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I am wondering how many people would be interested in this? The campaign would be level 14, tristalt, with most options open for PC use and would be a planes-hopping adventure that extended into the level of mythic play and epic levels, with the possibility of continuing the campaign later on as full-fledged gods.

The story would begin in Sigil, the (in)famous city in the middle of the Outlands, at the center of the known multiverse. The PCs would all be part of a planar adventuring party and would spend the early game doing adventure-y stuff, albeit from a very high power level. The late game, as in most campaigns, would be some pretty serious stuff.

And yes, the implications of this campaign is that you can play someone from Greyhawk, Eberron, Ravenloft, Kara-Tur, Mystara, Faerun, Athas, the vastness of Spelljammer space, or any other old-school setting!

So, who's up for this sort of campaign? Any takers? The rules have already been figured out, the various class options playtested (Therefore I have a complete list of which classes are allowed, core, 3PP, or otherwise.)... all I need is an idea on whether people are interested in this sort of thing or not.

If you ARE interested, just post as much here and, if you have a concept, feel free to post it. At 5 separate posts, I will create the official recruitment.

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I'm definitely intrigued... I don't know much about the 3.5e world outside of Faerun and Eberron, but just those two campaign settings would give me plenty to work with. When you say Tristalt you're saying THREE gestalted classes, I assume? (First time I've heard the term, LOL). I could have some real fun with that.

It also looks like you've run a LOT of campaigns, so that makes me much more interested. I would hate to spend a ton of time building this epic character and then have the game die on me.

All-in-all, I'm up for it. :)

What were you looking at making, if I may ask? Also, I sent you a PM.

EDIT: Yes, tristalt as in 3 classes gestalted into one.

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I have no idea yet. I'll have to really think about what three classes might mesh really well together, and probably try to combine classes based on action economy and overlapping bonuses (I did a gestalt once before where I combined two classes mostly based on overlapping ability scores and flavor, and found that I didn't have enough Standard actions to use my abilities effectively...) Of course, the personality of the character is just as important as the crunch to me, so I'll do my best to come up with a great story that will combine the three classes' themes into a coherent character.

You don't need to give a huge list of everything that's specifically allowed yet, but can you give a quick mention of things that are NOT allowed, so that I don't try to build my concept around something that isn't available?

I'll think about it over the next day or two and have a concept figured out by early next week. :)

While I might be interested, I think I'd prefer gestalt simply because I'm lazy and Hero Lab can handle that. I guess I could custom in the other stuff if I had to though.

I'm generally always open to high level stuff , and I know Greyhawk pretty well at least (actually it would be interesting to bring back my old Living Jungle character for this).

There are few classes not allowed, but I will list them.

Monster Trainer and all related classes by Northwinter Press (Too broken in mechanics and too much like Pokemon in theme to be taken seriously)

Hellenic Sorceress by Sean K. Reynolds Games (Too weak... almost like an NPC class like the Adept, but with 9 caster levels)

Pugilist by Wordcasting Press (Like a very watered down Monk or Brawler that is too weak to be considered a PC class)

Yep, that's the whole list of banned classes that I have access to with my library and d20pfsrd. I am even allowing things like the Untouchable by Zombie Sky Press and the Maestro by Interjection Games as, even though it took a while to get used to the way that the classes worked, they are balanced quite well.

Since PCs can play as creatures with CR and templates, I'm sure that question will come up at some point. The rule is, if I okay it, a creature is worth a number of levels equal to 1.5 their CR, rounded up. As such, a CR 8 creature would take up 12 levels on part of the tristalt, as that is about how it equates when making encounters, I have found, a rare few exceptions included. To keep people from playing balors and such, the caveat is that the creature's level equivalent MUST fit in one part of the gestalt completely. One cannot break up the levels and split them throughout the 3 sides of the tristalt. I am banning templates with regeneration or other, similarly-broken stuff in them. Creatures with save-or-die powers are also going to probably be banned, so no playing as a Least Umbral Blot.

Nice, drbuzzard! Greyhawk is the classic old-school setting. It will be tristalt, primarily because I have planned it this way, and retooled Red Velvet Tiger and I's Echoes of the Sephira to utilize tristalt.

I don't much feel like making a custom race for Saru (though I could). I think instead I'll just use Charau-Ka for the race (eats up 3 levels). I won't be CE though, NG is what the character used to be.

Then I think I can do fighter/slayer/barbarian as Chim was never a caster type.

Not sure if you ever played Living Jungle, but the style there was playing stupid savages, and Chim fit right in, so I'll be going with that.

Hmm, to add in the fighter as tristalt I think I can just add in some feats and the other abilities. We'll see how Hero Lab cooperates.

Living Jungle was quite fun, as was one of the spin-off adventures related to it.

Also, since you brought it up, custom races are allowed. Other races get a boost to 20 RP to match the custom race cap.

Well Maybe i'll try a custom race since Charau-Ka adds stuff I don't necessarily want anyway.

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Oh man, SOOOO many options then... Are you familiar with the classes that I've written for Fat Goblin Games (The Saint, The Apothecary, tons of archetypes)? I'm tempted to tristalt three of my own classes/archetypes just to say I did it. LOL

Yes, I am quite familiar with them. Saint is basically Cleric done closer to what one would expect from a holy man, as opposed to a religious scholar, whereas Apothecary is a 'full caster' version of an Alchemist, correct?

And hey, gestalting them could work quite well. It could also provide some interesting flavor, depending on how you worked it!

Given that ability score buy is 30 points 1-1 basis, I believe that any M.A.D.ness could easily be dealt with.

No one else?

Give it time. You haven't even waited a day yet.

Hehe, true enough. I just want this campaign to be a thing.

Yeah, this....this is insane.
I want in!

So many possibilities, I don't even know where to start with ideas!
Will start thinking though.

How much knowledge of the setting is required to play?
I don't know much about it...

Not much. I can provide links.

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What would you allow as far as alignment, and is necromancy an evil act? I'm thinking I could combine the Saint, the Apothecary, and perhaps the Battlefield Defiler Magus archetype into a powerful necromancy-focused character... :)

Hmm. My experience with stuff like this is basically just having played Expedition to the Demonweb Pits. I liked that one though, so I think I'm interested in this game too.

I'm thinking a bone devil (CR 9, so takes up one entire side)/ inquisitor of Asmodeus (probably sanctified slayer) 14/ something else 14. Maybe cleric, or ranger.

Sound like a good fit?

Definitely interested in this. I have a wide variety of different concepts I would like to follow for this, not sure which one would pan out the best for what you have in mind.Is path of war allowed? I've been wanting to combine riven hourglass with a caster for some time. I just saw that templates are allowed... That allows for quite some crazyness. I might just go with mostly templates + maybe a few dips of the gestalt. How do you feel about the various templates that gives extra actions(Alacritous Creature, Quickling Creature etc)? I'm kinda hoping that stuff like eldritch goodling isn't allowed, though if it is I might just play that since it makes combining stuff together easier than a bunch of dips.

Definitely interested as well, I know a bit about the dnd universe mainly ravenloft and some of the 3.5 stuff i learned before switching to pathfinder.

I've been working on a character lately that might fit

and with the large variety of classes allowed i'm doubly interested

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Yeah, what the heck, that sounds like some fun insanity.

You really should add mythic if you're going ridiculously overpowering anyway. Might as well go full blown nutso levels of power if you're planning eventual gods and all.

I'll think something up, but, I do love some Planescape stuff set in Sigil.

If we're going full deity, I wanna kill The Lady of Blades. F*** her and her stupid rules and the Dabus.

dude rule number one dictated from the Great Spoony one himself You don't f* with the lady of pain or dabus cause thats asking to get mazed

Yeah, I know, but I mean...a party that will, he said, eventually become gods...Might be interested in curb stomping someone who, you know, kills gods just for being in her city. A lot of followers to gain that way.

Plus, I mean, when planar travel is not a thing, oh big deal, a maze.

Yeah, I played Torment. I know The Lady is bad @$$...sounds like this guy wants epic heros. How else do you challenge tristalt future gods?

true....very true...Despite that pesky little voice in my head saying otherwise,.

Also Torment is awesome, I am curious as to how tough encounters could possibly be though with a game this high in power. not that im complaining about the future curb stomping of enemies

But yea my idea for a character will end up being True Neutral or Neutral Good. it's coming together but i am deciding between a planar hoping 2'9 aasimar girl trying to become the perfect being

Or my blood drinking Doctor/punchy guy/"bathtub mage"

But yea this kind of game lends well to my animesq ideas

The only problem is it's so easy to overlap with other people conceptually with this kind of game. When everyone has three classes....

yea, it's going to be tough to deal with overlap. I guess thats why one can be replaced by templates and other races and such. It would lower the overlap a bit .

I'm playing in another tristalt game. I'm surpised by how little overlap there is. Give then amount of interest other tristalt games have generated I would be really surprised to see this with less than twenty people interested. I'm guessing there will be a lot of characters with a martial bent, since it's much easier to synergize characters together for that.

trying to avoid sounding like a jerk with this one but it might prove a bit difficult

I'm hoping for a smaller turn out honestly, doing the work for high level campaigns like this takes time. then not getting picked would be a major bummer, ya know?

I think, to me, it would depend on the point buy. If it's low I'd do like an alchemist/witch/wizard, or if it's really high, something like a paladin or antipaladin/inquisitor/cleric to go full holy man.

He already said it would be something like 30 point buy 1 for 1. So you could go something like 18 18 18 16 10 10 (or maybe 18 18 18 18 10 8 is allowed?). That makes it possible to build most MAD builds.

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Doh! I missed that later on. Anyway, is that 30 1:1 from a 10 basis, I assume? With those custom races? Oooh...wait...with 20 RP points I can make some wild stuff. This...Will take some thought!

GM, you seem pretty liberal with this, so I'll ask - what do you think of Sprites? They're my favorite creature, but the race book doesn't have rules or a point value for diminutive size. I'd like to make a variant sprite using the rules, but there's no point value to calculate the size change. What would you do - would you even be cool with that (the theme of this seems like you would).

I could see a githzerai or a giff mercenary.

The tristalt could lead to overlap between characters.

It'll help if the characters are built around specific themes instead of being generally optimized.

Yeah, 30 point buy makes it quite easy to make just about anything.

As for martial tendencies, if the idea I suggested earlier is given the green light, obviously it will be very combat focuses, with plenty of stuff for out of combat as well.

Should be interesting!

Well, if I get the sprite variant, it's sneaky bastard, of course. Maybe with a nature magic background to supplement the sneaky.


Dotted and more dotted!

Grand Lodge

would a swashbuckler/rogue/magus be ok? and I assume unchained is available?

You know what, lemme go ahead and withdraw my interest. This is just too Monty Haul for my tastes. Sorry to bother.

This is an awesomely over-the-top idea. I am thinking about the embodiment of luck - a leprechaun (cr2) Oracle 14 / bard(archaeologist) 14 / unchained rogue 11.

Plenty interested in this crazy campaign idea.

Definitely interested.

What is the status on firearms?

I'm interested. I'm thinking of an Investigator/Arcanist/Shield Guardian, from a culture where the highest honour a commoner can receive is to made into a shield bearer for his Lord. As well as uncommon skill with shields, such people are expected to pick up any number of skills and abilities (hence Investigator and Arcanist). Not sure what race that works with (Maybe some obscure branch of Githyanki...?). In this characters case, his Lord died while he was on a mission and that would mean he was unable to resume life as a shield bearer, instead being forced to live as a freelance warrior (a.k.a. adventurer).

I suppose I could be possibly be interested in this :P

Oooh, very interested. I've got too many ideas going to make it easy to decide.

Given the descriptions of potentials, I'd like to see some idea of something to create common ground on. Alignment, a goal, something. That would definitely help me figure out what I want to do.

I assume psionics is allowed. It's an important part of several of these worlds.

Totally want to be a graveknight whose armour becomes a major artifact.

You know, the forgotten realms have always held a special spot in my heart.

And in this campaign it seems possible to build a truly crazy character just in the spirit of things : )

On one hand I'm thinking that Magus/Fighter/Psychic would be a truly amazing Eldritch Knight stand-in, but I'm not sure if that would make my other Eldritch Knight characters jealous :P

I'll think about it and I'll be back : )

(Hmm perhaps something silly with a gnome? Hmm)

Edit: I must echo those above - knowing a bit about any predetermined goal would help immensely to rein in all the wild ideas and concept towards a somewhat similar target : )

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