it seems like the 'obvious' choice to go with 'asian-esque' as the overall location, I wanted to double check that it was a reasonable assumption, as well. :)

That's alright, but I'm going to cap off the characters at 12. I'll check later today and see how many are turned in. Couldn't be ten before you two.

Setting is a Japanese city with an American Naval base. So a mix of American and Japanese characters.

I've been working on a detailed backstory for my character based on the three questions. I'll update the profile with it eventually, but I'm having trouble deciding on what her normal age should be. Because of her own pile of anxieties, I'd like her to be the oldest biological female in the group, but I don't want to make her too much older than high school aged.

How about someone already touched by magic. Say a dignified mage outraged at what happens or a Raman type character. I used to read a good welcoming where he was a sailor scout.

And I just now realized I posted as the wrong Alias earlier, woops.

Fleshed out my character a bit, but still haven't decided on an age, yet.

Sorry, Korak, because of the way magic is explored in this game, we can't really start with any experts. Even Luna had to have her memory wiped.

We have at least two twenty-somethings, Hat-trick. I'll have a character summary up in a bit when I get to a computer.

We have six characters who have the three questions answered:

Alex Brooke, the 20-something cismale sailor (Navy)
Miku Hiro, the 26-year-old transmale undergrad (Goldenrod)
Kurosawa Miyako, the 20-something cisfemale polyphobe (Purple)
An unnamed, 22-year-old cisfemale paraplegic (Red)
Joanna Veil a cisfemale homeless albino burn victim
An unnamed cismale homeless mute teen

I plan to post the first prompt in Gameplay Sunday. I have six more interested players, but it will come down to the next six characters who are approved by me, for a maximum total of 12 players.

With that spread, I think I'm alright playing Miyako as 19. Thanks for the quick list reference.

Just saying Ranma is hardly an expert. Though I realize that's aimed at the mage.

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