If you took the Star Stone Test to become a god what type of god would you be?

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NG I hate laws but recognize their benefit and necessity in a society that is not purely good.

I would be a God of Nature Knowledge and "Monsters"

While Gozreh focuses more on the Air And Water and Plants and animals second. I am the reverse.

Knowledge- I focus on gaining knowledge and it's uses, whether it use is making a good story or inventing something.

By monsters I mean things that are viewed as monstrous but are actually good people. Focusing on forgiveness. So I would be a god that looks out for the Neutral or good goblin. Or the Drow that repents.

My domains are Plants Animals Good Artifice and Lore.

Weapon- 2 Wooden Stun Baton that look like tonfas

My symbol is an acorn, or an Acorn on a book. Or being held by a monstrous race with a halo. Acorns start small and sprout into giant trees that can shelter and shade people and animals, just as a little knowledge can do the same.

I think I would get along with Gozreh Erstil and Brigh the most. I would also enjoy the presence of all the good deities. Except Iomedae, she always seems quick to judge and destroy.

My main enemy's would be Norgorber because he destroys knowledge to keep secrets. And Lamashtu because I don't think she will like any one hording in on her domains of animals and monsters.

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Me as a deity? This should be fun to stat up!


Title: The Metal Messaiah

Alignment: Lawful Good

Domains: Law (I am a firm believer in laws and justice), Good (I believe in good and strive for it, even if I'm not even close to being saintly), Artifice (I love crafting things and have always liked the idea of machine angels), Protection (I believe in the protection of the innocent and have no regard for those who would oppress or destroy them)

Typical Worshippers: Inventors, paladins, city guards, those in need of protection

Symbol: A mechanized, electified longsword with its point down, flanked by metal angel wings of purest silver.

Garb: White and gold robes over armor.

Favored Weapon: Bastard Sword (Usually paired with a tower shield for the ultimate sword and board!)

Preferred Outsider Races: Archon, Angel, Inevitable

Herald: A huge angel formed out of silvery metal with large wings made out of unbreakable stained glass. The herald would wield my preferred weapons and would have the power to protect those around it, transferring all wounds onto itself, healing to full health nearly instantaneously, and otherwise being a bulwark against the forces of darkness.

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Kitana, the Feline Philospher

Alignment: Neutral Good

Domains: Good, Knowledge, Animal, Luck

Typical Worshipers: Catfolk, academics, philosophers, librarians, hedonists

Symbol: The silhouette of a cat's head surrounded by question marks.

Garb: Periwinkle robes and a domestic cat mask

Favored Weapon: Dagger

Preferred Outsider Races: Angel, Agathion, Aeon

Herald: A sphinx with blue fur, who wanders the world in search of new knowledge, information, and questions. It has the ability to charm creatures into philosophical discourse to avoid combat.

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Title: The Mad Gambler

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Domains: Chaos (Whimsy), Luck, Trickery (Deception), Madness

Typical Worshipers: Gamblers, the poor, the mentally unsound and their relatives.

Symbol: Deck of cards, fanned out.

Garb: Rags

Favored Weapon: Sap

Preferred Outsider Races: Proteans, Hezrou, Mephits

Herald: A scruffy homeless man who is seemingly unable to lose at games of chance, who's winnings are seemingly randomnly spread amongst worshippers and non-worshippers alike.

Scarab Sages

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Silver Crusade

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Title: The Grey Wastrel
Alignment: Lawful Good
Domains: law, good, community, knowledge, charm
Typical worshippers: Hippies, diplomats, scholars.
Symbol: A skull with seven holes carved into the forehead.
Garb: We're all very chill about dress code here.
Favored Weapon: Syringe Spear.
Herald: A three headed cryohydra. One head has the voice of Liam Neeson, one Ron Perlman, one Vin Diesel. They're there to help people chill.

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Title: The Wandering Nerd

Alignment: LG

Domains: Healing, Good, Law, Travel

Worshippers: Clerics, Paladins, Rangers

Symbol: A pair of black rimmed glasses

Garb: loose, comfortable, functional clothing.

Favored Weapon: Lightsaber (I'm a God, I can so have one)

Herald: A human Warrior with a green brilliant energy longsword named Luke.

Silver Crusade

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Actually put some though in this one.

Name : Ardor, Might of Unity
Alignment : Neutral Good

Domains : Strength, Liberation, Community, Protection, Good
Subdomains : Resolve, Freedom, Family, Purity, Friendship

Worshippers : Farmers, City Guards, Fathers
Symbol : Two hands in a firm handshake with a shield as a backdrop

Garb : No specific code, but encourages to at least wear light armor whenever possible.

Favored Weapon : Heavy shield

Ethos : Protect those you care for, their lives and their freedom and encourage others to do the same, without them you are less than nothing.

Herald : A knight in blemished grey armor who appears to settlements that are in danger or assists those that stand against impossible odds with utter determination.

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Title: The Universal Designer, The Two-Sided Coin of Creation
Alignment: N

Domains: Artifice, Destruction, Knowledge, Luck, Madness
SubDomains: Toil, Catastrophe, Education, Memory, Imagination, Insanity

Worshipers: Smiths, Engineers, well-intentioned extremists, among others.
Symbol: A circle divided in two, on the top a catastrophic event destroying a city, and below the glorious rebirth of it, stronger than before.

Favored Weapon: Swordbreaker dagger

Ethos: There can be no creation without destruction, and there MUST be no destruction without creation. Sometimes the old must be swept away in favor of the new, but all destruction serves a greater purpose.

Herald: A sentient golem made of a material stronger than even Adamantine. He wields a strange combination of a Dwarven Dorn-Dergar and a Smith's hammer modified for combat. (I.E. a wrecking ball and a hammer). He often shows up to help civilizations crippled by disaster or war rebuild, though just as often shows up to speed along destruction of civilizations deemed to be contributing to the stagnation of progress.

Silver Crusade

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I figure I can give this a go, at least as far as my paizo persona is concerned.

Name : Ehn Djali
Title: The unwritten guidance, the grinning sage
Alignment : Chaotic Good

Domains : Knowledge, liberation, luck, trickery
Subdomains : education, freedom, imagination, espionage

Worshipers : sages, generals, tacticians, and soliders
Symbol : A silver compass that always seems to be pointing in the direction in which it is being viewed.

Garb : Lightly armored, often hidden or obscured by baggy clothes.

Favored Weapon : Bomb (scimitar for non bomb wielding followers)

Ethos : Always seek to learn more to better yourself and others, expanding your abilities and horizons beyond what you know.

Herald : Kallen Telos, a young red headed alchemist with a singed lab coat that appears to help those who are in over their heads in combat or otherwise.

And just so you know, that's an actual picture of Kallen, my favored character.

I'd probably become the god of hikkikomori.

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I'll admit it xD evil would slip out of me with that kind of power. With it, I would defend my home and my loved ones at any cost.

Title: The Firm Hand
Alignment: Lawful Evil (Firm believer in laws and swift justice, but I believe most people don't have the stomach to do what needs to be done)

Domains: Law, Charm, Nobility and Strength
Subdomains: Judgment, Love, Leadership, Resolve

Favored Weapon: Longsword
Symbol: Raised fist clutching its sword in victory
Garb: Medium armor, and regal garb; those of a leader not afraid to join in the fight

Ethos: Peace through power, power through wisdom, wisdom through resolve.
Herald: A black golem, juggernaut like in combat stalwart in diplomacy.

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Title: The Shielded Heart

Alignment: LN

Domains: Law, Strength, Knowledge, Charm, Protection

SubDomains: Fortification, Competition, Loyalty, Thought, Love

Portfolio: Happiness, Games, Stories

Worshipers: Bards, Good Hearted Law Enforcement, Hopeless Romantics

Symbol: A brass kite shield with a heart boss

Favored Weapon: Shields

Silver Crusade

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Name : Voren
Title: the Resolute Shield

Alignment : Lawful Good

Domains : Good, Law, Protection
Subdomains : Archon, Defense, Friendship, Legislation, Redemption

Symbol : a golden shield adorned with a black flame

Favored Weapon : unsure (spiked shield may be appropriately thematic, but Voren has never used one)

Ethos : Protect those who cannot protect themselves. This includes villains that are no longer a threat, but does not include those who still threaten others. This philosophy does not preclude the use of lethal force, though it is not preferred.

Herald : advanced shield archon

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You know how CC is the god of booze?

You know how there's a lot of stuff that's a lot less bad for you that can chemically alter your mind? Doesn't it seem stupid that something like alcohol is the domain of a good god, when all the other ways to alter yourself chemically are the purview of villainy?

The Green Herb Deity

Chaotic Good

Plant (Growth) - Uh, duh. So many fun plants.
Water (Flowing) - Tea is one of those fun plants. Also I find flowing water to be so relaxing and beautiful.
Chaos (Revelry) - Forget the rules and establishment and traditions. Just chill, enjoy yourself, and try to be a good person. Plus, I am kinda taking all the potheads, so this is prerequisite.
Charm (Love) - Can't be a hippie without it. Plus, love is amazing and conquers all.
Artifice (Construct) - Everyone knows that MacGyver pothead who can make a bong out of the contents of a random drawer. For real, though, I REALLY love functional art. When something is both beautiful and serves a purpose, that's amazing.

Worshippers: Alchemists, apothecarys, pacifists, hermits, functional artists

Symbol: A mortar and pestal

Heralds: Variant treants and leshys of different psychotropic plants.

Garb: Green, loose fitting, but clean clothes, with translucent blues.

Favored Weapon: Syringe Spear

Ethos: Enjoy life as much as you can. It's even better to help someone else enjoy it. Don't let other people steal your joy.

Relations: Obviously, Gozreh and me are gonna be buddies. Can't get the plants without the nature guy. Caiden is probably gonna be my pal too. Sure, he's life of the party while my followers are in the corner, listening to the music, talking philosophy and swearing that is the best song ever, but they're still around. Shelyn, and Nethys, because music is great when you're high, and knowledge is a big part of what I'd be about. Pretty sure I wouldn't get along with most of the lawful or evil folks, but all the neutral good, neutral, chaotic good, or chaotic neutral would get along just fine with me.

Not gonna lie, I'd try to tag Pharasma, for bragging rights. Everyone's after Calistria as the sexy one, but Pharasma's the most powerful and arguably the oldest. If that isn't bragging rights, I don't know what is. "So, yeah, I was born a mortal, worked my way up as an adventurer, passed the test of the starstone, became a deity, and, oh did I mention I nailed the most powerful goddess of all? Yep."

The funniest part is I'm not involved in most of the chemical fun anymore, chemically speaking, but Golarion still needs it represented in someone good, and the hippie peace and love thing is great in my eyes. I'm the deity Golarion deserves.

Title: The Mocker of Self

Alignment: NG

Domains: Good, Knowledge, Rune, Luck
Subdomains: Friendship, Thought, Language, Imagination

Symbol: A stylized smiling cat

Favored Weapon: Improvised weapons

Sacred Animal: Skunk

Garb: Orange, dark grey, and white

Portfolio: Contentment, long-held friendship, recurring characters, jokes, gifts

Ethos: Find happiness in the happiness of others, be content yourself but do not expect it of others, and give what others will enjoy more. Always consider your words towards many ends.

Herald: A doppelganger taking on forms of well-known figures from stories.

I figure I'd be a minor demigod, not really having the guts for the responsibility of full apotheosis, nor a particularly important portfolio.

Name: Kashiir

Title: The Scales Unbalanced

Alignment: CN

Domains: Air, Chaos, Desert, Earth

Subdomains: Metal, Protean, Wind

Portfolio: oxymorons, paradoxes, internal balance, going with the flow

Worshipers: Those who see their lives as a chaotic mess and wish to find a measure of calm 'in the eye of the storm' yet not escape it.

Symbol: a three-clawed draconic hand

Garb: Whatever one feels most comfortable in, be it loose slacks and shirt or a suit of platemail.

Favored Weapon: Heavy Pick (acceptable substitutes include light pick, punching dagger, kukri, spiked gauntlet, klar, and spiked shield )

Ethos: To perform one's best, one must find one's groove in the chaos around one's self. By finding this flow, one can handle anything that happens.

Herald: Flaywind, a massive shredstorm (3.5 MM III) animated by an elder lighting elemental with all the best abilities of both.

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The Slave of Wages, Muse of the Taxed, Dreamer of the Open Road

Alignment: Neutral Good -- too much Law or Chaos breaks things, no matter what either side says.

Deity of Merchants, Laborers, Artists, and those who love Freedom

Symbol: A single black feather in perfect condition.

Domains: Good, Luck, Protection, Travel

Typical Worshippers: Retailers/merchants, artists seeking inspiration, individuals seeking their own path in life.

Garb: Green and white garb, sometimes accented with black trim

Favored Weapon(s): Quarterstaff or unarmed combat or improvised weaponry. Why restrict it to one thing?

Preferred Outsider Races: Archon, Angel, Azata

Herald: Joe/Jane Average
Just your average sort of guy (or gal) that's apparently trying to make a living just like anyone else. They're the one that happens to catch the shoplifter before they flee with an expensive object, quietly inspire artists when they're feeling 'creative block', and make sure that transportation runs 'on time'.

Favored Animal: Crow

Ethos: Always be fair in your dealings, treat your customers/clients well, help those who are in a creative 'drought', and always work to maintain good transportation connections.

Enemies: Asmodeus (He's the living embodiment of 'legal bindings' paperwork's horrible.), Rovagug, Urgathoa (undead are just *icky*, okay?), Fumeiyoshi (Ditto), Zyphus (Workplace accidents suck, okay?), Lao Shu Po

Allies: Cayden Cailean, Shelyn, Andoletta(Grandmother Crow), Abadar, Desna, Daikitsu

Neutral Relations: Zon-Kuthon: Life *is* pain. Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is trying to sell you something for *their* benefit, not yours. Naderi: Freedom to choose one's path isn't always a bright happy ending. Milani: A bit too rebel for our tastes, but we'll support the right causes the right way.

Much like QuidEst above, I'd go for the 'smaller' version. If it caught on, then there's always the option to expand later.

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Name: Gar
Title: The Bastard of Best Intentions
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Good, Strength, Trickery

SubDomains: Fist, Inuendo, Riot, Rage, Redemption,

Symbol: Two hands middle fingers extended and crossed in an X

Portfolio: Promiscuity, dirty jokes, dirtier fighting, taking a beating, and raucous revelry.

Favored Weapon: Cestus -- 'Just Two Hits'

Herald: TongueBite advanced pipe fox.

Ethos: You're here to bring the noise. You can party harder, love longer, fight meaner, and take a beating better than anyone else in the room so never be the first to blink. Be slow to make up your mind but resolute once you've decided your course. Doing what you believe is right is better than being right. Never forget to destress and unwind, drink, wild dancing, loud music, and all else that all things that confound the senses and exhaust the conscience mind have their place if they bring you peace and you master your vices rather than letting them control you.

I would hope to be a god of oblivion or logic. I could do either.

Heh now this is a fun little game.

Name : Elrophin
Alignment : CG

Domains : Protection , Travel , Liberation , Glory , Good
Subdomains : Purity , Exploration , Freedom , Heroism , Friendship

Worshippers : artists , travelers , heroic adventurers , freedom fighters
Symbol : A harp with an open golden field with a blue sky on the background.

Garb : Flashy and colorful light traveling clothes.

Preferred Outsider Race: Azata

Favored Weapon : Longspear

Ethos : Experiment , travel and explore, share the joy of music and companionship with others and help and bring freedom to those who need it , for evil such as slavery shall not prevail.

Herald : Nina , a tiny lyrakien azata with far greater powers than most of her kind , she was Elrophin companion since before his ascension to godhood , she embodies the ideals of her god and shares their vision with others.

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Titles: The Great Delver, The Hidden Philosopher

Alignment: True neutral

Portfolio: Books, study, learning, self-expression, critical thought

Domains: Knowledge, Luck, Magic, Protection, Void

Subdomains: Memory, Imagination, Arcane, Solitude, Stars

Worshippers: Students, storytellers, wizards, contemplatives, stargazers

Symbol: Stack of five books

Favored Weapon: Unarmed strike

Sacred Animal: Snowshoe hare

Ethos: Take nothing at face value; find time for reflection and contemplation; never presume that you're simply better than the past, but prove it; protect your voice and give a voice to those with none.

I would probably step on Cayden Cailean's toes too much. :P

Probably more focus on knowledge and nature, though.

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Dot for later answer.

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Vorg, TN, the Cult of Idealistic Nihilism, the Laughter in the Void..

Portfolios: introspection, secular altruism, armchair philosophizing, lost and broken souls..

Domains: knowledge(thought), madness, void, charm(love), repose..

Ethos: On a long enough timescale, everything is equally insignificant, be it gods, kings, peasants, insects or whatever. Therefore nothing is more (or less) important than living your life. Only one shot at it, so figure out what's worth dying for and live for it. (The Cult recommends love, learning, and/or understanding.)

Garb: black tattered cloaks and longcoats over wintery colors.

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I stand alone the sole evil deity xD

RPG Superstar 2014 Top 16

I'm also the god of thread necromancy because I want to see how other people respond to this fascinating prompt.

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I may or may not be Shyka, The Many.

Also Brad Pitt.

Dark Archive

Me? I guess I'd be the Knight of the Green

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Domains: War, Good, nature, knowledge (not exactly sure since I don't haven't researched the domains yet)

Ethos: Learn when you can, for knowledge is a good thing. Use your knowledge to help others. Evil flourishes when good men do nothing, so get out there and help your fellow man. Give what you can to help others, but not more then you can afford.

Favored Weapons: long sword, dagger, really anything with a sharp edge to it.

Carbon copy of Nethis the Ambivalent.



Main concepts: having fun, enjoying your family, worrying about your own buisness.

Domains: trickery, charm, community, repose

Ethos: Keep a full belly and a fuller spirit. Take care of those important to you even at great personal risk. Those who are not of your friends and family are of little importance.

Always make sure to keep enough food and drink on hand for a spur of the moment party. Rules are made to be broken and enforcers of said rules are no better than tyrants. Worry only about evil that affects you or will affect you in the future.

Badness is best felt with by those that it affects. Unneeded charity is the worst thing you can do to a person

Favored weapon: long spear or improvised weapon

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Titles: The Watcher in the Night, The Light in Darkness

Alignment: Neutral Good

Portfolio: The moon, night, nocturnal animals, vigilance

Domains: Animal, Darkness, Good ('cause I'm stuck with it!), Protection, Void

Subdomains: Fur, Moon, Solitude, Stars, Seasons (yeah, I don't have Weather, but none of the Good subdomains really appeal, so, you know, deal.)

Worshippers: Night travelers, good or reluctant lycanthropes, night watchmen, dedicated monster hunters.

Symbol: Crescent Moon including the shadowed body of the rest of the sphere.

Colors: Silver and dark blue.

Favored Weapon: Shaska (scimitar). Silver when possible.

Sacred Animal: Firefly

Ethos: Stand against any who would make the night a time of terror, rather than wonder. Foster an appreciation for the natural things that live by night, and guide those who are lost in darkness. Work with those who will work with you, but allow everyone their space. Great ignorance with information, rather than hostility.

Relations with other faiths:
Enemies: Kick the crap out of worshippers of Zon-Kuthon, Norgorber, and Lamashtu whenever doing so doesn't endanger anyone depending on you. Asmodeus, Rovagug and Urgathoa are bad too, but in a more general sense.

Allies: Desnans are basically kin, and especially early on, a lot of shrines would be shared ones. Try to tolerate their flightiness, since they're basically on the same side. Erastil's okay, but needs to understand that sometimes you really DO need to be alone. Honor Pharasma, since her church's focus on smashing undead dovetails nicely with in-house policy, and since she, too, has aspects involving removing fear from everyday occurrences. Iomedae and Torag are okay, but not especially friendly. Shelyn's bunch are fine, but not really much of a focus. Relations with the faith of Sarenrae are a bit odd, mostly due to iconography and trying to figure out if an eclipse is a sign of unity or competition.

Nice thread idea! No idea what suits me best but I like this idea.

Title: Master of the Elemental Planes
Alignment: Neutral

Domains: Air, Earth, Fire and Water.
SubDomains: all associated sub domains.
Domain Spells: Protection From Elements, Resist Energy, Protection From Energy, Elemental Body 1 through 4 etc.

Worshipers: Elemental and related beings like Oreads. Some Druids.
Symbol: The symbols for the four elements displayed around a circle.

Favored Weapon: Unarmed strike

Ethos: To preserve the balance of the multiverse on a cosmic scale, oppose pointless destruction and sustain the prime material plane.

Heralds: Four colossal elemental beings, one for each element. They rarely leave their associated plane and are generally uninterested in the affairs of mortals. Their primary purpose is to govern their own plane unless cosmic wide destruction threatens.

Liberty's Edge

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Bonuses for who can figure out who I'm ripping off
Name : Wallbanger
Title: The Eternally Delayed

Alignment : CN

Domains : Travel, Luck, Repose, Madness
Subdomains : Psychopomp, Insanity, Fate, Imagination

Symbol : A rubber band

Favored Weapon : Bladed Scarf

Ethos : To insult the universe (that is everyone in it, individually, personally, one by one, in alphabetical order)

Herald : men in bathrobes with towels. Their primary purpose is to gather records and organize The List.

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Swordjockey wrote:
Bonuses for who can figure out who I'm ripping off

Piece of cake for an oldster like myself. Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged.

Douglas Adams was an awesome writer. May he rest in peace.

Is there already a god of failure and disappointment? If not, I call bagsies.

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Titles: The Peddler, The Story Teller

Alignment: True Neutral

Portfolio: Fictional Stories, Cooperative Games, Sharing, Creativity

Domains: Community, Knowledge, Luck, Protection, Travel

Subdomains: Cooperation, Imagination, Solitude, Thought, Trade

Worshipers: Readers and Tellers of tales, Solitary Travelers, especially Traders and Messengers.

Symbol: An Open Book surrounded by multi-colored figures

Colors: Forest Green and Blood Red

Favored Weapon: Walking Staff (Quarterstaff)

Sacred Animal: Bears

Ethos: Share your stories, but guard your secrets. Include everyone in your games and activity. Seek solace in your individuality, but remember only as a community can we all prosper.

Herald Celestial Brown Bear

remoh wrote:

Titles: The Peddler, The Story Teller

Alignment: True Neutral

Portfolio: Fictional Stories, Cooperative Games, Sharing, Creativity

Domains: Community, Knowledge, Luck, Protection, Travel

Subdomains: Cooperation, Imagination, Solitude, Thought, Trade

Worshipers: Readers and Tellers of tales, Solitary Travelers, especially Traders and Messengers.

Symbol: An Open Book surrounded by multi-colored figures

Colors: Forest Green and Blood Red

Favored Weapon: Walking Staff (Quarterstaff)

Sacred Animal: Bears

Ethos: Share your stories, but guard your secrets. Include everyone in your games and activity. Seek solace in your individuality, but remember only as a community can we all prosper.

Herald Celestial Brown Bear


I am curious though, what is the significance of the brown bear?

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Brown bear definitely seems to fit the wanderer/solitary figure concept, being an animal that kind of meanders around it's range alone.

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Boomerang Nebula wrote:
remoh wrote:

Sacred Animal: Bears

Herald Celestial Brown Bear


I am curious though, what is the significance of the brown bear?

I like bears. No other real reason. Nice thing about being a God. You can do what you want

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David M Mallon wrote:
Is there already a god of failure and disappointment? If not, I call bagsies.

I'll fight you for it, but I'm not very good at it, so...

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Scythia, The Heartless Maiden, Princess of Ashes

Chaotic Good Goddess of Concealed Suffering, Inappropriate Laugher, and Truths Unbidden.

Symbol: An silver eye, with a heart shaped void in place of a pupil, and a single red tear falling from the corner.

Domains: Deception, Insanity, Thoughts, Azata

History: Once the heir to a tiny domain, Scythia was trapped in chains of tradition, expectation, and responsibility. Her own pain could never be shown, and she had to maintain a happy appearance so as to not worry those around her. Scythia learned to laugh when she was hurting, laugh when she felt alone, and laugh when she was powerless. Soon she could no longer cry, only laugh. When she achieved apotheosis, she tore out her heart in order to free herself from the chains of her past.

Worshippers: Scythia has no clerics, no churches, and no organized faith. As a Goddess who understands the need for individuality, Scythia offers those whose lives involve hiding their pain a chance to learn to laugh at life. She empowers perceptive individuals to be Oracles and sends familiars to Witches to reveal truth that others might not want to face. No matter how bad the circumstances, they can always be counted on to laugh.

Deity Weapon (favoured weapon): "Obfuscating Sarcasm" (Bastard Sword)

Pegedz, The Silent Walker

Titles: The Silent Walker, Echoes-on-the-Mountainside, The First Drum

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Portfolio: Weather, Echoes, Candlelight

Domains: Darkness, Weather, Protection, Evil

Subdomains: Loss, Solitude, Storms

Symbol: A light in a cave on a mountain

Appearance: Bald and bearded, wearing well-worn traveling clothes, the man paces endlessly around his campfire. The fire crackles and pops and hisses the well-worn lines of an old argument still unresolved.

Worshipers: Nobles, hermits, weathermen, the optimistic insane

Creed: Never offer help, merely observe. Take responsibility away from others and onto your own shoulders. Embrace silence as a strengthening virtue.

Deific Observance: Light seven candles and blow them out one by one, meditating on the encroaching darkness.

Favored Weapon: Longbow

Favored Animal: Cat

Herald: A Thunderbird that brings with it a terrible drought.

Allies: Asmodeus, Norgober, Irori, Desna

Enemies: Cayden Calean (less out of personal dislike and more from a fundamental disagreement of what being a god should entail), Iomedae, Abadar

"Like the light of an oil lamp, dimming, dimming, winking out. The moment when the struggle’s already lost, surrendered, and the tiny heart slows in its own realization, then stops in mute wonder. And never stirs again."
-Stephen Erikson, Deadhouse Gates

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Everyone is equal in my domain, equally stupid, equally worthless, equally beneath me. LE!!!

Grand Lodge

Titles: The War Mage, The Arcane Warrior, The Arch-General, The Burner of Fields, The Chess Master

Alignment: True Neutral

Portfolio: Tactics, War, Magic,

Domains: War, Magic, Knowledge, Destruction

Holy Symbol: A Chess Piece (which piece denotes rank) with a Sword going through the center, surrounded by magical writings.

Clothing: A combination of armor (preferably made out of steel) combined with a red cloak and/or robe.

Appearance: Depicted as a clean shaven man of the worshiper's own race, of average height. Usually depicted wearing a breastplate (although other armor is not unheard of) with a sword in one hand and a spell book in another.

Favored Weapon: Scimitar (Calvary Saber)

Centers of Worship: Geb and Nex

Holy Text: The Art of War Magic

Heralds: A series of Animated Intelligent Magical Weapons.

Relations with other Religions
Nethys is the closest thing to an ally, due to him appreciating the use and spread of magic in one of the largest endeavors by mortal kind. Gorum is less of an enemy and more of a rival and a challenge to be over come. Most of the gods have at one time or another enlisted The War Mage to their side at one time or another.

Ethos: Any brute can win a battle when the contest is a simple brawl in the field. A true tactician and master of the arts of war however, can manipulate wars and battlefield like a game of chess.

Worshipers: Mostly Battle Mages and Necromancers leading large un-dead armies. But anyone that finds themselves on the battlefield who hopes to turn the tide of war in their favor. Wither it be by casting a few spells intelligently or luring your enemy into a battlefield of your choosing and springing a trap. His worship is most widely spread in Geb and Nex. But personal prays are offered on all battle fields before and during battle. Where almost all mages will offer a quick prayer before battle hoping for some inspiration to see them win the day.

Scarab Sages

Lord of Bacon!

I'd immediately wage war on the useless horrible gods for being unbelievable a**%+@!$s, then if I survived either kill myself out of self-loathing for what I have become or show people what a good god is supposed to do.

Oh wait, in Golarion?
Eh, probably a modern-day epicurianism. Classic is a bit too ascetic for my taste.
Worshippers: anyone who thinks that conquering other people or going on adventure is much less enjoyable than reading about other people doing it.

(Dot for later. No tiiiiiiiiiiime.)

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Tammy would be vengeful.

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